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Oxford Graded Readers 1
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Oxford Graded Readers 1


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  • 1. Oxford Graded Readers 2009 1
  • 2. CONTENTS PAGE Take your students’ English further with an Oxford Graded Reader 1 Oxford Graded Readers Resources for Teachers 2-4 Oxford Graded Readers Resources for Students 5 Graded reader levels for ESO and Bachillerato 6 Oxford Graded Readers Syllabus 7 Oxford Bookworms: Read your way to better English 8-10 Oxford Bookworms Level Index 11 Which Bookworm will you read? 12-13 Oxford Bookworms Starter Titles 14-18 Oxford Bookworms Stage 1 Titles 19-25 Oxford Bookworms Stage 2 Titles 26-33 Oxford Bookworms Stage 3 Titles 34-39 Oxford Bookworms Stage 4 Titles 40-46 Oxford Bookworms Stage 5 Titles 47-50 Oxford Bookworms Stage 6 Titles 51-54 Oxford Bookworms Club: Stories for Reading Circle Titles 55 Oxford Bookworms Collection Titles 56 Oxford Dominoes: The structured approach to reading in English 57-58 Oxford Dominoes Level Index 59 Which Dominoes will you read? 60 Dominoes Starter Level Titles 61-63 Dominoes Level 1 Titles 64-66 Dominoes Level 2 Titles 67-68 Dominoes Level 3 Titles 69-71 Title Index 72-73
  • 3. Oxford Graded Readers Take your students’ English further with an Oxford graded reader Using a graded reader in class has many benefits for you and for your students. • Readers reinforce the acquisition of language presented in class, and help to build students’ confidence in reading. • Many of our readers come with an audio CD containing a recording of the story; so not only is reading consolidated through listening, but students also improve their listening and pronunciation. • Readers provide extra reading material which is adapted to your students’ level • You can monitor students’ progress with free tests, answer keys and activities, all available on your teachers Resource CD ROM. We can offer an extensive range of graded readers to suit every teacher’s need. Whatever the genre you prefer or the level you are looking for, we can provide the perfect choice of graded reader. Choose Oxford Dominoes for lively full-colour stories with integrated activities and project work that really get students involved. Choose Oxford Bookworms for an unrivalled choice of levels and themes. Classic or contemporary, fact or fiction; we have a Bookworm for you. Take a look at the exhaustive choice of graded readers awaiting you…
  • 4. Resources for Teachers Oxford Graded Readers Resource CD-ROM For Dominoes • Dominoes ✽ Tests • Oxford Bookworms Library • Oxford Bookworms Starters ✽ Answers to the activities in the readers • Oxford Bookworms Factfiles • Oxford Bookworms Playscripts • Oxford Bookworms World Stories For Oxford Bookworms Library • Bookworms Club Reading Circles ✽ Synopses to help you choose the best stories for your class ✽ Tests ✽ Answers to the activities in the readers Contains all the material you need on 1 CD for: ✽ Worksheets (for Bookworms Library levels 1 – 4) ✽ Dominoes ✽ Oxford Bookworms Library For Bookworms Club Reading Circles 2 GRADED READERS • Oxford Bookworms Starters Information and resources for running Reading Circles including: • Oxford Bookworms Factfiles ✽ Photocopiable Role Sheets and example • Oxford Bookworms Playscripts Role Sheets • Oxford Bookworms World Stories ✽ Photocopiable Reading Schedule Chart and Role Badges ✽ Bookworms Club Reading Circles ✽ Expansion Activities ✽ Answer to the activities in the readers 16 2
  • 6. Resources for Teachers Oxford Reading Guide Do you want to use an Oxford graded reader with your Oxford course book? Oxford Reading Guides give you everything you need to help you select the reader that matches your course. ✽ Go to Oxford Reading Guides at ✽ Choose the reading guide for your course book ✽ Consult the list of books which link to the level of the course book and the unit topics ✽ Choose the books you want to use The Reading as your official class readers Guide contains Reading Guides are the Oxford graded available for all levels of the readers which ESO or Bachillerato course match your course book you are using. book in terms of level and topic. 2 GRADED READERS Summary of the content of each unit. 4
  • 7. Resources for Students Bookmarks, audio and much more! Oxford Bookworms Audio CDs Library Bilingual Bookmarks Listen and read with Oxford Graded R d d Readers Audio CDs in class or on the move! Oxford Bookworms Library Bilingual Bookmarks contain • Select from the 160 + readers pronunciation. translations of the vocabulary from the English glossary at the back of each reader. now available with audio CD. • Narrated by professional • Includes the full text, as actors making the listening Available in English-Basque, English-Catalan, English-Galician it appears in the book, so clear and easy to understand and English-Spanish. students can follow while at each level. 1. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT listening. • Stories by American authors Download and print • Recommended for building are recorded in New York by the bookmark for the confidence in reading, and American actors. Oxford Bookworms Library book you for improving listening and are reading: See pages 12-30 and 60 for information on books available with audio CD. Oxford Graded Readers Extra Practice 2 GRADED READERS 2. FOLD Fold along the dotted lines. Keep students engaged in the • Glossary. stories and help to reinforce • ‘About the Author’ information. their understanding of the • Before, While and After reading 3. HAPPY READING! Use with your Oxford key language. They can be activities. Bookworms completed at home or in class. Available in every Dominoes: Library graded • Integrated Activities. reader. Available in every Bookworms: • Project Work. • An introduction. 5
  • 8. Use the table to choose the right Oxford graded readers help you to: ✽ Reinforce the acquisition of language presented in class. ASK your OUP representative about this year’s SPECIAL OFFER ✽ Provide reading material adapted to your students’ level. ✽ Monitor their progress with free tests, answer keys and activities. ✽ Consolidate reading through listening: many of our readers come with an audio CD containing a recording of the entire story. Suggested graded reader levels for ESO 1 to 4 and Bachillerato 1 to 2. Bookworms Club-Stories Level Series 2 BOOKWORMS* for Reading Circles ESO 1 Starters Starters ESO 2 Starters & Level 1 Starters & Level 1 Bronze * Includes: • Oxford Bookworms Library: ESO 3 Levels 1 & 2 Levels 1 & 2 Bronze & Silver Oxford Bookworms Starters, Oxford Bookworms Factfiles, ESO 4 Levels 2 & 3 Levels 2 & 3 Silver & Gold Oxford Bookworms Playscripts, Oxford Bookworms World Stories. Bachillerato 1 Levels 3, 4 & 5 Level 3 Silver & Gold • Oxford Bookworms Collection Bachillerato 2 2 GRADED READERS Levels 5 & 6 Gold & Platinum Remember these 3 rules to help learners benefit from reading: “Research shows that reading Comfort Learners should not find more than a few unknown words on a page. Read the sample for pleasure helps learners extracts in the next page to find a reader stage your students can read easily. improve their English.” Choice Choose a book your students will want to read. Consider giving some choice. Professor Richard Day, University of Hawaii and Chair of Enthusiasm Create enthusiasm for reading. Set aside class time for discussing books. the Extensive Reading Foundation 6
  • 9. graded reader for your class STARTER Her phone is ringing – but where is it? present simple STARTER 1 2 3 4 5 6 250 HEADWORDS present continuous WORDS 250 HEAD- STARTERS 400 HEADWORDS STAGE 1 700 HEADWORDS STAGE 2 1000 HEADWORDS STAGE 3 1400 HEADWORDS STAGE 4 1800 HEADWORDS STAGE 5 2500 HEADWORDS STAGE 6 Sally gets out of bed and looks in her bag. No phone. She looks under the bed. imperative CEF level A1 No phone. Then she looks behind the door. There is her phone. Sally picks up her can/cannot, must phone and answers it. SALLY’S PHONE going to (future) simple gerunds STAGE 1 400 HEADWORDS ‘This is the work of an enemy.’ ‘An enemy? What enemy?’ asked Mrs Lodge. past simple ‘I don’t know,’ said the Wise Man, looking at her. CEF level A1 / A2 ‘But perhaps you do. I can show the person to you. Do you want me to do that?’ THE WITHERED ARM present perfect STAGE 2 700 HEADWORDS ‘Remember, my friend, the gold was not taken – it was still there, on the floor. will (future) (don’t) have to, must not, could So what kind of thief is that? A very, very stupid one, a thief who murders comparison of adjectives two women and then when he leaves, forgets to take the gold with him!’ simple time clauses CEF level A2 / B1 past continuous THE MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE tag questions ask/tell + infinitive should, may STAGE 3 He knew Mr Abney was in there, because he could hear him speaking. present perfect continuous 1000 HEADWORDS What was that? Why did Mr Abney try to cry out? Why was the cry suddenly cut used to off? Had Mr Abney, too, seen the mysterious children? But now everything was past perfect causative CEF level B1 quiet, and with fear in his heart, Stephen pushed hard against the door until relative clauses it opened. A PAIR OF GHOSTLY HANDS AND OTHER STORIES indirect statements past perfect continuous STAGE 4 Hester did not move, and when she spoke, her voice was a whisper. ‘Don’t passive (simple forms) 1400 HEADWORDS would conditional clauses take your revenge on an innocent child.’ ‘Silly woman!’ he replied, half coldly, indirect questions CEF level B1 / B2 half kindly. ‘If this poor, miserable baby was my own – mine as well as yours! relatives with where/when clauses of purpose, reason, contrast 2 GRADED READERS – I would give her the same medicine.’ THE SCARLET LETTER gerunds after prepositions/phrases STAGE 5 ‘There’s a very narrow channel that goes through the middle. It’s so small that I hadn’t future continuous 1800 HEADWORDS future perfect noticed it, when I looked at the chart before we sailed. That’s the one I was carried passive (modals, continuous forms) into. If I had been on the sandbank, the Dulcibella would have broken up in three would have conditional clauses CEF level B2 minutes. I was just lucky that day.’ Lucky – and brave, I thought to myself. ‘But what modals + perfect infinitive makes you think he’s a spy?’ I asked. THE RIDDLE OF THE SANDS so/such ... that result clauses My parents had invited all the families from the Joy Luck Club to witness my first STAGE 6 public appearance as a musical prodigy. At first, when I stepped up to the piano 2500 HEADWORDS in front of the audience, I was confident. It was as if I knew, without a doubt, passive (infinitives, gerunds) advanced modal meanings that the prodigy side of me really did exist. And when I started to play, I was so clauses of concession, condition CEF level B2 / C1 caught up in how lovely I looked that I didn’t worry how I would sound. So it was a surprise to me when I hit the first wrong note . . . THE JOY LUCK CLUB 7
  • 10. The Oxford Bookworms Read your way to better English Read your way to better English with the new Features of Oxford Bookworms include: edition of the world’s best graded readers series. • Illustrations to help support the text (full-colour for all Starters Oxford Bookworms enjoy a world-wide reputation for offering and Factfiles) high-quality storytelling and a great reading experience. • Extended Activities section at The highly-acclaimed seven-stage grading system (Starter to the back of each book Stage 6) helps learners read at a comfortable level. • Over 150 books with audio CDs for you to listen to the complete text Learners can choose from a wide range of classic and modern • FREE teacher support for every fiction, non-fiction, and plays, including original and adapted texts. title (see page 2) 2 GRADED READERS NEW for 2009 8
  • 11. Library The unique World Stories Oxford Bookworms Library now includes World Stories: collections of stories written in English from all around the world. These unique graded readers feature writing from more than twenty countries, including Australia, India, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, and Tanzania. Bookworms World Stories provide: Cross-c Cross-cultural material Inspiring, co contemporary stories A gentle introduction to t International Englishes 2 GRADED READERS Beautiful illustrations by artists from around the world 9
  • 12. Award Winners British Council Innovation Award Winner Bookworms Club – Stories for Reading Circles 2 GRADED READERS Language Learner Literature Award Winners 10
  • 13. Oxford Bookworms Library CONTENTS PAGE Which Bookworm will you read? 12-13 Oxford Bookworms Starter Titles 14-18 Oxford Bookworms Stage 1 Titles 19-25 Oxford Bookworms Stage 2 Titles 26-33 Oxford Bookworms Stage 3 Titles 34-39 Oxford Bookworms Stage 4 Titles 40-46 Oxford Bookworms Stage 5 Titles 47-50 Oxford Bookworms Stage 6 Titles 51-54 Oxford Bookworms Club: Stories for Reading Circle Titles 55 Oxford Bookworms Collection Titles 56 2 GRADED READERS 11
  • 14. Which Bookworm will you read? Choose from CLASSICS CRIME & MYSTERY FACTFILES FANTASY & HORROR Key to symbols A Connecticut Yankee in King N Girl on a Motorcycle N New York Café Arthur’s Court TED ULLY UPDA Give Us the Money N Starman STARTER The Ransom of Red Chief I Mystery in London F Vampire Killer CD Pack I Oranges in the Snow Factfiles ew photos N Police TV New text, n dio CD and an au Although suitable for all ages, these titles are particularly appropriate for younger learners The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Love or Money? Animals in Danger Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp There are three kinds of Starter: The Withered Arm Sherlock Holmes and the Duke’s Son Deserts NEW The Monkey’s Paw Comic Strip, Narrative, and Interactive. STAGE 1 Sherlock Holmes and the Sport of Kings England The Omega Files – Short Stories Sister Love and Other Crime Stories London The Phantom of the Opera Comic Strip stories are told through small New York Under the Moon amounts of text, mostly in speech bubbles, and very closely supported by illustrations. Titanic NEW The Wizard of Oz N Narrative stories have colour illustrations which provide a lot of support. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Death in the Freezer The Beautiful Game NEW The Canterville Ghost Huckleberry Finn The Murders in the Rue Morgue Climate Change NEW Dracula I Interactive stories allow the reader to The Jungle Book Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Ireland Five Children and It STAGE 2 choose which path to take through the Love among the Haystacks Rainforests The Mystery of Allegra story. Colour illustrations provide a lot Robinson Crusoe Seasons and Celebrations The Pit and the Pendulum and Other Stories of support. Tales from Longpuddle Return to Earth Voodoo Island The Year of Sharing The Call of the Wild As the Inspector Said and Other Stories Australia and New Zealand Frankenstein The Bookworms Library offers a A Christmas Carol Goldfish Information Technology Moondial choice of different types of text: The Last Sherlock Holmes Story Martin Luther King A Pair of Ghostly Hands and Other Stories Ethan Frome STAGE 3 The Three Strangers and Recycling The Picture of Dorian Gray NEW Factfiles are non-fiction books. They Other Stories The USA The Star Zoo provide up-to-date information supported Through the Looking-Glass Tales of Mystery and Imagination by high-quality colour photos, and are a The Wind in the Willows good choice for the CLIL classroom. Cranford The Big Sleep Disaster! Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Playscripts offer plays, or dramatic Gulliver’s Travels Death of an Englishman Great Crimes The Songs of Distant Earth and scripts, which can be used for reading or Lord Jim The Hound of the Baskervilles The History of the English Language Other Stories STAGE 4 for performance. Performance notes and Persuasion A Morbid Taste for Bones Nelson Mandela The Unquiet Grave – Short Stories 2 GRADED READERS character lists are included. The Scarlet Letter The Whispering Knights Silas Marner A Tale of Two Cities Starter readers, and Classics, Crime & Washington Square Mystery, Fantasy & Horror, Human Interest, Thriller & Adventure, True Stories, and World The Age of Innocence The Dead of Jericho Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Stories offer stories, or fictional narrative. David Copperfield Deadlock Ghost Stories STAGE 5 Far from the Madding Crowd King’s Ransom I, Robot – Short Stories • True Stories tell stories of real people’s lives. Great Expectations Sense and Sensibility • NEW World Stories are short stories written Wuthering Heights in English from around the world. They offer great reading and opportunities for making Barchester Towers American Crime Stories The Fly and Other Horror Stories cross-cultural connections. Jane Eyre Deadheads Meteor and Other Stories STAGE 6 Oliver Twist A Passage to India NEW Pride and Prejudice Tess of the d’Urbevilles 12 Vanity Fair
  • 15. books graded by level, theme, and category HUMAN INTEREST PLAYSCRIPTS THRILLER & ADVENTURE TRUE STORIES WORLD STORIES N The Girl with Red Hair NEW N Drive into Danger King Arthur Escape Stories N Red Roses N The Fifteenth Character NEW Wonsdof short rl STARTER Robin Hood N Last Chance Collectio around N Sally’s Phone N Orca stories from d Star Reporter Taxi of Terror the worl I Survive! I The White Stones Christmas in Prague The Butler Did It and Other Plays Goodbye, Mr Hollywood The Coldest Place on Earth The Meaning of Gifts: Little Lord Fauntleroy NEW Five Short Plays The President’s Murderer The Elephant Man Stories from Turkey A Little Princess A Ghost in Love and Other Plays White Death Mary, Queen of Scots STAGE 1 The Lottery Winner The Murder of Mary Jones Mutiny on the Bounty One-Way Ticket – Short Stories Sherlock Holmes: Two Plays Ned Kelly: A True Story Remember Miranda Pocahontas The Witches of Pendle Anne of Green Gables Hamlet Dead Man’s Island Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery Changing their Skies: The Children of the New Forest The Importance of Being Earnest Ear-rings from Frankfurt The Death of Karen Silkwood Stories from Africa Matty Doolin Much Ado About Nothing Grace Darling Cries from the Heart: Stories from Around the World STAGE 2 New Yorkers – Short Stories One Thousand Dollars and Other Plays Henry VIII and his Six Wives The Piano Romeo and Juliet The Love of a King Stories from the Five Towns William Shakespeare A Stranger at Green Knowe Too Old to Rock and Roll and Other Stories The Card Chemical Secret The Brontë Story Dancing with Strangers: Go, Lovely Rose and Other Stories The Crown of Violet Rabbit-Proof Fence Stories from Africa Love Story Justice The Long White Cloud: Stories from New Zealand STAGE 3 The Railway Children Kidnapped The Secret Garden On the Edge Playing with Fire: Stories from the Pacific Rim Tooth and Claw – Short Stories The Prisoner of Zenda NEW ‘Who, Sir? Me, Sir?’ Skyjack! Wyatt’s Hurricane The African Queen The Eagle of the Ninth Desert, Mountain, Sea Doors to a Wilder Place: Black Beauty The Moonspinners Stories from Australia A Dubious Legacy Mr Midshipman Hornblower Land of My Childhood: Stories from South Asia STAGE 4 Little Women Reflex Lorna Doone The Silver Sword The Price of Peace: Stories from Africa 2 GRADED READERS Three Men in a Boat The Thirty-Nine Steps NEW Treasure Island We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea The Accidental Tourist Brat Farrar Treading on Dreams: The Bride Price The Riddle of the Sands Stories from Ireland STAGE 5 The Garden Party and other Stories This Rough Magic Heat and Dust Jeeves and Friends – Short Stories Cold Comfort Farm The Enemy Cry Freedom Decline and Fall Night Without End Dublin People – Short Stories The Woman in White STAGE 6 The Joy Luck Club 13
  • 16. STARTER BESTSELLER STARTER BESTSELLERS 250 HEADWORDS STARTERS CEF level A1 Comic Strip Starters Average word count: 950 250 Headwords | A1 | • Sally’s Phone Full colour illustrations to • Mystery in London support the story • Girl on a Motorcycle Comic Strip Starters • Orca Average word • King Arthur count: 950 Ideal for students CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE CRIME & MYSTERY HUMAN INTEREST CLASSICS who need more support with their A Connecticut Yankee in Escape Give us the Money King Arthur The Ransom of Red reading, and King Arthur’s Court Phillip Burrows and Maeve Clarke Janet Hardy-Gould Chief beginners who prefer Mark Twain Mark Foster O. Henry a very short text Retold by Alan Hines Retold by Paul Shipton Comic Strip Comic Strip Comic Strip Comic Strip Comic Strip Hank Morgan is a happy ‘I’m not a thief. I’m an ‘Every day is the same. It is the year 650 in Bill and Sam arrive in young man in Connecticut, innocent man,’ shouts Nothing exciting ever England. There is war the small American town USA in 1879 until one day Brown. He is angry happens to me,’ thinks everywhere because the of Summit with only two Book 5,10 € someone runs into his because he is in prison Adam one boring Monday old king is dead and he hundred dollars, but they office and shouts, ‘Come and the prison guards hate morning. has no son. Only when need more and Sam has quickly, Boss! Two men him. Then one day Brown But today is not the the new king comes can an idea for making a lot of are fighting.’ After this, has an idea. It is dangerous same. When he helps a the fighting stop and the money. When things start something very strange – very dangerous. beautiful young woman strange, magical story of to go very wrong, both men happens to him, and his life because some men want King Arthur begin. But soon regret their visit – and changes forever. to take her bag, life gets first, Merlin the ancient their idea. exciting and very, very magician has to find a way dangerous. of finding the next king . . . 2 BOOKWORMS Word count 890 Word count 930 Word count 690 Word count 1,140 Word count 890 Book 978 0 19 423411 5 Book 978 0 19 423412 2 Book 978 0 19 423413 9 Book 978 0 19 423414 6 Book 978 0 19 423415 3 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 14
  • 17. STARTER Comic Strip Starters Average word count: 950 250 Headwords | A1 | HUMAN INTEREST HUMAN INTEREST THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR Robin Hood Star Reporter Taxi of Terror Vampire Killer John Escott John Escott Phillip Burrows and Paul Shipton Mark Foster Comic strip Comic strip Comic strip Comic strip ‘You’re a brave man, but ‘There’s a new girl in ‘How does it work?’ Jack ‘I am a vampire killer I am afraid for you,’ says town,’ says Joe, and soon asks when he opens his . . . and now I need help,’ Lady Marian to Robin of Steve is out looking for her. present – a mobile phone. says Professor Fletcher Locksley. She is afraid Marietta is easy to Later that night, Jack to Colin. Colin needs a job because Robin does not find in a small town, but is a prisoner in a taxi in and he needs money – but like Prince John’s new every time he sees her the empty streets of the do vampires exist or is the taxes and wants to do something goes wrong . . . dark city. He now tries his professor crazy? something for the poor and his day goes from bad mobile phone for the first people of Nottingham. to worse. time. Can it save his life? When Prince John hears this, Robin is suddenly in great danger. 2 BOOKWORMS Word count 960 Word count 960 Word count 970 Word count 1,160 Book 978 0 19 423416 0 Book 978 0 19 423417 7 Book 978 0 19 423418 4 Book 978 0 19 423419 1 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 15
  • 18. STARTER BESTSELLER NEW STARTER 250 HEADWORDS CEF level A1 Narrative Starters Average word count: 1,540 250 Headwords | A1 | Full colour illustrations to support the story Narrative Starters Average word HUMAN INTEREST count: 1,540 THRILLER & ADVENTURE THRILLER & ADVENTURE CRIME & MYSTERY THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR Stories told through Drive into Danger The Fifteenth Character Girl on a Motorcycle The Girl with Red Hair Last Chance New York Café a narrative, with the Rosemary Border Rosemary Border John Escott Christine Lindop Phillip Burrows and Michael Dean Mark Foster support of illustrations Narrative Narrative Narrative Narrative Narrative Narrative All Narrative Starters are available on audio CD ‘I can drive a truck,’ says ‘It’s an interesting job,’ ‘Give me the money,’ Every day people come to ‘How can Mr Frank It is the year 2030, and an Kim on her first day at says Sally about her work says the robber to the Los Mason’s store – old people, be angry now?’ thinks email message arrives work in the office. When at Happy Hills. Angeles security guard. young people, men and Mike happily. His film is at New York Café: ‘I want Kim’s passenger Andy And today is a very The guard looks at the gun women. good and he is the only to help people and make finds something strange exciting day because and hands over the money. From his office, and in cameraman on the volcano. them happy!’ under the truck things Zapp the famous singer The robber has long blond the store, Mark watches Now he can go home. But not everybody is CD Pack get dangerous – very is coming. Everybody is hair and rides a motorcycle them. And when they leave But then he finds Jenny happy about the email, (Book + CD) 5,95 € dangerous. having a wonderful time. – and a girl with long blond the store, he forgets them. and she is dying. Rocks and soon the police and But suddenly something hair arrives at Kenny’s Then one day a girl with start to move and Mike is the President are very goes very, very wrong. motel – on a motorcycle. Is red hair comes to the store, afraid. Can they get off the interested in the New York she the robber? and everything changes for volcano alive? And what Café. Mark. Now he can’t forget happens to Mike’s camera that beautiful face, those and film? green eyes, and that red hair . . . 2 BOOKWORMS Word count 1,400 Word count 1,400 Word count 1,702 Word count 1,928 Word count 1,600 Word count 1,300 CD Pack 978 0 19 423439 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 423657 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 423659 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 423443 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 423445 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 423441 2 Suitable for young learners American English American English American English Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 16
