Unleash Mid Term Report 2009


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Report of i2 activity for Fellowship Bible Church ending Dec 2009.

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Unleash Mid Term Report 2009

  1. 1. MID-TERM i2 REPORT2095502190750Unleash TeamJanuary 2010<br />executive summary<br />The last 18 months have been a time of significant change and advancement for the externally focused ministries of Fellowship. We combined our Community Strategies, Reach and Release teams into one team under the banner of Unleash. The combined team is now 11 members plus several key lay leaders who serve regularly. Our expanded team is unified in our efforts to advance the cause of Jesus around the corner and around the world. <br />This report will give a brief outline of our efforts and will highlight significant accomplishments including:<br /><ul><li>The Luis Palau Festival and the CityFest Season of Service attracted over 55,000 + 8,000 who served. More than 1400 responded to the Gospel and the cause of racial reconciliation was advanced.
  2. 2. We hosted the Out4Life conference on the issue of the transition from prison to successful living. The conference attracted over 200 participants + 60 volunteers from all over Arkansas and several other states including representatives of government agencies, churches and non-profits that work with prisoners.
  3. 3. Our work in South Mid-Town and the inner-city has continued to grow with emphasis on building relationships through literacy, education, health and families:
  4. 4. The Passport to Success program at Franklin served more families
  5. 5. New literacy programs were launched with Summer Reading Camps
  6. 6. We hosted training for 100 leaders to use Christian Literacy materials in working with children or adults
  7. 7. Shepherd’s Hope medical clinic expanded its services and doubled its service hours
  8. 8. We launched partnerships with Arkansas Baptist College and the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections to provide college training for inmates we work with in our prison ministry
  9. 9. The Lord provided funding for us to give away more grants than ever before and to dedicate more staff and lay time to serving real needs.
  10. 10. Working with our Congregational Pastors we have expanded our focus and increased the level of service to our community with new ventures in Little Rock, Maumelle, North Little Rock, Cabot and Benton.
  11. 11. Russell Rainey and Linda Slaton continued their life-coaching work with people seeking to pursue their passion to live out their faith in service. They presented at 2 Fellowship Network conferences.
  12. 12. We launched our new Fellowship Unleashed website.
  13. 13. Entered a new partnership in Guatemala to launch Fellowship Guatemala, a Pastoral Residency program for Central America.
  14. 14. Engaged in research that will lead to launching 2 significant social entrepreneurship initiatives: A Transitional Living facility for parolees in Little Rock and a Business Incubator in Rwanda.
  15. 15. The Evangelical School of Theology in Poland hosted the first Festival of Protestant Culture. It joined a partnership with Yale University and to house the Jonathan Edwards Center for Eastern Europe.
  16. 16. World Gospel Outreach in Honduras completed construction of its new headquarters center and more than doubled its capacity to serve. </li></ul>Fellowship Bible Church Unleash Team<br />Mike Robinson, Executive Pastor of Unleash<br />Ray Williams, Community Ministries Pastor<br />Paul Chapman, Local and Global Mission Pastor<br />Shelby Smith, Local Mission Pastor<br />Rosie Stephens, Global Mission Pastor<br />Russell Rainey, Purpose Pastor<br />Linda Slaton, Women’s Purpose Director<br />LaShanna Bruce, Passport Director<br />Laura Davis, Administrative Assistant<br />Jennifer Hawthorne, Administrative Assistant<br />Cynthia Klumpp, Administrative Assistant<br />LOCAL MISSION<br />Children <br />Orphans <br />The CALL and Bethany Christian Services continue to place local orphans in Christian homes. The CALL in Pulaski County recruited and trained over 70 new foster families. They expanded to 7 other counties and are consulting with 2 groups in other States and 2 cities in other countries.