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A2 media presentation

  1. 1. George Joyce
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  3. 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fISound: No music added to the trailer helps to add an element of realism to the horror experience and forces the audience to focus on the other sounds of the trailer as they are more emphasised . The sounds are exaggerated so that they stand out and are more powerful. The footsteps and heavy breathing of the firemen furthers the feelings of realism and helps the audience to emerge themselves further into the film. The heavy breathing and loud footsteps have denotations of movement and being out of breath, hints that the people being shown have gone through heavy exercise such as running. However it is not clarified from what they have been running either from or who bringing the fears of the unknown to help set the scene and captivate the audience (on a subconscious level). Use of sounds such as static and ringing to enforce the captions of text to keep the pace of the trailer and sustain interest. This relies on the audience to make the connections with the every day sound and the images being shown further enhancing the realism of the film trailer. The slight echo of the footsteps shows the characters isolation and thus adds a sense of desperation as they are deprived of outside help thus enforcing the feeling of being trapped creating a claustrophobic atmosphere and increasing the level of fear through a common one. The trailer doesn’t use any dialogue, this helps to keep the audience confused but still intrigued. The only sound that is spoken is the scream that the little girl makes when the light focuses on her. The sudden scream makes the audience jump as well as hints that something has gone terribly wrong and children/woman are not exempt from what ever horror as fallen upon the people in the trailer further adding to the fear. Directly following the scream muffled shouting is heard showing the reaction to the scream. This adds to the realism of the trailer as the audience are reacting similarly to the actors in the trailer. Making the shouting unclear adds fear through using the fear of the unknown. This also helps to add to the mystery of what will happen in the film attracting people to the film to find out what happens to the people shown in the trailer. 3
  4. 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fI The trailer opens up with this shot where there are two ambiguous figures moving towards the tilting camera. The shot uses the lighting to emphasise them. The characters are moving away from the light and into the darkness hinting towards a bad journey as light connotes safety and warmth and darkness connotes fear and the unknown 4
  5. 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fI The camera slowly tilts to upright where the two figures are closer to the camera and are shown more clearly however their appearance is still ambiguous thus they hold an air of mysteriousness and keeping the audience unsure and as such intimating them. The two characters appear to be professionals going off of their costumes. The helmets and visors they are wearing dentate heavy and dangerous work thus hinting towards danger in the trailer, and the red in the helmet connotes violence and blood thus further suggesting that there is impending danger. 5
  6. 6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fI This shot shows the characters to be male and appear distracted by something off screen. The screen goes static and fades to blackness as the strength of the static increases. The static connotes disturbance and denotes that something is wrong thus again hinting that all is not well and the trailer is piling on the tension used to help attract audiences. 6
  7. 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fI The static stops and the caption “LAST YEAR EMERGENCY SERVICES RECEIVED OVER 23 MILLION CALLS” fades onto the screen. This makes the cut from the characters to the caption appear continuous and smooth. The caption continues to fade in until the white used in the text becomes brighter and thus using a light against dark contrast so that it is easily read and gains the attention of the audience. After the colour has been made more dominant the caption begins to steadily grow in size thus drawing even more attention to itself. The caption itself is strategically placed in the centre of the screen where audiences tend to focus most of their attentions to and thus being in the audiences centre of focus. 7
  8. 8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fI The caption soon begins to fade as the static comes into the shot, thus keeping to theme of a disturbance as well adding a sense of familiarity as a result of this the audience is easily abled to follow what information is giving to them and not get confused. The static ends and fades into an action shot where the camera is in the point of view of someone, whilst running a flight of stairs following the charterers before know seen as firemen, thus being a easy way to immediately up the tempo and pile on the tension. This allows the audience to bring their own associations that follow them such as danger however it also add a sense of security as they are sent to rescue people in need, this further supports that something has gone wrong 8