  • 19. BESTSELLER FINALIST: The Language BESTSELLER STARTER Learner Literature Award 2004 Narrative Starters Average word count: 1,540 250 Headwords | A1 | THRILLER & ADVENTURE CRIME & MYSTERY HUMAN INTEREST HUMAN INTEREST FANTASY & HORROR Orca Police TV Red Roses Sally’s Phone Starman Phillip Burrows and Tim Vicary Christine Lindop Christine Lindop Phillip Burrows and Mark Foster Mark Foster Narrative Narrative Narrative Narrative Narrative When Tonya and her ‘Every day someone steals ‘Who is the man with the Sally is always running The empty centre of friends decide to sail money from people near roses in his hand?’ thinks – and she has her phone Australia. The sun is hot around the world they want the shops. We must stop Anna. ‘I want to meet him.’ with her all the time: at and there are not many to see exciting things and this,’ says Dan, a police ‘Who is the girl with the home, on the train, at work, people. And when Bill visit exciting places. officer. guitar?’ thinks Will. ‘I like at lunchtime, and at the meets a man, alone, But one day, they meet The police use TV her. I want to meet her.’ shops. standing on an empty road an orca – a killer whale – cameras but it is not easy But they do not meet. But then one afternoon a long way from anywhere, one of the most dangerous because there are so many ‘There are lots of men!’ suddenly she has a he is surprised and animals in the sea. And life suspects – who is the says Anna’s friend Vicki, different phone . . . and it worried. gets a little too exciting. robber? but Anna cannot forget changes her life. And Bill is right to be Will. And then one rainy worried. Because there is day . . . something strange about the man he meets. Very strange . . . 2 BOOKWORMS Word count 1,600 Word count 1,500 Word count 1,700 Word count 1,400 Word count 1,600 CD Pack 978 0 19 423447 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 423449 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 423651 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 423653 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 423655 3 Suitable for young learners American English 17
  • 20. STARTER BESTSELLER STARTER 250 HEADWORDS CEF level A1 Interactive Starters Average word count: 1,635 250 Headwords | A1 | Full colour illustrations to support the story Interactive Starters Average word count: 1,635 CRIME & MYSTERY CRIME & MYSTERY HUMAN INTEREST THRILLER & ADVENTURE The reader chooses Mystery in London Oranges in the Snow Survive! The White Stones which path to take Helen Brooke Phillip Burrows and Helen Brooke Lester Vaughan Mark Foster through the story Interactive Interactive Interactive Interactive Six women are dead ‘Everything’s ready now. You are in a small plane, ‘The people on this island because of the Whitechapel We can do the experiment,’ going across the Rocky don’t like archaeologists,’ Killer. Now another woman says your assistant Joe. Mountains. Suddenly, the the woman on the ferry Book 5,10 € lies in a London street and You are the famous engine starts to make says. You only want to study there is blood everywhere. scientist Mary Durie strange noises . . . the 4,500 year-old Irish She is very ill. working in a laboratory in Soon you are alone, in megalithic stones, but very You are the famous Alaska. When you discover the snow, at the top of a soon strange things begin detective Mycroft Pound; something very new and mountain, and it is very, to happen to you. Can you can you catch the killer valuable, other people want very cold. Can you find your solve the mystery in time? before he escapes? to try to steal your idea way out of the mountain? – can you stop them before they escape? 2 BOOKWORMS Word count 1,450 Word count 1,710 Word count 1,540 Word count 1,850 Book 978 0 19 423428 3 Book 978 0 19 423429 0 Book 978 0 19 423430 6 Book 978 0 19 423431 3 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 18
  • 21. BEST-SELLING BESTSELLER PLAYSCRIPT STAGE 1 BESTSELLERS 400 HEADWORDS STAGE 1 CEF level A1/A2 • The Phantom of STAGE 1 the Opera Average story length: 40 pages • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Average word count: 5,200 • The Elephant Man Stage 1 Average word count: 5,200 400 Headwords | A1/A2 | All Stage 1 readers • England are available on audio CD • Love or Money? CLASSICS FANTASY & HORROR FACTFILES PLAYSCRIPTS HUMAN INTEREST BEST-SELLING PLAYSCRIPTS The Adventures of Aladdin and the Animals in Danger The Butler Did It and Christmas in Prague Tom Sawyer Enchanted Lamp Andy Hopkins and Joc Potter Other Plays Joyce Hannam • Five Short Plays Mark Twain Retold by Judith Dean Bill Bowler Retold by Nick Bullard Retold by Clare West • The Butler Did It and Other Plays Tom Sawyer does not In a city in Arabia there People love and need How do you get a licence In a house in Oxford three CD Pack • Sherlock Holmes: like school. He does not lives a boy called Aladdin. animals. They keep them if you want to keep a people are having breakfast Two Plays (Book + CD) 6,40 € like work, and he never He is poor and often in their homes and on their monkey? What can you do – Carol, her husband Jan, wants to get out of bed in hungry, but one day he farms. They enjoy going to if your wife has a lover? and his father Josef. They the morning. But he likes finds an old lamp. When zoos, and watching animals How can you see into the are talking about Prague, swimming and fishing, and he rubs the lamp, smoke on films and on TV. Little future? Where can you go because Carol wants having adventures with his comes out of it, and then children love to play with for an exciting but cheap them all to go there for friends. And he has a lot of out of the smoke comes a toy animals. holiday somewhere hot Christmas. adventures. One night, he magical jinnee. But people are a great and far away? How can you Josef was born in and his friend Huck Finn go With the jinnee’s help, danger to animals too. persuade your girlfriend or Prague, but he left his to the graveyard to look for Aladdin is soon rich, with They take their land, and boyfriend to marry you? home city when he was a ghosts. gold and jewels and many cut down the trees where The characters in these young man. He is an old They don’t see any fine things. But can he win animals have their homes. six original short plays man now, and he would like ghosts that night. They the love of the Sultan’s They pollute the rivers are looking for answers to see Prague again before see something worse daughter, the beautiful and seas, and kill big to these questions. While he dies. But he is afraid. He than a ghost – much, Princess Badr-al-Budur? animals for their skins or trying to solve their still remembers another much worse . . . for medicine. Now there problems, people get into Christmas in Prague, 2 BOOKWORMS are about 7,000 species of some very funny situations. many long years ago – a animals in danger. What Each play gives an amusing Christmas that changed his can we do to protect the view of life today, and there life for ever . . . animals of the world – is often an unexpected from us? ending. Word count 5,825 Word count 5,240 Word count 5,140 Word count 5,925 Word count 4,720 CD Pack 978 0 19 478868 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 478869 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 423576 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 423511 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 478870 0 American English Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 19
  • 22. NEW BESTSELLER BEST-SELLING BESTSELLER PLAYSCRIPT STAGE 1 400 Headwords | A1/A2 | Stage 1 Average word count: 5,200 TRUE STORIES FACTFILES TRUE STORIES FACTFILES PLAYSCRIPTS PLAYSCRIPTS The Coldest Place on Deserts The Elephant Man England Five Short Plays A Ghost in Love and Earth Janet Hardy-Gould Tim Vicary John Escott Martyn Ford Other Plays Tim Vicary Michael Dean In the summer of 1910, a Look at a desert, and what He is not beautiful. His Twenty-five million people What do you do if you have Do you believe in ghosts? race began. A race to be the do you see? Nothing much mother does not want him, come to England every a boring job in a restaurant, Jerry doesn’t. He’s a first man at the South Pole, – just a hot, flat, dry place, children run away from year, and some never go serving fast food to people nineteen-year-old American, in Antarctica. Robert Falcon with lots of sand, and no him. People laugh at him, out of London. who have no time to eat? who just wants a good Scott, an Englishman, left animals or people. and call him ‘The Elephant But England is full of What if you dream holiday with his friend, Brad. London in his ship, the But look again. Man’. interesting places to visit of travelling to other They are travelling round the Terra Nova, and began the There are deserts with Then someone speaks and things to do. There are countries, but your friends north of England by bicycle. long journey south. Five mountains, and deserts to him – and listens to him! big noisy cities with great just laugh? Do you stay at But strange things begin to days later, another ship with snow. There are At the age of 27, Joseph shops and theatres, and home with them? happen in the small hotel also began to travel south. millions of people – some Merrick finds a friend for quiet little villages. You Perhaps you hear that where they are staying. First, And on this ship was Roald live in towns, and some the first time in his life. can visit old castles and someone has bought the Brad seems to think that Amundsen, a Norwegian. move across the desert all This is a true and beautiful churches – or last bag of salt in town. he has been there before. But Antarctica is the the time. There are plants tragic story. It is also a go to festivals with music Do you buy a bag from him And then a girl called Ellen coldest place on earth, and that live for hundreds of famous film. twenty-four hours a day. at a high price? appears . . . it is a long, hard journey years, and animals that can You can have an English Our world is full of these The first of these three over the ice to the South sleep for months under afternoon tea, walk on long kinds of problems. They original plays is set in the Pole. Some of the travellers the ground. When you white beaches, watch a make life interesting, and seventeenth century, and 2 BOOKWORMS never returned home. look closely, the desert is great game of football, or sometimes very funny. the other two take place in This is the story of Scott a wonderful place, full of visit a country house. Yes, These five short plays show modern times. In each play, and Amundsen, and of their exciting things . . . England has something for people trying to decide a ghost comes back from the famous and dangerous everybody – what has it got what to do in unexpected dead to change the lives of race. for you? situations. living people. Word count 5,500 Word count 5,200 (approx) Word count 5,400 Word count 4,640 Word count 4,828 Word count 5,561 CD Pack 978 0 19 478871 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 423630 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 478872 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 423578 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 423512 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 423513 6 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 20
  • 23. BESTSELLER NEW BESTSELLER STAGE 1 Stage 1 Average word count: 5,200 400 Headwords | A1/A2 | THRILLER & ADVENTURE VENTURE HUMAN INTEREST ST HUMAN INTEREST ST FACTFILES HUMAN INTEREST ST CRIME & MYSTERY RY TRUE STORIES Goodbye, Mr Hollywood Little Lord Fauntleroy A Little Princess London The Lottery Winner Love or Money? Mary, Queen of Scots John Escott Frances Hodgson Burnett Frances Hodgson Burnett John Escott Rosemary Border Rowena Akinyemi Tim Vicary Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Jennifer Bassett Nick Lortz is sitting Cedric Errol is seven Sara Crewe is a very rich Come with us to London Everybody wants to win the It is Molly Clarkson’s England and Scotland in outside a café in Whistler, years old. He lives with his little girl. She first comes – a city as old as the lottery. A million pounds, fiftieth birthday. She is the 1500s. Two famous a village in the Canadian mother in a little house to England when she is Romans, and as new as perhaps five million, even having a party. She is rich, queens – Mary, the Catholic mountains, when a in New York. They don’t seven, and her father the twenty-first century. ten million. How wonderful! but she is having a small Queen of Scots, and stranger comes and sits have much money, but takes her to Miss Minchin’s There are places to go Emma Carter buys a ticket party – only four people. Elizabeth I, the Protestant next to him. She’s young, mother and son are very school in London. Then he – from Oxford Street to for the lottery every week, Four people, however, who Queen of England. It pretty, and has a beautiful good friends. Cedric is a goes back to his work in Westminster Abbey, from and puts the ticket carefully all need the same thing: was an exciting and a smile. Nick is happy to sit kind, friendly little boy, and India. Sara is very sad at Shakespeare’s Globe in her bag. She is seventy- they need her money. She dangerous time to be alive, and talk with her. everybody likes him. His first, but she soon makes Theatre to Wimbledon three years old and does will not give them the and to be a queen. But why does she call father was English, but he friends at school. Tennis Club. And things to not have much money. She money, so they are waiting Mary was Queen of Nick ‘Mr Hollywood’? Why is now dead, and Cedric But on her eleventh do – ride on the London would like to visit her son for her to die. And there are Scotland when she was one does she give him a big and his mother are alone in birthday, something Eye, visit the markets, go in Australia, but aeroplane other people who are also week old. At sixteen, she kiss when she leaves? And the world. terrible happens, and now to the theatre, run in the tickets are very expensive. waiting for her to die. was also Queen of France. who is the man at the next But one day a lawyer Sara has no family, no London Marathon. Jason Williams buys But one person can’t She was tall and beautiful, table – the man with short arrives from England with home, and not a penny in Big, beautiful, noisy, lottery tickets every week wait. And so, on her fiftieth with red-gold hair. Many white hair? some very surprising news the world . . . exciting – that’s London. too. But he is not a very birthday, Molly Clarkson is men loved her and died Nick learns the answers about Cedric’s grandfather. nice young man. He steals going to die. for her. 2 BOOKWORMS to these questions three things. He hits old ladies in But she also had many long days later – in a police the street, snatches their enemies – men who said: station on Vancouver Island. bags and runs away . . . ‘The death of Mary is the life of Elizabeth.’ Word count 5,400 Word count 7,250 Word count 5,840 Word count 4,800 Word count 5,655 Word count 6,010 Word count 6,540 CD Pack 978 0 19 478873 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 478897 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 478874 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 423580 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 478875 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 478876 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 478877 9 American English Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 21
  • 24. FINALIST: The Language WORLD STORIES Learner Literature Award 2006 Learner Literature Award 20 a ie t w 2006 2005 STAGE 1 400 Headwords | A1/A2 | Stage 1 Average word count: 5,200 WORLD STORIES FANTASY & HORROR PLAYSCRIPTS TRUE STORIES TRUE STORIES The Meaning of Gifts: The Monkey’s Paw The Murder of Mary Mutiny on the Bounty Ned Kelly: A True Story Stories from Turkey W. W. Jacobs Jones Tim Vicary Christine Lindop Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Diane Mowat Tim Vicary ‘I’m afraid to look in the Outside, the night is cold At the start of this play, the It is night in the south seas When he was a boy, he was storeroom. All our food for and wet. Inside, the White court room is full for today’s near Tahiti, and the ship poor and hungry. When he the winter – where is it family sits and waits. trial. Two young men, Simon HMS Bounty has begun was a young man, he was now? Inside those hungry Where is their visitor? Clark and Dan Smith, stand the long voyage home to still poor and still hungry. guests! They never stop There is a knock at the up. The clerk asks, ‘Are England. But the sailors He learnt how to steal eating! And they never say door. A man is standing you guilty of the murder of on the ship are angry men, horses, he learnt how to thank you! And those outside in the dark. Their Mary Jones?’ ‘Not guilty!’ and they have swords and fight, he learnt how to live children – my God, they eat visitor has arrived. they reply. But perhaps they guns. They pull the captain – outside the law. Australia more than their parents!’ The visitor waits. He are guilty. The police found out of bed and take him up in the 1870s was a hard, Izzet Efendi and his family has been in India for many the murder weapon in their on deck. He tries to run, wild place. Rich people had are afraid that their guests years. What has he got? stolen car, and there was but a sailor holds a knife land, poor people didn’t. So are never going to go He has brought the hand blood on Simon’s face. If the to his neck. ‘Do that again, the rich got richer, and the home, but what can they of a small, dead animal – court finds them guilty, they Captain Bligh, and you’re a poor stayed poor. do? a monkey’s paw. will go to prison for a very dead man!’ he says. Some say Ned Kelly was The stories in this volume Outside, in the dark, the long time. The mutiny on the Bounty a bad man. Some say he of World Stories are by visitor smiles and waits for Can the lawyers find out happened in April, 1789. was a good man but the Turkish writers Huseyin the door to open. the truth, by asking the This is the true story of law was bad. This is the 2 BOOKWORMS Rahmi Gurpinar, Ayse right questions? Everyone Captain Bligh and Fletcher true story of Australia’s Kilimci, Sait Faik, and in court wants to know who Christian, and the ship most famous outlaw. Yalvac Ural. murdered Mary Jones. that never came home to You can help to find the England. answer, too! Word count 5,254 Word count 4,830 Word count 6,405 Word count 5,825 Word count 5,775 CD Pack 978 0 19 478895 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 478878 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 423514 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 478879 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 478880 9 Suitable for young learners 22
  • 25. BESTSELLER FINALIST: The Language FINALIST: The Language Learner Literature Award 2004 Learner Literature Award 20 a ie t w 2004 2005 Learner Literature Award 2005 Learner Literature Award 20 arn ie t w 2005 STAGE 1 Stage 1 Average word count: 5,200 400 Headwords | A1/A2 | FACTFILES FANTASY & HORROR HUMAN INTEREST FANTASY & HORROR TRUE STORIES New York The Omega Files One-Way Ticket The Phantom of the Pocahontas John Escott – Short Stories – Short Stories Opera Retold by Tim Vicary Jennifer Bassett Jennifer Bassett Jennifer Bassett What can you do in New In EDI (the European Tom Walsh had a lot to It is 1880, in the Opera A beautiful young York? Everything! You can Department of Intelligence learn about life. He liked House in Paris. Everybody Indian girl, and a brave go to some of the world’s in Brussels) there are travelling, and he was in is talking about the Englishman. Black eyes, most famous shops, watch some very secret files – the no hurry. He liked meeting Phantom of the Opera, the and blue eyes. A friendly a baseball game, go to the Omega Files. There are people, anyone and ghost that lives somewhere smile, a laugh, a look of top of a skyscraper, see a strange, surprising, and everyone. He liked the two under the Opera House. love . . . But this is North concert in Central Park, sometimes horrible stories American girls on the train. The Phantom is a man America in 1607, and love eat a sandwich in a New in these files, but not many They were nice and very in black clothes. He is a is not easy. The girl is the York deli, see a show in a people know about them. friendly. They knew a lot of body without a head, he daughter of King Powhatan, Broadway theatre. You never read about them places. Tom thought they is a head without a body. and the Englishman is a New York is big, noisy, in the newspapers. were fun. Tom certainly had He has a yellow face, he white man. And the Indians and exciting, and it’s Hawker and Jude know a lot to learn about life. has no nose, he has black of Virginia do not want the waiting for you. Open the all about the Omega Files, This is a collection holes for eyes. Everybody white men in their beautiful book and come with us to because they work for of short stories about is afraid of the Phantom country. this wonderful city. EDI. They think fast, they adventures on trains. – the singers, the dancers, This is the famous story move fast, and they learn Strange, wonderful, and the directors, the stage of Pocahontas, and her some very strange things. frightening things can workers . . . love for the Englishman 2 BOOKWORMS They go all over the world, happen on trains – and all But who has actually John Smith. asking difficult questions of them happen here. seen him? in dangerous places, but they don’t always find the answers . . . Word count 4,640 Word count 5,830 Word count 5,520 Word count 6,230 Word count 5,320 CD Pack 978 0 19 423582 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 478881 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 478882 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 478883 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 478884 7 American English American English Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 23
  • 26. BEST-SELLING PLAYSCRIPT STAGE 1 400 Headwords | A1/A2 | Stage 1 Average word count: 5,200 THRILLER & ADVENTURE HUMAN INTEREST CRIME & MYSTERY CRIME & MYSTERY PLAYSCRIPTS The President’s Remember Miranda Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: Two Murderer Rowena Akinyemi the Duke’s Son the Sport of Kings Plays Jennifer Bassett Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by John Escott The President is dead! Cathy Wilson is driving to Dr Huxtable has a school Horseracing is the sport Sherlock Holmes is the A man is running in the Norfolk, to begin her new for boys in the north of of kings, perhaps because greatest detective the night. He is afraid and job with the Harvey family. England. When the Duke racehorses are very world has ever seen, and needs to rest. But there are She is going to look after of Holdernesse decides to expensive animals. But he knows it. As the famous people behind him – people the two young children, Tim send his young son there, when they win, they can bank-robber, John Clay, with lights, and dogs, and and Susan. Cathy meets that is good news for the make a lot of money for the says to him, ‘You think of guns. the children’s father, and school. The Duke is a very owners, for the trainers, everything, Mr Holmes. A man is standing in their grandmother, and important person, and Dr and for the people who put You’re very clever.’ People front of a desk. His boss is their aunt. She meets Huxtable is happy to have bets on them. come to him with problems very angry, and the man is Nick, the farmer who lives his son in the school. Silver Blaze is a young that no one, not even the tired and needs to sleep. across the fields. But she But two weeks later Dr horse, but already the police, can solve. Holmes But first he must find the doesn’t meet Miranda, the Huxtable is the unhappiest winner of many races. One sits, and thinks, and other man, and bring him children’s mother, because man in England. Why? And night he disappears, and smokes his pipe, and in the back – dead or alive. Miranda is dead. why does he take the train someone kills his trainer. end he finds the answer. Two men: the hunter and She died two years down to London and go to The police want the killer, In these plays, based on the hunted. Which will win ago, and Cathy cannot Baker Street? Why does and the owner wants his two of his stories, Holmes, and which will lose? learn anything about her. he need the help of the horse, but they can’t find helped by his old friend, 2 BOOKWORMS Long live the President! Everybody remembers famous detective Sherlock them. So what do they do? Dr Watson, uses his great Miranda, but nobody wants Holmes? They write to 221B Baker intelligence to solve two to talk about her . . . Because someone Street, of course – to ask unusual and interesting has kidnapped the Duke’s for the help of the great cases. son . . . detective, Sherlock Holmes. Word count 5,270 Word count 5,060 Word count 5,800 Word count 5,925 Word count 5,795 CD Pack 978 0 19 478885 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 478886 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 478887 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 478888 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 423515 0 24
