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Fashion Marketing


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Presentation for Marketing Asos/Urban Outfitters/Netaporter

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Fashion Marketing

  1. 1. Macro Environment• European Economy out look Dismal• Both E-Tailers launched in midst of the bubble bust• Extending sales to World Markets• Urban outfitter Founder Noted Republican
  2. 2. Macro EnvironmentSocial TechnologicalBoth e-tailer ASOS and Net-a- • Both ASOS and Net-a-porterporter carry an extended range are e-taillers will invest heavilyof clothing including in Technology and improving• Evening Wear online platforms of Sale• Sporty Casual Wear • Urban Outfitters LaunchedUrban Outfitters lines are online Stores in 2011, fairlymore hipster style new to the game.• Everyday Clothing • Acquiring distribution centers enabling faster delivery• Casual Wear
  3. 3. Macro Environment• All 3 Companies, have strong policy for the environment.• E-tailers are more environmentally friendly, reduce the need for paper• Top Shop are suing asos Copyright infringement through Marketplace sales of second hand Top Shop clothing.• Navajo Native American suing Urban Outfitters for trademark infringement
  4. 4. • Both Asos and Net-a-porter sell other brands fromMicro Environment through the webpage. • with Asos producing in house designs and Net-a- porter collaborating with designers • While Urban outfitter merchandise there own labels, also wholesales to 1,000 specialty stores
  5. 5. Intermediaries• `net-a-porter , asos and urban outfitters product get sold on ebay• Both Net-a-porter and asos, products are sold at sample sales
  6. 6. Competition
  7. 7. Marketing Ethics• Ethical sourcing with a responsibility to their supply partners and customers• Part of the ETI (Ethical Trade initiative• Code of Conduct governs the Initiative
  8. 8. Marketing Ethics• Hipster brand committed to recycling and protecting the environment• Part of the Distributors take back scheme (DTS)• Part of the Waste, Electrical and Electronic equipment (WEEE) agreement
  9. 9. Marketing Ethics• Ethical Sourcing with Responsibility to customers and partners• Stocking environment friendly clothing from brands such as Edun, creating a whole magazine issue.
  10. 10. Segmentation and Target Market• Net-a-porter age 21-55 Female and Male Introduction of Mr. Porter Classes C1,B,A• ASOS age range16-30 male and female Classes D, C2,C1,B• Urban Outfitters age 16-30 Male and Female Classes C2,C1,B
  11. 11. Psychographic• Net-a-porter customer will be very active leisurely with gym membership. Career driven enjoying luxury living a healthy, positive lifestyle• ASOS customer student very in with fashion and trends, ambitious and enjoys life and parties having fun.• Urban outfitters customer career driven enjoys festivals, educated, independent and homely
  12. 12. Behavioral• Net-a-porter will has a loyal customer base, be a regular user. purchase throughout the month higher around pay day• Asos customer will use the site regularly, The Customers are less loyal some maybe bargain hunter. Purchase 3-4 times a month• Urban outfitters customers are committed and loyal, they will shop in-store or online up to 5 times a week
  13. 13. Customer Analysis• My name’s Natasha I am 25 and single.• Works within Banking also developing her career.• Like’s throwing dinners parties and fine dinning• Loves exclusivity and quality clothing, “she always expects the best and Nothing less”• Cares apart her long term goals and image
  14. 14. Customer Analysis• Charlotte is 18 and studying a degree in media• She enjoys going to the park and festivals with her boyfriend.• Works part-time in a trendy boutique on Carnaby Street as a sales assistant• She believes life is about having fun, and enjoys spending time with friends and family
  15. 15. • Nicky is 20 year old singleCustomer Analysis student, studying a degree in fashion and PR • She is not employed and relies on her student loan and parents for financial support • She like stylish affordable fashion • Her Image and education are very important to her
  16. 16. Brand Identity• Logo, Packaging Color palate: Black and white, grey.• Typography and Editorial Style: layering of imagery, bold, direct, creative.• Visual Style: very visual with products, urban, colorful, font: Times New Roman.• Character: creative, trendy, funky, current, fun, young, interactive• Tagline: The Free Peoples
  17. 17. Brand Identity• Logo.• Color palate: across all mediums is: Black, white, grey.• Typography and Editorial Style:• Visual Style: spacious, colourful, font: TODAYS OUTFITS,• Character: Fun, trendy, young, developing.• Tagline: The fashion destination where you can shop over 850 brands, including vintage• Buy your favorite hair and beauty brands• create and share looks, keep up-to-date with street style and catwalk reports and even sell your fashion cast-offs via ASOS Marketplace.
  18. 18. Brand Identity• Net-• Logo.• Packaging.• Color palate: Black and white.• Typography and Editorial Style: minimal, clean cut, precise, spacious• Visual Style: spacious, black and white, font: Arial• Character: Classic, formal, trendy, current, premium, extravagant.• Tagline: The worlds premier online luxury fashion
  19. 19. Customer Service• Offer free delivery depending on how much you spend, and delivery dates• Have a dedicated telephone line for online order issue• Operate a good exchange and returns policy• Have a dedicated twitter page where you can @asos_helps• All email to Customer Service are responded to within a certain given time frame• Puts the customer first• Offers Yearly subscription delivery discount scheme
