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OUTREACH MINISTRY: Creating christian leaders, Nego and Ellen do different kinds of ou...
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            FILL THE NEEDS
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  1. 1. SEE THE NEEDS FILL THE NEEDS MISSION STATEMENT Doing God’s will by evangelizing, mentoring and training Haiti’s youth: • Through relationships, education, worship and work • Through cooperative partnering in involvement with individuals, churches and mission teams. • Through outreach and evangelism to widows and orphans, at risk children and the elderly. WHO THEY ARE Nego and Ellen Pierre Louis are a young Christian couple working in Jacmel, Haiti. Serving through New Missions Systems International (based in Fort Myers, Florida), they have dedicated themselves to leading the youth of Haiti to Christ. Nego, a native Haitian has local connections and translation skills. Ellen a native of Canada adds a North American cultural perspective. Together they have a passion for serving the Lord in Haiti. By raising up a generation of young adults passionate for their Lord and willing to reach out to their communities, they are mak- ing a Christ-like difference in this country. WHAT THEY DO YOUTH MINISTRY: They work with the youth of Haiti, young adults from ages 16 and up. They plan monthly proj- ects with the youth: hospital & prison ministry, youth crusades, evangelism, conferences and community service. Each week the youth meet twice for a time of fellowship and teaching. Sunday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, young people from every denomination and non Christian young adults come together to learn about God. Often during the week, Nego and Ellen use their musical gifts as they worship and socialize together with the youth, spending time sharing ideas and thoughts, realizing how they may become blessings among their nation -(Zechariah 8:13 NIV) YOUTH SPONSORSHIP: Because of the high cost of education and the lack of jobs many of the youth of Haiti go down the wrong path. Their ministry of leading youth to Christ also involves helping them with challenges they’re facing in life. Nego & Ellen want to make them know that they are loved and that we’re not only gathering to sing, pray and go out to reach out to others, but they also care that their own needs are fulfilled. That’s why in the youth sponsorship program, they support many of the youth with their schooling of $30 per month, which covers all their academic needs. They want to be able to make it possible for more young people to have the opportunity to be successful in life! MAPLAT SCHOOL: The Maplat school is a ministry they have in the mountain of Seguin, Haiti. This school is where they teach kids how to read and write so that it may be possible for them to have a better life. They involve sev- eral young adults here who are done with their schooling and can work as teachers in Maplat, Seguin. Support is needed to sustain these young people with their needs, so they can work as full time teachers. They also have a feeding programs for the kids at the school, who often go days without a meal. COOPERATIVE PARTNERSHIP: Their mission and focus for the work here in Haiti is to see and fill needs. Nego and Ellen meet with individuals, churches and mission teams who have a vision and or project ready to help fill the needs of Haitians. They work in creating networks that will help bring more projects and relief to Haiti. Connect- ing with people who have projects and who are looking for guidance, Nego and Ellen show people where their projects could be used more effectively.
  2. 2. SEE THE NEEDS FILL THE NEEDS OUTREACH MINISTRY: Creating christian leaders, Nego and Ellen do different kinds of outreaches that help the youth experience the passion of serving Christ while serving others. They Reach out to the lost in this country and train the local youth to fill local needs. Examples of previous activities are hurricane clean up, repairing houses for widows and orphans, reroofing a homeless shelter, door to door evange- lism, serving churches with worship, painting and VBS, ect... WHY THEY’RE IN HAITI They are standing on the bible as their guide in everything; they consider it the compass that God gives to all mankind to find their way back to him. Satan has lied to the Haitian people, making them believe that the only way to exist is through “VOODOO”. “We know it is a lie, us Christians at least know that it is a lie. We want to save our neighbors from this killing virus which is really strong in Haiti and that is “VOO- DOO” ”. The bible tells us that people are dying because of lack of knowledge. They want everybody to know the truth because that is the way to receive the good knowledge. Even though as Christians we know that Jesus is the only way to God, it doesn’t seem that simple for Hai- tian people not to rely on other things to make them feel good or protect them. The bible is clear about it. Jesus is the only way to God the father!! “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me” John 14:6. They believe that the best way to eradicate those false gods out of Haitian people’s lives by sharing Christ’s love with them in action and having them do the same with others. HOW YOU CAN PARTNER WITH