  • 27. NEW FINALIST: The Language Learner Literature Award 2005 Learner Literature Award 20 a ie w 2005 STAGE 1 Stage 1 Average word count: 5,200 400 Headwords | A1/A2 | CRIME & MYSTERY FACTFILES FANTASY & HORROR THRILLER & ADVENTURE TRUE STORIES CLASSICS FANTASY & HORROR Sister Love and Other Titanic Under the Moon White Death The Witches of Pendle The Withered Arm The Wizard of Oz Crime Stories Tim Vicary Rowena Akinyemi Tim Vicary Rowena Akinyemi Thomas Hardy L. Frank Baum John Escott Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Rosemary Border Some sisters are good On a quiet sea, the biggest It is the year 2522, and the Sarah Harland is nineteen, Witches are dangerous. A woman and a man . . . Dorothy lives in Kansas, friends, some are not. ship in the world is waiting. planet Earth is dying. The and she is in prison. At the They can kill you with a words of love whispered USA, but one day a cyclone Sometimes there is more There is no noise from the Artificial Ozone Layer is airport, they find heroin look, or a word. They can on a summer night. Later, blows her and her house hate in a family than there engines. Up in the night only 300 years old, but it in her bag. So, now she is send their friend the Devil there is a child, but no to a strange country called is love. Karin is beautiful sky there are hundreds of is breaking up. Now the waiting to go to court. If the after you in the shape of wedding-ring. And then Oz. There, Dorothy makes and has lots of men stars. Behind the ship, an sun is burning down on court decides that it was her a dog or a cat. They can the man leaves the first friends with the Scarecrow, friends, but she can be iceberg – a great mountain Earth. There is no water. heroin, then she must die. make a clay picture of you, woman, finds a younger the Tin Man, and the very unkind to her sister of ice – goes slowly away Without water, nothing can She says she did not do then break it . . . and a few woman, marries her . . . Cowardly Lion. Marcia. Perhaps when they into the black night. live. Trees die, plants die, it. But if she did not, who weeks later you are dead. It’s an old story. But she wants to go were small, there was love In the beautiful animals die, people die . . . did? Only two people can Today, of course, most Yes, it’s an old, old home to Kansas. Only one between them, but that was first-class rooms rich In a colony under the help Sarah: her mother, people don’t believe in story. It happens all the person can help her, and a long time ago. passengers eat and listen moon, people wait for and an old boyfriend who witches. But in 1612 time – today, tomorrow, a that is the country’s famous They say that everybody to music. Down in the news – news from home, does not love her now. Can everybody was afraid of hundred years ago. People Wizard. So Dorothy and her has one crime in them. third-class cabins, families news from the planet they work together? Can them. Young Jennet Device don’t change. But this story, friends take the yellow brick Perhaps they only take an sleep. An exciting new Earth. And in a spaceship they find the real criminal in Lancashire knew a lot set among the green hills road to the Emerald City, to umbrella that does not life is waiting for them in high above Earth, a young before it is too late? about them because she of southern England, has find the Wizard of Oz . . . belong to them. Perhaps America. man watches numbers on lived with the Witches of something different about it. 2 BOOKWORMS they steal from a shop, But for many of the a computer screen. The Pendle. They were her Perhaps it is only a dream, perhaps they get angry people in this small city on numbers tell a story, and family . . . or perhaps it is magic – a and hit someone, perhaps the sea, this is their last the young man is afraid. kind of strange dark magic they kill . . . night alive . . . The planet Earth is that begins in the world of burning, burning . . . dreams and phantoms . . . Word count 5,440 Word count 5,565 Word count 5,600 Word count 5,320 Word count 6,600 Word count 5,730 Word count 5,735 CD Pack 978 0 19 478894 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 478889 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 423622 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 478890 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 478891 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 478892 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 478893 9 American English Suitable for young learners 25
  • 28. NEW STAGE 2 BESTSELLERS WORLD STORY BESTSELLER 700 HEADWORDS STAGE 2 CEF level A2/B1 • The Canterville Ghost Average story length: • Sherlock Holmes- 40 pages Short Stories Average word count: • Dead Man’s Island 6,500 • Seasons and Most Stage 2 readers Celebrations STAGE 2 come with Audio CD • Dracula BEST-SELLING TRUE STORIES CLASSICS HUMAN INTEREST FACTFILES FANTASY & HORROR PLAYSCRIPTS 700 Headwords | A2/B1 | Stage 2 Average word count: 6,500 Agatha Christie, Woman Alice’s Adventures in Anne of Green Gables The Beautiful Game The Canterville Ghost • Romeo and Juliet of Mystery Wonderland L. M. Montgomery Steve Flinders Oscar Wilde • The Importance John Escott Lewis Carroll Retold by Clare West Retold by John Escott Book 5,80 € of Being Earnest Retold by Jennifer Bassett CD Pack • Much Ado About (Book + CD) 6,80 € Nothing What does the name There, on top of the Marilla Cuthbert and her Some call it football, some There has been a ghost ‘Agatha Christie’ mean? mushroom, was a large brother Matthew want to call it soccer, and to others in the house for three To many people, it means caterpillar, smoking a pipe. adopt an orphan, to help on it’s the beautiful game. hundred years, and Lord a book about a murder After a while the Caterpillar the farm at Green Gables. By any name, it’s a sport Canterville’s family have mystery – a ‘whodunnit’. took the pipe out of its They ask for a boy, but they with some fascinating had enough of it. So Lord ‘I’m reading an Agatha mouth and said to Alice in get Anne, who has red hair stories. There is murder Canterville sells his grand Christie,’ people say. ‘I’m a slow, sleepy voice, ‘Who and freckles, and who talks in Colombia, and a game old house to an American not sure who the murderer are you?’ and talks and talks. that lasts for two days family. Mr Hiram B. Otis is – I think it’s . . . ’ But they What strange things They didn’t want a where many players never is happy to buy the house are usually wrong, because happen when Alice falls girl, but how can they see the ball. There’s the and the ghost – because it is not easy to guess the down the rabbit-hole and send a child back, like an French writer who learnt of course Americans don’t murderer’s name before into Wonderland! She unwanted parcel? So Anne lessons about life from believe in ghosts. the end of the book. has conversations with stays, and begins a new life playing football, and the The Canterville ghost But who was Agatha the Caterpillar and the in the sleepy, quiet village women players who had has great plans to frighten Christie? What was she Cheshire Cat, goes to the of Avonlea in Canada. to leave the club grounds the life out of the Otis like? Was her life quiet and Mad Hatter’s tea party, But it is not so quiet after because ‘Women’s football family. But Americans don’t unexciting, or was it full plays croquet with the King Anne comes to live there . . . isn’t nice’. The cups, the frighten easily – especially 2 BOOKWORMS of interest and adventure? and Queen of Hearts . . . leagues, the World Cup not two noisy little boys – Was there a mystery in finals, the stars, the rules and the poor ghost has her life, too? – they’re all a part of the a few surprises waiting world’s favourite sport, the for him. ‘Beautiful Game’. Word count 5,955 Word count 6,315 Word count 5,860 Word count 7,015 Word count 6,100 CD Pack 978 0 19 479012 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 479013 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479014 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 423638 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479015 4 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 26 American English
  • 29. NEW WORLD STORIES WORLD STORIES STAGE 2 WORLD STORIES HUMAN INTEREST FACTFILES WORLD STORIES Stage 2 Average word count: 6,500 700 Headwords | A2/B1 | Changing their Skies: The Children of the Climate Change Cries from the Heart: Stories from Africa New Forest Barnaby Newbolt Stories from Around Retold by Jennifer Bassett the World Captain Marryat Retold by Rowena Akinyemi Retold by Jennifer Bassett ‘Then a letter came for England in 1647: King It’s a terrible problem – or From Botswana to New Aloo from a famous college Charles is in prison, and it’s really not as bad as Zealand, from Jamaica to in America. They offered Cromwell’s men are people say. There will be Nigeria, from Uganda to him a place . . . a place with fighting the King’s men. sudden big changes – or Malaysia, from India to a scholarship. Aloo could These are dangerous times slower changes that we can South Africa, these moving not believe it at first. He for everybody. learn to live with. It means stories show us that the read the letter again and The four Beverley the end for many animals, human heart is the same in again.’ children have no parents; people, even whole islands every place. Fear and pain, Aloo is very happy, but their mother is dead and – or the beginning for happiness and sadness, soon he finds that it is not their father died while growing food in the Sahara. belong to us all. so easy. He will need fighting for the King. Now What is the true story These eight stories were money to live on, money for Cromwell’s soldiers have about climate change? winning entries in the 2004 his plane ticket . . . And come to burn the house – Who is right – and what Commonwealth Short Story then there is Mother . . . with the children in it. can we do about it? If we Competition. The writers The stories in this volume The four of them escape learn about the past, then are Sefi Atta, Adrienne M. of World Stories come from into the New Forest – perhaps there will be time Frater, Lauri Kubuitsile, Malawi, South Africa, and but how will they live? to make changes for the Erica N. Robinson, Jackee 2 BOOKWORMS Tanzania, and are by What will they eat? And future . . . Budesta Batanda, Janet African writers Steve will Cromwell’s soldiers Tay Hui Ching, Anuradha Chimombo, Farida Karodia, find them? Muralidharan, and Tod and M. G. Vassanji. Collins. Word count 6,987 Word count 6,605 Word count 6,500 (approx) Word count 6,683 CD Pack 978 0 19 479276 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 479016 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 423634 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 479046 8 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 27
  • 30. BESTSELLER BESTSELLER STAGE 2 THRILLER & ADVENTURE CRIME & MYSTERY TRUE STORIES FANTASY & HORROR THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR TRUE STORIES 700 Headwords | A2/B1 | Stage 2 Average word count: 6,500 Dead Man’s Island Death in the Freezer The Death of Karen Dracula Ear-rings from Five Children and It Grace Darling John Escott Tim Vicary Silkwood Bram Stoker Frankfurt Edith Nesbit Tim Vicary Joyce Hannam Retold by Diane Mowat Reg Wright Retold by Diane Mowat Mr Ross lives on an island Ellen Shore’s family is an This is the story of Karen In the mountains of Richard Walton is in trouble When the children dug a All they could hear was where no visitors come. He ordinary American family, Silkwood. It begins with Transylvania there stands again. He has lost his hole in the gravel-pit, they the wind, and the waves. stops people from taking and Ellen is six years old her death. a castle. It is the home of job, and he has borrowed were very surprised at All they could see was the photographs of him. He when her brother Al is Why does her story Count Dracula – a dark, money from his sister, what they found. ‘It’ was a night. They could not see is young and rich, but he born. Her parents are very begin where it should end? lonely place, and at night Jennifer – again. And Psammead, a sand-fairy, the ship, broken in two, or looks sad. And there is one pleased to have a son, Certain people wanted the wolves howl around now he has disappeared. thousands of years old. the people holding on to room in his house which is but Ellen is not pleased, her death to be an ending. the walls. Jennifer is looking for him, It was a strange little the dark wet rock, slowly always locked. because now baby Al Why? What were they In the year 1875 and so are the police. They thing – fat and furry, and dying of cold. And they Carol Sanders and her comes first. afraid of? Karen Silkwood Jonathan Harker comes both have some questions with eyes on long stalks. It could not hear the cries for mother come to the island And when they are had something to tell us, from England to do that they want to ask him. was often very cross and help – only the wind. to work for Mr Ross. Carol adults, Al still comes first. and she believed that it business with the Count. How did he lose his job? unfriendly, but it could How could a man and his soon decides that there is He begins a rock band and was important. Why didn’t But Jonathan does not Why did he fly to Frankfurt? give wishes – one wish a daughter save the people something very strange makes records. Soon he she live to tell us? Will feel comfortable at Castle Who gave his girlfriend day. ‘How wonderful!’ the on the rock? They only had about Mr Ross. Where did is rich and famous – very we ever know what really Dracula. Strange things those very expensive gold children said. a little wooden boat in that he get his money from? rich, but he gives nothing happened? The questions happen at night, and very ear-rings? But wishes are difficult wild and dangerous sea. How can a young man buy to his sister Ellen. She has go on and on, but there are soon, he begins to feel Only Richard can answer things. They can get you The Forfarshire was an island? So she watches, a difficult life, with three no answers. afraid. And he is right to these questions. But into trouble . . . wrecked off the north-east 2 BOOKWORMS and she listens – and one young kids and very little This is a true story. It be afraid, because Count nobody can find Richard. coast of England in 1838. night she learns what is money. And she learns happened in Oklahoma, Dracula is one of the This is the true story of behind the locked door. to hate her rich, famous, USA, where Karen Un-Dead – a vampire that Grace Darling – a girl who unkind brother . . . Silkwood lived and worked drinks the blood of living became a famous heroine . . . and died. people . . . on that stormy night. Word count 5,215 Word count 6,180 Word count 5,585 Word count 7,875 Word count 6,422 Word count 5,945 Word count 6,685 CD Pack 978 0 19 479017 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 479018 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479019 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 479020 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 479021 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479022 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 479023 9 American English American English Suitable for young learners 28
  • 31. BEST-SELLING WORLD STORY PLAYSCRIPT STAGE 2 PLAYSCRIPTS TRUE STORIES CLASSICS PLAYSCRIPTS FACTFILES Stage 2 Average word count: 6,500 700 Headwords | A2/B1 | Hamlet Henry VIII and his Huckleberry Finn The Importance of Ireland William Shakespeare Six Wives Mark Twain Being Earnest Tim Vicary Retold by Alistair McCallum Janet Hardy-Gould Retold by Diane Mowat Oscar Wilde Retold by Susan Kingsley This famous play by There were six of them Who wants to live in a This famous play is There are many different William Shakespeare is – three Katherines, two house, wear clean clothes, one of the finest English Irelands. There is the one of the finest in the Annes, and a Jane. One be good, and go to school comedies. Ireland of peaceful rivers, English language. of them was the King’s every day? Not young Algernon knows that his green fields, and beautiful Why does Hamlet, the wife for twenty-four years, Huckleberry Finn, that’s friend Jack does not always islands. There is the Ireland young Prince of Denmark, another for only a year for sure. tell the truth. For example, of song and dance, pubs look so sad? Why does he and a half. One died, two So Huck runs away, and in town his name is Ernest, and theatres – the country often say strange things? were divorced, and two is soon floating down the while in the country he of James Joyce, Bob His family and friends were beheaded. It was a great Mississippi River on calls himself Jack. And Geldof, and Riverdance. are worried about him. dangerous, uncertain life. a raft. With him is Jim, a who is the girl who gives And there is the Ireland of Perhaps he is mad! After the King’s death in black slave who is also him presents ‘from little guns, fighting, death, and But Hamlet thinks that 1547, his sixth wife finds running away. But life is Cecily, with all her love’? the hope of peace. Come he has discovered a terrible a box of old letters – one not always easy for the two But when the beautiful with us and visit all of secret about a recent crime from each of the first five friends. Gwendolen says that she these Irelands – and in his family. Now he has no wives. They are sad, angry, And there’s 300 dollars can only love a man called many more . . . time for Ophelia, the sweet frightened letters. They tell waiting for anyone who Ernest, Jack decides to girl who loves him, or his the story of what it was like catches poor Jim . . . change his name. Then 2 BOOKWORMS friends, who were at school to be the wife of Henry VIII Cecily agrees to marry with him. He sits alone, and of England. Algernon, but only if his thinks, and plans. What will name is Ernest, too, and he decide to do? Will he things become difficult for ever be happy again? the two young men. Word count 5,945 Word count 6,310 Word count 6,180 Word count 6,347 Word count 7,120 CD Pack 978 0 19 423529 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 479024 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479025 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 423530 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 423584 6 American English Suitable for young learners 29
  • 32. WINNER: The Language BEST-SELLING Learner Literature Award 2005 Learner Literature Award 20 arn ie t w 2005 PLAYSCRIPT STAGE 2 CLASSICS CLASSICS TRUE STORIES HUMAN INTEREST PLAYSCRIPTS CRIME & MYSTERY FANTASY & HORROR 700 Headwords | A2/B1 | Stage 2 Average word count: 6,500 The Jungle Book Love among the The Love of a King Matty Doolin Much Ado About The Murders in the Rue The Mystery of Allegra Rudyard Kipling Haystacks Peter Dainty Catherine Cookson Nothing Morgue Peter Foreman Retold by Ralph Mowat D. H. Lawrence Retold by Diane Mowat William Shakespeare Edgar Allan Poe Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Alistair McCallum Retold by Jennifer Bassett In the jungle of Southern It is hay-making time on All he wanted to do was to Matty is fifteen and is There are two love stories The room was on the fourth Allegra is an unusual India the Seeonee Wolf- the Wookey farm. Two marry the woman he loved. leaving school in a few in this fast-moving comedy. floor, and the door was name. It means ‘happy’ in Pack has a new cub. He is brothers are building the But his country said ‘No!’ weeks’ time. He wants to Brave young Claudio and locked – with the key on the Italian, but the little girl not a wolf – he is Mowgli, a haystack, but thinking He was Edward VIII, King work with animals, and Leonato’s pretty daughter inside. The windows were in this story is sometimes human child, but he knows about other things - about of Great Britain, King of would like to get a job on Hero are in love and want closed and fastened – on very sad. She is only five nothing of the world of young women, and love. India, King of Australia, and a farm. But his parents to marry, but Don John has the inside. The chimney years old, but she tells men. He lives and hunts There are angry words, King of thirty-nine other say he’s too young to leave a wicked plan to stop their was too narrow for a cat Adrian, her new friend, that with his brothers the and then a fight between countries. And he loved the home – he must stay in the wedding. Will he succeed, to get through. So how she is going to die soon. wolves. Baloo the bear and the brothers. But the work wrong woman. town and get a job in ship- or will the truth come out? did the murderer escape? How does she know? Bagheera the panther are goes on, visitors come She was beautiful and building, like his father. Will Claudio and Hero And whose were the two And who is the other his friends and teachers. and go, and the long hot she loved him – but she They also say he can’t go marry, after all? angry voices heard by the Allegra? The girl in a long And Shere Khan, the man- summer day slowly turns was already married to on a camping holiday with Beatrice and Benedick neighbours as they ran up white nightdress, who has eating tiger, is his enemy. to evening. another man. his friends. And they say he are always arguing with the stairs? Nobody in Paris golden hair and big blue Kipling’s famous story Then the sun goes It was a love story that can’t keep his dog, Nelson, each other, but how do they could find any answers to eyes. The girl who comes of Mowgli’s adventures in down, covering the world shook the world. The King because Nelson barks all really feel? Perhaps they this mystery. only at night, and whose the jungle has been loved with a carpet of darkness. had to choose: to be King, day and eats his father’s are more interested in each Except Auguste Dupin, hands and face are cold, by young and old for more From the hedges around or to have love . . . and shoes. other than they seem to be! who could see further and so cold . . . 2 BOOKWORMS than a hundred years. the hayfield comes the leave his country, never But it is because of Their friends work hard to think more clearly than rich, sweet smell of wild to return. Nelson that Matty finds bring them closer together. other people. The answers flowers, and the hay will a new life . . . to the mystery were all make a fine, soft bed . . . there, but only a clever man could see them. Word count 6,510 Word count 7,030 Word count 6,150 Word count 6,580 Word count 5,687 Word count 6,995 Word count 6,115 CD Pack 978 0 19 479026 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479042 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479048 2 Book 978 0 19 479065 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 423531 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479040 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479028 4 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners American English 30
  • 33. STAGE 2 HUMAN INTEREST PLAYSCRIPTS HUMAN INTEREST FANTASY & HORROR FACTFILES Stage 2 Average word count: 6,500 700 Headwords | A2/B1 | New Yorkers One Thousand Dollars The Piano The Pit and the Pendulum Rainforests – Short Stories and Other Plays Rosemary Border and Other Stories Rowena Akinyemi O. Henry O. Henry Edgar Allan Poe Retold by Diane Mowat Retold by John Escott Retold by John Escott A housewife, a tramp, Money or love? Which is One day, a farmer tells a Everybody has bad dreams. Deep rivers, tall trees, a lawyer, a waitress, an more important in life? Can farm boy to take everything Horrible things move strange animals, beautiful actress – ordinary people money buy anything? Can it out of an old building towards you in the dark, flowers – this is the living ordinary lives in New help a young man to marry and throw it away. ‘It’s all things you can hear but not rainforest. Burning trees, York at the beginning of the the girl he loves? Does rubbish,’ he says. see. Then you wake up, in thick smoke, new roads twentieth century. The city money really make people In the middle of all the your own warm bed, and and cities, dead animals has changed greatly since happy, or does it just cause rubbish, the boy finds a turn over to go back – this is the rainforest that time, but its people problems? beautiful old piano. He to sleep. too. To some people the are much the same. Some These four plays about has never played before, But imagine that you rainforests mean beautiful are rich, some are poor, money, love, and life are but now, when his fingers wake up on a hard floor, in places that you can visit; to some are happy, some are adapted from short stories touch the piano, he begins a darkness blacker than others they mean trees that sad, some have found love, written a hundred years to play. He closes his eyes the blackest night. You they can cut down and sell. some are looking for love. ago by the great American and the music comes to listen to the silence, and Between 1950 and O. Henry’s famous short storyteller O. Henry. him – and the music moves smell a wet dead smell. 2000 half of the world’s stories – sensitive, funny, Henry had his own his fingers. Death is all around you, rainforests disappeared. sympathetic – give us vivid difficulties with money and When he opens his eyes waiting . . . While you read these pictures of the everyday loneliness, and wrote from again, he knows that his In these stories by Edgar words, people are cutting 2 BOOKWORMS lives of these New Yorkers. personal experience. life is changed for ever . . . Allan Poe, death whispers down rainforest trees. What at you from every dark are these wonderful places corner, and fear can send that we call rainforests – you mad… and is it too late to save them? Word count 5,895 Word count 5,333 Word count 6,070 Word count 6,000 Word count 6,480 CD Pack 978 0 19 479290 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 423532 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 479030 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 479049 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 423586 0 American English American English Suitable for young learners American English Suitable for young learners 31