  20. 20. Customer Service• Offers Premiere same day delivery service at a cost• Customer service dedicated phone for UK and international, positive reviews• Clear Customer returns and exchanges policy clear explanation on webpage• Developed social app to keep up with the customers• Partnership with eGain to improve customer service experience
  21. 21. Customer Service• Creating a positive in-store environment for sales• Helping customer obtain items not available in- store• Impeccable customers services reviews in Flat Iron store• Return and exchange policy within 30 days both in-store and online• Dedicated customer service phone lines for online help and support
  22. 22. Visual Merchandising• Product promoting with “page appeal”• Asos produces a monthly magazine which they send to regular customers• Use visual imagery heavily on there landing page, and maintained through out there web page• Website items include a catwalk feature so you can see what the garments look like on an actual person• Usage images to promote themselves on social website such as instagram and Facebook
  23. 23. Visual Merchandising• High end products may have been seen in-store or on the catwalk• Magazine style shopping experience• Editorial content working to reinforce consumer engagement• Editorial also drive sales and provides them with a creative voice• Store front visual displayed on landing page• Use of innovating and eye catching styling• Use of augmented reality “ Pop up window shop” Image recognition technology• Mobile apps develop to reinforce visual content
  24. 24. Visual Merchandising• Themed window display• Use of promotional display “mid season sale”• As a multichannel retailer they offer, two platforms of visual merchandising in-store and online• Usage of their building and interior displays to entice consumers to purchase• With each store having unique and individual décor• Usage of there summer catalogue online to reinforce the product• Urban outfitter Community page• Which encourages users to share looks and blog.
  25. 25. SWOT Weaknesses Strengths - Competitors can entice consumer with - Loyal customer base superior products Cult following -Availability of substitute products,- Strong brand name recognised worldwide - maintain lower prices then competitors - Sister company to Anthropologies - Volatile markets can affect supply and Established Hipster brand pricing Threats Opportunity -Economic slowdown major effect on- Can develop company by merging to “middle market’ retailing industry expand growth within their online - Competition can lower price for markets to company similar products -Launching discount store at a - Keep apace of consumers need for multichannel level fast fashion.
  26. 26. Swot • Competitive advantage through the use of unique selling points •-Staff are less established in role and • Trend focused need to develop there skills. • Loyal customer base • High inventory stock • Correlation between current • Slow down of the economy and fashion culture and what is uncertain euro future can have an provided impact on the way people shop • Innovative marketing technique • Sales online are down compared to Strengths Weaknesses this time last year • Provide wide range of lines, with options.• Continual development of online and mobile platforms Opportunity Threats • Lack of “brick and mortar store “• Become a bigger name globally to may be a turn off to some attach new customer customers• More supply to emerging markets • Returns policy may not be t• Business and Product development everyone liking• Expand width and depths of the • Negative publicity through online range forums and search engines
  27. 27. Swot Strengths Strengths - Strong consumer base within UK Weaknesses- Products are updated regularly up to -The lack of a physical location can put 500 new items per week some shoppers off- Take advantage ok consumer need for - exchange policy need to be adapted fast fashion - Customer service once package is in Recognised as a leading online high transit can be poor street e-tailer Items quality may lead to disappoint - Works with there customer s using once items received social media Opportunity Threats Shopping online has fallen since the -Globalisation that will be quick and same time last year. profitable Uncertain European crisis give dismal - Focus on International Markets outlook for European markets - Integrated languages through the Customer focus early 20’s can exclude fashion platforms other age ranges Increase production volume
  28. 28. RecommendationAs asos has such a young market therephysical store would need to be asfollows;• Demographically viable• Places with high foot patrol• Attract a good customer followingWestfield Stratford• New and hip• Similar priced stores• Have leisure amenities, making it more likely for young consumer to hang out thereOxford Street• World famous shopping street/asos being New innovative UK brand• High foot patrol
  29. 29. RecommendationNet-a-porter customers are more up market,enjoying the finer things in lifeHave an eye for luxury quality goodstherefore the store has to be• Demographically viable• High foot patrol, with the ability to attract new customersNew Bond Street• Prestigious area• Recognised name• Attracting new customer baseOne new change Shopping CentreSt Pauls)• Innovative new and cutting edge shopping center• Sleek new retail experience for higher end shoppersThe Village Westfield ( Shepherds Bush)• Well established shopping complex• Innovative shopping experience• Work with customer service within the Village for customer experience tailored to their needs
  30. 30. The End