TYVM (Trailblazers 2012)


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100 Ways to say "thank you" to your volunteers, leaders, teachers, etc.

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TYVM (Trailblazers 2012)

  1. 1. TYVM 100 Ways to Say Thank You to Your Volunteers, Leaders, & ParentsPresenters:Lindsay Foster & Rachelle Whiteman, Troop 2702http://gstroop2702.webs.com
  2. 2. Those who can, do.Those who can do more,volunteer. Anonymous
  3. 3. Show Me
  4. 4. We often takefor granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. Cynthia Ozick
  5. 5. Fable of the Porcupine
  6. 6. No duty is more urgentthan that of returningthanks. James Allen
  7. 7. 10 Ways to Love Your Leaders1. Call him/her and say, 6. Bring dinner to him/her. “Thanks!” 7. Fill out a Troop memory2. Send a thank you card. book with each girl’s name, picture, favorite3. Send a text saying thanks. things, etc.4. Have a surprise party. 8. Make a booklet of Thank You pictures.5. Take him/her out to dinner. 9. Make a plaque. 10. Take her to a movie, play, concert, etc.
  8. 8. Here’s to a BOO-tifulYearCellophane bag, googly eyes, popcorn, ribbon
  9. 9. You’re No. 1!Pringles can, cardstock, candy (optional) to fill Pringles can
  10. 10. Candy Prescription• RED – kills infection caused by patience worn thin• YELLOW – increases appetite for new ideas• GREEN – gives energy to keep up with the girls• ORANGE – relieves tension• BLUE – take when dealing with difficult individuals• BROWN – relieves pain from all of the above
  11. 11. Just Called to Say Thanks
  12. 12. Thanks for being on the ball!
  13. 13. C-Ds Cookies? Thanksfor your help duringbooth sales!Large cookie, CD envelope
  14. 14. Without you, I would have fallen to pieces! Reese’s Pieces, card
  15. 15. Snow-One does it likeyou do… THANKS!Candy Bar, snowman print out, glove, ribbon
  16. 16. Thanks for handling allthe important papers!
  17. 17. 10 More Ways to Love Your Leaders1. Give him/her a plant. 6. Give him/her a magazine subscription.2. Send him/her flowers. 7. Give him/her a free haircut3. Nominate him/her for a or pedicure or manicure. Council Award such as “Outstanding Leader.” 8. Display an “honor” wall at your meeting place if its4. Write a letter or article for approved. the newspaper in his/her praise. 9. Send him/her a bottle of his/her favorite adult5. Give him/her a gift beverage. certificate. 10. Hire a cleaning service to clean his/her house.
  18. 18. No-Boo-Dy does it the way you do! THANKS!Cellophane bag, Mini marshmallows, Sharpie (black), Ribbon
  19. 19. To a leader who OWL-ways does a great job!Thanks!Paper owl cut-out, pencil, markers, scissors
  20. 20. Thank You for the EXTRAwork you do! Extra gum, Card
  21. 21. Thanks For Giving MixCheez-It crackers, peanuts, pretzel squares, Reese’s Pieces, caramelcorn, Honey Nut Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, candy corn, mallow cremepumpkins
  22. 22. You have the greatestAPPEAL as a leader!
  23. 23. Thanks for OWL-ways being there! Marshmallows, M&Ms,graham crackers, Mike & Ike candy, Ziploc bag, ribbon
  24. 24. Thanks for tackling the tough job!
  25. 25. Much Obliged, Y’all Card, Small bag of Candy/Popcorn
  26. 26. I “mint” to tellyou how much you are appreciated! Junior Mints, card
  27. 27. Another 10 Ways to Love Your Leaders1. Have a Troop picnic… and 6. Make a quilt or blanket. don’t have the leader do any work! 7. Do a cross-stitch.2. Instead of asking, “How 8. Offer to cover an event or can I help?” make a specific volunteer and FOLLOW thing that you can do… and THROUGH! do it! 9. Weed the garden or mow3. Give him/her Girl Scout the yard while he/she is at items that he or she might a Troop meeting. not otherwise purchase. 10. Hang a sign on the door on4. Write a poem. in the yard saying, “Our leader lives here. THANK5. Write a song. YOU!”
  28. 28. We’ve got spirit, Yes we do!We’ve got spirit THANKS to you! Paper sack, tag, ribbon
  29. 29. POP! POP! Fizz! Fizz!Here’s what agreat leader is! Tag, Bottle of Soda
  30. 30. Stress Relief PackFor immediate stress relief: pop three stress relief capsules every 4-6 hours or as needed. See physician if symptoms persist! Bubble Wrap, Card stock, Tag, Stapler, Staples
  31. 31. To a SUPER volunteer!Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop (or other lollipop), “Super” cape, holepunch, Permanent marker
  32. 32. Anti-Grinch PillsGreen M&Ms or other green candy, Ziploc bag, tag
  33. 33. Thanks for aMARBLE-ous job!
  34. 34. You’re TEA-riffic! Tea bag, Tag
  35. 35. Thanks for being a great“ade” to our Troop!Lemonade individual packets, cup with straw, tag
  36. 36. Thanks forbeing so UP- liftingBottle of 7-Up Soda, tag, ribbon
  37. 37. Time to RelaxThanks for all you’ve done! Sundae glass, bath salts, loofa sponge, tag, ribbon