<br />We organized a fundraising concert (Chris Tomlin) for Soaring Wings Youth Ranch that netted $60k for the organization. <br />Education<br />Education is a critical element in the well-being of children and we continue to make significant investments in our partnership with STEP Ministries, our Passport to Success After-School Program, and a new Christian Literacy Initiative.<br />STEP Ministries<br />Through the Encourager program, 360 mentors from 15-20 churches are mentoring almost 700 students in 25 schools.  Fellowship currently has approximately 45 Encouragers who serve primarily at Franklin and Gibbs Elementary Schools.<br />140 adults have served in one-on-one biblically based, after-school mentoring at the Eastgate and Little Rock Mentoring Centers.  <br />Conducted a two-week Back-to-School Reading Camp using Christian Literacy materials that resulted in significant academic progress for many of the students.<br />Passport to Success<br />PTS is designed to serve families and promote student success by facilitating academic, personal, and spiritual growth in students and to provide life on life opportunities for fellowship families to connect with Franklin Elementary Families. In its pilot year PTS <br />Increased parental involvement with 22 student’s academic progress and school activities such as Fall Fest<br />Connected 13 Fellow families with Franklin families in a monthly dinner that created the opportunity for growth in all families.<br />Documented significant improvement in reading skills and in positive behavior trends as reported by teachers.<br />In its second year Passport is building on lessons learned, expanding to include new families, developing the leadership and systems to reproduce the model at two other schools in the 2010-11 school year.<br />Christian Literacy<br />Connecting a high priority need identified by community leaders with an opportunity for one-to-one discipleship our Christian Literacy initiative:<br />Conducted two Christian Literacy training sessions training 100 literacy tutors from more than 20 churches and organizations. <br />Served as a catalyst for four reading camps that served more than 100 students.<br />Adults & Family<br />Prison Ministry<br />This continues to be an area where many FBC members serve the incarcerated, recently released, and State employees. <br /><ul><li>Hosted the Out4Life Re-entry Conference which was a church/state partnership to educate, equip, and network community stakeholders for the purpose of reducing recidivism. Many participants commented that the training was “some of the best” they’ve received. The conference drew over 200 attendees from across Arkansas and 60 volunteers (including 10 inmates). Representatives from Missouri and Minnesota attended and have plans to host State Conferences in the next 12 months. Talks captured and posted online are being used across the State for training.
  17. 17. Partnered with Goodwill and Prison Fellowship to organize the Central Arkansas Re-entry Coalition that has community stakeholders representing non-profit service providers, State and Local agencies, and educational institutions coming together to reduce recidivism in the community.
  18. 18. Fifty volunteers teach Men’s Fraternity and Women’s Ministry in 4 central AR units.
  19. 19. Completed teaching Men’s Fraternity year 2 to senior DOC staff in Pine Bluff. Two of the wardens have started teaching year 1 to their staff.
  20. 20. Ark Baptist College program launch saw 7 of 9 DCC students score perfect 4.0’s. The other 2 made 3.75’s. Six new men started their 1st semester in January 2010.
