Faith Alliance of Atlanta Overview


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This is a short presentation of the purpose, goals, mission and activities of the Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta - along with information about how you can get involved.

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Faith Alliance of Atlanta Overview

  1. 1. Organizational OverviewGeorge WirthMarch 11th, 2013
  2. 2.  Who We Are What We Do What Does This Mean For You?
  3. 3.  1989: Human Relations Commission Appointed by Governor Joe Frank Decided Atlanta Needs Interfaith Organization 1992: Interfaith Coalition of Metro Atlanta Formed 16 diverse clergy 10 years of writings, TV Programs (with AIB), etc. 9/11/2001: Tragedy February 2002: Regional Assembly at Calloway Gardens Convened by Imam Plemon El-Amin, Rev. Joanna Adams, Rabbi Alvin Sugarman 30 religious and community leaders Need interfaith organization/advocacy for lay and clergy in Atlanta AND… Need a prayer service in response to 9/11 9/11/2002 Interfaith Service Kick off at The Temple with 60 invitees Almost a year of intensive planning Service included 100 robed clergy sharing scripture from 7 religions, 100 voice choir 2003: FAMA legally formed 2004: FAMA and World Pilgrims become partners 2003-2013: Over 60 assemblies and extensive network of friends and partners
  4. 4.  Especially you! And your community Program/ Event Attendees Individual Members Sponsors/ Contributors Religious and social justice organizations, individuals Partners Current and Former Board Members
  5. 5. Organization Faith Executive RoleGogi Basi Sikh Study Circle SikhMatthew Collins Holy Comforter Church (Friendship Center) EpiscopalMark Crenshaw Leadership Disability, GA State Univ United Methodist VP & Food ChairNuri Daya Ismaili Muslims Connection IslamAudrey Galex Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters Judaism Outreach ChairBob Hauert Atlanta Hospice CatholicismAndrew Johnson Habitat for Humanity [Christian] Housing ChairMario Karpuj Or Hadash JudaismRev. Marti Keller UU Congregation of Atlanta Universalist UnitarianRabbi Bradley Levenberg Temple Sinai Judaism Program ChairNefeesah Madyun Atlanta Masjid IslamRena Marroquin Covenant Presbyterian Church Presbyterian TreasurerValerie Morvan Shambhala Center Buddhism VP and SecretaryImam Furqan A. Muhammad Masjid Al-Muminun IslamRabbi Frederick Reeves The Temple JudaismGillian Renault The Vedanta Center Vedanta HindismBrother Shankara The Vedanta Center Hinduism PLU ChairDr. Khalid Siddiq Al Farooq Masjid IslamRev. Robert V. Thompson Interfaith Community Initiatives BaptistDov Wilker American Jewish Committee JudaismFred Woolf The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints MormonGareth Young Red Clay Sangha Zen Buddhism President
  6. 6.  Who We Are What We Do What Does This Mean For You?
  7. 7. We do this through: Communal Prayer: Fostering interfaith and multi-faithoccasions for prayer, meditation and celebration among theregion’s religious communities. Education on Religion: Encouraging and providingopportunities for learning about the rituals of prayer,worship, and meditation, and about the values and beliefs ofthe region’s various religious traditions. Dialogue: Organizing and promoting thoughtful multi-faith and interfaith dialogue concerning important issues ofthe day.To promote understanding, respect, prayer, interaction and unity among thediverse faiths in the greater Atlanta region, and to advance the influence andvoices of the faith communities for the common good. Cooperation and Networking: Stimulating and fosteringcooperation between people and groups actively engaged inreligious and inter-religious work. Advocacy and Action: Modeling and being a unified andcoordinated, ethical force for justice and the common good.
  8. 8. 2011: Co-sponsored 9/11 interfaith event in Decatur The program attracted approximately 600attendants2012: North American Interfaith Network (NAIN)Annual Conference Six educational public programs Sponsored Habitat Interfaith Build Interfaith Event With Atlanta Community FoodBank First program with Shepherd Center Board Strategic Retreat and New Initiatives
