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Holocaust New 2010
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Holocaust New 2010


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A look at the development of the Final Solution and the Holocaust

A look at the development of the Final Solution and the Holocaust

Published in: Spiritual

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  • 1.
    The NAZI party and Adolf Hitler seized power in 1933 and slowly began their program against the Jews of Germany
    Each new year in Germany led to harsher policies directed towards the Jews.
  • 3. German Ideology
    Fuhrer- the idea that there should be a single leader with complete power instead of a democracy
    Autarky- the idea that Germany should be economically self-sufficient
    Lebensraum- need for living space for Germans to expand
    Germany was in danger from Communists and Jews who had to be destroyed
  • 4.
  • 5. Social Darwinism
    & Eugenics
    Social Darwinism and Anti-Semitism Worksheet
  • 6. What did Hans learn
    in school about the wolf?
    Social Darwinism
  • 7. Social Darwinism
    Hitler believed in Social Darwinism – the idea that society operated on the principle of "Survival of the Fittest".
    For Hitler, the European "Master Race" was blonde haired, blue-eyed and white-skinned – the Aryan race
  • 8. Eugenics
    Hitler believed the nation had become weak, corrupted by the infusion of degenerate elements into its bloodstream.
    In his opinion, these had to be removed as quickly as possible.
    targeted those humans they identified as "life unworthy of life”
    This is what this person suffering from hereditary defects . Costs the Community of Germans during his lifetime
    Fellow Citizen, that is your money, too
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • 11. Man being measured by an Aryan caliper, to determine if his nose is too wide to be German
  • 12. Racial Science:
    The Nazi regime relied on a range of pseudo-scientific disciplines to identify individuals of superior or inferior heredity.
  • 13. Comparison of an "Aryan" and a "Non-Aryan" Head
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. Problem
  • 17. "If inferior people have 4 children while higher-quality people have 2, this is what will happen."
  • 18. A cemetery of "euthanasia" victims.
  • 19. Boycott of Jewish Businesses
  • 20. Hitler targeted the Jews
    • The Jewish Population in Germany was less than 1%
    • 21. Existing stereotypes and prejudice against Jews gave Hitler a convenient scapegoat for the economic problems that had been created by WWI and the Depression.
  • Anti-Semitic Nazi Propaganda poster.
    It reads:
    Recognize the true enemy with the yellow star."
  • 22. Hitler targeted the Jews
    Two months after being named Chancellor of Germany, Hitler announced a boycott of all Jewish shops, goods, doctors, and lawyers.
    Nazi Propaganda –
    1941 Lithuanian 'Jews are your eternal enemies!
    Stalin and Jews are the gang of criminals!'
  • 23. Emigration
    Many Jews decided to leave Germany to escape the growing persecution in Germany.
    It was incredibly difficult to obtain exit visas
    Emigrants were faced with high taxes upon leaving Germany
    Many emigrants encountered hostility from the countries they chose to move to.
  • 24. The Nuremberg Laws
    How Hitler Made Hatred Legal
  • 25. The Nuremberg Laws:
    Took away German citizenship from all full Jews and prohibited Jews from flying the German flag
    Prohibited inter marriage between Jews and Aryans or any other type of relationship
    Prohibited Jews from employing Germans as domestic servants
    Limited type of work they were allowed to do
    The original Nuremberg Laws continued to be amended in the years 1935 to 1939, causing the Nazi regime to gain even more control over the lives of Jews living in Germany.
  • 26. Jews are not
    Allowed to:
    Marry or have
    Sex with
    Hire Aryan
    As maids
    Have the
    Rights of
    Nuremberg Race Laws
  • 27. Kristallnacht
    The Night of Broken Glass
  • 28. Kristallnacht
    1938 Nazi Storm Troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues
    Murdered close to 100 people
    Jewish Community had to pay for the damages
  • 29.
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32. Change of Tactics: Einsatzgruppen
  • 33. Change of Tactics: Einsatzgruppen
    Himmler sent four specially trained SS units called “Einsatzgruppen battalions” into German occupied territory and shot at least 1 million Jews.
    Victims were taken to deserted areas where they were made to dig their own graves and shot.
    When the SS ran out of bullets they sometimes killed their victims using flame throwers.
  • 34. The
  • 35. The ‘Final Solution’
    In January 1942, Himmler decided to change tactics once again and called a special conference at Wannsee.
    At this conference it was decided that the existing methods were too inefficient and that a new ‘Final Solution’ was necessary.
  • 36. Wannsee Conference
    Shooting was too inefficient as the bullets were needed for the war effort
    Women, children, the old & the sick were to be sent for ‘special treatment.’
    The young and fit would go through a process called ‘destruction through work.’
