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Thanks a million final


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Thanks a million final

  1. 1. Thanks a Million: How to Thank Your Donors So They’’ll Come Back and Give More Katya A d K Andresen, N Network f G d k for Good Jocelyn Harmon, Care2
  2. 2. Why we need this call today• Study: 2 million donors to 50 nonprofits around the world.• 70% of the nonprofits didn’’t send a followup didn t email within one month.• 37% did not send a thank you email. d h k il eCampaigning Review Study
  3. 3. Agenda• What is gratitude?• So what and who cares?• 4 components of a good thank you f d h k• Learn from the best• More resources for you
  4. 4. What is gratitude? ““If the only prayer you said in your whole life If was, "thank you," that would suffice.””–– Meister Eckhart ““The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated.””–– William James
  5. 5. So what and who cares?1.1 SURVIVAL: The number one reason that donors stop supporting a nonprofit is the way they were treated by the nonprofit nonprofit.2. SUCCESS: Your gratitude helps bond a donor to your cause. cause3. DIFFERENTIATION: Most nonprofits are terrible at it. If you’’re good, you stand out. ibl i ’’ d d4. MANNERS: Saying ““thanks”” often and well is simply the right thing to do.
  6. 6. Think about it.Think about how much time a typical nonprofit yp pspends on generic ““outreach,”” like newsletters, withthe purpose, at least in part, of generating newsupporters.supporters If you are so pressed for time wouldn’’t time, wouldn tthose precious hours be better spent thanking thep ppeople who have taken the next step and given you p g ymoney, no matter how much or through whatmethod? Kivi L Ki i Leroux Miller Mill
  7. 7. 4 parts of a good thank you1.1 Personal2. Tangible3.3 Emotional i l4. About the donor, not you!……and it’’s done FAST and it
  8. 8. Be personal
  9. 9. Be personal• Use your email marketing tool sagely sagely.• Send a handwritten note.• Pick up the phone. i k h h• Sign it –– from a board member, ED.• Customize, customize, customize!
  10. 10. The Personal Touch The typewritten part of the note I received from Ocracoke Child Care is about as short as you can get, something close to “Thanks for the donation. We really reall appreciate it This letter is it. your receipt.” Not much more than that and certainly not remarkable. But the letter is still on my desk because of what fills up all the white space left under that short official note — this drawing. -Kivi Leroux Miller
  11. 11. Be tangible.By
  12. 12. Be tangible• Connect the thank you to the ask. ask• Show your donors what you’’re doing with their investments (if they gave before share before, their total giving/impact).• T ll ONE specific story of how your donor’’s gift Tell ifi fh d ’’ if is making a difference.• Invite your donor to tour your facility and meet the people your serve.
  13. 13. Donors Choose: The Gold Standard I received hand drawn thank you cards from the kids I bought a classroom microphone for. About 40 letters, most with drawings sweet, funny, heartfelt, real. They also pointed me to where on the web I can hear their recording of "Hot Cross Buns," made with "my" microphone. If youd like to hear them too, visit the link below. In terms of emotional ROI, Id say that gift was ROI I d among the best charitable donations Ive ever made. Jeff Brooks, TrueSense s/JRoberts1/files/Taylor s%20Hot%20Cro s/JRoberts1/files/Taylors%20Hot%20Cro ss%20Buns.wav
  14. 14. Be creativeGratitude tag by eekim
  15. 15. Be creative.• Use beautiful stationery stationery.• Send an e card (from Care2!).• Write i your own h d i in hand.• Send a photo or video of your work.• Let your volunteers, service recipients, other donors speak for you. p y
  16. 16. Creativity in Action
  17. 17. Make it about them, not you!
  18. 18. Make it about them, not you!• Don’’t be a Nonprofit Narcissist! Don t• Make your donors the subject of your communications. communications• Give them all the credit.• List THEIR accomplishments.• Make them feel proud and p of something p part g bigger.
  19. 19. Haverford College AppealYou can almost see the lineover to me. Open it up andit says, ““Haverfordians makea difference in the worldthrough their support.”” It’’sabout me, people I can help,and the difference we allmake. I love this appealbecause it connects to thereader literally andemotionally. Katya
  20. 20. Bonus• Be positive –– Don’’t be Pollyanna but do positive. Don t imbue all your communications with a sense of hope. hope• Again, be timely.
  21. 21. Learn from the Best
  22. 22. Learn from the best
  23. 23. Learn from the BestSaving Shelter Pets would like to extend a heartfelt g““thank you”” to each and every one of you who donatedand helped us to spread the word about ourparticipation in the contest. We have made some new contestfriends through this experience, and reconnected withsome old ones too –– and for this we are truly grateful.$5,186 of the 6 Degrees donations has already beenused to save over 30 dogs & puppies from death row, rowincluding the ones pictured below. [Adorable photosof dogs were included.]
  24. 24. More resources• The Art of Recognizing and Thanking Your Donors by Terry Axelrod, author of The Joy of Fundraising• Bring Back That (Supporter’’s) Loving Feeling by Katya Andresen in Nonprofit Marketing Blog• Th Fi (Y Si l ) A of ““Th k Y ”” b The Fine (Yet Simple) Art f ““Thank You”” by Jocelyn Harmon in Fundraising Success• Kivi Leroux Miller –– posts and webinars at
  25. 25. Connect with Us!