Agile BI : meeting the best of both worlds from departmental and enterprise BI


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From IT Intelligence to Business Intelligence : Succeding in the last mile of BI together with –and not only for –the Lines of Business

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Agile BI : meeting the best of both worlds from departmental and enterprise BI

  1. 1. From IT Intelligence to Business Intelligence :Succeding in the last mile of BI together with –and not only for – the Lines of BusinessJean-Michel Franco – Solutions
  2. 2. IT : From process centric to Information Centric. The case ofsmart metering IT as we know it « Today, Linky is mostly useful for EDF; the energy supplier. They will be able to get the measures from the energy meter remotely, thereby drastically reducing time and travel costs. » IT as we want it as a customer «Linky, alone, doesn’t generate eco- efficiency. But if it used to inform consumers, it would generate from 5 to 15% in terms of economies».2
  3. 3. Lesson learned across industries : Prepare to deliver « intelligence » to survive in the « as a service » economy Consumer High Tech Banking Goods From your retail From MP3 reader… From sports apparels… bank… …to your …to your persona- trusted advisor …to your digital lised music select- for personal finance coach ion management Utilities Aerospace Public sector From Megawatts… From your From traditional helicopter provider… Public service… …to on demand …to Negawatts …to your supllier service for the of hours of flights citizen3
  4. 4. Business Intelligence has to be rebooted in order to face those new challenges • 54% entreprises already use BI (Forrester) • 10% of the IT budget is fully dedicated to BI (Gartner) • 28% of employees have access to BI (Gartner) • 15 % : market for BO solutions grew by 15% in 2009, during the economic turmoil (Forrester) • 35% of large enterprise won’t adapt to 2015 economic conditions, due to lackl of investments to an enterprise wide Information infrastructure and to the absence of analytic culture (Gartner)4
  5. 5. 2/10/2011 BI as we know it Occasional user : 70+ % Advanced users : 30%5
  6. 6. 10/02/2011BI as we believe it should go6
  7. 7. Technologies comes with prerequisites, but then organizations and methodologies are key to make it happen • The gap between business and IT is widening as BI becomes project-critical, severely damaging BI’s ability to deliver on its promises: • Enterprise BI IT • Industrialization • Data governance and enrichmentPoint of view • Shared services • From information consumer to prosumer Business • Consolidation • Personalization Point of view • Time to decision • Need for new ways to deliver BI (architecture, technology, organization, governance models). Agile BI is “incremental, iterative, collaborative BI design and operations among cross- functional teams of IT professional and business users.” (*) Integrated, certified Agile business driven Empowered and meta-data driven data modeling prosumers information as a • Productized data marts • Information delivery Service • Ad hoc data marts analysis, and enrichments • Data governance • On the fly information • Collaborative Decision • Information enrichment Management • Information traceability • Decision to action and audit tracks • Planning and forecasting • Reusability and instanciability of data (Data7 as a service) * Source : J Koebielus
  8. 8. How to deliver agile BI : an approach Client Business User Team CRP 1 CRP 2 Training (Refine & (Refine & Create Create Initialization Content) Content) Framework B&D Analytic Team Initialize Deploy Refine Finalize Content from Content & Content & Use Cases Deliverables Deliverables Project Data Provisioning and Infrastructure Teams Project Initialize Finalize App Initial App & Data & Data Provisioning Security Security Refine Finalize Provisioning Provisioning Project Management8
  9. 9. A case study : the Sanofi Pasteur story with Agile BI The customer • Sanofi Pasteur , division of Sanofi-Aventis, World leader in human vaccines. • €3.5 billion revenue, 12500 employees • Key customer for Business & Decision since 2002 Pain points •Despite solid Data Warehouse foundations, BI is struggling to deliver on its promises •Risks of businesses moving away from the Enterprise BI environment to develop their own departmental “spreadmarts” • IT struggling to manage information content  need more to get more engagement from the business to control information quality and integration Solution • New hybrid BI Architecture (SAP+ Qlikview+ Tibco CIM) • New hybrid BI organizations (departmental + enterprise level layer) • New agile BI methodologies led by “user” driven prototyping • Data Governance and MDM initiatives, starting at the BI level, and expanding upstream The results •Accelerate the Time-to-Value •High user acceptance (usability, look & feel), Performance, Simplicity… •Give Autonomy to Business IS (for Mockup) •More than 18 prototype projects launched in a year (+ 30 % vs previous year) •5 projects elected for industrialization at the global level9