  9. 9. Education: Builds Bridges of Understanding ThroughShared Experiences and KnowledgeProgram: Supports FAMA Initiatives Coordinate Central Calendar Align with Mission Ensure Consistency Seeks Opportunities for Collaboration
  10. 10.  To raise our interfaith voice for the common good….…by addressing theissues surroundingaffordable housingand homelessness.
  11. 11. Advocate• Partner with organizations like AHAND andGSTAND to stay current on issues• Facilitate letter writing campaigns, petitions andother advocacy tools with congregations• Share information with FAMA supportersParticipate• Help plan, sponsor, and participate in annualInterfaith Build with Atlanta Habitat forHumanity• Support other organizations’ events, by notifyingFAMA supporters, volunteering or participatingEducate•Make presentations at congregations about housing issues
  12. 12.  To educate, engage andequip members of FAMAand Atlanta’s faithcommunities to raise theirvoices for justice withcitizens who are foodinsecure and hungry
  13. 13. •Partner with organizations to stay up-to-date with current issues• Facilitate letter writing campaigns, petitions and other advocacy with congregationsEquip• Help plan, sponsor, and participate in the annual National Hunger Action month activitieswith the Food Bank• Engage in advocacy with those who are food insecure and hungryEducate• Offer Hunger 101 programs to educate FAMAmembers about issues that affect a family’s access tohealthy foodEngage•…with Atlanta Community Food Bank, urbangardeners, farmers markets and others on solutions
  14. 14.  This Committee offers our faith communities activities and events which demonstratethat, beneath all our varieties of belief and practice, we are all of one loving, aspiringheart, the embodiment of our common birthright, the indomitable human spirit.
  15. 15. Ceremonies of Our ChildrenFAMA event on April 10 to celebrate and learn aboutceremonies that parents from six different faithtraditions have done to bring children into theircommunity.FAMA AID: Music and PerformanceA fundraising telethon to be held Sunday, June 23featuring music and more from various traditions,to be streamed live online. Donations to be madeonline or by phone.Hopes and Fears of Our Young AdultsTo be planned and produced by task force of young adults recruited from our traditions,with funding and logistical support from our committee and other organizations. Tentativedate Sunday, September 22
  16. 16.  Revamped website in 2012 (thanks to Rabbi Levenberg!) Developed print brochure Met with AIB-TV to brainstorm ideas for more extensive coverage Increased email communication – Mail Chimp list of more than 500members Posted events online and in print media to drive attendance
  17. 17.  Develop closer relationshipwith AIB-TV Reach out to more faithcommunities to encourageparticipation in FAMA (phonecampaign, email) Redesign website – more interactivity Strengthen Facebook/social media presence Do PR campaigns around key events (e.g. Ceremonies for our Children)
  18. 18. January & February Celebrated Interfaith Harmony Week with Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Partnered with Catholic ArchdioceseGoing Forward Build Relationships of Trust, Understanding and Collaboration withPartners New Committees to Solidify and Expand Reach Sponsor Habitat Interfaith Build Develop Collaborative Events and Programs with the Food Bank Hold Compassion Conference and Classes in Partnership with theParliament of the World’s Religions and Interfaith CommunityInitiatives Explore Speakers Bureau in Partnership with Islamic Speakers Bureau Work with AIB-TV to Develop Programming
  19. 19. 20132011 2012 BudgetSources of FundsProgram $2,779 $4,231 $3,300Membership $4,893 $8,843 $8,500Contributions $5,885 $9,780 $8,200Total Sources $13,557 $22,754 $20,000Uses of FundsProgram $2,196 $1,657 $3,800Outreach $775 $2,581 $6,300Operations $6,056 $5,874 $9,900Total Uses of Funds $9,027 $10,112 $20,000Net Surplus $4,539 $12,642 $0
  20. 20.  Who We Are What We Do What Does This Mean For Me?
  21. 21.  Be an interfaith spokesperson at my faith community Initiate World Religions class at my faith community Invite people of other faiths to FAMA events Help with FAMAs administration Share my ideas for promoting interfaith harmony inAtlanta Attend FAMA events Participate in FAMAcommittee Support FAMA financially