Our "Fun-derful" Volunteers (handout)


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Handout to accompany presentation by Yvonne Petersen of the Arizona Museum of Natural History.

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Our "Fun-derful" Volunteers (handout)

  1. 1. Inexpensive Fun Ways to Recognize and Reward Volunteers Compiled by Yvonne Petersen - Volunteer Coordinator Arizona Museum of Natural History yvonne .petersen@mesaaz.gov "Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times." ' Steve Brunkhorst I. No Cost Recognition Ideas (page 2) II. Easy and Simple Recognitions (pages 2-5) A. Send cards B. Display Appreciation Signs/Posters C. Volunteers in Action Displays D. Volunteer Holiday Tree E. Treat & Candy Ideas III.Honor volunteers during National Volunteer Week (page 5) IV. Plan Annual Ceremonial Occasions (page 6-8) A. Refreshment Ideas B. Use a theme C. Programming ideas D. Inexpensive event recognition gifts E. Door Prize Donations F. Volunteer Poems and Thoughts V. Where to go for more ideas (page 8) VI. Examples from the mind of Yvonne (page 9 +)
  2. 2. No Cost Recognition Ideas: Greet by name Give personal compliments Respect sensitivities Put up a volunteer suggestion box Hold rap sessions Keep challenging them Give additional responsibility Enlist to train other volunteers Send newsworthy information to the media Include in Newsletters & Member newsletters Say "We missed you." Write recommendations Praise them to their friends/parents/spouse Motivate all staff to converse with volunteers Defend against hostile or negative staff Persuade Personnel to equate volunteer experience with work experience. Give the opportunity for volunteers to recognize the good efforts of other volunteers Let the volunteer know when a visitor has made a positive comment about them. Help develop self-confidence Nominate for outside volunteer awards Leave out of museum politics Motivate staff to recognize and appreciate them Have a pot luck Identify age groups Provide useful tools in good working condition Carefully match volunteer with job Take time to explain Provide opportunities for conferences and evaluations Provide good pre-service training
  3. 3. Easy and Simple Recognitions A. Send Cards a. Premade, create yourself b. Hand made cards by volunteer c. Note: put a volunteer in charge of birthday cards i. A month ahead, the volunteer can: put birthday cards together, address them, date them d. Email cards: include group staff pictures in email cards B. Appreciation Poster/Sign Ideas Happy New Year. . . This is a good time to give our volunteers a cheer! Valentines Volunteers are the Heart of the Museum We LOVE our Volunteers St. Patrick’s Day We are LUCKY to have such wonderful volunteers Our volunteers are like the Pot of Gold at the end of a rainbow. Easter/Spring Our volunteers are EGG-ceptional Egg-actly Some “Bunny” thinks you’re egg-stra special We’re “hopping” to it to tell you how great our volunteers are! 4th of July Flag: Our volunteers INSPIRE by Example Uncle Sam: We want YOU to know how much we appreciate you 4th of July themed picture: Our volunteers have real spirit! Fireworks: It’s a blast having volunteers like you! Halloween Skeleton: No bones about it. . . AzMNH has the best volunteers Black cat: It would be a “Cat-astrophy” if we didn’t have such wonderful volunteers Ghosts: Our volunteers have real Spirit! Trick or treat clip art: It is a real treat having you as a volunteer! Thanksgiving/Fall Cornucopia: We are grateful our volunteers Squirrels: We are nuts about our volunteers December Holiday Tree: Our volunteers are “Tree-mendous” Snowmen: There’s “snow”body like our volunteers
