Final destination 5 trailer analysis


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Final destination 5 trailer analysis

  2. 2. General information Length of clip: 2minutes 5 seconds Genre: supernatural horror Director: Steven Quale Distributor: Warner Bros pictures Date: realised: August 12, 2011 Cast members: Emma bell, Arlen Escarpeta, Miles Fish, Nicholas D’agosto
  3. 3. Dialogue The dialogue is humourless, directs and revealing of the narrative. A lot of voiceovers are used throughout the trailer to direct the audience’s attention which keeps them focused to the trailer. The voiceover which then goes through short sound bridge, which then becomes digetic sound with the source being the actual characters in the movie. The type of language used in the dialogue of the trailer is they simple and conventional choice of words. For example ‘disaster’ ‘death’ ‘kill’ ‘time to die’ is regularly used, this help build up the tension of the trailer.
  4. 4. Credits and Intertitles There are nine Credit/Intertitles throughout the trailer.It begins with a credit to the film’s distributor WarnerBros, which presents the unique selling point of themovie franchise final destination. The first intertitlesays ‘this summer’, this begins to createanticipation, suspense and excitement as they knowthis movie will be out soon. The second intertitle followafter any says ‘we all share’, this phrase interacts theaudience but stating the word ‘we’. Also this intertitle isdisjointed as the audience will find out the rests of thecompleted phrase will take formation at the end of thetrailer. The third intertitle says ‘a common’ followed bythe word ‘destination’. This results in the completedphrase ‘this summer we all share a commondestination’. This is tagline of the movie which isrelated back to the brand of the movie. The disjointedIntertitles create the high level of suspense which helpskeep the audience interested and puzzled. The nextintertitle is located later on in the trailer which says ‘therules’ followed by ‘have changes’, this helps theaudience to link the movie with the previous oneswhich again connects the brand together, but statingthat its different this time which makes the audiencethink. The final intertitle is the release date andadditional information. The timing between Intertitlesis key to the build up tension and specifically beenstructures to ensure maximum dramatic impact to theaudience.
  5. 5. Narrative The narrative of final destination 5 is similar to the previous movie from the franchise which is a linier structure. The plot of the movie is a group of people try to escape death in variety of different forms from a character that is able to have premonitions of the protagonist characters. Death claim the characters one by one by a supernatural death experience which presents itself to be an accident of some kind. On the contrary final destination 5 states that the rules have changed therefore a new aspect and dynamic to their signature narratives. The plot is linear but with occasional flashbacks which can make it anachronic, which can make it harder for the audience to follow.
  6. 6. Pace Final destination 5 follows the standard conventions of starting the trailer slow and calm. However the pace suddenly changes rapidly interest of gradually building up. As dramatic events unfold and take shape, the progression of anticipation increase and the level of tension are high as there is a sudden change in speed. This generates the audience’s interest levels to heighten and the focus of wanting more.
  7. 7. Voiceovers There is a voiceover in the trailer, however is not the typical style of voice over which is when the source remains a mystery. In this case the voiceover, the source which is the character is revealed after their spoken words; therefore non-digetic sound travels through a sound bridge to become digetic sound. Also the voiceover reveals much of the narrative which is combined with the visuals on screen. Most of the movie sequences are discovered but there are many hidden elements yet to be seen.
  8. 8. Camera angles and shots The first shot shown is a point of view shot from thecharacters prospective whilst the y are laying down but theaudience down relies this until the next sequence of shots isshown. This show presents itself to be very puzzling andcreepy. Not knowing what this object is combined with thefact that its closed up confuses the audience and brings aelement of ‘fear factor’. A tilt camera movement is used in the next scene to view the first character shown. The tilt starts from bottom and slow progresses upwards to show the characters face. This is done to build up the tension and the audience to view the focal area for this scene. The camera angel if pointing downwards, which shows that the character is powerless at this point, therefore the audience can anticipate a big event to follow.
  9. 9. A close up is used in the following scene; this is used when the femalecharacter is under the machine. Showing the audience her face and the facialexpressions, this allows a strong relation between the audience and thecharacter on screen as the audience can almost feel the fear they are goingthough and the anticipation from the next move. In this particular shot showsthe character looking away at this point, this creates tension as she lookingaround for danger but the audience is not shown this show it leaves themtense and wanting to know what happens next.There are zoomed in shots used to create a strong impact on the audience.The tension if shown and from the foot and nail in this scene and leaves theaudience in fear and anxiety as the following scenes show near missing ofcontact with the nail.
  10. 10. Special effects/CGI Final destination 5 has used a variety of special effects in their trailer.In this shot an tense and dramatic scene is generated because of special effects. The two characters arestanding on a broken bridge which one ready to jump. This creates an immediate shock factor amongstthe audience whilst the CGI effect creates a horrifying sense of realism. This is a very realistic and terrifying special effect in which the bridge is collapsing and cars and pedestrians and falling straight down. Details have been carefully taken care of and quality of the CGI is used to create the fear factor and the tension built up in the audience.
  11. 11. Music and sound The trailer begins with a prolonged quiet eerie and empty sound. This is still calm and does not directly connate fear. This carries on, with the dialogue, until the screen goes blank and the sound drops signalling something is going to happen. The delicate sound of a machine beeping is audible as the character shouts. The audience are concentrating on the delicate when a bang sound channel as the first intertitle is launched on to the screen causing a jump. The beeping of the machine speeds up as the character struggles and screams loudly. The background music with the voice over of a male character. The background music decreases as the characters continue to scream and voiceovers are audible and flash imagery becomes more rapid. The sound of screaming continues until the sound suddenly stops. This is the signal to the end of the trailer and the audience feel their calmed downs the sound nears silence. However chime like sound appear which connate peace and serenity become audible but also combines with mystery. The next scene is a sound of a table breaking a screams which end the trailer which suspense and dramatic scenes. Which increases the audience’s tension and fear therefore potential lead the interest of finding out more by watching the movie.
  12. 12. Unique selling point The two main USP of final destination 5 are that it’s a part of a existing movie franchise therefore brand awareness and popularity of the film is already created and the audience are ready to watch the new instalment. Also by making the movie to 3D is a big USP because it transforms the movie and the audience experience when watching it, concluding that is will appeal to a wider audience.
  13. 13. Target audience The target audience for this movie is for both genders male and female ager from fifteen and above. The age certificate of this movie is fifteen which is the mind set that younger minds are not able to watch this type of movie. The main target audience is for young adults/ teenagers which is related back to the characters which also are young adults and teenagers.