August 2010 monthly fire rescue report


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August 2010 monthly fire rescue report

  1. 1. City of Dania Beach Fire-Rescue Department “Advancing Service Through Caring “ To: J.R. Fernandez, Fire Chief From: Michael Cassano, Deputy Fire Chief Date: September 13, 2010 Re: Monthly Report – August 2010 Chief Fernandez, provided herein is the monthly report for August 2010. I have additionally provided within this report, comparative August data over the previous several years. The report focuses on all aspects of; Emergency Operations, Administration, and Customer Service. Information provided in this report was taken from various data elements that are continually reviewed with respect to overall; productivity, timeliness, service delivery benchmarks, NFPA recommendations, and Insurance Service Organization (ISO) standardization requirements. PILLARS: OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENT, CUSTOMER SERVICE, FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY The cooperative automatic aid agreement between Dania Beach Fire Rescue and Hollywood Fire Rescue, provides immediate response for the provisions of emergency medical or fire suppression activities, without the delays associated with generalized “mutual aid” used through the county-wide mutual aid agreement. As seen below, the two organizations interact over 250 times per month, sharing resources and personnel, which create savings by minimizing any duplication of service, while shaving critical minutes off of 911 response times to citizens or visitors to both cities. Automatic Aid August 2010 Given 141 Received 104 August 2009 Given 108 Received 118 160 140 120 100 Given 80 Received 60 40 20 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Page 1
  2. 2. Emergency Responses Total Calls For Service August 2010 = 628 Total Calls For Service August 2009 =610 Emergency Medical 75% Fires and Service/Good Hazards Fire Alarms Intent 3% 9% 13% PILLAR: FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, HEALTH WELLNESS, & SAFETY FIRE PREVENTION & LIFE SAFETY DIVISION: Presented below are the Fire Prevention Division productivity figures for August 2010, with previous year comparatives for trending assessment purposes. As you will see, we continue to trend towards a long-standing goal of returning plans to a customer within a day of drop off. The report which tracks a current “turn-around-time” for plan reviews, has reached a “customer friendly” processing rate of a plan review done in just one day! Inspected Properties: 2010: 267 2009: 320 2008: 218 2 Page
  3. 3. Square Footage Reviewed # Plans Time Spent Turn-around Time Back to Customer 2010: 352,000 43 36 hrs 1.1 Days 2009: 1,565,000 43 37 hrs 2.4 Days 2008: 452,000 35 59 hrs 5.8 Days Fees: Submitted August to Finance (without impact fees / matches H.T.E.): 2010: $23,180.00 2009: $25,355.00 2008: $17,670.00 GRANT AWARD STATUS: SAFER GRANT: Personnel screenings, oral and written testing has all been completed for over 180 applicants. Final selections in ranked order have been provided to the Human Resource Department for processing once CBA is finalized. MEDICAL CARTS: The manufacturing of both medical carts will be completed over the next two months. Video Laryngoscopes: Received product / commencement of “Competency Based Training” (CBT) for all paramedic personnel through the regional training representative, Ambu with an August completion date. The equipment is designed to allow for full visualization of upper airway anatomic structures, thereby improving overall success rates for oral intubation, which is the “Gold Standard” of care for the patient requiring advanced airway management. All personnel as of this report have been certified as competent in it’s usage. 3 Page
  4. 4. PILLARS: OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENT, PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The captured training hours for departmental personnel is an item tracked for the past several years. Over those years there has been a over-arching responsibility to enlarge; scope, quantity, and participation of all areas of departmental training. The total training hours for personnel, continues to track at three to five times the hours seen for the same number of personnel during calendar year 2005. Additionally, Dania Beach Fire Rescue personnel trained 30 City of Dania Beach employees at CW Thomas Park in CPR and the usage of an Automated Electronic Defibrillation machine (AED). AUGUST TRAINING Operational Improvement Pillar: Professional Development Customer Service / Community Outreach 2009: Total Hours: 1,072 2010: Total Hours: 1,365 Fire/ISO Fire/ISO 80% 69% EMS Other Other EMS 14% 17% 11% 9% Fire EMS Other Fire EMS Other Hurricane Traumatic Officer Training Medic CEU Officer Training Computer Procedures Brain CEU Premise Airway Special Equipment Training PEPP Leadership Survey’s Training Operations Radioactivity EZ IO Hybrid Car Video Driver Engineer Fire Preplans Training Training Training Laryngoscope Training Fire Preplans Rules and Regulations LP Training Specialized Hose Training 4 Page
