January February 2009 E Newsletter


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eMedicalFiles eNewsletter for January and February 2009

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January February 2009 E Newsletter

  1. 1. eMedicalFiles® e-Newsletter eMedicalFiles® Company Links Consultative e-Newsletter Our Website Atlanta, GA - February 1, 2009 - eMedicalFiles® would like to thank everyone who has been involved with our evolution in 2008. We hope Products that our newsletter has been of value to your hospital or practice. Services If there are areas of interest that you would like us to research please send us an email and we will incorporate those requests in future e- More About Us newsletters. Articles on On-Line This month's e-newsletter is on On-line Patient Scheduling. Most physicians do not realize how much time and effort is spent on scheduling Patient Scheduling and the rescheduling of patient's appointments. Practice managers and front office staff wished they did because managers could utilize their On-Line Patient Scheduling staff's time more effectively if the practice utilized an On-line Patient Scheduler. Appointments on-line suit some patients Please review the article links on the right and the highlighted articles displayed below to get a better understanding on how this application can enhance your office. Websites IntelliFinger™ Sincerely, Judson P. Bruno eMedicalFiles Connect™ National Sales Manager What are the benefits of an On-line Patient Scheduler? On-line Patient Scheduler Screen Shots Having an On-line Patient Scheduler Login in allows a practice multiple opportunities for patients availability to interact with Clinic Management their physician's office without the expense of office staff. Video Help Having an On-line Patient Scheduler Clinic Account opens up new avenues for a more Management efficient practice. Physician Management Schedule View 1 What are the benefits?
  2. 2. 1. Hundreds of additional hours of scheduling time for patients who Schedule View 2 can schedule at anytime of the day without office interaction. 2. Nominal cost per hour. Resource Management 3. Convenience for the patient. 4. Provide patients an avenue to fill out forms at home versus filling Insurance them out in the facility 5. Increased efficiency for the practice. Text Messages 6. Manager or Physician access to the schedule remotely without office interaction. 7. Reallocating time to the front desk to focus on other tasks of Our Partners collecting funds from patients and providing higher customer service. 8. Decreasing unnecessary front desk overhead. Decreasing staff by .5 FTE. On-line Schedulers can be integrated with existing Practice Management applications or they can be utilized has a stand alone application. What to look for in an On-line Medical Scheduler? When your practice is busy, even the smallest tasks that can be outsourced or automated can make the difference between an environment of "controlled chaos" and an environment rife Events with headaches and short fuses. Such is the case when a doctor In February or health professional decides to use the services of an online Towards the Electronic scheduler, or a solution designed Patient Record (TEPR) 25th to alleviate some of the routine demands placed upon the front-desk staff Annual Conference of a medical practice. February 2-5 Palm Springs, CA Continue reading this article... Get to Know the Facts about Electronic Health Information The Georgia EHR project now has brochures and posters that physician offices and use to get their patients more involved in the personal health records and how it integrates with their physician's office electronic health record. Georgia Health Info brochure Georgia Health Info poster Georgia EHR Facts More information for patients on Georgia Health Information's website...
  3. 3. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Electronic Health Record (EHR) Demonstration Project is a five-year, Medicare project that will provide incentive payments to physicians for using certified electronic health records to improve the quality of patient care. If you are interested in this project please contact: Altamese Morris, Executive Assistant Office of Health Information Technology & Transparency Office - 404-656-7282 Fax - 404-656-9655 Email - amorris@dch.ga.gov If you would like information on the project please open these links and please fill out the survey... Georgia EHR Project Georgia EHR Community Partnership Georgia EHR Project Survey About eMedicalFiles® We're an industry leader in the integration of EMR, biometric and Internet technologies. We assist patients, physicians, healthcare systems, third-party payers and government agencies in their quest for a healthcare system that's web-based, easy to use, interoperable and secure. Read More by clicking the login button... Upcoming e-newsletters will be on e-prescribing, client/server applications, revenue cycle management, insurance verification and more. 2008 TEPR™ Mediolegal Award Winner
  4. 4. Forward email Email Marketing by This email was sent to jpb@emedicalfiles.com by jpb@emedicalfiles.com. Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy. eMedicalFiles® | 7100 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE | 3rd Floor | Atlanta | GA | 30328