  • 34. BESTSELLER BEST-SELLING BESTSELLER PLAYSCRIPT STAGE 2 FANTASY & HORROR CLASSICS PLAYSCRIPTS FACTFILES CRIME & MYSTERY HUMAN INTEREST HUMAN INTEREST 700 Headwords | A2/B1 | Stage 2 Average word count: 6,500 Return to Earth Robinson Crusoe Romeo and Juliet Seasons and Sherlock Holmes Short Stories from the Five A Stranger at Green John Christopher Daniel Defoe William Shakespeare Celebrations Stories Towns Knowe Retold by Susan Binder Retold by by Diane Mowat Retold by Alistair McCallum Jackie Maguire Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Arnold Bennett Lucy M. Boston Retold by Clare West Retold by Nick Bullard Retold by Diane Mowat As they walk through a ‘I often walked along the This is the most famous In English-speaking Sherlock Holmes is the Arnold Bennett is famous When Ping sees Hanno in park in the distant future, shore, and one day I saw of all Shakespeare’s plays – countries around the world greatest detective of them for his stories about the the zoo, he is excited, but Harl and Ellen talk about something in the sand. a story of young love. people celebrate Easter, all. He sits in his room, Five Towns and the people also unhappy. Hanno is a their work and their lives. I went over to look at it What’s in a name? Does Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and smokes his pipe. who live there. They look magnificent African gorilla, But they will never have a more carefully . . . It was a it really matter if you and other special days. He listens, and watches, and sound just like other big and black and much life together because their footprint – the footprint of are called Montague or Some celebrations are new, and thinks. He listens to people, and, like all of stronger than a man. But work as scientists is more a man!’ Capulet? When Romeo, son others, like the summer the steps coming up the us, sometimes they do how can this wonderful important to them than In 1659 Robinson Crusoe of Lord Montague, falls in solstice, go back thousands stairs; he watches the door some very strange things. wild animal live in a cage, their love. Harl plans to was shipwrecked on a love with the most beautiful of years. opening – and he knows There’s Sir Jee, who is a behind bars and locked leave Earth, on a long and small island off the coast girl he’s ever seen, he What happens on these what question the stranger rich businessman. So why doors? dangerous journey through of South America. After finds that it does matter. special days? Why is there will ask. is he making a plan with a Then Hanno escapes space. Ellen plans to stay fifteen years alone, he It makes all the difference a special day for eating In these three of his best burglar? Then there is Toby from the zoo. And a few on Earth, to change the way suddenly learns that there in the world, because both pancakes? Who is the ‘guy’ stories, Holmes has three Hall. Why does he decide days later his footprints are the human mind works. is another person on the families hate each other. that children take onto the visitors to the famous flat to visit Number 11 Child seen near Green Knowe, When Harl returns to island. But will this man be For a time, Romeo and streets in November? And in Baker Street – visitors Row, and who does he find the old house deep in the Earth, Ellen will be long a friend – or an enemy? Juliet manage to keep where do many people like who bring their troubles to there? And then there are English countryside where dead . . . and the world will their love secret. But when to spend the shortest night the only man in the world the Hessian brothers and Ping is spending 2 BOOKWORMS be a very different place. Romeo is sent away from of the year in England? who can help them. Annie Emery – and the his holiday . . . Verona, hope begins to die. Come on a journey little problem of twelve Can any of their friends through a year of thousand pounds. help the young lovers to be celebrations, from New together for ever? Year’s Eve to Christmas. Word count 6,250 Word count 6,830 Word count 6,306 Word count 6,508 Word count 6,280 Word count 5,540 Word count 6,300 CD Pack 978 0 19 479031 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 479032 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 423533 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 423588 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 479033 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 479034 5 Book 978 0 19 479073 4 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 32
  • 35. STAGE 2 CLASSICS HUMAN INTEREST FANTASY & HORROR TRUE STORIES FANTASY & HORROR Stage 2 Average word count: 6,500 700 Headwords | A2/B1 | Tales from Longpuddle Too Old to Rock and Voodoo Island William Shakespeare The Year of Sharing Thomas Hardy Roll and Other Stories Michael Duckworth Jennifer Bassett Harry Gilbert Retold by Jennifer Bassett Jan Mark Retold by Diane Mowat Tony Kytes is a favourite Greg is a teenager with a Mr James Conway wants William Shakespeare. Born Richard is bored with the with the girls but he’s not problem – his father. After to make money. He wants April 1564, at Stratford- quiet life of his village. terribly clever. If you meet the death of Greg’s mother to build new houses and upon-Avon. Died April 1616. He would like to have a an old girlfriend and she in an accident, his father shops – and he wants Married Anne Hathaway: motor-car and drive it . . . asks for a ride home in takes no interest in life at to build them on an old two daughters, one son. very fast. But Richard lives your wagon, do you say all. Greg tries hard to help graveyard, on the island Actor, poet, famous in a future world where yes? And then if you meet him. His father is too old to of Haiti. playwright. Wrote nearly there are no cars, only the girl you are planning rock and roll, of course . . . There is only one old forty plays. bicycles and small villages to marry, what do you do? or is he? man who still visits the But what was he like and green forests. Very soon, Tony is in a great These short stories by graveyard; and Mr Conway as a man? What did he And now he is twelve muddle, and does not know Jan Mark look at life, love, is not afraid of one old think about when he rode years old, and like the how to escape from it. and friendship through man. into London for the first other children, he must These stories are set teenagers’ eyes. But the old man has time . . . or when he was do his Year of Sharing. He in an English country friends – friends in the writing his plays Hamlet must live alone in the forest village of the nineteenth graveyard, friends who lie and Romeo and Juliet . . . with the wild animals. He century, but Hardy’s tales of dead, under the ground. or when his only son died? must learn to share his mistakes and muddles and And when Mr Conway We know the facts of world; he must learn how 2 BOOKWORMS marriages belong in any starts to build his houses, his life, but we can only animals live and eat and place, at any time. he makes the terrible guess at his hopes, his fight . . . and die. mistake of disturbing the fears, his dreams. sleep of the dead . . . Word count 6,490 Word count 5,310 Word count 5,910 Word count 9,135 Word count 6,390 CD Pack 978 0 19 479041 3 Book 978 0 19 479074 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 479037 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479038 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 479039 0 Suitable for young learners 33
  • 36. STAGE 3 BESTSELLERS 1,000 HEADWORDS STAGE 3 CEF level B1 • The Picture of Average story length: Dorian Gray 56 pages • Tales of Mystery Average word count: and Imagination 10,000 • Chemical Secret Stage 3 audio CDs: • Frankenstein selected readers come with audio CD • Skyjack! (2 CDs in most cases) CRIME & MYSTERY FACTFILES TRUE STORIES CLASSICS HUMAN INTEREST STAGE 3 As the Inspector Said Australia and New The Brontë Story The Call of the Wild The Card and Other Stories Zealand Tim Vicary Jack London Arnold Bennett Retold by John Escott Christine Lindop Retold by Nick Bullard Retold by Nick Bullard Stage 3 Average word count: 10,000 1000 Headwords | B1 | The murder plan seems What do you find in these On a day in 1821, a man When men find gold Every town should have a Book 6,45 € so neat, so clever. How two countries at the end and six children stood in the frozen north of ‘card’ – someone who gets can it possibly fail? And of the world? One is an around a grave. They were Canada, they need dogs talked about, someone who CD Pack when Sonia’s stupid, boring enormous island, where burying a wife and mother. – big, strong dogs to pull does mad and wonderful (Book + CD) 7,20 € little husband is dead, only twenty million people The children were all very the sledges on the long things, someone who she will be free to marry live – and the other is two young, and within a few journeys to and from the makes you laugh. her handsome lover. But long, narrow islands, with years the two oldest were gold mines. Bursley in the Five perhaps the boring little ten sheep for every person. dead, too. Buck is stolen from his Towns has a ‘card’: Edward husband is not so stupid One country has the biggest Close to the wild beauty home in the south and sold Henry Machin (Denry for after all . . . rock in all the world, and a of the Yorkshire moors, the as a sledge-dog. He has short). Denry begins life in Murder plans that go town where everybody lives father brought up his young to learn a new way of life a poor little house where wrong, a burglar who under the ground; the other family. Who had heard of – how to work in harness, the rent is twenty-three makes a bad mistake, a has a beach where you can the Brontës of Haworth how to stay alive in the ice pence a week. But before famous jewel thief who sit beside the sea in a pool then? Branwell died young, and the snow . . . and how he’s thirty, he’s made a lot meets a very unusual of hot water, and lakes that but his sisters became to fight. Because when a of money, and had more detective . . . These five are bright yellow, green, famous writers. dog falls down in a fight, he adventures than you and stories from the golden age and blue. But they did not live to never gets up again. I have had hot dinners. 2 BOOKWORMS of crime writing are full of Open this book and grow old or to enjoy their The town of Bursley never mystery and surprises. start your journey – to two fame. Only their father stops talking about him. countries where something was left, alone with his Whatever will young Denry beautiful or surprising waits memories. do next? around every corner. Word count 9,600 Word count 10,270 Word count 10,600 Word count 10,965 Word count 11,100 CD Pack 978 0 19 479292 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 423591 4 Book 978 0 19 479109 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479293 6 Boook 978 0 19 479111 3 Suitable for young learners American English Suitable for young learners 34
  • 37. BESTSELLER WORLD STORIES BESTSELLER THRILLER & ADVENTURE CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE WORLD STORIES CLASSICS FANTASY & HORROR CRIME & MYSTERY STAGE 3 Chemical Secret A Christmas Carol The Crown of Violet Dancing with Strangers: Ethan Frome Frankenstein Goldfish Tim Vicary Charles Dickens Geoffrey Trease Stories from Africa Edith Wharton Mary Shelley Raymond Chandler Retold by Clare West Retold by John Escott Retold by Clare West Retold by Susan Kingsley Retold by Patrick Nobes Retold by Christine Lindop Stage 3 Average word count: 10,000 1000 Headwords | B1 | The job was too good. Christmas is humbug, High up on a stone seat in ‘Sometimes I think this Life is always hard for the Victor Frankenstein thinks The Leander pearls were There had to be a problem Scrooge says – just a time the great open-air theatre search is hopeless. So poor, in any place and at he has found the secret stolen nineteen years ago. – and there was. when you find yourself a of Athens, Alexis, son of much has happened since any time. Ethan Frome is a of life. He takes parts The thief was caught, but John Duncan was an year older and not a penny Leon, watches the Festival I last saw my friends. farmer in Massachusetts. from dead people and the pearls were never honest man, but he needed richer. The only thing of Plays – and dreams of Perhaps they have died or He works long hours, but his builds a new ‘man’. But found, and there is still a money. He had children to that matters to Scrooge seeing his own play on that the rebels have taken them farm makes little money. His this monster is so big and $25,000 reward for anyone look after. He was ready to is business, and making famous stage. away. But I know I have to wife, Zeena, is a thin, grey frightening that everyone who finds them. Then do anything, and his bosses money. So, as the summer find Laker. I know she woman, always complaining, runs away from him – even somebody comes to private knew it. But on Christmas Eve passes, Alexis writes his needs me.’ and only interested in her Frankenstein himself! detective Carmady with They gave him the job three spirits come to play for the next year’s In a country torn by war, it own ill health. The monster is like an a story about a guy who because he couldn’t say visit him. They take him Festival. But then, with his is easy to stop hoping. All Then Mattie Silver, a enormous baby who needs knows where the pearls no; he couldn’t afford to travelling on the wings friend Corinna, he learns Atita has is an old young cousin, comes to love. But nobody gives him are hidden. be honest. And the job was of the night to see the that Athens has enemies photograph. She does not live with the Fromes, to love, and soon he learns to Carmady agrees to like a poison inside him. It shadows of Christmas past, – enemies who do not even know if she will help Zeena and do the hate. And, because he is so talk to the guy who says changed him and blinded present, and future – and like Athenian democracy, recognize Laker after all housework. Her bright strong, the next thing he he knows. But he finds him, so that he couldn’t see Scrooge learns a lesson and who are planning a these years . . . smile and laughing voice learns is how to kill . . . him dead in his bed, with the real poison – until it that he will never forget. revolution to end it all . . . The stories in this volume bring light and hope into the burned feet, and it seems 2 BOOKWORMS was too late. of World Stories are by Fromes’ house – and into there are quite a lot of African writers Jackee Ethan’s lonely life. people in Los Angeles who Budesta Batanda, Jack But poverty is a prison have heard the story, and Cope, Mandla Langa, and from which few people who are out looking for the M. G. Vassanji. escape . . . Leander pearls . . . Word count 10,150 Word count 10,385 Word count 10,800 Word count 11,990 Word count 10,700 Word count 9,685 Word count 10,100 CD Pack 978 0 19 479294 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 479295 0 Book 978 0 19 479114 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 479277 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479299 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 479300 1 Book 978 0 19 479117 5 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners American English 35
  • 38. WORLD STORIES HUMAN INTEREST FACTFILES THRILLER & ADVENTURE THRILLER & ADVENTURE CRIME & MYSTERY WORLD STORIES HUMAN INTEREST STAGE 3 Go, Lovely Rose and Information Technology Justice Kidnapped The Last Sherlock The Long White Cloud: Love Story Other Stories Paul A. Davies Tim Vicary Robert Louis Stevenson Holmes Story Stories from New Erich Segal H. E. Bates Retold by Clare West Michael Dibdin Zealand Retold by Rosemary Border Retold by Rosemary Border Retold by Rosalie Kerr Retold by Christine Lindop Stage 3 Average word count: 10,000 1000 Headwords | B1 | A warm summer night. The It is hard to imagine the London: November. ‘I ran to the side of the For fifty years after Dr ‘Nani Tama looked at each This is a love story you moon shines down on the modern world without Terrorists blow up the ship. “Help, help! Murder!” Watson’s death, a packet of us – Dad, Auntie Hiraina, won’t forget. Oliver Barrett quiet houses and gardens. information technology. At Queen’s coach outside I screamed, and my uncle of papers, written by the my cousin Timi, and myself. meets Jenny Cavilleri. He Everyone is asleep. home, at work, and at play, Parliament. The Queen slowly turned to look at doctor himself, lay hidden His eyes were angry. ‘You plays sports, she plays Everyone except the man mobile phones, emails and escapes, but five people me. I did not see any more. in a locked box. The papers fullas want me to die here music. He’s rich, and she’s in pyjamas and slippers, computers have become are killed, and forty others Already strong hands were contained an extraordinary in this room? Looking at poor. They argue, and they standing on the wet grass part of daily life. badly hurt – ordinary, pulling me away. Then report of the case of Jack these four walls? When the fight, and they fall in love. at the end of his garden, The story of information innocent people, like something hit my head; I the Ripper and the horrible whakapapa is not yet So they get married, and watching and waiting . . . technology is a story of Alan Cole, the Queen’s saw a great flash of fire, murders in the East End finished?’ make a home together. In these three short machines – from the coachman, who loses his and fell to the ground . . . ’ of London in 1888. The But Nani Tama gets his They work hard, they enjoy stories, H. E. Bates ancient abacus to the small leg in the bombing. And And so begin David detective, of course, was own way, and his grandson life, they make plans for presents ordinary people powerful computer chips of for Alan and his daughter Balfour’s adventures. He the great Sherlock Holmes drives him through the the future. Then they learn like you and me. But as we today. But it is also a story of Jane there is more terror to is kidnapped, taken to sea, – but why was the report night, to find the missing that they don’t have much get to know them better, people. Meet a woman who come, in the search for the and meets many dangers. kept hidden for so long? pieces from the family time left. we see that their feelings wrote computer programs truth behind the bombing. He also meets a friend, This is the story that Sir history. Their story has made are not at all ordinary. two hundred years ago, a Will the terrorists be caught Alan Breck. But Alan is Arthur Conan Doyle never The stories in this volume people laugh, and cry, all In fact, what happens teenage millionaire, a man and brought to justice? in danger himself, on the wrote. It is a strange and of World Stories are by over the world. 2 BOOKWORMS to them – and in them who began with a paperclip But what kind of justice? run from the English army frightening tale . . . New Zealand writers James – is passionate, and even and ended with a house What can give Alan Cole his across the wild Highlands Courage, Witi Ihimaera, extraordinary. Could this – and meet the criminals leg back, or give life back of Scotland . . . Philip Mincher, and Joy happen to you and me? who want your name and to people who have been Cowley. your money. blown to pieces by a bomb? Word count 8,065 Word count 9,614 Word count 10,420 Word count 12,435 Word count 9,680 Word count 11,150 Word count 8,755 Book 978 0 19 479118 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 423594 5 Book 978 0 19 479119 9 Book 978 0 19 479120 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479302 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479303 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 479305 6 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners American English 36
  • 39. BESTSELLER WORLD STORIES NEW FACTFILES FANTASY & HORROR THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR FANTASY & HORROR WORLD STORIES THRILLER & ADVENTURE STAGE 3 Martin Luther King Moondial On the Edge A Pair of Ghostly Hands The Picture of Dorian Playing with Fire: The Prisoner of Zenda Alan C. McLean Helen Cresswell Gillian Cross and Other Stories Gray Stories from the Anthony Hope Retold by John Escott Retold by Clare West Retold by Diane Mowat Oscar Wilde Pacific Rim Retold by Diane Mowat Retold by Jill Nevile Retold by Jennifer Bassett Stage 3 Average word count: 10,000 1000 Headwords | B1 | The United States in ‘Moondial!’ As Minty spoke When Tug wakes up, he If you wake up in the night ‘When we are happy, we He smiled, showing teeth ‘We must leave for Zenda the 1950s and 60s was the word, a cold wind went is not in his own bedroom and hear a tap running are always good,’ says Lord yellow from cigarette at once, to find the King!’ a troubled place. Black past her, and her ears at home. The door is somewhere in the house, Henry, ‘but when we are smoke. He looked at his cried Sapt. ‘If we’re caught, people were angry, because were filled with a thousand locked and there are bars what do you do? You get up, good, we are not always desk diary, then at her we’ll all be killed!’ they did not have the same frightened voices. She shut across the window. Loud of course, and go and turn happy.’ papers again. ‘Mmm . . . a So Rudolf Rassendyll rights as whites. It was her eyes and put her hands music hammers through the tap off. A little later you Lord Henry’s lazy, clever hundred pesos a month. and Sapt gallop through a time of angry words, of over her ears – and the the house and through hear the tap running again. words lead the young Why, that’s one thousand the night to find the King marches, of protests, a voices and the wind went his head. Then a woman You are alone in the house, Dorian Gray into a world two hundred pesos a year. of Ruritania. But the King time of bombs and killings. away. Minty opened her comes in and says that and you know you turned where it is better to be Surely, you can afford to buy is now a prisoner in the But above the angry eyes . . . and knew that she is his mother, but Tug the tap off. What do you beautiful than to be good; me a forty-peso dinner!’ Castle of Zenda. Who noise came the voice of one she was in a different knows that she is not his do then? a world where anything can How can Marina say no? will rescue him from his man – a man of peace. ‘I morning, not the one she mother . . . The ghosts in these be forgiven – even murder How can she refuse the enemies, the dangerous have a dream,’ said Martin had woken up to. Outside, Jinny stares stories all have unfinished – if it can make people Chief’s next request? He is Duke Michael and Rupert Luther King, and it was a And so Minty’s strange through the trees at the business with the living laugh at a dinner party. an evil man, but she needs of Hentzau? dream of blacks and whites adventure begins – a lonely house on the hill. world. They come back from her promotion . . . And who will win the living together in peace and journey through time into She hears strange noises, the grave to continue their These World Stories, heart of the beautiful freedom. This is the story the past, where she finds but she turns away. work, to keep a promise, from Tonga, the Philippines, Princess Flavia? 2 BOOKWORMS of an extraordinary man, Tom, and Sarah . . . and After all, it’s none of her to look for something they Papua New Guinea, and who changed American the evil Miss Vole. business . . . have lost. Sometimes New Zealand, are by Epeli history in his short life. they want to help people, Hau’ofa, Denise Whittaker, sometimes they want to F. Sionil José, David A. Kulu, punish them – or kill them. and Graeme Lay. Word count 9,871 Word count 10,650 Word count 10,300 Word count 9,600 Word count 10,245 Word count 12,589 Word count 10,710 CD Pack 978 0 19 423597 6 Book 978 0 19 479123 6 Book 978 0 19 479124 3 Book 978 0 19 479125 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479307 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479286 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 479308 7 American English Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 37
  • 40. WINNER: The Language BESTSELLER BESTSELLER Learner Literature Award 2007 Learner Literature Award 20 arn ie t w 2007 TRUE STORIES HUMAN INTEREST FACTFILES HUMAN INTEREST THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR FANTASY & HORROR STAGE 3 Rabbit-Proof Fence The Railway Children Recycling The Secret Garden Skyjack! The Star Zoo Tales of Mystery and Doris Pilkington Garimara Edith Nesbit Sue Stewart Frances Hodgson Burnett Tim Vicary Harry Gilbert Imagination Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by John Escott Retold by Clare West Edgar Allan Poe Retold by Margaret Naudi Stage 3 Average word count: 10,000 1000 Headwords | B1 | Fourteen-year-old Molly ‘We have to leave our house What will we do when Little Mary Lennox is a When a large plane is In our world today a The human mind is a and her cousins Daisy and in London,’ Mother said to there is nowhere to put bad-tempered, hijacked, the Prime hummingbird is a small, dark, bottomless pit, and Gracie were mixed-race the children. ‘We’re going to our rubbish? Every day, all disagreeable child. When Minister looks at the list of brilliantly coloured bird in sometimes it works in Aborigines. In 1931 they live in the country, in a little over the world, people drop her parents die in India, passengers and suddenly tropical forests. strange and frightening were taken away from house near a railway line.’ cans, boxes, paper, and she is sent back to England becomes very, very In the far distant future, ways. That sound in the their families and sent to a And so begins a new bottles into bins and never to live with her uncle in a frightened. Hummingbird (Hummy for night . . . is it a door camp to be trained as good life for Roberta, Peter, and think about them again. big, lonely, old house. There is a name on the short) is a girl of sixteen banging in the wind, or a ‘white’ Australians. They Phyllis. They become the And the rubbish mountains There is nothing to do list that the Prime Minister who lives somewhere in the murdered man knocking were told to forget their railway children – they get bigger and bigger. all day except walk in the knows very well – too well. Galaxy, on a planet called inside his coffin? The face mothers, their language, know all the trains, Perks But there is another way gardens – and watch the There is someone on that Just Like Home. She has in the mirror . . . is it yours, their home. the station porter is their – a way that makes old robin flying over the high plane who will soon be the name ‘Hummingbird’ or the face of someone But Molly would not best friend, and they have paper into houses, broken walls of the secret garden dead – if the hijackers can in big letters on all her standing behind you, who is forget. She and her cousins many adventures on the bottles into jewellery, and . . . which has been locked find out who he is! clothes, but she has never never there when you turn escaped and walked back to railway line. old cans into bridges. for ten years. And no one And there isn’t much seen a real hummingbird. round? Jigalong, 1600 kilometres But why has their father Anyone can recycle – it’s has the key. time. One man lies dead She has never seen any These famous short away, following the rabbit- had to go away? Where is easy, it saves money, and on the runway. In a few living animal or bird at all. stories by Edgar Allan proof fence as their guide he, and will he ever come it’s a way to say, ‘I care minutes the hijackers will The Book of Remembering Poe, that master of horror, 2 BOOKWORMS across the desert. back? about the Earth.’ Saving use their guns again. And says that there were once explore the dark world of This is the true story of the world starts with you the Prime Minister knows many animals on a planet the imagination, where the that walk, told by Molly’s – here – now. who they are going to kill. called Earth, but that was dead live and speak, where daughter, Doris. It is also a before the Burning, a long, fear lies in every shadow of prize-winning film. long time ago . . . the mind . . . Word count 10,600 Word count 9,295 Word count 10,098 Word count 10,715 Word count 8,685 Word count 8,915 Word count 11,960 Book 978 0 19 479144 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 479310 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 423600 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 479311 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 479313 1 Book 978 0 19 479131 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 479314 8 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners American English 38