  5. 5. PILLAR: FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY Current fiscal responsibility challenges: Ongoing Collective Bargaining Agreement discussions Finalization of new hire recommendations submitted to HR for SAFER Grant compliance Review of Transport Fees; local survey completed; resident policy, assessment of costs, charges, and payers Review of Fire Prevention and Life Safety Division fees for service EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES TRANSPORT FIGURES REPORT Transport Totals 4,000 3,462 3,283 3,377 3,316 3,286 2,772 2,800 3,000 2,000 1,000 - FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007 FY 2008 FY 2009 FYTD FYTD 2009 2010 During fiscal year 2008, changes to Medicare transport signature requirements caused a delay of transport fee payments that were received in actual fiscal year 2009. These payment receivables transported in 2008 and paid during the FY 2009 year created a false actual which explains a higher FY2009 total, to that of date receivables in fiscal year 2010, see below. Fiscal Year Comparison $900,000 $800,000 $683,398 $700,000 $629,865 $600,000 $500,000 $400,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 $- FYTD 2010 FYTD 2009 5 Page
  6. 6. Collections/Deposits Analysis $900,000 $808,781 $789,756 $798,741 $820,252 $800,000 $734,236 $700,000 $608,137 $629,865 $600,000 $500,000 $400,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 $- FY FY FY FY FY FY FYTD 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 The Advanced Life Support(ALS) Vs. Basic Life Support(BLS) trend continues to show a necessitated increase in overall level of care. The rate of utilization of advanced treatment modalities has increased to 77% of all transports. This graphic indicates that Dania Beach paramedics are finding that patients are presenting with physical complaints that require advanced therapies by standard of care protocols. These medical necessary patient care shifts require additional on-scene time, a minimum of a three person crew, and oftentimes the response of the fire engine. BLS & ALS Ratios 100% 73% 77% 80% 64% 66% 65% 66% 60% 35% 33% 34% 32% 40% 26% 21% 20% 1% 1% 1% 2% 1% 2% 0% FY 2005 FY 2006 FY 2007 FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 BLS ALS1 ALS2 The last two graphics provide financial data elements for August 2010, they are the “charge” and “payor” graphics. These graphics provide data that has been a long-standing demographic reality for the Dania Beach patient transports and represents an area for future transport fee rate adjustments. As noted below in the “charge” graphic, there is a usual transport rate for patients without any form of insurance of between 30 – 35% monthly. The “payor” graphic however recognizes that only 5% of the transport revenue is attributive to “self-payer’s.” Going forward, Dania Beach Fire Administration, in association with the third party billing company, ADPI will suggest transport fee adjustments that work to remedy those discrepancies through a change to transport fees accompanied with a “Resident Transport Policy.” 6 Page
  7. 7. The “Charge” graphic is representative of the type insurance each of the transported patients have. As seen in the graphic 32% of the August transports, were patients transported without an insurance program. Additionally, a telling statistic for our demographic was an over 20% patient transport population with Medicaid coverage. That rate is 5- 8% higher than any other reporting statistics ADPI has from any other city in the Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach area. Charge Mix Medicare Self Pay 26% 32% Medicaid Insurance 21% 21% Payor Mix Self Pay 6% Medicare 30% Insurance 53% Medicaid 11% The August 2010 Report is submitted herein for your review and comment. Respectfully submitted, Michael Cassano, Deputy Fire Chief 7 Page