  4. 4. Miscellaneous Poster/Sign Ideas Trophy: We succeed because of you. Report Card/School: Our volunteers are a grade above the rest. Earth/World: Volunteers make a difference. Thank you in several languages: No matter how you say it. . . we appreciate our volunteers. Travel Poster: No matter where you go, you won’t find better volunteers. All kinds of hats: Hat’s off to our volunteers. “Defining” Moment Posters Ex-cel-lent: 1. Produces a quality of volunteering that is remarkable. 2. Willing to do what it takes to serve. 3. Delivers amazing results. 4. AzMNH Volunteers Ded-i-cat-ed: 1. Displays passion for everything they do. 2. Understand their part in the success of the museum. 3. Goes the extra mile to get the job done. 4. AzMNH volunteers! A-chiev-er: 1. Focused on volunteering. 2. Does more than expected in everything they do. 3. Delivers amazing results each time they volunteer. 4. AzMNH volunteers. Volunteers in Action Displays Where: Public areas, volunteer areas, break rooms What: Pictures of volunteers in action on bulletin boards, tri-fold display boards, digital frames, website, Facebook, newsletters Volunteer Holiday Tree Take a picture of each volunteer Scrapbook the pictures onto a 3” x 6” strip of stiff paper Punch holes at the top for string Hang them on the tree in your lobby for all to see and enjoy Treat and Candy Ideas Eclairs: we d’éclair, you are a wonderful volunteer Donuts: We donut what we would do without you! Muffin: There is “muffin” like a volunteer like you! M&Ms: Our volunteers are Mighty & Marvelous! Reisens: There are many REISENS why we think you are a great volunteer! Mounds: Thank you for the MOUNDS of service you give! Or Thanks for the “Mounds” of work you do! Gummie Bears: THANKS! Without you volunteering, things would be un-bear-able! Or Thanks, you are “Beary” special! Uno candy bar: I hope “Uno” how much we appreciate you! Pop Rocks: We think you Rock! 100,000 Grand bar: You are worth more than “100,000 Grand” to us! Snicker Bar: Please don’t “Snicker,” but we think you’re great! Twiks: B-twiks you and me, you’re a great volunteer! Skor bar: We really “Scored” big when you started volunteering! Almond Joy: It is a real “JOY” having you as a volunteer!
  5. 5. Can of Soda: We are “SODA”-lifted that you are an AzMNH Volunteer! Rice Krispie Treat: Thanks for putting the Snap, Crackle & Pop into volunteering! Pear: It is “a-pear-ent” that you are a wonderful volunteer! Pasta: You are “Pasta-tively” a super volunteer! Gum: Thank you for always “Sticking” to the job! Or Thanks for “chewsing” to volunteer at AzMNH! Cracker Jacks: You’re a “CRACKER JACK” of a volunteer! Jolly Rancher: Thanks for always having such a “jolly” attitude! Bit-o-honey: You are such a “bit-o-honey” when it comes to volunteering! Nerds: We would be a bunch of “nerds” if we didn’t thank you for volunteering! Take Five: It’s time you “take five.” You work really hard as a volunteer! Pay Day: Every time you volunteer it feels like a “pay day!” Look Bar: Every time we “look” you are doing a fabulous job! Krackle Bar: Thanks for putting the snap, “Krackle,” and pop into volunteering! Lollipop: We can “lick” any problem as long as you volunteer! Nuts: We are NUTS about you! Hershey’s Hugs & Kisses: Here’s some “Hugs & Kisses” for all you do! Lifesaver: Having you as a volunteer is such a “lifesaver!” Whoppers: Thanks for helping us have such a “whopper” of a volunteer group! Treasure chocolate: You are a real “Treasure” to our museum! Gold chocolate coins: Volunteers are worth their weight in “Gold!” S’more granola bar: It would sure be great if we had “S’more” volunteers like you. Big Hunk: Here’s a “big hunk” of thanks for all you do! Act microwave popcorn: Thank you for being such a class “act!” Fruit roll-up: You really “measure up” as a great volunteer! Skittles: Thanks for not “skittling” away when the job gets challenging! An Assort-Mint: Use peppermint patties, Andes mints, or any other type of mints Thanks for your commit-mint Thanks for your encourage-mint Thanks for your involve-mint in our museum Thanks for your invest-mint of time It is such an enjoy-mint to have you as a volunteer Thanks for helping to create a nice environ-mint Honor volunteers during National Volunteer Week Usually held the 3rd week in April VIP Proclamtion Volunteers in Action display in lobby Continental breakfast with the director