  21. 21. Advocacy started within the DOC for State Justice reform with the goal of a creating a comprehensive plan (courts, prisons, parole) for action against criminal behavior. The data shows that the State and the inmate would be better served by increasing our Modified Therapeutic Community corrections. </li></ul>Men & Women<br />Bible studies and relationships continue at the AR Veterans Home. Christmas gifts provided. <br />Several FBC women are serving women in the Dorcas House by taking them through the Explore class. Some have become Christians. The woman leading the groups reports spiritual growth in those serving. <br />The staff and volunteers of the Crisis Pregnancy Center (lead by FBC members) continue to save many unborn from abortion and they provide volunteers opportunity to evangelize/disciple clients. Much is done with a modest budget. <br />Services<br />Health<br />Shepherd’s Hope continued to grow as one of our anchor ministries in the South Midtown Neighborhoods. Along with significant capacity building achievements under the leadership of a part-time Executive Director, the ministry:<br />Expanded to a second clinic night and over 150 ministry partners are now serving over 130 patients each month with general medicine, gynecology, x-ray and laboratory services.<br />Completed renovations on a second house that will allow the clinic to offer dental services and improve its pharmacy and prayer ministry<br />Made a significant leadership contribution to assist another local church in opening a Shepherd’s Hope type neighborhood clinic in Southwest Little Rock that will serve Hispanic families and help us to focus our resources to better serve South Midtown residents.<br />Developed counseling services and educational programs that more effectively meet our goal of serving the medical, physical and spiritual needs of our patients.<br />Food & Shelter<br />Roland Food Pantry adopted by the FBC West Congregation as their community relief organization. <br />Over 800 Boxes of Love were given in conjunction with CityFest to feed and minister to those in crisis.<br />Cabot leaders raised funds and installed a new walk-in freezer in a local food pantry in which many at the Campus serve.<br />The Garden of Hope provides fresh produce to needy families. It saw a large increase in volunteers and deeper connections within the South Midtown community that led to some new visitors for Sunday services. <br />Churches <br />Nehemiah Group<br />• Continued to unite the churches in Central Arkansas in united prayer, leadership communities, and strategic good works that visibly demonstrate the love of Christ in our Community.<br />• Hosted the 12th annual Central Arkansas Pastor’s Prayer Summit with 50 pastors (the largest to date)<br />• Served as the primary relational catalyst to bring Luis Palau Festival and CityFest 2009 to Central Arkansas, uniting more than 250 churches to share both the good news and good works in Central Arkansas including:<br />55,000 people in attendance at the Festival<br />8,000 volunteers served during the Season of Service or at the Festival<br />Advanced the cause of racial reconciliation<br />More than 1400 responses to the Gospel <br />GLOBAL MISSION<br />Missionaries and Partners<br />Africa<br />Nigeria<br /><ul><li>Fellowship is getting involved in a four year project with the Dadiya people group, a partially unreached people group in Nigeria. We are partnering with The Seed Company (Wycliffe), and The Jesus Film Project to bring the entire New Testament and portions of the Old Testament to the Dadiya by 2013. Fellowship Kids, Fellowship Students, and the Community Pastors are all engaging their congregations to support the three-fold purpose of this project:
  22. 22. To Bring the Scriptures to the Dadiya in their language by 2013.
  23. 23. To increase our awareness of and connection with God’s work worldwide.
  24. 24. To increase our own appreciation and use of the Bible.
  25. 25. Because of our long term relationship with missionaries Chuck and Judy Brod, we funded a portion of the NT Pidgin translation project. </li></ul>Rwanda<br />In Little Rock we focus on serving the rapidly growing number of Rwandan Presidential Scholars attending college in Central Arkansas. Our goal is to help them become servant leaders living out a Biblical worldview as they return to lead their country. Fellowship members are serving in the following ways:<br /><ul><li>Sunday Shuttle Team: Every Sunday a team of 8 Fellowship members use the FBC shuttle buses to provide transportation to church and a meal for, on average, 12 Rwandan students.
  26. 26. International Friendship Outreach: Fellowship members partner with IFO to provide host families and training for the families, Conversation Club volunteers and support for numerous events. Eleven Fellowship families are host families.
  27. 27. Team Rwanda Soccer Team: Formed 2 teams from 25 Rwandan students providing uniforms, coaching, food and transportation.
  28. 28. Help scholars get oriented to America and settled into their dorms, provide transportation to events, outings and appointments, provide warm clothing as needed, provide job shadowing opportunities.</li></ul>In Rwanda, we focus on developing its indigenous capacity to solve its own problems while living out a Biblical worldview. FBC and its members have strong partnerships with Bridge2Rwanda, Cornerstone Leadership Academy, the Anglican Church of Rwanda, Urwego Opportunity Bank of Rwanda, Rwanda Trading Company, Muhabura University, SonRise School and the Government of Rwanda.<br /><ul><li>Bridge2Rwanda: 2 FBC members are Board members, and 2 others are on the B2R staff.
