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A quick look at business intelligence industry: who they are, their perspective on life, and why they are investing in mapping technologies. Illustrated (cartoons) with a demo of smashing maps into the open source BIRT project.

After being a fan of GeoRabble for some time I finally get a chance to do a presentation at GeoRabble Sydney!

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  • A light bulb to represent ideas? Time for a new take on that …
  • There are many different approaches to communication.But capturing attention and communicating an idea is challenge even for great artists.
  • There are many different approaches to communication.But capturing attention and communicating an idea is challenge even for great artists.
  • There are many different approaches to communication.But capturing attention and communicating an idea is challenge even for great artists.
  • Traditional bullet point hell
  • Surveyor vs GPS Enthusist
  • Lets have mapping party
  • I am at one with the earth
  • The time honoured tradition of cartography as also come under fire with the advent of the all power web mapping location symbol.Cartography example from
  • The marker symbol has become central to the public idea of GIS – even the GIS symbol barely sneaks layers in there to communicate the idea of data.
  • Web mapping has truly taken mapping out to a wider, public, audience.
  • And it is working, you can now reliably use a map to communicate, and your audience has enough prior experience to get the message.(Even if this is just a side effect of smart phone use – it is a profound effect).
  • And the difference between showing someone a map, and handing them an interactive map they can poke away at and explore is huge.
  • With the popularity of maps we are starting to see an effort made to branch out and be creative.The stress of putting maps onto different devices is forcing industry to discovery cartography.
  • Rather than communicate to everyone…
  • References for BI plentiful (but may not that trustworthy): issue tracking down any numbers for GIS market: Billion for 2015? Billion in 2010?
  • The bread and butter of BI is still ad-hoc reports.
  • The same benefit as an interactive map, an OLAP system allows users to drill down and cross cut data hunting for patterns.
  • Business Intelligence and Mapping

    1. 1. Business Intelligence and Mapping Jody Garnett Business Intelligence and Mapping 1
    2. 2. First Thought for GeoRabble Talk • Really Cool Technology: uDig + GeoScriptBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 2
    3. 3. Boring – need something to Say • Code on its own does not a story make o Need data and a good question o And maybe a background in GIS • So let’s try another idea …Business Intelligence and Mapping 3
    4. 4. Communication of IdeasBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 4
    5. 5. CommunicationBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 5
    6. 6. Art?Business Intelligence and Mapping 6
    7. 7. Pub!Business Intelligence and Mapping 7
    8. 8. PowerpointBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 8
    9. 9. GeoRabbleBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 9
    10. 10. GeoGeeks• So what are we good at communicating?Business Intelligence and Mapping 10
    11. 11. PositionBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 11
    12. 12. Mapping Party! Make Tracks!Business Intelligence and Mapping 12
    13. 13. Only one Ground TruthBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 13
    14. 14. Cartography “A Map of Nowhere Showing Everything”: Andre’s Plan & Map Drawing (1891)Business Intelligence and Mapping 14
    15. 15. Public Perception of GIS Intelligence and Mapping 15
    16. 16. Web MappingBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 16
    17. 17. Map Comprehension PubBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 17
    18. 18. Map InteractionBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 18
    19. 19. Return to Cartography? Water Colour example from Stamen ( Intelligence and Mapping 19
    20. 20. What about BI?Business Intelligence and Mapping 20
    21. 21. Rather than Communicate to EveryoneBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 21
    22. 22. Focus on a FewBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 22
    23. 23. The Decision MakersBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 23
    24. 24. Provides a certain perspective All Your Data Are Belong to Us Data WarehouseBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 24
    25. 25. A Successful Approach • IDC Reports 39.9 Billion market for 2012 o Top five use (covering 29 Billion of the total) • End-User Query, Reporting, and Analysis • Data Warehouse Management • Financial Performance and Strategy Management • CRM Analytics Applications • Data Warehouse Generation. o Pivoting into a “business analytics software” category • Larger market than GIS o GIS pivoting to Location Intelligence? Location Analytics? Intelligence and Mapping 25
    26. 26. Query Reporting Analysis Intelligence and Mapping 26
    27. 27. Data Warehouse IT Extract Transform Load GISBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 27
    28. 28. Drill-Down and Explore • Online analytical processing (OLAP)Business Intelligence and Mapping 28
    29. 29. Dashboard • Drive your company like a car!Business Intelligence and Mapping 29
    30. 30. BI Mapping • More than just a chart alternative? o Maps convey large data volume (to everyone!) o Maps and cross-tabs an interactive alternative to thematic maps • Mapping is already deployed in BI products o Microsoft Bing Maps / Business Intelligence o ESRI / IBM Cognos o Map Views in Oracle Business IntelligenceBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 30
    31. 31. Business Analytics Market Positioning • Branching out into new areas in Corporate IT o Making a strong push to be the go-to guys for “Big Data” o Combined with a push into Mapping • Credibility? o BI is one of the few groups that can handle GIS sized data volumes o Knack for subsuming IT budget (closer to decision makers) o Presenting GIS as a Business Intelligence responsibility (due to use in the planning process) • But wait… o Traditional BI home field advantages are moving down market o Available to the rest of IT – including GeoHackersBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 31
    32. 32. DemoBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 32
    33. 33. Who pays for Open Source Mapping • Open Source GIS has traditionally been o Volunteer Driven o Funded by Government o OSGeo Foundation • New blood is in the water o Apache Foundation – Spatial Information System o Eclipse Foundation - LocationTechBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 33
    34. 34. LocationTech SponsorsBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 34
    35. 35. What is BI doing here? • What can they expect out of mapping? • Better take a look at what is possibleBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 35
    36. 36. BIRT MapItem • Explore BIRT Integration • “Architecture Spike” o Written in Eclipse o GeoTools o Toy data from EPA • Natural Earth Base LayersBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 36
    37. 37. BIRT Report BuilderBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 37
    38. 38. BIRT Report PreviewBusiness Intelligence and Mapping 38
    39. 39. Web Labs Demo Intelligence and Mapping 39