  6. 6. Plan Annual Ceremonial Occasions Refreshment Ideas Ice cream sundae bar Dessert bar Salad bar Salsa bar Italian Soda bar Super sandwich bar Pot luck Use a theme – Ideas: 1. Volunteers are the key to our success! a. “You are the Key to our success. Without you many doors & projects of the museum would have been shut. Your volunteer actions are the key that helps us keep them opened.” b. Gift: Key chain with logo on it 2. Volunteers are a real treasure! a. “A treasure map sent us searching for a jewel hard to find. One that’s truly priceless because it’s polished and refined. As you reveal your sparkling qualities it’s obviously true, X marks the spot for treasure and. . . the treasure is you!” b. Gift: Cardboard treasure box filled with candy 3. Our Volunteers go the Distance! a. Powerpoint presentation on what it means to go the distance b. Cheerleader: Cheers for every volunteer area c. Gift: Water bottle with museum logo on it 4. Hats off to our volunteers a. We tip our hats in thanks and gratitude for your dedication and can-do attitude! b. Gift: Hat with museum logo 5. Thank you for giving us a hand! a. Gift: Deck of cards with museum logo 6. Volunteers make a measurable difference! a. Gift: Ruler/tape measure: “It’s easy to measure the difference you’ve made at AzMNH! You’re amazing!” Programming Ideas Special keynote speaker Fun skits done by staff Slideshow of volunteers Special recognition given by staff members Recognition of the number of hours given Acknowledge 2 or more volunteers from one household (two for one) Outside entertainment Present thoughts, poems, or stores about volunteers
  7. 7. Inexpensive event recognition gifts • A champagne glass filled with Hershey’s kisses – put note on the glass “A toast to a job well done!” • Flat chocolate bar wrapped with a personal message • A framed quote relating to volunteerism for the volunteers to put on their desk or hang on the wall • Small plant: “Thanks for continuing to help us grow!” • Permanent marker – You’ve made a lasting and permanent contribution to our Museum • Highlighter: Volunteers are the “Highlight” of the museum. • Note pad and pen: We think all you do is NOTEworthy! Thanks for being a stupendous volunteer. • Candle – present a calendar with a card saying “No one can hold a candle to our volunteers!” • Small notebook calendar: We appreciate our volunteers all through the year! Or Thank you for the time and talents you give the museum. • Dry cookie/brownie mix – AzMNH volunteers have all the right ingredients! • Pizza cutter: No matter how you slide it, you’re appreciated! • You’re a cut above the rest, and because of all you do, please accept this special gift and our very warm, we thank you! • Bookmark or magents: o Create a bookmark with an appreciation saying on it or you can buy special magnet kits that allow you to print on the back of them. Example of things that could be written: ! 100 years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the type of house I live in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was a VOLUNTEER. ! Sports theme: We call and we email, we ask for your time And you give of it so generously, never expecting a dime The task may be daunting but you always come through This museum would be nothing without each of you We express our thanks, just as often as we can Please know that we, the AzMNH, are your biggest fans Volunteer thoughts and Poems Volunteers – author unknown Many will be shocked to find, When the day of judgment nears, That there’s a special place in Heaven, Set aside for volunteers. Furnished with big recliners, Satin couches and footstools, Where there are no committee chairmen, No yard sales or rest area coffee to serve, No library duty or bulletin assembly, There will be nothing to print or staple, Not one thing to fold or mail,
  8. 8. Telephone lists will be outlawed. But a finger snap will bring Cool drinks and gourmet dinners And rare treats fit for a kin. You ask, “Who’ll serve these privileged And work for all they’re worth?” Why, all those who reaped the benefits, And not once volunteered on Earth. Thanks Thank you for your thoughtfulness and the smiles you bring to every face. With each moment of service you give, the world becomes a better place. Your commitment your organization makes you really stand out. We’re grateful to have you here. You’re what volunteering is all about. Where to go for more ideas Baudville Greetings www.baudvill.com Positive Promotions www.positivevolunteers.com Energize Inc www.energizeinc.com Volunteer Connection www.volunteerconnection.net Seattle Schools www.seattleschools.org eHow www.ehow.com More Volunteers www.morevolunteers.com