  29. 29. Community Bible Study: FBC members launched and led CBS International for both adults and children in Rwanda in 2009 and it now has over 3000 official members.
  30. 30. Rwandan President Kagame’s Advisory Council: An FBC member is on this very influential personal advisory board to the president.
  31. 31. Upward Rwanda: In 2009, FBC members launched a church and Christian based soccer program in partnership with Upward Intl.
  32. 32. 36 FBC members and staff have traveled more than 100 times to invest in Rwanda. 5 FBC members currently live in Rwanda. 8 FBC members currently work full time for Rwandan enterprises. 60 FBC members currently volunteer extensively in ongoing Rwanda efforts.</li></ul>Middle East<br />Dave and Gloria Furman, partnering with the only evangelical church in the UAE, won governmental approval to start a new church, Redeemer Church of Dubai. Dave formed an international teaching team and they plan to start services in February 2010.<br />Europe<br />Albania<br />Austin McCaskill organized and hosted a conference on Integrity for Albanian officials in an ongoing effort to reform the widespread corruption within the government. Post conference follow-up is going well.<br />Poland<br />The Evangelical School of Theology continued to develop as the leading center for dialogue among various historic church groups, including all of the protestant denominations, the Free Church movement, the Orthodox and Catholic churches. It was recognized by Yale University hosts the Eastern Europe Jonathan Edwards Center in partnership with Yale. The school organized several interfaith and interdenominational conferences in an effort to increase understanding and respect among various church groups. It organized and hosted a Festival of Protestant Culture that attracted over 1,000 participants. It launched non-academic programs for high school students and for senior adults. <br />Central America<br />Guatemala - Church relationships<br />Through our members who participated in short-term trips we made significant relational connections with members of Iglesia Biblica in Guatemala City that have resulted in trips to Little Rock to ‘stay with friends’. <br /><ul><li>ShareFest Guatemala hosted the 3rd season of service. It is gaining influence with local government and education officials as well as other churches.
  33. 33. Fellowship Guatemala launched and has its first set of residents. It sealed 2 big partnerships: Jim Adams, president of SETECA, and Eduardo Prado, president of Atlantic International University. We’re working on a partnership between FBC Guatemala, Little Rock, and N.W. Arkansas.</li></ul>Honduras<br /><ul><li>World Gospel Outreach completed construction and opened the new Mission House despite political unrest. The new facility will more than double the capacity of WGO to host medical brigade teams. </li></ul>North America<br /><ul><li>International Friendship Outreach: FBC members are serving international students (including a large number of future Rwandan leaders) through the ministry of International Friendship Outreach by teaching English, becoming ‘Friendship Partners’, and through evangelism. There are over 100 students participating in IFO at the UALR campus from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. </li></ul>Church Leadership Training <br />Fellowship Associates Residency Program<br />The pastoral residency class of 2009 planted 3 new churches in the US and established a Residency Program in Guatemala at program completion last summer. Unleash provides $150k in seed grants each year to support the effort.<br />F.A. began training 5 new church planters in the summer of 2009.<br />FBC Seminary Scholarship Program <br />FBC is currently providing 5 students financial support while preparing for Church leadership in seminary. Students are maintaining a 3.6 or better gpa.