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Similar to #YVRSocial: The Rise of the Influencer [Hootsuite](20)

#YVRSocial: The Rise of the Influencer [Hootsuite]

  1. Influencer Marketing at Hootsuite
  2. Alicia Taggio Manager, Advocate Marketing Hootsuite @Taggio
  3. ● Influencer Marketing 101 ● B2B Influencer Marketing ● Tools/Learnings What’s on Tap
  4. Why Influencer Marketing?
  5. Evolution of social● How do I reach my target audience? ● How do I establish credibility with potential buyers? ● How do I deliver an authentic brand message? ● How do I build meaningful relationships with key stakeholders? ● How can I use social to directly drive revenue? Marketers are Facing New Challenges
  6. To sell things, you need to build trust. But the old tricks aren’t fooling people anymore...
  7. The erosion of public trust Only 37% of the public trust CEOs. Only 29% trust government officials. And 85% of the public lack faith in the entire system. 42 41 48 43 53 52 55 53 Government Media Business NGOs Trust in Institutions Declines Percent trust in the four institutions of government, business, media, and NGOs, 2016 vs. 2017 Media declines the most Source: Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer 2016 2017
  8. With the old institutions failing them, people are turning to a familiar source: each other.
  9. Peers are now as credible as experts Source: Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer 29 35 37 43 46 48 60 60 60 Govenment official Board of directors CEO NGO rep Financial industry analyst Employee A person like you Academic expert Technical export Percent who rate each spokesperson as extremely/very credible 2017
  10. Businesses that succeed put their people— employees, advocates, customer communities, and online influencers—at the center of their marketing strategy.
  11. B2B Influencer Marketing (Advocacy)
  12. Engage and work with influencers in key verticals to drive growth, brand awareness and pipeline
  13. 1. Who am I trying to influence? 2. Who do my customers, prospects and community trust? 3. How can we work together for mutual value? 3 Questions that Guide our Influencer Strategy
  14. Who are Hootsuite’s Influencer Personas? ‘Bryan’ ‘Elise’ ‘Jeremy’ ‘Acme’‘Russ’ Network SME ‘Russ’ is heavily engaged with a tight network and drives decision making in his niche. He’s a subject matter expert (SME), maybe in retail or government, or a regional leader online. His recommendation might not break the internet, but it could definitely help win business. Thought Leader ‘Bryan’ is a thought leader in social and digital marketing, with a large social following. He creates content, engages his audience, and is likely to drive trust, advocacy and #brandlove. Prominent Practitioner ‘Elise’ is a social media practitioner with a recognizable brand. She is socially engaged via her own profiles, and is visible online as a leader in tactical implementation. Her Klout score probably exceeds her real-world clout, but her opinion is trusted. Social Org Leader ‘Jeremy’ is a social or digital leader with a recognizable enterprise organization. He engages online enough to be active, but his offline influence exceeds his digital footprint. He’s the guy who writes the cheques (and so do his peers). Brand Leader ‘Acme’ is known as a category- leader in social and digital marketing. They engage with their customers, are quick to adopt new mediums, and build #brandlove across all channels. They ‘get’ social and the world knows it.
  15. Amber Naslund Senior Director Digital Transformation Hootsuite’s Industry Principles Phil Chatterton Industry Principal Higher Education Amy McIlwain Industry Principal Financial Services Koka Sexton Industry Principal Social Selling Adrian Cockle Industry Principal Non-Profits + EMEA
  16. Hootsuite’s Advocate Spectrum #HootambFollowers Users Fans Increasing value Advocacy Programs Students Employees Social Innovators Partners Internal External
  17. Customer Influencers Customer Program Amplify Ambassador Social Innovator Forum Nomination Nurture P2P Activities Invitation Sourced Solo Superstar The Champion Marketing Chief Newsletter Customer Advisory Council
  18. Sourcing tactics Advocate Programs Events Proactive social listening Key vertical activities NPS scores Nominations from employees The Wild
  19. Identify metrics to measure Business Goals Awareness Thought Leadership Word of Mouth Talent Acquisition Leads Sales Advocacy Goals Reach Comments, inbound links Shares, Reads, Likes, RTs Impressions, clicks Form Fills Online Purchase Metrics Total Reach Mentions Shares Applications Influenced Pipeline Conversions TIP Measure what matters. Target, benchmark, optimize.
  20. Tools
  21. Hootsuite Engagement - System of tabs and streams allows you to organise your dashboard for seamless profile management - See all relevant conversations, find trending content, and respond to messages across all your social channels The Hootsuite Dashboard
  22. ● Expand the functionality of your Hootsuite dashboard even further with advanced applications from Hootsuite’s App Directory ● Our free and premium apps cover a range of functions including CRM, email marketing, content management, analytics, and more… ● Explore all our App Directory Enhance your dashboard with the Hootsuite App Directory
  23. Demographics Pro for Twitter Key Features Get Audience Profiles of other Twitter accounts -- those mentioning your accounts, brands and events Discover gender split, average age, income, top cities, occupations, likes, interests, brand affiliations and more Research profiles of people tweeting hashtags -- hashtags you've used in your Twitter marketing campaigns View rich audience profile reports -- discover where they eat, shop, and other common Twitter profiles they follow
  24. TrendSpotter for Instagram Key Features View trending photos and videos for any tag or keyword search. Discover related trending hashtags for any search. Gain insights into and engage with trending influencers on Instagram. Share trending photos and videos to all your social networks in Hootsuite.
  25. Consider the Rs of influence: Relevance: The influencer is sharing content and developing a following relevant to your business and the particular market segment you want to target. Reach: The number of people you could potentially reach through the influencer’s follower base that would bring value to your business. Resonance: The potential level of engagement the influencer can create with an audience that’s valuable and relevant to your brand.
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