Creating Social Media Strategy


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An evolution of marketing and advertising and why social media is here to stay.
How to create a social media strategy to drive bottom line business results

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  • Historical marketing trends1990’s – advertising blasts billboards Radio Print2000’s – Information overload – full of NOISE Too much information hitting us at once Companies strategized and turned to Web for messaging and advertising Search engine banners email newsletters Message not as loud and in your face – customer had choice of listening or not, searching on their own Consumers began to take on their own research efforts when choosing a brand or product Revolution of brand ambassadors came to fruition – people started buying based on what others said about productsLate 2000’s – Brand ambassadors are booming, people are buying based on recommendations of people they trust People started talking online about their product/service experiences What happened is that a people started brand communities – we call these social networking sites todayCompanies have shifted from a push strategy full of noise to a pull strategy where the consumer decides what information they want, how they get the information, and when they get that information. Companies have lost some branding/advertising control as a result. Good news is that companies have tools to gain the control back – social networking sites are one of the ways.
  • When people started telling friends about brands, they eventually began to talk onlineAdvent of online communities Message Boards Yahoo groups Facebook Angie’s List BlogsRather than brands telling people how good their products were, customers were sharing experiences online Good Bad UglyThe power of influence shifted from company to consumer
  • BlogsOutlet to share information with customersThey can retrieve info as they wantAuto deliver to inbox (RSS feed)Case studiesLink to associatesBuild SEOOutbound and inbound Information Power HouseStay in touch with customerIndustry trendsNew productsCase StudiesTools:TechnoratiRSS FeedsFeedburner
  • FacebookLargest & fastest growing community onlineCreating user communityAbility to share message exponentially, quicklyShare functionIn people’s news feedCan create unique promo codes for time-sensitive calls to action
  • B2b focusPost questions universallyBuild your personal brand / reputationBecome the known expert in a market / industryOnline roladexAbility to ask for referrals out of network
  • Micro bloggingShare information in your market/industryRe-post other industry affiliatesHave a dialogLISTEN to customers
  • How do we use these powerful tools in the business place?That’s a good question.. Any initiative we have in the business place has a purpose – preferably to bring us more business & profitIt’s important to understand that the world of social networking is much like face to face networking in that it doesn’t always provide immediate returns and it takes time to build the book, so to sayDone well, and with a strategy in mind, social media can net profitable gainsBefore we get into a playbook strategy, we have to understand the gameListenSit in the bleachers and see what others are doingObserve others in your market, & outside of marketingIdentify key players in industry ParticipateHop in! Post question, post a comment, ask a questionCreate StrategyFigure out how you are going to use SM in your business and build a plan around it
  • Most people have used social networking tools, at least personally When we think in terms of strategy, we need to think about two things: GoalsHome baseHome base is where you want the customer to take actionWebsiteSocial networking siteTelephoneRemember, don’t conquer and divide all at one timeStart out simple, then add to your portfolio
  • CommunitiesAbout sharing & interactingPeople want to interactBuild of prospects and clientsConversationsTalk WITH them, not at themNatural evolutionContentContent is King (TRIBES)Turn off sales speak, turn on marketing speakProvide content viewers WANTKeep it interestingUse mult. Mediums - podcast, video, typeConversionIf you’ve taken the time to create strategy, the pieces should fit together a tthis pointCreate landing pages
  • Give an example of Twitter Post photo of you using product on Twitter and receive free gift (Must @ the company)
  • Give an example of Twitter Post photo of you using product on Twitter and receive free gift (Must @ the company)
  • Creating Social Media Strategy

    1. 1. Social Media<br />Creating a Social Media Strategy to Drive Bottom Line Results<br />
    2. 2. Marketing Trends<br />PUSH<br />PULL<br />
    3. 3. Enter Social Media<br /><ul><li>Message Boards
    4. 4. Yahoo! Groups
    5. 5. Facebook
    6. 6. LinkedIn
    7. 7. Twitter
    8. 8. Angie’s List
    9. 9. Stumble Upon</li></li></ul><li>Social Media Statistics<br />
    10. 10. Social Media Statistics<br />
    11. 11. Blogs<br />Information Power House<br />Stay in touch with customer<br />Free tools<br />Increase SEO<br />Interactive<br />
    12. 12. Facebook<br />Centralized online community<br />Exponential reach<br />Customizable<br />Multiple mediums<br />Interactive<br />
    13. 13. LinkedIn<br />B2B Focus<br />Build personal brand<br />Referral network<br />Sustained dialog<br />Interactive<br />
    14. 14. Twitter<br />Micro-blogging<br />Share information<br />Strengthen relationships<br />Leads source<br />Listening agent<br />
    15. 15. Getting Started<br />
    16. 16. Social Media Strategy<br />STRATEGY<br />Define Goals<br />Leads<br />Customer Satisfaction<br />Build online community<br />Determine Home Base<br />Where customer takes action<br />Website<br />Social Networking Site<br />Telephone<br />
    17. 17. Strategy Stats<br />
    18. 18. 4 C’s of Social Media<br />
    19. 19. STRATEGY: Example 1<br />Goal: <br />Increase web-based leads by 20% in 2010<br />Home Base:<br />Website, Appointment Request Form<br />Strategy: <br /><ul><li>Setup website with form
    20. 20. Create call to action in communication outlets
    21. 21. Write a blog, include link to appt request form
    22. 22. Post a promo code on Facebook, drive traffic to appt request form on website
    23. 23. Share blog article on Twitter, or create unique promo for Twitter</li></li></ul><li>STRATEGY: Example 2<br />Goal: <br />Build online community to 200 active members<br />Home Base:<br />Online community outlet – Facebook, Twitter, LI<br />Strategy: <br /><ul><li>Create online community hub
    24. 24. Create a contest hosted on Facebook
    25. 25. Drive traffic to Facebook
    26. 26. FB Ads
    27. 27. Newsletter link
    28. 28. Website link
    29. 29. Offer spiff for joining by specific date
    30. 30. Add links in email signature</li></li></ul><li>STRATEGY: Example 3<br />Goal: <br />Grow newsletter subscription base by 10,000<br />Home Base:<br />Website or social media outlet<br />Strategy: <br /><ul><li>Create newsletter subscription form on website
    31. 31. Facebook: Add a newsletter subscription form
    32. 32. Twitter: Post a tip & link to newsletter subscription form
    33. 33. Blog: Put a teaser in blog, link to newsletter subscription form
    34. 34. Add a tip & link in email signature</li></li></ul><li>Contact Info<br /><br /><br />@karobelle<br />@KCCompany<br /><br />