  38. 38. Yet Another 10 Ways to Love Your Leaders1. Make a collage of Troop pictures 6. Fill out the paperwork the right using Photobucket or another way, the FIRST time, ON TIME! free online service. 2. Have dinner and a movie 7. Help organize and supervise delivered to his/her house. Troop community service (pizza and a DVD or Blu-Ray) projects.3. Rent a limo for an hour and 8. Make copies at your office for the crown her. Then take her for a Troop. ride for an hour around her “kingdom.” 9. Bring an ice-cold drink to the leader when she’s out at camp4. Create a recipe book with recipes and hot!  from each Scout in her own words. Give it to the leader. 10. Have the Troop offer to pay for her leadership training or5. Offer to help at one meeting. renewal training.
  39. 39. To a volunteer who is HEAD and SHOULDERS above the rest!
  40. 40. Thanks for everythingyou DEW!Bottle of Mountain Dew Soda, tag, ribbon
  41. 41. Snow-one’s aharder worker than you! Candy bar, material scraps,snowman candy bar wrapper, tag
  42. 42. You’re the apple of our eye! Red M&Ms, card, cellophane bag
  43. 43. I have to ad-MITT it –you are a fantasticvolunteer!Oven mitt, tag, ribbon
  44. 44. Candy Gram PailI SKORed big when I got youas a volunteer. Don’tSNICKER, but I think you’regreat! You’re MOUNDS offun and you have brought meso much JOY! I think youROCK. Thanks BEARY muchfor always being so JOLLY.Volunteers like you are wortha MINT. I’d be a NERD if Ididn’t thank you for helping eput the PIECES of our teamtogether. You are Mighty &Magnificent! Thanks for agreat year!
  45. 45. Thanks for being so CHEER-ful!
  46. 46. CEREAL-sly great leader!Mini box of cereal, spoon, letter beads for name (optional), ribbon
  47. 47. You are FLIPPIN’ fantastic! I really DIG your help!Thanks a ton!
  48. 48. Thanks for working so well under PRESSURE!
  49. 49. Thanks a BunchPaper bag, paper tag, paper strip (for vase), mini silk or faux flowers,glue gun, hot glue
  50. 50. You’ve earneda RAISIN pay!Box of raisins, tag, ribbon
  51. 51. You’re a CUT above the rest! Scissors, cellophane bag, ribbon, tag
  52. 52. So-da Thanks Go to You• Thanks for all your help• Thanks for POPPING in! • What would I DEW without someone like you?
  53. 53. * Giving thanks to someone who always makes lemonade out of lemons.* EXTRAordinary is the little EXTRA. Thanks for always going the EXTRAmile for the Troop!* It’s o-FISH-al! I’m casting out a line of THANKS! Hope you catch it!* Thanks a LATTE for all of your help!
  54. 54. Thanks for putting your best FOOT forward!
  55. 55. Thanks for always beingJOLLY!Jolly Rancher candy, ribbon, tag
  56. 56. Kiss & Squeeze to a Favorite VolunteerSqueeze bottle drink, Hershey’s Kisses, Ziploc snack size bag, ribbon, mailing sticker label with tag
  57. 57. Magnificent & Marvelous Volunteer Green is for the inspiration you give each day. Blue is for your patience in every way. Orange is for your warmth and caring style. Yellow is for the way you make me smile. Red is for my life, which you’ve touched this year. You’re a very, very special volunteer! To a Magnificent &Marvelous (M&M) volunteer!
  58. 58. Thanks for your FLEXIBILITY!
  59. 59. “MINT” Volunteers Thanks for your commit- MINT! You were MINT to be a leader!Your encourage-MINT means so much! Thanks! Leading Girl Scouts is an invest-MINT in our future!Thanks for your invest-MINT of time! Everything you have done has MINT a lot to me! Our volunteers are worth a MINT!
  60. 60. Without you,the year would have been unBEARable! Mini bear, tag, ribbonPackage of gummi bears, tag
  61. 61. Thanks for the FRESHideas!Air freshener, ribbon, tag
  62. 62. No mis-STAKE-ing it –you are a great volunteer!
  63. 63. 10 Ways to Value Volunteers1. Recognize tenure. 6. Send a thank you to the volunteer’s spouse for sharing2. Enable a volunteer to move on to him or her. expanded or higher responsibilities. 7. Send a thank you to the volunteer’s employer noting the3. Have youth share a success story impact and contribution of the about the volunteer. volunteer, especially if the employer does not provide release time to volunteer.4. Utilize a volunteer as a consultant. 8. Be flexible.5. Let each volunteer know that he or she was missed. 9. Utilize the volunteer’s unique special talents.  10. Spontaneously say “thank you” at an event, meeting, gathering, etc.
  64. 64. Thanks for taking thePLUNGE into leadership! Plunger, ribbon, tag
  65. 65. Thanks for showing thatScouting SPIRIT!Cellophane bag, googly eyes, popcorn, ribbon
  66. 66. Thanks forRISING to the occasion!Baking powder, tag, ribbon
  67. 67. • You deserve a round of applause!• Time to give you a hand!• Thanks for lending a hand!• You deserve a BIG hand!• Gotta HAND it to ya – you are 1 great volunteer!
  68. 68. Thanks for addingSPARK to our Troop!Spark plug, tag, ribbon
  69. 69. V.I.P. Parking Permit Because Volunteers =Invested People
  70. 70. We appreciate yourattendance today! Andwe’d just like to say…
  71. 71. Thanks a MILLION!One million dollar bill print out with “THANKS” written on the back
  72. 72. And…
  73. 73. You deserve a pat on theback…
  74. 74. Because…
  75. 75. Unless someone like you caresa whole awful lot, nothing isgoing to get better. It’s not. Dr. Seuss
  76. 76. So remember…
  77. 77. Volunteers are KEY to our success! Thank you! Key, tag, ribbon