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Corey surg sap hana hc team 2013 12 13


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Corey surg sap hana hc team 2013 12 13

  1. 1. A & Backed Company CoreySurg™ Communication Solution for Perioperative & Ambulatory Services Chandra Shekhar Tekwani Founder & CEO David Sherman VP Sales & Marketing Naunihal Virdi, MD Head of Healthcare & Pharma
  2. 2. Value proposition for Hospitals • Reduction in Patient turnover times - 5 to 15 minutes per patient • Operational Savings – Between $1M and $10M per year • Improvement in Operating Room Utilization - Between 5% and 30% • Hospital recovers investment in 2 to 3 months of deployment Reduction in turnover time: 5 minutes per patient Reduction in turnover time: 10 minutes per patient Reduction in turnover time: 15 minutes per patient Savings for Hospital: $1 Million per year Savings for Hospital: $5 Million per year Savings for Hospital: $10 Million per year Increase in Operating Room Utilization: 15% Increase in Operating Room Utilization: 22% Increase in Operating Room Utilization: 30% Increased revenues for Hospital: 5% to 15% Increased revenues for Hospital: 10% to 20% Increased revenues for Hospital: 20% to 30%
  3. 3. Pricing – CoreySurg™ + SAP HANA CoreySurg™ Offerings Snapshot Trial # of users CoreySurg™ Price Functionality CoreySurg™ Standard CoreySurg™ Ultimate 25 users for 4 weeks 250 Users SAP HANA Units* CoreySurg™ Starter 1000 Users 2500 Users $2,500 $750,000 $1,500,000 $250,000 0 1 1 context 1 source 3 3 contexts 3 sources 5 5 contexts 5 sources * Estimated HANA sizing • • • • • No need for extensive technology validation Not disruptive to existing operations Incremental to existing operations Seamless integration into existing work flow 4 weeks pilot, 4 weeks per source to go live
  4. 4. What are the problems to be solved? Coordination and collaboration are cumbersome Anesthesiology, Surgery, and Nursing are waiting for answers Patient location is not always immediately available Families do not know when surgeon wants to provide an update HCPs are tethered to the workstation Not able to review and update patient information on mobile device Need streamlined view of patient data It is difficult to find what information was updated on your patient Administrators Need better metrics and analytics to investigate sources of OR inefficiency Information not available on the go and in real time Cost of deploying a solution for this must be justifiable by other functionality 4
  5. 5. Contacts Core Mobile Chandra Tekwani, CEO Palo Alto CA SAP Chris Christy, FACHE – Healthcare Industry Principal David Sherman, VP – Sales Boston MA Meredith McGrath, Sales Consultant Newtown Square PA 5
  6. 6. Waiting for answers: Have you seen the Patient? Have you seen the Surgeon? Has Anesthesia seen the patient yet? What are we Waiting for? Lack of coordination is the root cause of these issues…. 6
  7. 7. How Does CoreySurg™ Solve the coordination problem? 1 All Users can publish from their device that their task is completed in real time with comments Work Flow real time status 2 Pre-op ANES Consent Nurses OR Surgeon 3 Obstacles for patient care tasks 4 Notification for families of patients via push to smartphones or text messages to basic phones 7
  8. 8. How Does CoreySurg™ Solve problems of metrics/analytics and access to info on the go? 5 Analytics and measurements of improved efficiency * Time spent at each stage * points of optimization 6 Only relevant info from EMR, Radiology, Lab Results info for task completion for specific location and procedure 7 Secure access to records and related info from outside sources 8
  9. 9. How does CoreySurg™ fit into workflow? Stage Patient & Team Actions Updates Via Corey Notifications via Corey 1 Patient comes into pre-op, checked in by front office into Cerner RN manager updates nurse list Corey sends message to for that patient surgeon and team. Patient is in pre-op bed #5 2 Patient consent is received 3 Pre-op nursing check-in process completed. Nurse enters info into Cerner or Surgeon and team notified of prein Corey and Corey updates op check-in completed including Cerner. info and comments 4 Anesthesiologist / CRNA complete tasks. Enter info in Corey. Corey updates Cerner. Surgeon and team notified by Corey 5 Surgery and operating room nurse completes tasks. Enters info in Corey. Corey updates Cerner. Surgeon and team notified by Corey 6 Patient reaches OR. OR control desk updates status in Cerner. 7 Operating room nurse publishes that team is ready for surgeon 8 Surgeon arrives in OR 9 Surgery is completed. Corey send message to team. Surgeon and team notified by Corey Updated via Corey Surgeon and team notified by Corey Surgeon or nurse updates in Corey or in Cerner. Patient’s family notified by Corey by push notification or text message. 9
  10. 10. How does CoreySurg™ meet needs of Surgical Services? Untether the healthcare provider through the use of mobile devices • • • Instantly see the relevant info in Cerner EMR, Surginet, labs, radiology, and other information systems Ability to enter information into Cerner EMR and Surginet using text (via one-touch screen input) and/or voice Receive notifications that tasks are completed via push messages Customizable per department and personalized per user Surgeons and other providers will know the status & location of patients at all times Data retention and analysis to • Monitor performance • Improve efficiency • Decrease costs Leverages existing IT Systems Low cost trial RoI in 1 to 2 months of deployment 10
  11. 11. How does Corey™ work? Determine information needs based on Schedule, location, messages, tasks completed Acquire data from various data sources (EMRs, other clinical information systems, insurance…etc.) Surginet Tracemeter ECG Vue 11 Determine what information is relevant Push data to mobile device
  12. 12. How does CoreySurg™ integrate? Context Based Relevant Info In Real Time EMRs Surginet HL7 Labs from Cerner In-memory Database For Correlations In Real Time Tracemeter ECG Vue Text Messages with status updates Push Notifications Just the relevant info Right when you need it! Other physicians are alerted to updates on their patients in real time allowing for faster handoffs 12
  13. 13. Summary Advanced mobile software solution for healthcare providers to, • “Untether” the healthcare providers from workstations • Enable healthcare provider(s) collaboration • Optimize provider coordination to increase OR utilization Availability of metrics for improvement of OR efficiency • Increased usage • Reduced overtime Leverage existing IT systems Risk free, low cost trial: $2500 with snap shot agreement Contact: 13