  9. 9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fI The trailer repeats the use of the static and fading away to a caption informing the reader. This continues to familiarise the audience with trailer creating a short bond between the audience and the trailer, as a result of this people will be more enticed to watch the movie. The fading in and out of scenes helps to change scene to show different sections of the film that have been selected to ensnare viewers and highlight aspects of the film. In the trailer there are two stories being told the story of the firemen and the story of the captions that link up together to 9
  10. 10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fI The 10
  11. 11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI1yZF6kn3YSound: 11
  12. 12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvFDOs4Km4U 12
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  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. The poster has added in an Easter egg of a screaming face in the female’s eye, as a result of this the poster Static effect from trailer added to the poster will become a topic of conversation thus helping the keeps a consistency running throughout , so film to generate hype and spread word of the film. that the effect becomes a link between their The screaming face has connotations of fear and media products. The static denotes a strong emotions thus hinting towards the genre of disturbance thus hinting that there is the film as well as reinforcing the caption something wrong taking place. “EXPERICANCE FEAR”.The lighting on the picture is coming down on to the The caption “EXPERIENCE FEAR” makes afemale, thus leaving shadows that cover sections of statement about the film and it’s genre whichher body, hiding sections and making her appear is obviously horror. The caption “EXPERIENCEambiguous thus leaving people unsure of her FEAR” breaks the fourth wall by engaging withappearance as a result of this people can’t make a people by directly talking to them and tellingcertain conclusion of the person displayed thus them what to expect. This also sets up aleaving them in the dark reflecting the image, challenge for the film and build expectations.consequently the poster is engaging with the The way in which the title is displayed, withinaudience. The picture is a high definition photo of a straight brackets and next to the record symbolfemale who has gone through an unpleasant mirroring the title of the film by using theexperience giving her rough exterior thus adding a universal symbol for record. Thus hinting towardsforeboding element to the poster to help generate the nature of the film and its handheld camerahype for the film thus fulfilling the point of the poster. footage there . The title of the film is written in allThe feminine character’s hair is wet either with sweat capitols so that they stand out and are easilythus denotation a heavy exercise hinting that they read, this is further reinforced by the colour of thehave either been trying to escape something or title , white, creating a light on dark contrast tocapture something, or water that has the denotations put emphasis on the title.of cleansing thus suggesting that the character has The poster brings emphasis to the directors ofbeen cleansed of their naivety or innocence as a result the movie, by having their names in bold thusof their experience and has connotations of life thus redirecting the audience focus to tertiary focushaving her covered in life could be mean she is being to help the poster to appeal to fans if his workused to represent life and having her appearing rough and use his name to broaden the hype that thecould be suggesting that life will struggle throughout film generates.the film . 15
  16. 16. The poster is advertising the fact that the producers have produced two well known supernatural films “Paranormal Activity” and Insidious“ this is used to helpbroaden the people who will be interested in seeing the movie. The text is in white so that there is a minute contrast between the writing and the greyishbackground, this is so that the text is readable but is not so prominent that it immediately gains the attention of the people viewing the poster. The location of thetext helps to keep the poster cantered and also I a position that is noticeable. Background appears to decayingThe lighting on the picture is on the girl’s shown through the cracking andback showing she is moving away from the growing mould hinting towardslight and into the darkness. Using the uncaring and abandoned locationsconnotations of light life, safety and warmth with connotations of loneliness andand dark death, danger and cold to send a despair. As well as fitting with themessage to the audience of the poster that codes and conventions of horrorthe innocent girl is turning from light