THEM! As missionaries serving in Haiti, they do need your spiritual assistance (prayers supplies and mis- sion teams) and they also need your financial assistance. Nego&Ellen have been blessed with many one time donations when God lays it on peoples hearts to give. They are still seeking the lord to find them the monthly support needed for their goals in this ministry. They have faith to believe that God will open the doors however he may choose to bless them with the funds needed to accomplish his will for this country. So following is the budget that allows them to continue serving as missionaries. Without the assistance of oth- ers they cannot do the work they’re doing in Haiti. When you choose to partner with them, your donations come to them through New Missions Systems International’s non profit organization. NMSI provides accountability and they are solidly evangelical in belief and unashamedly evan- gelistic in action, knowing that we are commanded to disciple the nations. You Can donate to Nego&Ellen online at, or you can make your Check payable to New Mis- sion Systems International, write Nego&Ellen/Haiti in the memo part and mail it to: NMSI P.O.BOX 547 FORT MYERS, FLORIDA 33902
  3. 3. Financial Statement: Personal & Ministry Needs Monthly Yearly Personal Transportation $25 $300 Food $250 $3000 House Rent $250 $3000 Health Care $150 $1800 Emergency Needs $100 $1200 Sub Total $775 $9,300 Ministry Youth Ministry $300 $3600 Outreach Ministry $100 $1200 Cooperative Ministry $250 $3000 Transportation $75 $900 Benevolence Fund $167 $2004 Sub Total $892 $10,704 Total $1,667 $20,004 How Nego & Ellen stay in contact with supporters As Full time missionaries working in Haiti, they take their job for God very seriously. Keeping their support- ers updated on all their activities while on the field is something they don’t take lightly. They have created a monthly newsletter that keeps all one time donors and monthly supporters updated about their work. Also they offer weekly e-mails that are sent to everyone for prayer requests and for updates on ideas they have for additional youth projects. THEOLOGICAL STATEMENT (Their personal beliefs) We believe there is one living God. He is the creator of all that exists, all that has existed and all the will exist. We believe God has one Son. Jesus. Jesus became human through the miracle of a virgin birth. We believe the Bible was God-inspired or God-breathed, that it is true and complete and does not contradict itself. We believe the Church is the one and only, pure, holy bride of Christ. He will return one day very soon to take her home with Him. We believe that salvation comes to a person through a very simple and straightforward process and that no single step is more or less important than any other. 1. Hearing the Good News and coming to know the truth about Jesus Christ is a logical first step. 2. A growing faith in God (the Father), Jesus (the Son) and the Holy Spirit; faith in their power, their pres ence and their ability to save. 3. Recognize ones own sinful condition and truly desire to change that condition for one focused on Jesus. (Repent) 4. Public confession of one’s faith. We believe that how a person acts and what a person says every day is their confession of faith and if their words and actions make the statement “We believe that Jesus is God’s Son and our Savior” then they are living the “good confession”. 5. Baptism, or Immersion, is the process of “crossing over”. It is our connection to the life, burial, and resur rection of our Lord and Savior. There is nothing significant with the location, the water, or the baptizer but the attitude of submission and humility of the one being baptized is important. 6. Living a steadfast life. While scripture tells us that nothing can take our salvation away from us, We believe it clearly indicates that we could give it away by our choice of action and rejection of Jesus after we have come to know Him. 7. Without God’s Grace and God’s Love and God’s Forgiveness there is nothing that could save us.
  4. 4. SEE THE NEEDS FILL THE NEEDS Thank you for taking the time to read our story and prayerfully consid- ering partnering with us. If you have any questions or comments we would love to keep in touch with you. Sincerely Yours, Nego & Ellen P.Louis Our contact info: E-mail:, Our Website: NMSI’s website:|NMSI’s Phone: (239)337-4336 Our NMSI Webpage: Please fill out the committment card below to partner with Nego and Ellen in their ministry. Detach and mail to the address below. YES, I want to partner with Nego & Ellen’s Ministry with NMSI. I want to partner with you in ministry by: Impacting People Worldwide Committing to monthly support for $25 $50 $100 Other WE VALUE Providing a special gift of $ Becoming a prayer partner and praying daily weekly YOUR Receiving e-mail updates at: PARTNERSHIP A higher standard Sponsoring a young adult for $30 monthly Maplat School $ A higher purpose THANK YOU Make check’s payable to: New Missions Systems International, and send to: NMSI, P.O. Box 547, Ft Myers, FL 33902 For Nego & Ellen’s ministry, please write “Nego & Ellen/Haiti” on the memo. Or donate online at NMSI honors preference of gifts solicited and, in accordance with Name Phone IRS regulations, retains discretion Street and control over their use. City, State, Zip