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8th grade 8 22-12


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Published in: Education
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8th grade 8 22-12

  1. 1. literature circle instructions.notebook August 22, 2012 8/22/12 8th Grade Language Arts Agenda: Assignments: 1. Warm-Up: QAR Warm-up -Important Book (8/31) 2. Literature Circle Instructions -Reading log (8/31) 3. Time to choose books/groups 1
  2. 2. literature circle instructions.notebook August 22, 2012 What are Literature Circles? • structure for talking about a book with your peers • students are in charge of the discussion and for setting reading assignments together • between 4 - 6 members in each literature circle Each member comes prepared to • ask questions ALWAYS come with questions!!! • share passages • share connections • discuss the author, characters, and readers opinions. 2
  3. 3. literature circle instructions.notebook August 22, 2012 What do I need to do? • Read your assigned text before coming to class each Wednesday. • Respond to the text. • Ask QAR 3 questions in your log. • Discuss your responses with your groups and any other topics that will come up (discussion is about 25 minutes). • Turn in your responses to be graded. 3
  4. 4. literature circle instructions.notebook August 22, 2012 What can you put in a reading response? • your connections to the text • opinions • criticism • questions for the author • questions about the text • something it reminds you of • comments on the authors style • advice to the characters • vocab Focus on the typical elements that a good reader might bring to a discussion: questions, passages, connections, illustrations 4
  5. 5. literature circle instructions.notebook August 22, 2012 How will I be graded? Points Possible Points Total Works Cooperatively  5 with the group Is prepared for  10 discussion group Uses active listening 5 Stays on task during  5 discussion Demonstrates  15 comprehension of text  15 through discussion with  peers 5