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A unit by unit walk through for Level 1 of Our Discovery Island

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  • Approach… Pearson are an advocate of 21 st century learning, if you would like to learn more about it, visit one of our partner sites, these are the principles that underpin the appraoch we took to the pedagogy behind Our Discovery Island. Let’s have a look shall we?
  • Interpretation – (Our Discovery Island – reaches, teaches, gets results, have a look at the back of your book… The whole learner – we care about the cognitive, emotional and social development of the students, not just their English because we are teachers of children not just children’s English teachers…) Our online adventures on themed islands help us to do that… We also realize that children here in Korea have limited exposure to English in their daily life, so we have brought in their school subjects through cross-curriculur connections AND authentic texts such as stories and quests which provide an immersion environment for the children learning English. Again inline with 21 st century learning – we want lessons, where we provide guided communication, collaboration fun characters and enhgaging stories to motivate our YLs… So let’s see how this applies to the book itself…
  • Not a traditional 20 th Century course, we also have great resources utilizing modern tech, in fact I’d like to introduce a sample unit from Level 1 to you to today, I’m going to do this first using the DVD… Task… What color is Waldo?
  • Here I want to use the DVD teacher resource to introduce the unit to you, you might want to do the same, or use it at the end of the unit. Task – So, what color is Waldo? (Did you notice that there is songs and stories on the DVD, great teacher resources, anyway we know the target language lets take a look at the UNIT in the Student book)
  • Does anyone have a birthday today? (A balloon for each table). Competition: first person to find a person born in the same year, same month, same date? GTKY ‘What’s your name? How old are you? What’s the date of your birthday? 12 tables – 12 months of the year VOCAB FC Drills: # body shapes / # grps/ Wait for it (Colours)! Find something (red) VOCAB FC With students: Get in order / Line up / what’s missing? GRAMMAR: Age wave QUEST: Look for the (red) card SONG: Action for come, quest, look, egg, blanket
  • SONG: island group competition: Loudest
  • STORY: island group competition: softest (whisper)
  • CC: What is it? It’s orange … (Mime the answer) Letter/ Sound: decode and encode
  • T: Count and clap / S: Call the item Let Ss take over as T
  • Add in the url: www.ourdiscoveryisland.com
  • Given you a unit walkthrough Level 3 and all the levels follow the same structure, as I mentioned at the bgeinning each l;evel has a different island and there is a different story for each level/isalnd, so what I would like to do now, is give you an idea of the story behinds space island and I am going to use the teacher resource of the active teach, not only SB pages, audio and additonal activities, are you ready’ let’s take off to Space Island.
  • We know that the unit structure is the same across the levels, and each level has its island and story… However, within the curriculum at level 3 we felt it was age appropriate and cognitively appropriate to introduce them to cross cultural themes from around the world… what’s the coross cultura; theme here??? Turn to page 94/95…
  • You’ll also see that the types of actively have become cognitively more challenging to match the children’s age. What’s the game? Guess Who? I put on this game because it is a game I used to play as a child and loved it. So I hope you have fun with your students too. (Let’s try it shall we… turn to page 32)
  • So we have come to the end and I would just like to a high note a Jazzy note… this song comes from Level 4, who likes jazz… let’s all snap our fingers with the beat, if they are getting in to it stand up…
  • Local Advisory Board… (Teamwork riff… Series Advisors David Nunan, and our local advisors Dr. Wonkey Lee, a senior professor from Seoul National University of Education, and Dr. Namjoon Kang… Dean of TESOL YL program at Sookmyung Women’s University).
  • 2012.odi.walk.through.cambodia

    1. 1. 21st Century Learninghttp://p21.org/
    2. 2. 21st Century Learning
    3. 3. •Level 1 Family Island•Level 2 Tropical Island•Level 3 Space Island•Level 4 Film Studio Island•Level 5 Ice Island•Level 6 Future Island
    4. 4. Unit Walkthrough level 1 Presentation/practice: Language set 1 Presentation/practice: Language set 2Story & Comprehension / Values Cross-curricular & Phonics Review & Assessment
    5. 5. W Opening pages introduce the theme and provide a fun, vibrant way to present the vocabulary and grammar. Grammar box explains the grammar in a simple form, and reinforced on the Audio CD. Special challenge or Quest asks students to find a secret object.
    6. 6. Key vocabulary is recycled and developed with plenty of opportunities for practicing the new words in context. REngaging song or chantreinforces vocabulary. R Students practice integrated skills – they are always taught together, and in context. M
    7. 7. Embed Song from level 1 CD Rom
    8. 8. W A story in every unit consolidates vocabulary and grammar of the unit. Values introduce M social responsibility. W Home School Link invites students to share what they have learned at home.
    9. 9. Embed Story from level 1 CD rom
    10. 10. A simple cross-curricular lesson makes the criticalconnection between English other content areas, andintroduces the connection across the curriculum.AM The Sounds Fun section of each unit helps children to sound out the letters and form the words
    11. 11. A game reviews and consolidates the language fromthe entire unit. As the children play the game,teachers observe what students have learned.R M Progress Check assesses learners and learning outcomes. The “I Can” checkboxes give students the chance to evaluate their own progress and feel successful.
    12. 12. ACharacters come to life in the OurDiscovery Island online world, wherestudents practice their new languagethrough an endless variety of interactivegames and activities!
    13. 13. ONLINE WORLD ONLINE WORLDwww.ourdiscoveryisland.com
    14. 14. ONLINE WORLDProgress Review System
    15. 15. ONLINE WORLDTeacher and student support
    16. 16. 21 Presentation Title runs here l 00/00/00
    17. 17. 22 Presentation Title runs here l 00/00/00
    19. 19. •Components Online World Workbook PIN code in SB / TE Student Book w/ Audio CD 1-6 w/CDRom Active Teach 1-6 Picture Cards 1-6 Poster Pack (one for all levels) Teachers Edition DVD 1-6 w/ Audio CD 1-6 Audio CDs 1-6
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