<br />Missionary Sending <br />Sent over 400 short-term and 7 long-term missionaries around the world to engage in leadership development, evangelism, discipleship, digging wells, and construction. ‘Sent to’ countries: Rwanda, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Poland, Nicaragua, Trinidad, & Colombia.<br />supported ministries<br />Mission - Local<br />People<br />Orphan Care<br />FBC Orphan Ministry <br />Soaring Wings Ranch<br />Bethany Christian Services<br />The C.A.L.L.<br />Simone's Home<br />Glenhaven Youth Ranch<br />Education<br />STEP Ministries<br />Second Baptist Christian Academy<br />Young Life Urban<br />Give A Kid A Chance<br />Word of Outreach<br />Passport to Success<br />Prison Ministry<br />Under Grace Ministry<br /> DCC Woman on a Mission<br />Interchange Freedom Initiative-Prison Fellowship<br />Arkansas Baptist College - transition program for inmates<br />Angel Tree<br />Women<br />Crisis Pregnancy Center<br />Dorcas House<br />Men<br />Arkansas Veterans Home<br />Services<br />Health<br />Red Cross Blood Drive<br />Shepherd's Hope Neighborhood Health Center<br />Food<br />Here's Life Inner City<br />River City Ministry<br />Roland Crisis Closet<br />Love Truth Cares<br />Farmers & Hunters Feeding the Hungry<br />Garden of Hope<br />Shelter<br />Black Community Developers<br />Light House Mission Ministries<br />Habitat for Humanity<br />Churches<br />The Nehemiah Group<br />City Connections<br />Crown Financial Ministries<br />Search Ministries<br />The Arkansas Family Council<br />Mission – Global<br />MISSIONARIES AND PARTNERS<br /> AFRICA<br />Steve & Gaynelle Newport - Training & Equipping Leaders<br />Nigeria<br />Chuck and Judy Brod: Serving In Mission<br />Ghana<br />Bible Training Center<br />Lloyd and Jan Chinn: World Venture<br />Maranatha Bible College<br />Rwanda<br />Bridge2Rwanda<br />Glen and Tamra Woodruff<br />Kids Soccer Africa<br />ASIA<br />Cambodia<br />Hayden Sewall: Church Resource Ministries<br />China<br /> Jeff Stone: Pioneers<br /> David and Lisa Lum: FBC Lowell Arkansas<br />Terry Moore: FBC Little Rock<br />India<br />Asian Christian Academy<br />Indonesia<br />James and Mona Griffin: Christian Missionary Fellowship <br />MIDDLE EAST<br /> John & Jamie Snider: Antioch Ministries International<br />Dave and Gloria Furman: Christar<br />EUROPE<br /> Albania<br />Austin McCaskill: Missions to Unreached Peoples<br />Italy<br />Corrado Primavera: World Link Ministries<br />Poland<br />Evangelical School of Theology<br />Rebecca LeMaster <br /> Marek Wyrzykowski: Campus Crusade for Christ<br />Ukraine<br />Jay Hughes: Josiah Venture <br />Spain<br />Miguel Castillo: CAM International<br />CENTRAL AMERICA<br />Honduras<br />New Life Deaf Ministries<br />Christy Owen <br /> Operation New Life<br /> World Gospel Outreach<br />Al and Terri Runnells<br />Mike and Lyn Ferguson<br />Robert and Jennifer Butts<br />Brett Swihart<br />Helen Carter <br />Guatemala<br />Casa Aleluya<br /> Jack and Carolyn Ciak<br />Igelsia Biblica<br />Daniel Bran<br />Sergio & Linda Mijangos: SETECA Seminary<br />NORTH AMERICA<br />International Friendship Outreach<br />U.S. Centers for World Missions<br /> John & Gloria Sewall<br />SOUTH AMERICA<br /> Brazil<br />Word of Life<br />Kevin and Becca Bradford<br />Colombia<br />Esperanza Church<br />Haiti<br />Hosean International Ministries<br />SENDING<br />Short Term Trips<br />Long Term Missionaries<br />Joe & Janelle Holloway: Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, Clemson SC<br />Kerby Goff: Campus Crusade for Christ, Oklahoma<br />Karen Tuttle: Student Venture, Indianapolis, IN<br />John and Janel Breitenstein: FamilyLife, Little Rock AR<br />CHURCH LEADERSHIP TRAINING<br />Church Planting Internship<br /> Fellowship Associates<br /> Seminary Scholarship Program<br />Josh Baylor:Southern Baptist Theological Seminary<br />Hunter Benson: Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary<br />Jordan Greenwald: Dallas Theological Seminary<br />Carter Sample: Grand Rapids Theological Seminary<br />Daniel Thomson: Dallas Theological Seminary<br />