  • 41. CLASSICS CLASSICS HUMAN INTEREST FACTFILES HUMAN INTEREST CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE STAGE 3 The Three Strangers Through the Tooth and Claw – The USA ‘Who, Sir? Me, Sir?’ The Wind in the Willows Wyatt’s Hurricane and Other Stories Looking-Glass Short Stories Alison Baxter K. M. Peyton Kenneth Grahame Desmond Bagley Thomas Hardy Lewis Carroll Saki Retold by Diane Mowat Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Clare West Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Rosemary Border Stage 3 Average word count: 10,000 1000 Headwords | B1 | On a stormy winter night, a ‘I wish I could get through Conradin is ten years Everybody knows about Sam Sylvester is a teacher Down by the river bank, Hurricane Mabel is far out stranger knocks at the door into looking-glass house,’ old. He lives alone with the United States of who wants his class to where the wind whispers in the Atlantic Ocean and of a shepherd’s cottage. Alice said. ‘Let’s pretend his aunt. He has two big America. You can see its have ambition, and to do through the willow trees, moving slowly northwards. He is cold and hungry, and that the glass has gone soft secrets. The first is that films, hear its music, and great things in life. So he is a very pleasant place Perhaps it will never wants to get out of the rain. and . . . Why, I do believe it he hates his aunt. The eat its food just about enters them for a sporting to have a lunch party with come near land at all. He is welcomed inside, but has! It’s turning into a kind second is that he keeps a everywhere. Cowboys, jazz, competition against the a few friends. But life is But if it hits the island he does not give his name of cloud!’ small, wild animal in the hamburgers, the Stars rich students of Greycoats not always so peaceful for of San Fernandez, many or his business. Who is he, A moment later Alice is garden shed. The animal and Stripes – that’s the School. the Mole and the Water thousands of people and where has he come inside the looking-glass has sharp, white teeth, and United States. The team that he has Rat. There is the time, for will die. There could be from? And he is only the world. There she finds it loves fresh blood. Every But it’s a country with chosen for the competition example, when Toad gets winds of more than 250 first visitor to call at the herself part of a great night, Conradin prays to many stories to tell. Stories think Sam has gone crazy. interested in motor-cars kilometres an hour. There cottage that night . . . game of chess, travelling this animal and asks it to of busy cities, beautiful ‘Who, Sir? Me, Sir?’ says – goes mad about them could be a huge tidal wave In these three short through forests and do one thing for him, just forests and parks. Stories of little Hoomey, his eyes in fact . . . from the sea, which will stories, Thomas Hardy jumping across brooks. one thing. a country that fought against round with horror. ‘We’ll The story of the drown the capital city of St gives us pictures of the The chess pieces talk and This collection of short Britain, and then against never beat Greycoats,’ the adventures of Mole, Rat, Pierre. Mabel will destroy lives of shepherds and argue with her, give orders stories is clever, funny, and itself, to make the United others cry. ‘Never in Badger, and Toad has been houses, farms, roads, hangmen, dukes and and repeat poems . . . shows us ‘Nature, red in States of today. Stories of a million years!’ loved by young and old for bridges . . . 2 BOOKWORMS teachers. But rich or poor, It is the strangest dream tooth and claw’. In other rich and poor, black and But you don’t know over a hundred years. Only one man, David young or old, they all have that anyone ever had . . . words, it is Saki at his white, Native American and what you can do – until Wyatt, believes that Mabel the same feelings of fear, very best. immigrant. And the story you try . . . will hit San Fernandez, hope, love, jealousy . . . of what it is like to be an but nobody will listen to American today . . . him . . . Word count 11,680 Word count 10,605 Word count 8,255 Word count 10,188 Word count 10,295 Word count 11,540 Word count 10,500 Book 978 0 19 479133 5 Book 978 0 19 479134 2 Book 978 0 19 479135 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 423603 4 Book 978 0 19 479136 6 Book 978 0 19 479137 3 Book 978 0 19 479138 0 American English Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 39
  • 42. STAGE 4 BESTSELLERS 1,400 HEADWORDS STAGE 4 CEF level B1/B2 • The Hound of Average story length: Baskervilles 72 pages • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Average word count: • The Scarlet Letter 16,000 • The Thirty-Nine Steps Stage 4 Average word count: 16,000 Stage 4 audio CDs: selected readers • Gulliver’s Travels come with audio CD 1400 Headwords | B1/B2 | (2 CDs) HUMAN INTEREST CRIME & MYSTERY HUMAN INTEREST CLASSICS CRIME & MYSTERY The African Queen The Big Sleep Black Beauty Cranford Death of an Englishman C. S. Forester Raymond Chandler Anna Sewell Elizabeth Gaskell Magdalen Nabb Retold by Clare West Retold by Rosalie Kerr Retold by John Escott Retold by Kate Mattock Retold by Diane Mowat STAGE 4 Book 6,75 € The African Queen is an General Sternwood has When Black Beauty is Life in the small English It was a very inconvenient old, dirty, ugly, unreliable four million dollars, and trained to carry a rider town of Cranford seems time for murder. Florence CD Pack steamboat. No one would two young daughters, both on his back, or to pull a very quiet and peaceful. was full of Christmas (Book + CD) 8,40 € expect a missionary’s sister pretty and both wild. He’s carriage behind him, he The ladies of Cranford lead shoppers and half the and a rough, uneducated an old, sick man, close finds it hard at first. But tidy, regular lives. They police force was already mechanic to take a boat to death, but he doesn’t he is lucky – his first home make their visits between on holiday. like that down a dangerous like being blackmailed. So is a good one, where his the hours of twelve and At first it seemed quite river through the forests he asks private detective owners are kind people, three, give little evening an ordinary murder. Of of Central Africa. But Rose Philip Marlowe to get the who would never be cruel parties, and worry about course, there are always a Sayer and Charlie Allnutt blackmailer off his back. to a horse. their maid-servants. But few mysteries. In this case, do just that. Marlowe knows the But in the nineteenth life is not always smooth the dead man had been Why do they do it? The dark side of life in Los century many people were – there are little arguments in the habit of moving his First World War has just Angeles well, and nothing cruel to their horses, and jealousies, sudden furniture at three o’clock in begun, and Rose has a wild much surprises him. But whipping them and beating deaths and unexpected the morning. Naturally, the and crazy plan. She and the Sternwood girls are them, and using them marriages . . . police wanted to know why. Charlie set off down the a lot wilder than their old like machines until they Mrs Gaskell’s timeless The case became more river and come close to father realizes. They like dropped dead. Black picture of small-town complicated. But all the 2 BOOKWORMS death many times, but they men, drink, drugs – and Beauty soon finds this out, life in the first half of the time, the answer was right survive all dangers – except it’s not just a question of and as he describes his nineteenth century has under their noses. They the danger of falling in blackmail. life, he has many terrible delighted readers for just couldn’t see it. It love . . . stories to tell. nearly 150 years. was, after all, a very ordinary murder. Word count 15,250 Word count 15,960 Word count 15,400 Word count 15,015 Word count 14,815 Book 978 0 19 479164 9 Book 978 0 19 479165 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479315 5 Book 978 0 19 479167 0 Book 978 0 19 479168 7 Suitable for young learners 40
  • 43. WORLD STORIES BESTSELLER Stage 4 Average word count: 16,000 1400 Headwords | B1/B2 | TRUE STORIES FACTFILES WORLD STORIES FANTASY & HORROR HUMAN INTEREST Desert, Mountain, Sea Disaster! Doors to a Wider Place: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde A Dubious Legacy Sue Leather Mary McIntosh Stories from Australia Robert Louis Stevenson Mary Wesley Retold by Christine Lindop Retold by Rosemary Border Retold by Rosalie Kerr STAGE 4 Three different parts of From out of the sky, from ‘When it came to football, You are walking through In 1944 Henry Tillotson the world, but all of them under the earth, from far Billy was different. Black the streets of London. It is brings his new wife, dangerous, lonely places. out at sea – disaster comes. hands grab the ball. Black getting dark and you want Margaret, home to his Three different women, but We build and invent new feet kick the ball. Black to get home quickly. You farmhouse. Margaret is all of them determined to things – and sometimes hopes rise up with the ball enter a narrow side-street. a strange, unpleasant go – and to come back alive! bring disaster on ourselves. to the sickly white sky. No Everything is quiet, but woman, determined, it Robyn Davidson walked Today television and the one can stop him now. He as you pass the door of a seems, to make Henry’s life nearly 3,000 kilometres Internet mean that we can forgets about the river, and large, windowless building, miserable. ‘Poor Henry!’ say across the Australian watch disasters as they the people of his blood . . .’ you hear a key turning in his friends. ‘What an awful desert – with a dog and happen, and see their But who can forget their the lock. A man comes out life he has!’ But Henry is not four camels. terrible results. own past? Billy finds that and looks at you. You have the sad and disappointed Arlene Blum led a team From Pompeii to the Asian the ties which hold him to never seen him before, but man we might expect him of ten women to the top Tsunami, from the Great the people of his blood are you realize immediately to be. He manages to enjoy of Annapurna – one of the Fire of London to Chernobyl, strong indeed . . . that he hates you. You are life, and indeed, has quite highest mountains in the the stories of disasters are The stories in this shocked to discover, also, a lot of fun, one way and world. Only eight came frightening, but they have volume of World Stories that you hate him. another . . . down again. much to tell us. Disasters are by Australian writers Who is this man that Mary Wesley’s story takes a sharp but light- 2 BOOKWORMS Naomi James sailed bring stories of fear, pain, Mena Abdullah & Ray everybody hates? And around the world alone, on loss, and death – but also of Mathew, Judith Wright, why is he coming out of hearted look at love, sex, a journey lasting more than people whose extraordinary Archie Weller, Dal Stivens, the laboratory of the very and marriage – and the 250 days. bravery and feeling for David Malouf, and Marion respectable Dr Jekyll? things people will do to get others will touch your heart. Halligan. what they want. Word count 15,580 Word count 14,791 Word count 15,862 Word count 12,520 Word count 15,100 Book 978 0 19 479169 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 423606 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479280 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479317 9 Book 978 0 19 479171 7 41
  • 44. BESTSELLER BESTSELLER Stage 4 Average word count: 16,000 1400 Headwords | B1/B2 | THRILLER & ADVENTURE FACTFILES CLASSICS FACTFILES CRIME & MYSTERY The Eagle of the Ninth Great Crimes Gulliver’s Travels The History of the The Hound of the Rosemary Sutcliff John Escott Jonathan Swift English Language Baskervilles Retold by John Escott Retold by Clare West Brigit Viney Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Retold by Patrick Nobes STAGE 4 In the second century AD, It is more than forty ‘Soon I felt something alive About a quarter of the Dartmoor. A wild, wet when the Ninth Roman years since the Great moving along my leg and people in the world today place in the south-west of Legion marched into the Train Robbery. But what up my body to my face, and speak or use English. In England. A place where mists of northern Britain, happened to the rest of the when I looked down, I saw homes and schools, offices it is easy to get lost, and not one man came back. money that was taken? Two a very small human being, and meeting rooms, ships to fall into the soft green Four thousand men million pounds has never only fifteen centimetres tall and airports, people are earth which can pull the disappeared, and the Eagle, been found. Perhaps some . . . I was so surprised that speaking English . . . strongest man down to his the symbol of the Legion’s of the robbers would like I gave a great shout.’ How has this happened? death. honour, was lost. to know the answer to this But that is only the first How did English begin, A man is running for his Years later there is question too . . . of many surprises which and what will become of life. Behind him comes an a story that the Eagle Many great crimes end Gulliver has on his travels. it? The history of English enormous dog – a dog from has been seen again. So in a question. Who really He visits a land of giants is a journey through space his worst dreams, a dog Marcus Aquila, whose killed President Kennedy? and a flying island, meets and time, from thousands from hell. Between him father disappeared with What happened to Shergar? ghosts from the past and of years ago to today and and a terrible death stands the Ninth, travels north, to Who knows the truth about horses which talk . . . beyond, and to all parts of only one person – the find the Eagle and bring it Azaria Chamberlain? Not the world. Come on that greatest detective of all back, and to learn how his all the answers are known. journey and meet the monks time, Sherlock Holmes. 2 BOOKWORMS father died. But the tribes Join the world’s detectives and soldiers, the kings and of the north are wild and and discover the love, scientists, the printers, dangerous, and they hate death, hate, money, and poets, and travellers who the Romans . . . mystery held in the stories have helped to make the of these great crimes. English of today. Word count 14,950 Word count 15,747 Word count 15,325 Word count 16,753 Word count 19,330 Book 978 0 19 479172 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 423609 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479318 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 423614 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479319 3 Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 42
  • 45. WORLD STORIES Stage 4 Average word count: 16,000 1400 Headwords | B1/B2 | WORLD STORIES HUMAN INTEREST CLASSICS HUMAN INTEREST THRILLER & ADVENTURE CRIME & MYSTERY THRILLER & ADVENTURE Land of my Childhood: Little Women Lord Jim Lorna Doone The Moonspinners A Morbid Taste for Mr Midshipman Stories from South Asia Louisa May Alcott Joseph Conrad R. D. Blackmore Mary Stewart Bones Hornblower Retold by Clare West Retold by John Escott Retold by Clare West Retold by David Penn Retold by Diane Mowat Ellis Peters C. S. Forester Retold by John Escott Retold by Rosemary Border STAGE 4 ‘My brother preferred being When Christmas comes for A hundred years ago a One winter’s day in 1673 When Nicola arrives in Murder in the twelfth ‘Hornblower fired. There with mother and me. He the four March girls, there seaman’s life was full of young John Ridd is riding Crete a day early, she gets century is no different from was a small cloud of used to help us prepare is no money for expensive danger, but Jim, the first home from school, across more than just an extra day murder today. There is still smoke, but no bang. This is vegetables in the kitchen or presents and they give mate on board the Patna, is the wild lonely hills of of holiday. She comes to a a dead body, though this death, he thought. My pistol make the bread. But what away their Christmas not afraid of danger. He is Exmoor. He has to pass village where no one can be time with an arrow through was the unloaded one.’ he liked best was listening breakfast to a poor family. young, strong, confident of Doone valley – a dangerous trusted, and she becomes the heart instead of a But Horatio Hornblower to my mother’s stories.’ But there are no happier his bravery. He dreams of place, as the Doones involved in a murder bullet. There is still a need does not die. He survives But those childhood days girls in America than Meg, great adventures – and the are famous robbers and mystery that puts her own to bury the dead, to comfort the duel with Simpson, are long gone, and sister Jo, Beth, and Amy. They chance to show the world murderers. All Exmoor life in danger. the living – and to catch the learns to overcome his and brother, mother and miss their father, of course, what a hero he is. lives in fear of the Doones. This story is set in murderer. seasickness, and goes on children are now far apart. who is away at the Civil But the sea is no place At home there is sad a small village in the When Brother Cadfael to risk his life many times The stories in this volume War, but they try hard to for dreamers. When news waiting for young mountains of Crete. This comes to a village in over. It is 1793, Britain is at of World Stories come from be good so that he will be the chance comes, on a John, and he learns that is an island where people the Welsh hills, he finds war with France, and life on India, Pakistan, and Sri proud of his ‘little women’ calm moonlit night in the he has good reason to hate have strong feelings, where himself doing all three of a sailing ship of war is hard Lanka. The writers are when he comes home. Indian Ocean, Jim fails the Doones. But in the arguments begin suddenly, those things. And there is and dangerous. But the Romesh Gunesekera, M. This heart-warming the test, and his world years to come he meets and end quickly. And Nicola nothing simple about this hardest battles are fought Athar Tahir, Chitra story of family life has been falls to pieces around Lorna Doone, with her has arrived in the middle of death. The murdered man’s by Hornblower within himself. 2 BOOKWORMS Divakaruni, Anu Kumar, popular for more than a him. He disappears into lovely smile and big dark an argument that could end daughter needs Cadfael’s Anne Ranasinghe, Ruskin hundred years. the jungles of south-east eyes. And soon he is deeply, very quickly – with a gun. help in more ways than one. Bond, Anita Desai, Vijita Asia, searching for a way hopelessly, in love . . . There are questions about Fernando, and Amara to prove himself, once and the arrow. And the burial is Bavani Dev. for all . . . the strangest thing of all . . . Word count 16,937 Word count 14,920 Word count 19,160 Word count 17,000 Word count 14,930 Word count 15,300 Word count 14,700 CD Pack 978 0 19 479281 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 479321 6 Book 978 0 19 479176 2 Book 978 0 19 479177 9 Book 978 0 19 479178 6 Book 978 0 19 479179 3 Book 978 0 19 479180 9 American English Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 43
  • 46. WORLD STORIES Stage 4 | Average word count: 16,000 1400 Headwords | B1/B2 | FACTFILES CLASSICS WORLD STORIES THRILLER & ADVENTURE Nelson Mandela Persuasion The Price of Peace: Reflex Rowena Akinyemi Jane Austen Stories from Africa Dick Francis Retold by Clare West Retold by Christine Lindop Retold by Rowena Akinyemi STAGE 4 In 1918 in the peaceful At nineteen Anne Elliot Careful, Connie, please. People who ride racehorses province of Transkei, refuses an offer of marriage Your little sister’s eyes are love the speed, the South Africa, the Mandela from Frederick Wentworth, looking angry. Look at the excitement, the danger family gave their new baby persuaded to do so by Lady sudden lines around her – and winning the race. son the name Rolihlahla Russell, a friend of her mouth. Connie, a sister is a Philip Nore has been riding – ‘troublemaker’. But the dead mother. Wentworth good thing. Even a younger for many years and he young boy’s early years is a sailor, with no money sister. ‘Mercy, who are you always wants to win – but were happy ones, and and an uncertain future, going out with?’ sometimes he is told to he grew up to be a good says Lady Russell – just a Connie gets an answer lose. Why? student and an enthusiastic nobody, certainly not worthy to her question, but it is not And what is the mystery sportsman. of a baronet’s daughter. the answer she wants to about the photographer, Who could imagine Eight years later hear. And what is the price George Millace, who has then what was waiting Wentworth returns, a rich of peace between sisters? just died in a car crash? for Nelson Mandela – the and successful captain, The stories in this Philip Nore knows tireless struggle for human looking for a wife. Anne is volume of World Stories the answer to the first rights, the long years in still unmarried, but Captain come from Sierra Leone, question, and he wants to prison, the happiness and Wentworth clearly prefers Malawi, Ghana, Zimbabwe, find out the answer to the 2 BOOKWORMS sadness of family life, the company of the two and Nigeria, and are by second. But as he begins and one day the title of Musgrove girls . . . African writers Abioseh to learn George Millace’s President of South Africa? Nicol, Ken Lipenga, Ama secrets, he realizes that his Ata Aidoo, Paul Tiyambe own life is in danger. Zeleza, and Sefi Atta. Word count 16,390 Word count 19,370 Word count 16,068 Word count 16,500 CD Pack 978 0 19 422630 1 Book 978 0 19 479181 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479325 4 Book 978 0 19 479182 3 44
  • 47. BESTSELLER BESTSELLER Stage 4 Average word count: 16,000 1400 Headwords | B1/B2 | CLASSICS CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE HUMAN INTEREST The Scarlet Letter Silas Marner The Silver Sword The Songs of Distant A Tale of Two Cities The Thirty-Nine Steps Three Men in a Boat Nathaniel Hawthorne George Eliot Ian Serraillier Earth and Other Stories Charles Dickens John Buchan Jerome K. Jerome Retold by John Escott Retold by Clare West Retold by John Escott Arthur C. Clarke Retold by Ralph Mowat Retold by Nick Bullard Retold by Diane Mowat Retold by Jennifer Bassett STAGE 4 Scarlet is the colour of sin, In a hole under the Jan opened his wooden ‘High above them, Lora and ‘The Marquis lay there, like ‘I turned on the light, but ‘I like work. I find it and the letter ‘A’ stands for floorboards Silas Marner box and took out the silver Clyde heard a sound their stone, with a knife pushed there was nobody there. interesting . . . I can sit and ‘Adultery’. In the 1600s, in the linen-weaver keeps sword. ‘This will bring me world had not heard for into his heart. On his chest Then I saw something in look at it for hours.’ Boston, Massachusetts, his gold. Every day he luck,’ he said to Mr Balicki. centuries – the thin scream lay a piece of paper, with the corner that made my With ideas like this, love was allowed only works hard at his weaving, ‘And it will bring you luck of a starship coming in the words: Drive him fast blood turn cold. Scudder perhaps it is not a good between a husband and a and every night he takes because you gave it to me.’ from outer space, leaving a to the grave. This is from was lying on his back. idea to spend a holiday wife. A child born outside the gold out and holds The silver sword is long white tail like smoke JACQUES.’ There was a long knife taking a boat trip up the marriage was a child of sin. the bright coins lovingly, only a paper knife, but it across the clear blue sky. The French Revolution through his heart, pinning River Thames. But this Hester Prynne must feeling them and counting gives Jan and his friends They looked at each other in brings terror and death him to the floor.’ is what the three friends wear the scarlet letter on them again and again. The hope. Hungry, cold, and wonder. After three hundred to many people. But even Soon Richard Hannay is – and Montmorency the her dress for the rest of villagers are afraid of him afraid, the four children years of silence, Earth had in these troubled times running for his life across dog – decide to do. It is the her life. How can she ever and he has no family, no try to stay alive among the reached out once more to people can still love and be the hills of Scotland. The sort of holiday that is fun to escape from this public friends. Only the gold is ruins of bombed cities in touch Thalassa . . . ’ kind. They can be generous police are chasing him for remember afterwards, but shame? What will happen his friend, his delight, his war-torn Europe. Soon And with the starship and true-hearted . . . and a murder he did not do, and not so much fun to wake to her child, growing up in reason for living. they will begin the long comes knowledge, and brave. another, more dangerous up too early on a cold, wet the shadow of the scarlet But what if a thief should and dangerous journey love, and pain. enemy is chasing him morning. letter? The future holds no come in the night and take south, from Poland to In these five science- as well – the mysterious This famous book has 2 BOOKWORMS joy for Hester Prynne. his gold away? What will Switzerland, where they fiction stories Arthur C. ‘Black Stone’. Who are made people laugh all over And what will happen to Silas do then? What could hope to find their parents Clarke takes us travelling these people? And why do the world for a hundred her sinful lover – the father possibly comfort him for again. through the universe into they want Hannay dead? years . . . and they are still of her child? the loss of his only friend? the unknown, but always laughing. possible future. Word count 15,965 Word count 16,065 Word count 14,960 Word count 15,210 Word count 14,850 Word count 17,170 Word count 18,055 CD Pack 978 0 19 479323 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479324 7 Book 978 0 19 479185 4 Book 978 0 19 479186 1 CD Pack 978 0 19 479327 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 479328 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479329 2 American English Suitable for young learners Suitable for young learners 45