to movie settings of uninhibited anddark. Further reinforced by he connotation desolate places out of the way fromof a children, innocent and pure and the civilisation thus out of the way fromfemale connotation of care and warmth. help. As a result of this people areThe girl’s face and appearance is not looking further led to believe that theat the audience but straight ahead thus characters are helpless to what willadding a sense of unknown about her and happen to them.making her ambiguous. The character’s By adding a quote on the poster theattire of pyjamas shows she is not prepared movie is presenting the informationand furthers the helpless image that the that the movie is “”TERRIFIYING” soposter presents her as, this combines with that fans of horror movies and otherthe fact the she is a young female and the freight enthusiasts will be attracted topeople’s common perception of the gender watch it. The caption also usesand age of being unable to take care of emotive phrases, “TERRIFYING,themselves and relying on other people e.g. SCARE,HELL”, that furthermen and parents. distinguish this poster to be about aGruesome image staring at viewers of the posters helps to connects them to the poster as the picture is interacting with horror movie through the codes andthem. The result of this is people will be more inclined to watch something that they already feel a part of. The image is conventions thus helping it to make amade up of two colours white and black, two colours that are at either end of the colour spectrum, with contrasting distinction of it’s genre whilst alsoconnotations of good and evil thus hinting towards the inevitable clash between good and evil that will feature in this attracting fans of the horror genre.movie. The image is has a decaying effect so that it suits the background and general appearance of the poster that isbeing presented to audiences. 16
  17. 17. The title of the film is situated above the mostprominent feature of the poster, the gruesomepicture , so that the after the attention has drawntowards the picture their attenti9on is refocus on thetitle of the movie. Thus the title is relying on using astrong image to help bring attention on the posterand the title being just above will inform them of thetitle of the film in which the image is surly related to.The title’s font sixe is clearly the largest on theposter, this makes the tile both easily readable anddraws attention to it. This also helps people who onlybriefly look at the poster as they will be effortlesslyable to recall the title of the film. The title is writtenentirely in capitol letters, thus again highlightingitself on the poster and making reading and recalleasy. There is a clear gap between the letters so thatthe letters themselves are easily distinguished fromeach other. The title is written in black thus adding aclear contrast between the light background helpingto make the tile is easily readable as well as havingconnotations of death thus further reinforcing theunderlying message of the poster of strugglesbetween light and dark .The spacing in the title alsohelps to emphasise the effects adding onto them. Byadding a shadow effect the title appears more eerieas well as more pronounce thus more appealing tothe fans of the horror genre. The tile has also altered Broken film wheel hints towards plot of the story, as well as fitting in with the theme ofso that it appears to being dragged down or pulled destruction and despair. By having the film reel broken and destroyed foreshadows events in theinto the gruesome picture hinting that the creature film in which the characters lives are broken and destroyed as a result of a supernatural beingin the image is powerful as well making the title which is also hinted at by the gruesome image in the centre of the poster. The film reel is out ofappear more unnerving and disturbing to people the towards the edge of the centre thus, it is not the most important feature of the poster butwho view the poster more a prop used to help reinforce both the appearance as a spooky, derelict and abandoned setting as well as give a minor hint to the plot of the story. 17
  18. 18. Quote “FAST, BRUTAL AND TOTALLY There is no lighting on the picture so that it mirrors that ofUNSTOPPABLE” from critic used to help the title of the film 30 Days of Night keeping within thepersuade people to view the movie. The theme of light and darkness. Also by having no light on thelocation of the quote being in the top left of characters it is telling the viewer that the characters are in athe portrait poster do that attention is subtly situation of death, despair and misery by the connotations oftaken away from the centre of the magazine. the grey and black of the picture thus hinting towards theThe quote is in bold and capitals so that it is tragic situation the those characters will find themselves ineasily read and stands out against the noir the film. The characters are prepared for what is “COMING”background of the poster by using a light on shown through their arming themselves with weapons, gundark colour contrast. and axe having connotations of