December 2008 E Newsletter


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eMedicalFiles eNewsletter for December 2008

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December 2008 E Newsletter

  1. 1. eMedicalFiles® e-Newsletter eMedicalFiles® Company Links Consultive e-Newsletter Our Website Atlanta, GA - December 16, 2008 - eMedicalFiles® is in a great position to share a solution on Medical Fraud and Abuse. When your wallet or purse Products is stolen or lost most people are concerned with closing their financial accounts and regaining a new drivers license. Services Over a relative short period of time, your medical identity has become More About Us just a valuable as your credit or ATM card. Thousands of dollars can be charged to your insurance with all of the parties involved not even Articles on Medical realizing that someone is creating medical fraud. Fraud and Identity Practice Managers, Hospital Administrators, Information Theft Technology Managers and Physicians are constently dealing with the growing need for decreasing financial loss. Not collecting a co-pay or not World Privacy Forum Report getting paid for an emergency procedure adds up to a tremendous yearly 2006 loss. Medical ID Theft As we discussed in last months e-newsletter, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is becoming understood to everyone who is involved in patient Coalition Against Insurance care. Read the articles and column pieces for a better understanding on Fraud how medical fraud and abuse effects everyone. Website Sincerely, Judson P. Bruno IntelliFinger™ National Sales Manager Screen Shots Do You Know Where Your Medical ID Card is? by Michael Brandt Practice Management If you think identity theft and Electronic Medical Records fraud are only associated with lost or stolen credit cards or IntelliFinger™ Social Security numbers think again. As the fastest growing Practice Management form of healthcare fraud, medical Reports identity theft continues to be a significant financial drain on the health system. Insurance Verfication Drug/Lab/Allergy Sample Forms
  2. 2. Read More.... Patients, Physicians and Hospitals become victims Our Partners by Michelle Andrews If identity thieves were to disregard your financial accounts and instead target your medical information, your email link first thought might well be, "Take my medical identity. Please." What nut would want your high cholesterol, trick knee, and family history of Alzheimer's? The answer is simple: one without health insurance who needs surgery or prescription drugs, or someone who sees a medical ID as the open sesame that will allow him or her to collect millions in false medical claims. Events Find out more.... In January American Academy of Pain Medicine's 25th Annual Meeting January 28-31 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Electronic Health Honolulu, HI Record (EHR) Demonstration Project is a five-year, Medicare project that will provide incentive payments to physicians for using certified electronic In February health records to improve the quality of patient care. If you are interested in this project please contact: Towards the Electronic Patient Record (TEPR) 25th Altamese Morris, Annual Conference Executive Assistant February 2-5 Office of Health Information Technology & Transparency Palm Springs, CA Office - 404-656-7282 Fax - 404-656-9655 Email - If you would like information on the project please open these links and please fill out the survey... Georgia EHR Project Georgia EHR Community Partnership Georgia EHR Project Survey About eMedicalFiles® We're an industry leader in the integration of EMR, biometric and Internet technologies. We assist patients, physicians, healthcare systems, third-party payers and government agencies in their quest for a healthcare system that's web-based, easy to use, interoperable and secure.
  3. 3. Read More by clicking the login button... Next month's e-newsletter will be on On-line Patient Schedulers. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season. 2008 TEPR™ Mediolegal Award Winner Forward email Email Marketing by This email was sent to by Update Profile/Email Address | Instant removal with SafeUnsubscribe™ | Privacy Policy. eMedicalFiles® | 7100 Peachtree Dunwoody Road | 3rd Floor | Atlanta | GA | 30328