  • 48. Stage 4 | Average word count: 16,000 1400 Headwords | B1/B2 | THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR Treasure Island The Unquiet Grave Washington Square We Didn’t Mean The Whispering Knights Robert Louis Stevenson – Short Stories Henry James to Go to Sea Penelope Lively Retold by John Escott M. R. James Retold by Kieran McGovern Arthur Ransome Retold by Clare West Retold by Peter Hawkins Retold by Ralph Mowat ‘Suddenly, there was a high If you find a locked room When a handsome young The four Walker children ‘I don’t know that you have STAGE 4 voice screaming in the in a lonely inn, don’t try to man begins to court never meant to go to sea. done anything wrong,’ Miss darkness: “Pieces of eight! open it, even on a bright Catherine Sloper, she They had promised their Hepplewhite said. ‘But it Pieces of eight! Pieces of sunny day. If you find a feels she is very lucky. mother to stay safely in the is possible that you have eight!” It was Long John strange whistle hidden She is a quiet, gentle girl, harbour, and to be home on done something rather Silver’s parrot, Captain among the stones of an old but neither beautiful nor Friday in time for tea. dangerous.’ Flint! I turned to run . . . ’ church, don’t blow it. If a clever; no one had ever But there they are in William and Susie But young Jim Hawkins mysterious man gives you a admired her before, or someone else’s boat, thought they were just does not escape from the piece of paper with strange come to the front parlour drifting out to sea in a thick playing a game when they pirates this time. Will he writing on it, give it back of her home in Washington fog. When the fog lifts, they cooked a witch’s brew in and his friends find the to him at once. And if you Square to whisper soft can turn round and sail the old barn and said a treasure before the pirates call a dead man from his words of love to her. back to the harbour. But spell over it, but Martha do? Will they escape from grave, don’t expect to sleep But in New York in the then comes the wind and was not so sure. And the island, and sail back peacefully ever again. 1840s young ladies are the storm, driving them indeed, the three friends to England with a ship full Read these five ghost not free to marry where out even further across the soon learn that they have of gold? stories by daylight, and they please. Catherine cold North Sea . . . called up something dark make sure your door is must have her father’s and evil out of the distant locked. permission, and Dr Sloper past . . . is a rich man. One day 2 BOOKWORMS Catherine will have a fortune of 30,000 dollars a year . . . Word count 15,125 Word count 15,860 Word count 15,490 Word count 14,860 Word count 17,100 CD Pack 978 0 19 479330 8 Book 978 0 19 479191 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479332 2 Book 978 0 19 479193 9 Book 978 0 19 479194 6 Suitable for young learners American English Suitable for young learners 46
  • 49. FINALIST: The Language WINNER: The Language BESTSELLERS BESTSELLER BESTSELLER STAGE 5 Learner Literature Award 2005 Learner Literature Award 20 arn ie w 2005 Learner Literature Award 2007 Learner Literature Award 20 arn ite w 2007 1,800 HEADWORDS STAGE 5 CEF level B2 • Ghost Stories Average story length: • Brat Farrar 88 pages • Wuthering Heights Average word count: 23,000 • David Copperfield Stage 5 audio CDs: • I, Robot- Short Stories selected readers come with audio CD (3 CDs in most cases) HUMAN INTEREST CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE HUMAN INTEREST CLASSICS Stage 5 Average word count: 23,000 The Accidental Tourist The Age of Innocence Brat Farrar The Bride Price David Copperfield Anne Tyler Edith Wharton Josephine Tey Buchi Emecheta Charles Dickens Retold by Jennifer Bassett Retold by Clare West Retold by Ralph Mowat Retold by Rosemary Border Retold by Clare West 1800 Headwords | B2 | Book 7,10 € CD Pack (Book + CD) 8,80 € Everyday life in Baltimore, Into the narrow social ‘You look exactly like him! When her father dies, ‘Please, Mr Murdstone! USA, is full of problems world of New York in the You can take the dead boy’s Aku-nna and her young Don’t beat me! I’ve tried to – getting the washing 1870s comes Countess place and no one will ever brother have no one to learn my lessons, really I done, buying groceries Ellen Olenska, surrounded know the difference. You’ll look after them. They are have, sir!’ sobs David. and dog food, avoiding by shocked whispers about be rich for life!’ welcomed by their uncle Although he is only eight STAGE 5 the neighbors . . . After her failed marriage to a And so the plan was because of Aku-nna’s years old, Mr Murdstone the death of his son and rich Polish Count. A woman born. At first Brat Farrar ‘bride price’ – the money does beat him, and David is the departure of his wife, who leaves her husband fought against the idea; that her future husband so frightened that he bites Macon’s attempts to can never be accepted in it was criminal, it was will pay for her. his cruel stepfather’s hand. run his own life become polite society. dangerous. But in the end In her new, strange For that, he is kept locked increasingly desperate – Newland Archer is he was persuaded, and a home one man is kind to in his room for five days and more and more odd. engaged to young May few weeks later Patrick her and teaches her to and nights, and nobody is Meanwhile, he has Welland, but the beautiful Ashby came back from become a woman. Soon allowed to speak to him. to get on with his work, and mysterious Countess the dead and went home they are in love, although As David grows up, he writing tourist guides for needs his help. He to inherit the family house everyone says he is not a learns that life is full of business people. Then his becomes her friend and and fortune. The Ashby suitable husband for her. trouble and misery and dog Edward starts to bite defender, but friendship family seemed happy to The more the world tries to cruelty. But he also finds 2 BOOKWORMS people, and he has to send with an unhappy, lonely welcome Patrick home, separate them, the more laughter and kindness, for Muriel, the dog trainer. woman is a dangerous path but Brat soon realized that they are drawn together trust and friendship . . . And day by day, Macon’s for a young man to follow somewhere there was a – until, finally, something and love. life gets more and more – especially a young man time-bomb ticking away, has to break. complicated. who is soon to be married. waiting to explode . . . Word count 24,810 Word count 24,820 Word count 24,510 Word count 22,620 Word count 24,770 Book 978 0 19 479215 8 CD Pack 978 0 19 479334 6 Book 978 0 19 479217 2 Book 978 0 19 479218 9 CD Pack 978 0 19 479335 3 American English 47
  • 50. BESTSELLER CRIME & MYSTERY CRIME & MYSTERY FANTASY & HORROR CLASSICS HUMAN INTEREST FANTASY & HORROR CLASSICS Stage 5 Average word count: 23,000 The Dead of Jericho Deadlock Do Androids Dream of Far from the Madding The Garden Party and Ghost Stories Great Expectations Colin Dexter Sara Paretsky Electric Sheep? Crowd Other Stories Retold by Rosemary Border Charles Dickens Retold by Clare West Retold by Rowena Akinyemi Philip K. Dick Thomas Hardy Katherine Mansfield Retold by Clare West 1800 Headwords | B2 | Retold by A. Hopkins and J. Potter Retold by Clare West Retold by Rosalie Kerr Chief Inspector Morse is V. I. Warshawski, private San Francisco lies under a Bathsheba Everdene Oh, how delightful it is After dinner we turned the In a gloomy, neglected drinking a pint of beer. investigator, Chicago, USA. cloud of radioactive dust. is young, proud, and to fall in love for the first lights out and played ‘hide- house Miss Havisham sits, He is thinking about an People imagine private People live in half-deserted beautiful. She is an time! How exciting to go and-seek’. In the dark, I as she has sat year after attractive woman who lives detectives to be tired- buildings, and keep electric independent woman and to your first dance when touched a hand, a very cold year, in a wedding dress not far away. The woman looking men in raincoats, animals as pets because can marry any man she you are a girl of eighteen! hand. Now, because of the and veil that were once STAGE 5 he is thinking of is hanging, but Vic is female. She’s many real animals have chooses – if she chooses. But life can also be hard game, I had to hide in the white, and are now faded dead, from the ceiling of tough, beautiful, carries a died. Most people emigrate In fact, she likes her and cruel, if you are young dark with . . . with this cold and yellow with age. Her her kitchen. On the floor gun – and goes on asking to Mars – unless they have independence, and she and inexperienced and person – not speaking, face is like a death’s head; lies a chair, almost two questions until she gets a job to do on Earth. likes fighting her own travelling alone across not knowing who it was. her dark eyes burn with metres away from the answers. Like Rick Deckard battles in a man’s world. Europe . . . or if you are a Slowly the others found us, bitterness and hate. By woman’s feet. When her cousin Boom – android killer for the But it is never wise to child from the wrong hid with us, until we were her side sits a proud and Chief Inspector Morse Boom dies in an accident, police and owner of an ignore the power of love. social class . . . or a singer all there – all thirteen. beautiful girl, and in front finishes his pint, and orders Vic is naturally upset. She electric sheep. This week There are three men who without work and the rent Thirteen? But there were of her, trembling with fear another. Perhaps he will wants to know how and why he has to find, identify, and would very much like to to be paid. only twelve people in the in his thick country boots, visit Anne, after all. But he the accident happened, and kill six escaped androids. marry Bathsheba. When Set in Europe and New house! stands young Pip. is in no particular hurry. she isn’t satisfied by the They’re machines, but she falls in love with one of Zealand, these nine stories We touched each other Miss Havisham stares at Meanwhile, Anne is still answers she gets. So she they look and sound and them, she soon wishes she by Katherine Mansfield in the dark, counting. Pip coldly, and murmurs to 2 BOOKWORMS hanging in her kitchen, goes on asking questions think like humans – clever, had kept her independence. dig deep beneath the Thirteen. Quickly, nervously, the girl at her side: ‘Break waiting for the police to . . . and more people start dangerous humans. She learns that love brings appearances of life to show I lit a match to see . . . his heart, Estella. Break his come and cut her down. to die. The film Blade Runner misery, pain, and violent us the causes of human heart!’ She is in no hurry, either. was based on this famous passions that can destroy happiness and despair. novel. lives . . . Word count 27,170 Word count 22,610 Word count 31,300 Word count 24,490 Word count 22,665 Word count 22,720 Word count 24,045 Book 978 0 19 479220 2 Book 978 0 19 479221 9 Book 978 0 19 479222 6 CD Pack 978 0 19 479336 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479337 7 CD Pack 978 0 19 479338 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 479339 1 SET TEXT: Cambridge FCE Exam 48
  • 51. BESTSELLER HUMAN INTEREST FANTASY & HORROR HUMAN INTEREST CRIME & MYSTERY THRILLER & ADVENTURE Stage 5 Average word count: 23,000 Heat and Dust I, Robot – Short Stories Jeeves and Friends King’s Ransom The Riddle of the Sands Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Isaac Asimov – Short Stories Ed McBain Erskine Childers Retold by Clare West Retold by Rowena Akinyemi P. G. Wodehouse Retold by Rosalie Kerr Retold by Peter Hawkins 1800 Headwords | B2 | Retold by Clare West Heat and dust – these A human being is a soft, What on earth would ‘Calling all cars, calling When Carruthers joins his simple, terrible words weak creature. It needs Bertie Wooster do without all cars. Here’s the friend Arthur Davies on describe the Indian constant supplies of air, Jeeves, his valet? Jeeves is story on the Smoke Rise his yacht Dulcibella, he is summer. Year after water, and food; it has to calm, tactful, resourceful, kidnapping. The missing expecting a pleasant sailing year, endlessly, it is the spend a third of its life and has the answer to boy is eight years old, holiday in the Baltic Sea. STAGE 5 same. And everyone who asleep, and it can’t work if every problem. Bertie, a fair hair, wearing a red But the holiday turns into an experiences this heat and the temperature is too hot pleasant young man but a sweater. His name is Jeffry adventure of a different kind. dust is changed for ever. or too cold. bit short of brains, turns to Reynolds, son of Charles He and Davies soon find We often say, in these But a robot is made Jeeves every time he gets Reynolds, chauffeur to themselves sailing in the modern times, that sexual of strong metal. It uses into trouble. And Bertie is Douglas King.’ stormy waters of the North relationships have changed, electrical energy directly, always in trouble. The police at the 87th Sea, exploring the channels for better or for worse. But never sleeps, and can work These stories include Precinct hate kidnappers. and sandbanks around the in this book we see that in any temperature. It is some of P. G. Wodehouse’s And these kidnappers are German Frisian Islands, things have not changed. stronger, more efficient famous characters. There stupid, too. They took the and looking for a secret – a Whether we look back sixty – and sometimes more are three stories about wrong boy – the chauffeur’s secret that could mean great years, or a hundred and human than human beings. Bertie and Jeeves, and son instead of the son of danger for England. sixty, we see that it is not Isaac Asimov was one three about Lord Emsworth, the rich tycoon, Douglas Erskine Childers’ novel, 2 BOOKWORMS things that change, but of the greatest science- who, like Bertie, is often in King. And they want a published in 1903, was people. And, in the heat and fiction writers, and these trouble, battling with his ransom of $500,000. the first great modern spy dust of an Indian summer, short stories give us an fierce sister, and his even A lot of money. But it’s story, and is still as exciting even people are not very unforgettable and terrifying fiercer Scottish gardener, not too much to pay for a to read today as it was a different after all. vision of the future. Angus McAllister . . . little boy’s life . . . is it? hundred years ago. Word count 24,125 Word count 22,500 Word count 22,670 Word count 24,330 Word count 22,885 Book 978 0 19 479227 1 Book 978 0 19 479228 8 Book 978 0 19 479229 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479340 7 Book 978 0 19 479231 8 American English 49
  • 52. WORLD STORIES BESTSELLER CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE WORLD STORIES CLASSICS Stage 5 Average word count: 23,000 Sense and Sensibility This Rough Magic Treading on Dreams: Wuthering Heights Jane Austen Mary Stewart Stories from Ireland Emily Brontë Retold by Clare West Retold by Diane Mowat Retold by Clare West Retold by Clare West 1800 Headwords | B2 | Sometimes the Dashwood The Greek island of Corfu ‘At home we started with The wind is strong on girls do not seem like lies like a jewel, green and an innocent life. Walking the Yorkshire moors. sisters. Elinor is all gold, in the Ionian sea, home from village dances There are few trees, and calmness and reason, where dolphins swim in the across pale wet fields, fewer houses, to block its and can be relied upon for sparkling blue water. What looking at birds on the path. There is one house, STAGE 5 practical, common sense better place for an out-of- moonlit lake, playing a tune however, that does not opinions. Marianne, on the work actress to relax for a across the water in the hide from the wind. It other hand, is all sensibility, few weeks? early morning with no other stands out from the hill full of passionate and But the island is full of sound in the clear cold air.’ and challenges the wind to romantic feeling. She has danger and mysteries, and Innocence and do its worst. The house is no time for dull common Lucy Waring’s holiday is far experience, loss and called Wuthering Heights. sense – or for middle-aged from peaceful. She meets longing, humour and When Mr Earnshaw men of thirty-five, long past a rude young man, who sadness run hand in hand brings a strange, small, the age of marriage. seems to have something through these stories. dark child back home True love can only be felt to hide. Then there is a The stories in this volume to Wuthering Heights, it by the young, of course. death by drowning, and of World Stories are by Irish seems he has opened his And if your heart is broken then another . . . writers Brian Friel, Edna doors to trouble. He has 2 BOOKWORMS at the age of seventeen, O’Brien, William Trevor, invited in something that, how can you ever expect to Lorcan Byrne, Frank like the wind, is safer kept recover from the passionate O’Connor, Claire Keegan, out of the house. misery that fills your life, Eamonn Sweeney, and waking and sleeping? Somerville & Ross. Word count 24,345 Word count 24,750 Word count 25,395 Word count 23,180 CD Pack 978 0 19 479342 1 Book 978 0 19 479232 5 CD Pack 978 0 19 479278 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 479344 5 50
  • 53. BESTSELLER FINALIST: The Language FINALIST: The Language BESTSELLER Learner Literature Award 2007 Learner Literature Award 20 a ie t w 2007 Learner Literature Award 2004 a ter w Learner Literature Award 2004 STAGE 6 BESTSELLERS 2,500 HEADWORDS STAGE 6 CEF level B2/C1 • Cry Freedom Average story length: • The Enemy 104 pages • American Crime • Average word count: Stories 30,000 • Jane Eyre Stage 6 audio CDs: Selected titles come • Pride and Prejudice with audio CD (3 CDs) CRIME & MYSTERY CLASSICS HUMAN INTEREST TRUE STORIES American Crime Stories Barchester Towers Cold Comfort Farm Cry Freedom Retold by John Escott Anthony Trollope Stella Gibbons John Briley Retold by Clare West Retold by Clare West Retold by Rowena Akinyemi Stage 6 Average word count: 30,000 Book 7,45 € ‘Curtis Colt didn’t kill that Mrs Proudie, the warlike The farm lies in the shadow They said Steve Biko was a CD Pack liquor store woman, and wife of the new Bishop of a hill, and the farmyard man of violence; then why (Book + CD) 9,50 € 2500 Headwords | B2/C1| that’s a fact. It’s not right of Barchester, brings the rarely sees the sun, even did he talk of peace? They that he should have to Reverend Slope into the in summer, when the said he wanted revolution; ride the lightning – that’s Bishop’s Palace to help sukebind hangs heavy in so why did he talk of what prisoners call dying dominate her husband the branches. Here live friendship? They said he in the electric chair. Curtis and the local clergy. But the Starkadders – Aunt died of hunger; why was his doesn’t belong in it, and Slope is a snake in the Ada Doom, Judith, Amos, body broken and bruised? I can prove it.’ But can grass, determined to win Seth, Reuben, Elfine . . . This is the story of Curtis’s girlfriend prove it? advancement for himself They lead messy, untidy a man’s fight with the Murder has undoubtedly – even to fight Mrs Proudie. lives, full of dark thoughts, government of South Africa. STAGE 6 been done, and if Curtis Their battle becomes moody silences, and It is the story of all people doesn’t ride the lightning a furious dance, involving sudden noisy quarrels. who prefer truth to lies. It is for it, then who will? rich, pretty Widow Bold, That is, until their the story of all people who These seven short angry Archdeacon Grantly, attractive young cousin cry ‘Freedom’, and who are stories, by well-known man-eating Signora arrives from London. Neat, not afraid to die. writers such as Dashiel Neroni, confused Parson sensible, efficient, Flora 2 BOOKWORMS Hammett, Patricia Quiverful and his fourteen Poste cannot bear messes Highsmith, and Nancy noisy children. (they are so uncivilized). Pickard, will keep you on This classic comedy She begins to tidy up the the edge of your seat. is Trollope’s most famous Starkadders’ lives at novel. once … Word count 26,500 Word count 29,520 Word count 32,850 Word count 29,420 CD Pack 978 0 19 479345 2 Book 978 0 19 479254 7 Book 978 0 19 479255 4 Book 978 0 19 479256 1 American English 51
  • 54. BESTSELLER CRIME & MYSTERY HUMAN INTEREST HUMAN INTEREST THRILLER & ADVENTURE FANTASY & HORROR Deadheads Decline and Fall Dublin People – Short The Enemy The Fly and Other Reginald Hill Evelyn Waugh Stories Desmond Bagley Horror Stories Retold by Rosalie Kerr Retold by Clare West Maeve Binchy Retold by Ralph Mowat Retold by John Escott Retold by Jennifer Bassett Stage 6 Average word count: 30,000 An English rose garden After a wild, drunken party, A young country girl comes On a beautiful summer Flies are a nuisance. They on a summer’s day. A Paul Pennyfeather is forced to live and work in Dublin. evening in the quiet town of are annoying when they 2500 Headwords | B2/C1| small boy watches with to leave Oxford and begin Jo is determined to be Marlow, a young woman is buzz around you, but you interest as his great-aunt a new life out in the wide modern and independent, walking home from church. can brush them away with cuts the deadheads off the world. His experiences take and to have a wonderful She passes a man who is your hand. After all, a fly rosebushes with a sharp him from a boys’ private time. But life in a big city is looking at the engine of his is only about half the size knife. What could be more school in Wales, where he full of strange surprises for car. He turns round, smiles of your fingernail. But peaceful, more harmless? meets some rather strange a shy country girl . . . at her . . . and throws acid suppose it wasn’t. Catch Young Patrick grows people, to a life of luxury in Gerry Moore is a man into her face. a fly and look at it closely up to be a calm, pleasant a grand country house and with a problem – alcohol. He Then her father, the – look at its head, its eyes, man, with a good job, a the Ritz Hotel, and then to knows he must give it up, scientist George Ashton, its legs. Now imagine that STAGE 6 wife and two children, seven years’ hard labour and his family and friends disappears. And her sister, this thing was the size of a and the best rose garden in prison. Where will it watch nervously as he Penny, discovers that her human being . . . for miles around. When all end? battles against it. But drink husband-to-be, Malcolm, is These eight stories offer somebody tells the police The black humour of this is a hard enemy to fight . . . a government agent. Why horror in many shapes and that Patrick Aldermann story about English society These stories by the Irish has Ashton disappeared, forms, in worlds full of is killing people, Chief in the 1920s is as fresh writer Maeve Binchy are and why is Malcolm told monsters and evil spirits, 2 BOOKWORMS Superintendent Dalziel today as it was when the full of affectionate humour to hunt for him? Who is where terror lies waiting thinks it’s probably all novel was first written. and wit, and sometimes a George Ashton, anyway? in the shadows, and where nonsense. But Inspector little sadness. And who is the enemy? the living and the dead Pascoe is not so sure… dance hand in hand. Word count 26,640 Word count 31,245 Word count 26,580 Word count 28,850 Word count 28,930 Book 978 0 19 479257 8 Book 978 0 19 479258 5 Book 978 0 19 479259 2 CD Pack 978 0 19 479346 9 Book 978 0 19 479261 5 52