violence and labour, hintingCaption “THEIR COMING” anchors the picture that despite what is happening the characters will keepabove to the poster. The caption is both some power in the film as they are able to defendwarning the viewers of a impending threat and themselves. This is further reinforced by the charactersenticing them as their interest will be picked by attention being focused elsewhere and not being on thethe warning. This also gives information about viewer of the poster, showing the characters dedication andthe type of film “30 Days of Night” is by seriousness towards their surviving thus hinting towards theproviding just enough information via a Title plot of a horror survival film. The image also helps towarning to help present the film as a horror. present the image of a cold, dark and isolated setting whereThe image above the caption fits it in with the the characters are on their own. The coldness of the postertext, as the picture has a group thus comes from the colourless grey tint of the pictures havingrepresenting “THEIR” and by having the hints of neutral in the fight between the soon to be predatorpeople figures ambiguous adds a sense of and prey. The coldness is reinforced by the snowy weathermystery and presents the “COMING” as they and in the pathetic fallacy of showing the extreme cold thatare in the background and appear to be is snow. Their isolation is shown through the broadness of“COMING” towards both the central characters the location in the picture and the unobstructed view outwho have armed themselves thus linking the into the storm.two images together as well coming towardsthe viewer of the poster.The poster also provides information of the films previews, thus it is informing viewers of necessary information and fulfilling the essential criteria of a poster whichis providing snippets of information so that people are able to identify the film and create interest which is further capitalized on via the colour scheme, pictures etc.the black writing helps to contrast with the bright red background so that is easily readable reinforcing the effect of making the text in capitols. 18
  19. 19. Title Title Gruesome picture 19
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. Gruesome pictureGruesome picture Gruesome picture Gruesome picture Gruesome picture 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Website – further Website – further promoting the promoting the magazine Magazine magazine information Title Film reel, with movies – fits with Gruesome picture movie magazine Main feature of theThings included in magazine linkingmagazine - help with pictureadvertise its goods 23
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  25. 25. For the following questions please circle your answer. If you change your mind please put a line through youranswer and circles another answer. 25
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  29. 29. Male Female Lance Christo  Helan prime Max Court  Azalia (means god has spared Jewish) Alan Kone  Adriana/Adrienne (means dark one) Admah (means bloody and red Hebrew)  Darcy (means dark) Acwel/Acwellen (means kill – English)  Kerri (means dark and mysterious) Aliah (means evil, iniquity)  Svetlana ( means of the light) Braeden (means from the dark valley)  Rebecca (means to bind/tie) Bran/Brendan (means raven/little raven )When planning for my trailer I decided to brainstorm names and separate them into two piles maleand female names. Whilst brainstorming names I already envisioned names with either dark orreligious meanings to them so they would fit in with the horror genre and the supernatural thusmaking the names appropriate for the trailer I have to produced. Whilst researching the meanings ofdifferent names, I came up with the idea of having words like “alone” and “help me” hidden amongstthe names further deepening them as well subconsciously effecting the audience and sticking in theirhead thus making them more memorable and the trailer more powerful. 29
  30. 30. Name: Alan ConeAge: 18 Picture ofGender: Male ProtagonistEthnicity: CaucasianReligion: N/AOccupation: StudentStatus: humanPersonality: serious, braveFeaturesWeightNationalityCOSTUMECOSTUME SIGNIFACANCE 30
  31. 31. Name: Alan ConeAge: 18Gender: MaleEthnicity: CaucasianReligion: N/AOccupation: StudentStatus: humanPersonality: serious, braveFeaturesWeightNationalityCOSTUMECOSTUME SIGNIFACANCE 31
  32. 32. Gender: Male/Female/both Sexuality: Age:15-25 Holidays • Heterosexual • • HomosexualOccupation • Bisexual• students• Assistants• Part timer• Shop workers• Hair dressers TAP Music • Urban/Indie – The Kooks • Rock – Linkin Park• Construction • Lifestyle • Sociable Movies • Outgoing • Horror – The Ring • Hobbies • Thrillers - Se7ven • Going cinema • Watching films • General thrill seeks Television • Crime – Criminal Minds • Thriller – Supernatural • Drama – • Horror – American Horror 32
  33. 33. Gender: Male/Female/both Sexuality: Age:26 - 35 Holidays • Heterosexual • • Homosexual • BisexualOccupation• SAP Music • Lifestyle • Movies • Hobbies • 33
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. 35
  36. 36. 36