Donelson Orphanage Sponsorship Presentation


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Provides information about the plight of orphans in Ukraine and how Christian organizations like World Wide Youth Camps can partner with local churches to build a network of support.

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Donelson Orphanage Sponsorship Presentation

  1. 6. Orphanage Sponsorship Program An opportunity to expand your local church's reach for God's kingdom and His children
  2. 7. The Model   Orphanage sponsorship with WWYC is a three-way relationship. Each entity in the relationship is vitally important to the other two.   Orphanages WWYC Church
  3. 8. The Benefits For the Orphans : Ongoing relationships with Christian adults, both sponsors and local Ukrainian mentors. An extended “family,” devoted to loving them, showing them Jesus, and meeting some of their needs.
  4. 9. The Benefits For the Orphanage : Material aid to provide a better quality of living for the orphans. A partner that cares as much for the children as the caregivers do.
  5. 10. The Benefits For your Church : A tangible mission focus in which the entire church can be involved. Infrastructure (in-country logistics and staff) and access (through our relationships with local authorities).
  6. 11. The Benefits For the ministry of WWYC : Additional resources for ministry that would not otherwise be available. An important means of building relationships with the children before they leave the orphanage.
  7. 12. Minimum Sponsorship Commitment Make an initial three year commitment to the sponsorship relationship. Pray consistently, as a congregation, for the children and staff at the orphanage.   Send a group of people at least once per year to visit the children and staff at the orphanage.   Send Christmas gifts each year for the children at the orphanage.   Provide $3,600 per year for school supplies, birthday gifts, other supplies, and delivery of these supplies; as well as to help enable regular visits by local mentors.
  8. 13. Other Additional Ministry Activities Each church/orphanage relationship will be unique and may also include additional ministry activities, such as:   Collecting orphanage graduation “Survival Kits.”   Raising financial support and/or holding drives to provide camp sponsorships, clothing, heating, etc. Other activities as the orphans need and God leads.   Under Consideration: Individual church members sponsoring individual orphans from the church’s sponsored orphanage.
  9. 14. The Mentors Mentors are Ukrainian believers who visit the orphans regularly. They teach the orphans about Jesus and about life. They listen to the hopes, fears, and dreams of the children. The mentors extend relationship to the orphans in a way that few people can. They are the hands and the feet of this ministry. Orphans look forward to their visits, knowing that they will find a friend who loves and cares for them. Lena, Zhenya, and Yulia Strakhov
  10. 15. Our Vision for the Future Ministry Center The Ministry Center will be a day facility that will serve as a support base for orphanage graduates. The center will be a safe environment in which orphanage graduates continue to be mentored, socialize, and receive practical assistance with the issues of life on their own. The center will provide:   · Spiritual nurture, fellowship, and encouragement · A gathering place to build positive relationships with mentors · Social events   · Bible classes · Counseling – psychological, educational, vocational · Legal advice/advocacy · Computer lab and training · Educational seminars in independent living skills
  11. 16. What We Need From You Pray as a church to determine the Lord’s desire for your church in orphanage sponsorship. Make a decision and commit to sponsor an orphanage. Appoint a church member to be the liaison and primary contact between WWYC and your church. Send the first funding and the first team to visit the orphanage. Continue praying publicly as a church for the children and staff at the orphanage.
  12. 17. What You Can Expect From Us Support and administration of the program in the USA and in Ukraine. In-country logistics and travel coordination. Regular reports on expenditure of funds. Periodic updates about the needs of the orphanage and the children.