  • 55. BESTSELLER CLASSICS HUMAN INTEREST FANTASY & HORROR THRILLER & ADVENTURE CLASSICS Jane Eyre The Joy Luck Club Meteor and Other Night Without End Oliver Twist Charlotte Brontë Amy Tan Stories Alistair MacLean Charles Dickens Retold by Clare West Retold by Clare West John Wyndham Retold by Margaret Naudi Retold by Richard Rogers Retold by Patrick Nobes Stage 6 Average word count: 30,000 Jane Eyre is alone in the There are so many things It was just a smooth On the Polar ice-cap, 640 London in the 1830s was world. Disliked by her that a mother wishes to round metal ball, less kilometres north of the no place to be if you were 2500 Headwords | B2/C1| aunt’s family, she is sent teach her daughter. How than a metre in diameter. Arctic Circle, the deadly, icy a hungry ten-year-old boy, away to school. Here she to lose your innocence Although it was still hot winds can freeze a man to an orphan without friends learns that a young girl, but not your hope. How to from its journey through death in minutes. But the or family, with no home to with neither money nor keep hoping, when hope is the huge nothingness survivors of the crashed go to, and only a penny in family to support her, your only joy. How to laugh of space, it looked quite airliner are lucky – they your pocket to buy a piece can expect little from the for ever. harmless. But what was it, are rescued by three of bread. world. She survives, but This is the story of exactly? A meteor, perhaps scientists from a nearby But Oliver Twist finds she wants more from life four mothers and their – just one of those pieces weather station. some friends – Fagin, the than simply to survive: she daughters – Chinese- of rock from outer space But why did the airliner Artful Dodger, and Charley STAGE 6 wants respect, and love. American women, the that occasionally fall down crash in the first place? Bates. They give him food When she goes to work mothers born in China, and on to the planet Earth. But Who smashed the radio to and shelter, and play games for Mr Rochester, she the daughters in America. meteors don’t usually make pieces? And why does the with him, but it is not until hopes she has found both Through their eyes we see strange hissing sounds . . . dead pilot have a bullet some days later that Oliver at once. But the sound of life in pre-Revolutionary In this collection of hole in his back? The finds out what kind of strange laughter, late at China, and life in downtown four of his famous science- rescue quickly turns into a friends they are and what 2 BOOKWORMS night, behind a locked door, San Francisco; women fiction stories, John nightmare: a race through kind of ‘games’ they play… warns her that her troubles struggling to find a cultural Wyndham creates visions the endless Arctic night, are only beginning. identity that can include of the future that make us a race against time, cold, a past and a future half a think carefully about the hunger – and a killer with world apart. way we live now. a gun. Word count 31,360 Word count 31,120 Word count 26,380 Word count 26,670 Word count 26,560 CD Pack 978 0 19 479347 6 Book 978 0 19 479263 9 Book 978 0 19 479264 6 Book 978 0 19 479265 3 CD Pack 978 0 19 479348 3 53
  • 56. NEW BESTSELLER CLASSICS CLASSICS CLASSICS CLASSICS THRILLER & ADVENTURE A Passage to India Pride and Prejudice Tess of the Vanity Fair The Woman in White E. M. Forster Jane Austen d’Urbervilles William Thackeray Wilkie Collins Retold by Clare West Retold by Clare West Thomas Hardy Retold by Diane Mowat Retold by Richard G. Lewis Retold by Clare West Stage 6 Average word count: 30,000 A mysterious incident ‘The moment I first met A pretty young girl has to When Becky Sharp and The woman in white first at the Marabar Caves, you, I noticed your pride, leave home to make money Amelia Sedley leave school, appears at night on a lonely 2500 Headwords | B2/C1| involving Adela Quested, your sense of superiority, for her family. She is clever their feet are set on very heath near London and is newly arrived from England, and your selfish disdain and a good worker; but she different paths. Kind, next seen at a grave-side in and Dr Aziz, an Indian for the feelings of others. is uneducated and does foolish Amelia returns to Cumberland. Who is she? doctor, leads to a drama You are the last man in the not know the cruel ways of her comfortable home and Where has she come from, that divides the British world whom I could ever be the world. So, when a rich wealthy family, to await a and what is her history? and Indian communities in persuaded to marry,’ said young man says he loves suitable marriage, while She seems alone and anger, distrust, and fear. Elizabeth Bennet. her, she is careful – but Becky must look out for friendless, frightened and Forster’s great novel And so Elizabeth rejects not careful enough. He herself, earning her own confused. And it seems she brings to life all the dangers the proud Mr Darcy. Can is persuasive, and she is living in a hard world. But knows a secret – a secret STAGE 6 and misunderstandings of nothing overcome her overwhelmed. It is not her Becky is neither kind nor that could bring ruin and colonialism but, as Forster prejudice against him? And fault, but the world says it foolish, and with her quick shame to a man who will do himself wrote, the story is what of the other Bennet is. Her young life is already brain and keen eye for a anything to keep her silent. ‘about something wider than girls – their fortunes, and stained by men’s desires, chance, her fortunes soon This famous mystery politics, about the search of misfortunes, in the business and by death. rise, while Amelia’s fall. thriller by Wilkie Collins the human race for a more of getting husbands? Greed, ambition, has excitement, suspense, 2 BOOKWORMS lasting home, about the This famous novel by loyalty, folly, wisdom . . . romance, and a plot that universe as embodied in the Jane Austen is full of wise this famous novel gives us twists and turns on every Indian earth and the Indian and humorous observation a witty and satirical picture page. sky, about the horror lurking of the people and manners of English society during in the Marabar Caves . . . ’ of her times. the Napoleonic wars. Word count 29,773 Word count 29,455 Word count 33,060 Word count 32,940 Word count 31,770 Book 978 0 19 479271 4 CD Pack 978 0 19 479349 0 CD Pack 978 0 19 479350 6 Book 978 0 19 479269 1 Book 978 0 19 479270 7 54
  • 57. “A magic formula for natural, BOOKWORMS CLUB Bookworms Club- Stories for Reading Circles enjoyable discussions in English. Ideal for Literary Studies” Bookworms Club creates a reason to Reading circles are communicate, which is an amazing way what many teachers Professor David Crystal to encourage your presents Managing students to have are looking for. Editor Nicole Irving lively discussions with the British Council in class. Judge’s comments Innovation Award. The Bookworms Club offers a selection of short stories from the Oxford Bookworms Library with Book 978 0 19 472000 7 Book 978 0 19 472001 4 Book 978 0 19 472002 1 carefully staged preparatory Book 5,75 € Book 6,25 € Book 6,60 € activities and individual roles for students. Careful What is the Bookworms Club series from preparation leads Oxford University Press? NEW to enjoyable discussion. Bookworms Club offers collections of stories selected TITLES from existing titles of The Oxford Bookworms Library, with resources for use with Reading Circles. What are Reading Circles? Reading Circles are groups of students who meet in the classroom to discuss stories, having previously prepared their Reading Circle 2 BOOKWORMS roles. The Bookworms Club provides all that is Book 978 0 19 472007 6 needed to organise Reading Circles in class. Book 9,90 € ✽ Story introductions, author information, and activities for each story. Book 978 0 19 472008 3 ✽ Detailed information and support in the Handbook for Reading Circles: photocopiable Role Book 9,90 € Sheets, Reading Circles Schedule Chart, and Expansion Activities. 55
  • 58. Oxford Bookworms COLLECTION Collection – unadapted short stories Series Advisers: H.G. Widdowson, Jennifer Bassett Six volumes of themed short stories by well- known authors, both classic and modern. The texts are not abridged or adapted in any way, but have been selected for content and language that will And All for Love … Crime Never Pays The Eye of Childhood From the Cradle A Tangled Web A Window on the be understood by the Maeve Binchy Agatha Christie John Updike to the Grave Ray Bradbury Universe advanced student. Edith Wharton Ruth Rendell Graham Greene Evelyn Waugh Roald Dahl Ray Bradbury Virginia Woolf Graham Greene William Boyd Roald Dahl Maeve Binchy Bill Brown Each story has a James Joyce Angela Noel Susan Hill V.S. Naipaul Somerset Maugham Philip K. Dick short introduction, H.E. Bates Dorothy L. Sayers D. H. Lawrence Saki Somerset Maugham Arthur C. Clarke exploitation activities Graham Greene Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Saki Frank Sargeson Frederick Forsyth Jerome Bixby and notes on culturally Fay Weldon Margery Allingham Penelope Lively Raymond Carver Clare Boylan Isaac Asimov Patricia Highsmith Patricia Highsmith Bernard MacLaverty H.E. Bates Paul Theroux Brian Aldiss difficult vocabulary. John Morrison Edited by Clare West Frank Tuohy Susan Hill Oscar Wilde Roald Dahl Somerset Maugham Morley Callaghan Joanna Trollope John Wyndham Edited by Clare West Edited by Diane Mowat Edited by John Escott Edited by Christine Lindop Edited by Jennifer Bassett and Jennifer Bassett and Jennifer Bassett and Alison Sykes-McNulty Book 9,90 € What sad, appalling, and Murder: the unlawful, What does it feel like These stories explore the Deception is usually frowned What does the future hold in surprising things people intentional killing of a human to be a child? Learning trials of life from youth to on as morally unacceptable, store for the human race? do in the name of love and being – a terrible crime. how to negotiate with the old age: the idealism of but is it always wrong? Can Aliens from distant galaxies, for the sake of love. These But murder stories are unpredictable adult world, young people, the stresses hiding or distorting the telepathic horror, interstellar short stories give us love won always fascinating. Who did learning how to pick a path of marriage, the anxieties truth sometimes have good war, time-warps, the shriek and love lost, love revenged, it? And how? Or why? And through life’s traps and of parenthood, and the effects, adding to the sum of of a rose, collision with an love thrown away, love in was it murder, or just an hazards, learning when the loneliness and fears of older human happiness? These ten asteroid – the unknown lies triumph, love in despair. It unfortunate accident? Who time has come to put away people. The wide variety stories are full of secrets and around every corner, and the might be love between men will triumph, the murderer childish things. The writers of writing styles includes lies, from a light-hearted bit universe is a big place. These 2 BOOKWORMS and women, children and or the detective? This of these short stories black humour, satire, and of fun to dark and desperate nine science-fiction stories parents, even humans and collection contains a wide show us the world as seen compassionate and realistic deceit; but whether harmless offer possibilities that are cats; but whichever it is, range of murder stories, from the far side of the child- observation of the follies and or evil, deception can fantastic, humorous, alarming, love is a force to be from the astute detection of adult divide, a gap foibles of humankind. sometimes lead to quite but always thought-provoking. reckoned with. the famous Sherlock Holmes, that is sometimes small, unexpected complications. to the chilling psychology and sometimes an of Ruth Rendell. unbridgeable chasm. Book 978 0 19 422816 9 Book 978 0 19 422693 6 Book 978 0 19 422813 8 Book 978 0 19 422692 9 Book 978 0 19 422814 5 Book 978 0 19 422694 3 56
  • 59. Dominoes The structured approach to reading in English The Domino effect … “Dominoes are the perfect bridge between If your students need lively supplementary reading intensive and extensive reading. material, take a look at Dominoes – the readers These full-colour readers with built-in series with integrated activities, ideal for individual activities provide great support for students study or for reading practice in class. learning to develop good reading habits.” Bill Bowler and Sue Parminter, Series Editors Dominoes keep students Dominoes get students turning the page involved in the stories • A choice of classic and • Before reading activities Exciting new titles! modern titles; fact and • Activities at the end The Happy Prince, Five Canterbury Tales, Nicholas Nickleby, fiction of each chapter Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four… just a few of the titles listed in this catalogue. • Graded to the Oxford • Five pages of project Bookworms syllabus work in every book • Full-colour illustrations, 2 GRADED READERS film stills, or photos throughout NEW for 2009 2 BOOKWORMS • Difficult vocabulary explained on the page Dominoes make class reading easy for teachers • Teacher’s Resource CD • All titles come with audio CD 57
  • 60. Dominoes Integrated Activities The activities in Dominoes keep students engaged in the stories and help to reinforce Audio CDs for every title their understanding of the key language. They can be completed at home or in class. All stories are read by professional actors. Audio CDs 1 BEFORE READING ACTIVITIES B BEFO 2 READ READING CHECK 3 WOR WORK WORD 4 GUES GUESS WHAT for lower levels include music provide b background information, ACTIVITI AC ACTIVITIES check ACTIVITI AC ACTIVITIES strengthen ACTIVIT ACTIVITIES motivate introduc characters and key introduce compreh comprehension of vocabula vocabulary acquisition. students to read on and and sound effects vocabulary, and encourage students the story so far. check their answers. to aid understanding to predict how the story will develop. 1 2 3 Teacher’s Resources CD Turn to page 2 for details of 4 the Oxford Graded Readers 2 GRADED READERS Resource CD-ROM Reduced sample pages from Dominoes 1: Five Canterbury Tales 58
  • 61. Five pages of project work in every Domino The project activities in Dominoes build on the themes from the story and encourage students to draw on their own experiences. Activities include note-taking and language tasks, leading to extended writing, poster-making, and class presentations. Ideal for group work in class or individual assignments. STEP 1 STEP 2 Model text with specific language task. Controlled reading practice. CONTENTS PAGE Which Dominoes will you read? 60 Dominoes Starter Level Titles 61-63 Dominoes Level 1 Titles 64-66 Dominoes Level 2 Titles 67-68 Dominoes Level 3 Titles 69-71 2 GRADED READERS Reduced sample pages from Dominoes Starter: Tristan and Isolde STEP 3 Extended writing task based on the information provided. 59
  • 62. Which Domino will you read? Choose from books graded by level and theme TV & Film Adventure World Literature Mystery & Horror Human Interest Story Collections True Tales Around the World The Tempest Kidnap! A Pretty Face William Tell & Mulan in Eighty Days Other Stories Sinbad The Big Story Changing Places The Great Fire Rip Van Winkle of London STARTER The Happy NEW Tristan and and The Legend of Prince Isolde Sleepy Hollow Blackbeard NEW The Wrong Macbeth Sherlock Holmes: Deep Trouble The Real McCoy The Wild West TrousersTM The Blue Diamond and Other Ghost Five Canterbury From the Heart Stories True Heroes Tales NEW The Curse of the of Sport Mummy Housemates The Teacher’s LEVEL 1 Studio Five Secret and Other Sherlock Holmes: Folk Tales The Emerald Crown Pollyanna NEW A Close Shave Emma The Turn of Ariadne’s Story NEW Eight Great NEW Green Planet the Screw American Tales The Lost World Lord Arthur Savile’s The Drive to Dubai Crime and Other Sherlock Holmes: White Fang 2 GRADED READERS Stories The Norwood LEVEL 2 NEW Mystery Nicholas Nickleby 2 BOOKWORMS The Three Musketeers Little House on The Count of The Moonstone My Family and Revolution Audio CDs for the Prairie Monte Cristo Other Animals The Secret Agent Dian and the The Last of the Hard Times NEW Gorillas every title Mohicans Sherlock NEW The Faithful LEVEL 3 Holmes: Ghost and The Sign of Four Other Tall Tales 60
  • 63. BESTSELLER BESTSELLER NEW BESTSELLER STARTER 250 HEADWORDS Average word count STARTER 2,250 CEF level: A1 14 titles 27 story pages, divided Starter Average word count: 2,250 250 Headwords | A1 | into 6 chapters Only present tenses used at this level Most stories presented Around the World The Big Story Blackbeard Changing Places in comic strip in Eighty Days John Escott Retold by John Escott Alan Hines Jules Verne Audio CDs include Text adaptation by Bill Bowler sound effects ‘Today you can go round the ‘Bring me something new The year is 1717. It is a Hal works at the zoo world in eighty days,’ says and exciting. Bring me a bad time to be the captain every day and his life isn’t CD Pack Phileas Fogg. ‘Do it, and I BIG story!’ says Rosie’s of a ship in the Caribbean exciting – until he meets (Book + CD) 8,95 € pay you £20,000,’ says his editor at The Record because of pirates. The Tim. friend Stuart. newspaper. most frightening pirate on Tim is a movie star. He This is the beginning of And, when she leaves the sea is Edward Teach, or has a difficult life, and he one of Jules Verne’s most the office, Rosie does find a ‘Blackbeard’. is unhappy – until he exciting stories. Phileas story. A story that is bigger ‘The Governor of meets Hal. BESTSELLERS Fogg must get back to than she expects. Virginia wants us all But when they meet, and London by December 21st A story that takes her dead!’ Blackbeard thinks. agree to change places, STARTER or lose all his money. And across Europe, into a ‘But can he kill me – the interesting things start to with the help of his servant, dangerous world of art most famous pirate in the happen. And, by changing • Around the World in Passepartout, Fogg travels and art thieves. Caribbean? No!’ places, the two men learn Eighty Days in many ways – from train This is his story… what is truly important in • Rip Van Winkle & to elephant – and has some their lives. The Legend of surprising adventures on the way. Sleepy Hollow • Changing Places • The Big Story • Sinbad DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424610 1 978 0 19 424619 4 978 0 19 424611 8 978 0 19 424612 5 61
  • 64. NEW STARTER 250 Headwords | A1 | Starter Average word count: 2,250 The Great Fire The Happy Prince Kidnap! Mulan A Pretty Face of London Oscar Wilde John Escott Retold by Janet Hardy-Gould John Escott Janet Hardy-Gould Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Text adaptation by Merinda Wilson It’s London, 1666. It’s a hot, The Happy Prince is a One cold winter morning, When the Emperor calls Zoe Baker works in a dry summer. A small fire beautiful golden statue a famous movie star and every man to join the bookstore. She also likes starts in a baker’s shop in high up on a column in the her teenage daughter are army and fight the enemy, acting, and she has a Pudding Lane. Soon the city city. Everyone loves him. driving along a country Mulan’s father is old and part in the play Romeo of London is burning and He feels sad about the road . . . ill, and cannot go. Wearing and Juliet. Mike Morrison the fire-fighters can’t stop city’s poor people, but A blue van is waiting for men’s clothes and riding writes about the play for the fire. People are running what can he do? He can’t them. Tom is in the van, but a horse, Mulan leaves her the newspaper. What does from their houses down to leave his column. Then the he’s not a kidnapper – he’s family and fights bravely for he write about Zoe? Is Zoe the River Thames. swallow arrives, and helps an artist. He usually draws the Emperor in her father’s a good actress . . . or is she But how does the fire the Happy Prince to do pictures for adventure place. just ‘a pretty face’? begin and who can stop it? many good things. stories. Now he’s in a real She is soon a hero for all What does Zoe think What is the King of England But what about the life adventure. the soldiers in the Chinese when she reads the doing to help? swallow’s dream of flying to army. One of them, Ye newspaper? What does Egypt? And what does the Ming, is her best friend. she do? Mayor do when the Happy But does he know that Prince loses all his gold? she is a woman? And can Mulan fall in love with a friend? DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424613 2 978 0 19 424614 9 978 0 19 424615 6 978 0 19 424616 3 978 0 19 424609 5 62
  • 65. BESTSELLER BESTSELLER STARTER Starter Average word count: 2,250 250 Headwords | A1 | Rip Van Winkle & The Sinbad The Tempest Tristan and Isolde William Tell and Other Legend of Sleepy Hollow Retold by Janet Hardy-Gould William Shakespeare Retold by Bill Bowler Stories Washington Irving Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Retold by John Escott Text adaptation by Alan Hines In the first of these stories, Sinbad the sailor spends Prospero, the Duke of Tristan and Isolde are in The men and the women Rip Van Winkle sleeps for many years at sea. He visits Milan, and his daughter love, but Isolde must marry in this book – William over twenty years, and then strange countries, meets Miranda are far away King Mark. So a happy love Tell, Tom Blood, Lord Bao, wakes up to a world that some strange people, and from home, alone on an story seems impossible . . . King Matthias, Johnny he no longer understands. some very frightening island in the middle of the The lovers meet every Appleseed, and Lady In the other story, Ichabod animals. He is sometimes Mediterranean Sea. They day but then, one night, Godiva – are all real people Crane, the school teacher, rich, sometimes poor . . . want to return to Milan . . . King Mark finds them from history. But every time meets a headless rider in and always in danger. But Then, one day Prospero together. Now Tristan must someone tells an old story, the middle of a dark night. all the time he is learning sees a ship near the island leave the castle, but he is they change things in it, to These two classic tales from his adventures, until carrying his greatest badly hurt and dying. Only make them bigger, better, of the supernatural by finally he returns home enemies. Prospero, with Isolde can help him. Can and more exciting. So what Washington Irving have to Baghdad, an older and the help of his magic and Isolde find Tristan in time? is true in this book and been popular for nearly wiser man. the island spirit, Ariel, Can their love survive? what is not? two hundred years. makes a magic storm – Each story is recorded a tempest – to bring them in American or British to the island. English to reflect its setting and origin. DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424617 0 978 0 19 424618 7 978 0 19 424620 0 978 0 19 424621 7 978 0 19 424622 4 63
  • 66. BESTSELLER NEW LEVEL 1 400 HEADWORDS Average word count 5,000 LEVEL 1 CEF level: A1-A2 15 titles 27 story pages, divided 400 Headwords | A1-A2 | Level 1 Average word count: 5,000 into 6 chapters Past simple tense and going to used at this level The Curse of Deep Trouble Five Canterbury Tales From the Heart Housemates Macbeth Linking words and, but, the Mummy Lesley Thompson Geoffrey Chaucer Alan C. McLean Alison Watts William Shakespeare so, because, when, after, Joyce Hannam Retold by Bill Bowler Text adaptation by Alistair McCallum before also used For thousands of years the Amy and Matt are bored. In 1386, a number of Anna is a new student at Chris leaves his home in Returning from battle, dead body of the young king They don’t want to study pilgrims are going to Oxford University. When a small town in Australia Macbeth and his friend CD Pack Tutankhamun slept under for their exams – they want Canterbury to visit the she arrives in Oxford, she to go and study at the Banquo meet three (Book + CD) 9,40 € the sands of Egypt. Then, to have a good time. So tomb of Saint Thomas meets Selim, and they University of Sydney. He witches. ‘Macbeth, the in 1922, Howard Carter and they drive to the marina Becket, and they all tell become good friends. But needs to find somewhere king!’ they say, but Macbeth his friends find and open at West Palm Beach, and stories on the way. Selim is not English, and to live. is not a king, he is just a his tomb door, and Carter’s Matt jumps onto one of Who should be the living in a different country But it’s not easy to find simple soldier. BESTSELLERS young helper Tariq tells the the boats. ‘We can go stronger in a marriage - is not easy for him. Anna a house to share in a big Macbeth and Banquo story in his diary. anywhere!’ he jokes. the husband or the wife? tries to help – but she city. Every house has its cannot forget the witches’ But soon people begin But when the owners of And what happens when knows that her father isn’t problems, and not all of words. Soon Macbeth is LEVEL 1 to die. Who or what is the the boat come back and two men fall in love with going to like it. Chris’s housemates are king, but his wife walks killer? Is Tutankhamun find them, Amy and Matt the same woman? In these Selim and Anna have easy to live with. in her sleep at night, and • Sherlock Holmes: angry with them for are in deep trouble. Matt stories we find different each other. But is that In fact, some of them are dreams of blood. What lies The Blue Diamond opening his tomb? And is a good swimmer and answers to these questions enough? And can they find very difficult people! in the future for Banquo? • The Curse of the who is the beautiful enjoys scuba-diving, but from the Knight, the Wife of true happiness together? Can Chris find the And how many people must Mummy French girl with the face of now he must dive for their Bath, the Clerk of Oxford, house that he needs with die before Scotland finds Tutankhamun’s long-dead lives. the Merchant, and the housemates that he can peace once more? • The Wrong Trousers™ wife? Franklin. live with? • The Real McCoy & Other Ghost Stories • The Teacher’s Secret and Other Folk Tales DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424634 7 978 0 19 424624 8 978 0 19 424625 5 978 0 19 424626 2 978 0 19 424627 9 978 0 19 424628 6 64
  • 67. NEW BESTSELLER BESTSELLER LEVEL 1 Level 1 Average word count: 5,000 400 Headwords | A1-A2 | Pollyanna The Real McCoy & Sherlock Holmes: Sherlock Holmes: Eleanor H. Porter Other Ghost Stories The Blue Diamond The Emerald Crown Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Lesley Thompson Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Text adaptation by Janet Hardy-Gould When Pollyanna’s father ‘Are you scared, Gordon?’ ‘He’s an intelligent man. A man from the British dies, she goes to live asks Heather. He was once rich and is royal family leaves an with her Aunt, Miss Polly Four friends talk of now poor. His wife loved expensive gold and Harrington. Miss Harrington ghosts in a hotel in him once, but she doesn’t emerald crown at Holder likes doing good, but she Scotland. That night love him now. And he’s and Steward’s – one of doesn’t like children very Gordon sees and hears thirty or forty years old.’ the best banks in London. much! something strange in his One look at an old hat, and When someone tries to Pollyanna always tries to room. But is it really the Sherlock Holmes can tell take the crown from Mr find the good in everything. ghost of Lord McCoy? you a lot about its owner. Holder’s desk, he asks She soon makes many These six stories tell of He sees – and thinks – a Sherlock Holmes different people in her new ghosts – friendly, sad, lot more than the people for help. Who wants the home feel happier. But is and bad – from Britain, around him, and when a crown and why? Only Miss Polly’s life going to Australia, New Zealand, beautiful blue diamond Sherlock can find change for better or worse America – and Egypt! disappears, Sherlock is the the answers. after her niece arrives? And only man in London who what happens to Pollyanna can find it. when she has a very bad accident? DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424629 3 978 0 19 424630 9 978 0 19 424623 1 978 0 19 424631 6 65
  • 68. BESTSELLER BESTSELLER LEVEL 1 400 Headwords | A1-A2 | Level 1 Average word count: 5,000 Studio Five The Teacher’s Secret True Heroes of Sport The Wild West The Wrong Trousers™ Anthony Manning and Other Folk Tales Donatella Fitzgerald John Escott Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Retold by Joyce Hannam Fay loves making The Are men cleverer than Some people in the world How much do you know It’s Gromit the dog’s Friends’ Hour for Studio women? of sport are heroes only about the Wild West? What birthday, and his friend Five, but her boss – Jason Is a poor man cleverer because they are the best do you know about cowboys Wallace gives him an – is always angry with her. than a rich man? And what at their sport. But the and Indians, about wagon unusual present, a pair One day, a young man – about teachers? Are they sportsmen and women in trails and gunfights? Inside of techno-trousers. At Simon Jones – phones always cleverer than their this book – Pelé, Magic this book you will find the first Wallace uses the her show. Soon Fay must students? The people in Johnson, Jennifer Capriati, true story of the Wild West, trousers to take Gromit find Simon, and work hard these six well-known folk Ellen MacArthur and others and of some of the famous for walks, but when the to keep her job. Then her tales from around the – are true heroes of sport people who lived and penguin comes to stay, he best friend – Wing – stops world all want to be clever. not only because they are worked there. People like uses them one night for helping her. What But are some of them champions, but because Wyatt Earp, Jesse James, something very different. can Fay do now? Can she just stupid? Each story is they live through bad times Billy the Kid – and Annie This strange story won the and Wing stay friends? recorded in American or and learn to be stronger Oakley, the best shot Oscar® for Best Animated British English to reflect its people through sport. in the West. Short Film in 1990. setting and origin. Also available on DVD from Oxford University Press DVD 978 0 19 459007 5 DVD Student’s Book 978 0 19 459029 7 DVD Teacher’s Book 978 0 19 459030 3 DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424632 3 978 0 19 424633 0 978 0 19 424636 1 978 0 19 424635 4 978 0 19 424637 8 66
  • 69. NEW LEVEL 2 700 HEADWORDS Average word count 9,000 LEVEL 2 CEF level: A2-B1 13 titles 39 story pages, divided Level 2 Average word count: 9,000 700 Headwords | A2-B1 | into 8 chapters Present perfect and simple passives used at this level Ariadne’s Story A Close Shave™ The Drive to Dubai Reported speech, Joyce Hannam Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Julie Till relative clauses, and conditional sentences also used ‘When he went home to When Wallace the inventor When his father is arrested Athens, the great prince meets Wendolene in her in Dubai, Kareem has to CD Pack Theseus left me on the wool shop, he falls in love move fast. (Book + CD) 9,70 € island of Naxos. But why did with her at once. But why He must show that his he leave me? Everyone says does her dog, Preston, hate father is not a thief – and that he was tired of me. Wallace’s dog, Gromit? prove that his family But when we met, I was the Then, after Wallace’s is honest. For Kareem BESTSELLERS princess of Crete and the new sheep-shaving and is going to marry the most beautiful woman in pullover-making machine beautiful and intelligent LEVEL 2 the Aegean Sea.’ falls into the wrong hands, Samira Al-Hussain, and Ariadne’s story is one things start to go very she could never marry • Sherlock Holmes: woman’s tale of secret love, wrong. someone from a bad family. The Norwood Mystery adventure, and of escape Can Gromit save Wallace So Kareem and his – both from danger and from the danger of a ‘close brother get to work quickly • The Turn of the Screw from a life that she wanted shave’? – with a little help from to leave far behind her – Samira. • Lord Arthur Savile’s many years ago in Ancient Crime and Other Also available on DVD Greece… from Oxford University Press Stories DVD • The Three Musketeers 978 0 19 459239 0 • The Lost World DVD Student’s Book 978 0 19 459243 7 DVD Teacher’s Book DOMINOES 978 0 19 459244 4 CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424639 2 978 0 19 424638 5 978 0 19 424645 3 67
  • 70. NEW BESTSELLER BESTSELLER LEVEL 2 700 Headwords | A2-B1 | Level 2 Average word count: 9,000 Emma Eight Great American Green Planet Lord Arthur Savile’s The Lost World Jane Austen Tales Christine Lindop Crime and Other Stories Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Text adaptation by Barbara Mackay O. Henry Oscar Wilde Text adaptation by Susan Kingsley Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Emma Woodhouse is What does a poor young Fifty years ago green was The three stories in ‘You said that you wanted beautiful, clever, and rich. woman do when she loses just a colour. Now it’s a way this book are about danger, didn’t you,’ says She lives alone with her her boyfriend or wants to of looking at our world. ordinary people, who find McArdle, the editor of father, and spends a lot of find one? What little lies do But how green is our planet themselves in surprising the Daily Gazette. And he her time thinking about we tell to make ourselves today? situations. Lord Arthur sends his young reporter, future husbands – for her look better in the eyes of From Rainbow Warrior Savile, a rich man with no Malone, on a strange friends. When she meets those that we love? How to Exxon Valdez, from enemies, finds out that he journey into South America Harriet Smith, a poor girl can a friend save someone penguins to jaguars, from must do something terrible with the famous Professor with no family, Emma who is sure that they are rainforests to oceans, before he can marry. Poor Challenger. Challenger decides that she must find going to die? What happens this book explores the young Hughie Erskine gives believes he can find a lost a husband for her. Harriet when someone’s clever stories that have made money to an old beggar world full of dinosaurs in is pleased to be Emma’s plans all go wrong? These environmental history. – but the beggar is not the middle of the Amazon friend – but will Emma’s sweetly surprising short what he seems. And Lord Forest. But this world is matchmaking make Harriet stories are sometimes Murchison falls in love with dangerous to reach, and, happy? sad, and sometimes funny. a mystery woman – but once the explorers arrive, But all of them are sure to what is the strange secret things get even more make you think. behind the door in Cumnor dangerous for them. Will Street? they return alive? DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424641 5 978 0 19 424640 8 978 0 19 424642 2 978 0 19 424643 9 978 0 19 424646 0 68
  • 71. NEW BESTSELLER BESTSELLER BESTSELLER LEVEL 3 Level 3 Average word count: 13,000 1,000 Headwords | B1 | Nicholas Nickleby Sherlock Holmes: The Three Musketeers The Turn of the Screw White Fang Charles Dickens The Norwood Mystery Alexandre Dumas Henry James Jack London Text adaptation by Tim Herdon Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Text adaptation by Clare West Text adaptation by Christine Lindop Text adaptation by John Escott Text adaptation by Jeremy Page When his father dies a poor ‘For me, Watson, life is It is the year 1627, and A young woman arrives at Life is hard and dangerous man, Nicholas Nickleby not so interesting,’ says young d’Artagnan comes a large country house. Her for both people and goes to London, and takes Holmes. ‘I loved to read to Paris with a dream job is to look after the two animals in the frozen a teaching job at Dotheboys the newspaper, hoping – to become a King’s children who live there, but Canadian North. For a Hall – where he helps a to find some news of an Musketeer. Three of these she soon discovers that wolf like White Fang it is poor boy called Smike who interesting crime for me to brave soldiers – Porthos, there is something very a continuous fight to find has no one to look after investigate or a dangerous Athos and Aramis – soon strange about both the food – a fight in which him. criminal for me to catch. become his friends. house and the children. many animals die. Leaving Dotheboys, Where are all those clever After a short time The longer she stays, the When White Fang meets Nicholas makes both criminals these days?’ d’Artagnan has fallen more she feels that the two the people of the North – friends and enemies on Then, suddenly, an in love – and into great children are in danger – or first Indians and then White his journey towards better excited young man has a danger. Can the three is it that the children are Men – he learns to live with things. But will Smike, who story to tell about a strange musketeers and d’Artagnan the danger, and the person them like a dog. But some travels with him, ever find crime that took place in fight against the evil plans in danger is herself? men are cruel to their dogs the happy family life that he Norwood. Life, for Holmes, of the beautiful Milady and others are kind. Will so dearly wants? suddenly starts to get and the cruel Cardinal White Fang’s life be any interesting. Richelieu? easier now? DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424644 6 978 0 19 424647 7 978 0 19 424649 1 978 0 19 424648 4 978 0 19 424650 7 69
  • 72. BESTSELLER LEVEL 3 NEW 1.000 HEADWORDS Average word count 13,000 LEVEL 3 CEF level: B1 11 titles 51 story pages, divided into 10 chapters 1,000 Headwords | B1 | Level 3 Average word count: 13,000 Passives and past perfect used at this level Wide range of The Count of Monte Dian and the Gorillas The Faithful Ghost and Hard Times subordinate and Cristo Norma Shapiro Other Tall Tales Charles Dickens relative clauses Alexandre Dumas Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Text adaptation by Susan Kingsley also used Text adaptation by Clare West Marseille, France, 1815. Over the years hunters, Thomas Gradgrind believes CD Pack It is Edmond Dantès’ poachers, and war have A ‘Tall Tale’ is a story that’s that facts and money (Book + CD) 10,85 € wedding day. killed many of the gorillas hard to believe, and the five tall tales in this book are more important than But his enemies have of central Africa. But there all tell of ghosts. Some feelings and imagination. other plans, and Edmond are still a few hundred have dark secrets buried After Cissy Jupe – a circus is arrested and sent to the living high in the mists of in the past, others bring child – is left alone in the BESTSELLERS terrible island prison of the Virunga Mountains. messages for the living. world, Gradgrind takes her Château d’If. For fourteen When Dian Fossey Some are laughable, some into his house, teaching LEVEL 3 long years he waits for the first saw a family of wild are sad, and some are just her facts with his own right moment to escape. mountain gorillas she evil. children Tom and Louisa. • My Family and And now Edmond is a rich knew that she must help Sometimes there’s a When the Gradgrind family Other Animals man, with many disguises, these wonderful animals. logical explanation for the meets hard times, Thomas and a new name. The Count This true story tells of the strangest happenings, Gradgrind learns the • The Count of of Monte Cristo begins his twenty years she lived with importance of feelings and but often things cannot be Monte Cristo revenge ... them, wrote about them, imagination. explained by logic alone. and protected them. In the You’re sure to find some • The Moonstone end, she gave her life for frightening reading between • The Last of the them. the covers of this book. Mohicans • The Secret Agent DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424658 3 978 0 19 424651 4 978 0 19 424652 1 978 0 19 424653 8 70
  • 73. BESTSELLER BESTSELLER BESTSELLER BESTSELLER NEW LEVEL 3 Level 3 Average word count: 13,000 1,000 Headwords | B1 | The Last of the Little House on the The Moonstone My Family and Other Revolution The Secret Agent Sherlock Holmes: Mohicans Prairie Wilkie Collins Animals Jann Huizenga and Linda Joseph Conrad The Sign of Four James Fenimore Cooper Laura Ingalls Wilder Text adaptation by Merinda Wilson Gerald Durrell Huizenga Text adaptation by Lesley Thompson Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Text adaptation by Jann Huizenga Text adaptation by Bill Bowler Text adaptation by Jeremy Page The year 1757. The English ‘Let’s go see the West,’ said The Moonstone is a The weather in England ‘All men are created Adolf Verloc is a double Miss Mary Morstan has a and the French are at war Pa. ‘The land is flat and beautiful yellow diamond that summer had been so equal . . .’ agent, working for both the strange story to tell. in North America. Two the grass grows thick and that was stolen from the awful that Gerald’s mother When Thomas Jefferson British police and a foreign Since her father sisters – Cora and Alice – high. Animals run freely statue of a Moon god took her children to live wrote these words country. He pretends to disappeared, she has want to visit their father, and there are no settlers. in India. When Franklin on the Mediterranean in June 1776, in the live a normal life, with his received a large pearl General Munro. They begin Only Indians live there.’ So, Blake brings it to Rachel island of Corfu. Between American Declaration of wife, Winnie, and has a through the post on the their dangerous journey more than a hundred years Verinder’s house in lessons, the ten-year-old Independence, he started shop in London, which, at same day, every year for with the handsome English ago, the Ingalls family went Yorkshire for her birthday, Gerald was free to walk something that was very night, becomes a meeting six years. Who is sending officer, Duncan Heyward by covered wagon into it brings bad luck with it. round the sunny island and much bigger than he place for anarchists. One them? And what about her and the Indian guide, Kansas – Indian Territory. How many people will discover the wonderful imagined. day Verloc is told to plant a father’s paper with the Magua. On the way they This is the true story of how the Moonstone hurt? How people and animals living This book looks at bomb – but the plan goes words ‘The Sign of Four’ meet many adventures. they lived in those exciting, many must die before there. This is the story of the history around that terribly wrong . . . Does written on it? Some people will be heroes difficult, and sometimes the diamond’s revenge is Gerald’s adventures with Declaration, and at the Verloc really love Winnie, Sherlock Holmes alone and some people will die. dangerous times. complete? the fascinating animals of Revolution that led to the or is she just part of his can solve these mysteries. And what will happen to Corfu, and, of course, with birth of the United States cover? Can Winnie ever their friend Uncas, the last his surprising family and of America. forgive him? Who is Verloc of the Mohican Indians? their friends. really working for? DOMINOES CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack CD Pack 978 0 19 424659 0 978 0 19 424655 2 978 0 19 424656 9 978 0 19 424661 3 978 0 19 424657 6 978 0 19 424654 5 978 0 19 424660 6 71
  • 74. Titles Index INDEX Accidental Tourist, The OBL HI 47 Brontë Story, The OBLTS 34 Decline and Fall OBLHI 52 From the Heart DOM 64 Joy Luck Club OBLHI 53 Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The OBLC 19 Butler Did It and other Plays, Deep Trouble DOM 64 Garden Party and Other Stories, The Jungle Book, The OBLC 30 African Queen, The OBLHI 40 The OBLP 19 Deserts OBLF 20 OBLHI 48 Justice OBLTA 36 Agatha Christie, Woman of Mystery Call of the Wild, The OBLC 34 Ghost in Love and Other Plays , A Desert, Mountain, Sea OBLTS 41 Kidnap! DOM 62 OBLTS 26 Canterville Ghost, The OBLFH 26 OBLP 20 Dian And the Gorillas DOM 70 Kidnapped OBLTA 36 Age of Innocence, The OBLC 47 Card, The OBLHI 34 Ghost Stories OBLFH 48 Disaster! OBLF 41 King Arthur OBLSC 14 Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp Changing Places DOM 61 Girl on a Motorcycle OBLSN 16 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? King’s Ransom OBLCM 49 OBLFH 19 Changing their Skies: Stories from Girl with Red Hair, The OBLSN 16 OBLFH 48 Land of my Childhood - Stories from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Africa OBLWS 27 Give us the Money OBLSC 14 Doors to a Wider Place: Stories from South Asia OBLWS 43 OBLC 26 Chemical Secret OBLTA 35 Australia OBLWS 41 Go, Lovely Rose and Other Stories Last Chance OBLSN 16 American Crime Stories OBLCM 51 Children of the New Forest, The OBLHI 36 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde OBLFH 41 And All for Love … OBC 56 OBLHI 27 Last of the Mohicans, The DOM 71 Goldfish OBLTA 35 Dracula OBLFH 28 Animals in Danger OBLF 19 Christmas Carol, A OBLC 35 Last Sherlock Holmes Story, The Goodbye, Mr Hollywood OBLTA 21 Drive Into Danger OBLSN 16 OBLCM 36 Anne of Green Gables OBLHI 26 Christmas in Prague OBLHI 19 Grace Darling OBLTS 28 Drive to Dubai, The DOM 67 Little House on the Prairie DOM 71 Ariadne’s Story DOM 67 Climate Change OBLF 27 Great Crimes OBLF 42 Dubious Legacy, A OBLHI 41 Little Lord Fauntleroy OBLHI 21 Around the World in Eighty Days DOM 61 Close Shave , A DOM 67 Great Expectations OBLC 48 Dublin People- Short Stories OBLHI 52 Little Princess, A OBLHI 21 As the Inspector Said and Other Cold Comfort Farm OBLHI 51 Great Fire of London, The DOM 62 Stories OBLCM 34 Eagle of the Ninth, The OBLTA 42 Little Women OBLHI 43 Coldest Place on Earth OBLTS 20 Green Planet DOM 68 Australia and New Zealand OBLF 34 Ear-Rings from Frankfurt OBLTA 28 London OBLF 21 Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Gulliver’s Travels OBLC 42 Barchester Towers OBLC 51 Court, A OBLSC 14 Eight Great American Tales DOM 68 Long White Cloud, The: Stories from Hamlet OBLP 29 New Zealand OBLWS 36 Beautiful Game, The OBLF 26 Count of Monte Cristo, The DOM 70 Elephant Man, The OBLTS 20 Happy Prince, The DOM 62 Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Big Sleep, The OBLCM 40 Cranford OBLC 40 Emma DOM 68 Hard Times DOM 70 Stories DOM 68 Big Story, The DOM 61 Cries from the Heart: Stories from Enemy, The OBLTA 52 Heat and Dust OBLHI 49 Lord Jim OBLC 43 Blackbeard DOM 61 Around the World OBLWS 27 England OBLF 20 Henry VIII and his Six Wives OBLTS 29 Lorna Doone OBLHI 43 Black Beauty OBLHI 40 Crime Never Pays OBC 56 Escape OBLSC 14 History of the English Language , The Lost World, The DOM 68 Bookworms Club Reading Crown of Violet, The OBLTA 35 Ethan Frome OBLC 35 OBLF 42 Circles 1 & 2 Bronze BC 55 Cry Freedom OBLTS 51 Lottery Winner, The OBLHI 21 Eye of Childhood, The OBC 56 2 GRADED READERS Hound of the Baskervilles, The Bookworms Club Reading Curse of the Mummy, The DOM 64 Love among the Haystacks OBLC 30 Faithtful Ghost and Other Tall Tales, OBLCM 42 Circles 2 & 3 Silver BC 55 Dancing with Strangers: Stories from The DOM 70 Love of a King, The OBLTS 30 Housemates DOM 64 Bookworms Club Reading Africa OBLWS 35 Far from the Madding Crowd OBLC 48 Love or Money? OBLCM 21 Huckleberry Finn OBLC 29 Circles 3 & 4 Gold BC 55 David Copperfield OBLC 47 Fifteenth Character, The OBLSN 16 Love Story OBLHI 36 I, Robot- Short Stories OBLFH 49 Bookworms Club Reading Circles Dead Man’s Island OBLTA 28 Five Canterbury Tales DOM 64 Macbeth DOM 64 Platinum 4 & 5 BC 55 Importance of Being Earnest, The Dead of Jericho, The OBLCM 48 Five Children and It OBLFH 28 OBLP 29 Martin Luther King OBLF 37 Bookworms Club Reading Circles Diamond 5 & 6 BC 55 Deadheads OBLCM 52 Five Short Plays OBLP 20 Information Technology OBLF 36 Mary, Queen of Scots OBLTS 21 Bookworms Club Reading Circles Deadlock OBLCM 48 Fly and Other Horror Stories, The Ireland OBLF 29 Matty Doolin OBLHI 30 Teacher’s Handbook 1-6 BC 55 Death in the Freezer OBLCM 28 OBLFH 52 Jane Eyre OBLC 53 Meaning of Gifts, The: Stories from Brat Farrar OBLTA 47 Death of an Englishman OBLCM 40 Frankenstein OBLFH 35 Jeeves and Friends- Short Stories Turkey OBLWS 22 Bride Price, The OBLHI 47 Death of Karen Silkwood OBLTS 28 From the Cradle to the Grave OBC 56 OBLHI 49 Meteor and Other Stories OBLFH 53 72
  • 75. Monkey’s Paw, The OBLFH 22 Piano, The OBLHI 31 Secret Garden, The OBLHI 38 Teacher’s Secret and Other Folk William Tell DOM 63 Moondial OBLFH 37 Picture of Dorian Gray, The OBLFH 37 Sense and Sensibility OBLC 50 Tales, The DOM 66 Wind in the Willows, The OBLC 39 Moonspinners , The OBLTA 43 Pit and the Pendulum and Other Sherlock Holmes and The Duke’s Son Tempest, The DOM 63 Window on the Universe, A OBC 56 Moonstone, The DOM 71 Stories, The OBLFH 31 OBLCM 24 Tess of the D’urbervilles OBLC 54 Witches of Pendle, The OBLTS 25 Morbid Taste for Bones, A OBLCM 43 Playing with Fire: Stories from the Sherlock Holmes and The Sport Of Thirty-Nine Steps, The OBLTA 45 Withered Arm, The OBLC 25 Pacific Rim OBLWS 37 Kings OBLCM 24 This Rough Magic OBLTA 50 Mr Midshipman Hornblower OBLTA 43 Wizard of Oz, The OBLFH 25 Pocahontas OBLTS 23 Sherlock Holmes- Short Stories Three Men in a Boat OBLHI 45 Much Ado About Nothing OBLP 30 Woman in White, The OBLFH 54 Police T.V. OBLSN 17 OBLCM 32 Mulan DOM 62 Three Musketeers, The DOM 69 Wrong Trousers™, The DOM 66 Pollyanna DOM 65 Sherlock Holmes: Norwood Mystery Murder of Mary Jones, The OBLP 22 Three Strangers and Other Stories, Wuthering Heights OBLC 50 DOM 69 President’s Murderer, The OBLTA 24 The OBLC 39 Murders in the Rue Morgue, Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Diamond Wyatt’s Hurricane OBLTA 39 The OBLCM 30 Pretty Face, A DOM 62 Through the Looking Glass OBLC 39 DOM 65 Year of Sharing, The OBLFH 33 Mutiny on the Bounty OBLTS 22 Price of Peace: Stories from Africa, Titanic OBLF 25 Sherlock Holmes: The Emerald Crown The OBLWS 44 Too Old to Rock and Roll and Other My Family and Other Animals DOM 71 DOM 65 Pride and Prejudice OBLC 54 Stories OBLHI 33 Mystery in London OBLSI 18 Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four Prisoner of Zenda, The OBLTA 37 DOM 71 Tooth and Claw- Short Stories OBLHI 39 Mystery of Allegra, The OBLFH 30 Rabbit-Proof Fence OBLTS 38 Sherlock Holmes: Two Plays OBLP 24 Treading on Dreams: Stories from Ned Kelly: A True Story OBLTS 22 BC Bookworms Club Railway Children, The OBLHI 38 Ireland OBLWS 50 Silas Marner OBLC 45 DOM Dominoes Nelson Mandela OBLF 44 Treasure Island OBLTA 46 Rainforests OBLF 31 Silver Sword, The OBLTA 45 OBC Oxford Bookworms Collection New York OBLF 23 Tristan and Isolde DOM 63 Ransom of Red Chief, The OBLSC 14 Sinbad DOM 63 OBL Oxford Bookworms Library New York Café OBLSN 16 True Heroes of Sport DOM 66 Real McCoy and Other Ghost Stories, Sister Love and Other Crime Stories New Yorkers- Short Stories The DOM 65 Turn of the Screw, The DOM 69 OBLCM 25 (American English) OBLHI 31 Recycling OBLF 38 Skyjack! OBLTA 38 Under the Moon OBLFH 25 C Classics Nicholas Nickleby DOM 69 Red Roses OBLSN 17 Songs of Distant Earth and Other Unquiet Grave- Short Stories, The CM Crime & Mistery Night Without End OBLTA 53 OBLFH 46 Reflex OBLTA 44 Stories, The OBLFH 45 F Factfiles Oliver Twist OBLC 53 USA, The OBLF 39 Remember Miranda OBLHI 24 Star Reporter OBLSC 15 FH Fantasy & Horror Omega Files, The- Short Stories Vampire Killer OBLSC 15 Return to Earth OBLFH 32 Star Zoo, The OBLFH 38 HI Human Interest OBLFH 23 Revolution DOM 71 Starman OBLSN 17 Vanity Fair OBLC 54 P Playscripts On the Edge OBLTA 37 Voodoo Island OBLFH 33 SC Starter Comic Strip Format Riddle of the Sands, The OBLTA 49 Stories from the Five Towns OBLHI 32 One Thousand Dollars and Other Washington Square OBLC 46 SI Starter Interactive Plays OBLP 31 Rip Van Winkle and the Legend of Stranger at Green Knowe, A OBLHI 32 SN Starter Narrative One-Way Ticket- Short Stories OBLHI 23 Sleepy Hollow DOM 63 Studio Five DOM 66 We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea OBLTA 46 TA Thriller & Adventures Oranges in the Snow OBLSI 18 Robin Hood OBLSC 15 Survive! OBLSI 18 Whispering Knights, The OBLFH 46 TS True Stories Orca OBLSN 17 Robinson Crusoe OBLC 32 Tale of Two Cities, A OBLC 45 White Death OBLTA 25 WS World Stories Pair of Ghostly Hands and Other Romeo and Juliet OBLP 32 Tales from Longpuddle OBLC 33 White Fang DOM 69 Stories, A OBLFH 37 Sally’s Phone OBLSN 17 Tales of Mystery and Imagination White Stones, The OBLSI 18 Passage to India, A OBLC 54 Scarlet Letter, The OBLC 45 OBLFH 38 Who, Sir? Me, Sir?’ OBLHI 39 Titles in red are new Persuasion OBLC 44 Seasons and Celebrations OBLF 32 Tangled Web, A OBC 56 Wild West, The DOM 66 Phantom of the Opera OBLFH 23 Secret Agent, The DOM 71 Taxi of Terror OBLSC 15 William Shakespeare OBLTS 33
  • 76. Oxford Graded Just a few of the new titles for 2009 Readers 2009 Starter 250 Headwords Stage 1 400 Headwords 1 Stage 2 700 Headwords Stage 3 1000 Headwords OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS ESPAÑA Stage 4 1400 Headwords Atención al profesor: 902 876 878 E-mail: Stage 5 1800 Headwords Fax: 902 050 447 Parque Empresarial San Fernando Stage 6 2500 Headwords Edificio Atenas, 1ª planta, 28830 Madrid Cod. 01903196