    On arrival the Jews would go through a process called ‘selection.’
    How was the Final Solution going to be organized?
    Jews were to be rounded up and put into transit camps called Ghettos
    The remaining Jews were to be shipped to ‘resettlement areas’ in the East.
    The Jews living in these Ghettos were to be used as a cheap source of labor.
    Conditions in the Ghettos were designed to be so bad that many die while the rest would be willing to leave these areas in the hope of better conditions
  • 37. How did the Nazi decide who was Jewish?
    At the Wannsee conference it was decided that if one of person’s parents was Jewish, then they were Jewish.
    However, if only one of their grandparents had been Jewish then they could be classified as being German.
    In 1940, all Jews had to have their passports stamped with the letter ‘J’ and had to wear the yellow Star of David on their jacket or coat.
  • 38. Oskar : It was not long before I was assigned to supervise the luggage collection of an incoming transport.When this was over, it was just like a fairground, there was lots of rubbish left and amongst this rubbish were ill people, those unable to walk. And the way these people were treated really horrified me. For example, a child who was lying there naked was simply pulled by the legs and chucked into a lorry to be driven away, and when it screamed like a sick chicken, then they bashed it against the edge of the lorry, so it shut up.
    SS private Oskar Gröning
    We were convinced by our world view that we had been betrayed by the entire world, and that there was a great conspiracy of the Jews against us.
    Interviewer: But surely, when it comes to children you must realize that they cannot possibly have done anything to you?
    Oskar Gröning: The children, they're not the enemy at the moment. The enemy is the blood inside them. The enemy is the growing up to be a Jew that could become dangerous. And because of that the children were included as well.
    Interviewer: But … aren't you sorry that you made your own life more comfortable while millions actually died?
    Oskar Gröning: Absolutely not. Everybody is looking out for them selves. So many people died in the war, not only Jews.
    So many things happened, so many were shot, so many snuffed it. People burnt to death, so many were burnt, if I thought about all of that I wouldn't be able to live one minute longer.
    … The special situation at Auschwitz led to friendships of which I'm still saying today I like to look back on with joy.
  • 39. The Ghettoes
  • 40. Jews were forced to build the walls that would cut off the Jewish ghetto from the rest of society.
    Building the Ghettoes
  • 41. Filth in the Streets
    The Jews in the ghettoes lived in extreme poverty and filth. Many children lost their parents to disease and were left as orphans to fend for themselves.
  • 42.
  • 43. Survival in the Ghettoes
    Jewish children hold each other over the high walls to receive contraband items from friends outside the ghettoes.
  • 44. Death in the Ghettoes
    Hundreds of Jews were dying each day in the ghettoes due to starvation and disease.
  • 45.
  • 46. Schindler List
    Moving from the ghettos53:26 – 1:10:30
  • 47. SS Tactics: Dehumanisation
    The SS guards who murdered the Jews were brainwashed with Anti-Semitic propaganda.
    The Jews were transported in cattle cars in terrible conditions.
    Naked, dirty and half starved people look like animals, which helped to reinforce the Nazi propaganda.
    The SS used to train their new guards by encouraging them to set fire to a pit full of live victims – usually children.
  • 48. What tactics did the Nazis use to get the Jews to leave the Ghettos?
    New arrivals at the Death camps were given postcards to send to their friends.
    The Jews were told that they were going to ‘resettlement areas’ in the East.
    The Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were only fed a 1000 calories a day .
    In some Ghettos the Jews had to purchase their own train tickets.
    A Human being needs 2400 calories a day to maintain their weight
    They were told to bring the tools of their trade and pots and pans.
    The SS publicly shot people for smuggling food or for any act of resistance
    Hungry people are easier to control
  • 49.
  • 50. Life and Death in the Camp
    ..and the systematic destruction of humanity
  • 51. Arrival at the camp…
  • 52. Entrance
    Deception: At Auschwitz the trains pulled into a mock up of a normal station.
  • 53. Entrance
    Work will set you free...
  • 54. At some death camps the Nazis would play records of classical music to help calm down the new arrivals.
    Auschwitz Orchestra
  • 55. Branded like Cattle
  • 56. Heads are shaved and uniforms are given
  • 57. Most of the camp’s prisoners were forced to wear identifying overalls with colored badges according to the category they were set under:
    • Red = Communists &
    Other Politicians Green= Common
    • Pink= Homosexual Men
    • 58. Purple=Jehovah’s Witnesses
    • 59. Black= Gypsies & Lesbians
    • 60. Yellow= Jews
  • 61. Schindler’s List
    Children shipped to death camps2:03:15 – 2:06:45
  • 62. You were not meant to leave this camp...
  • 63. Life in the camp…
  • 64. Selection Process
    Twins, dwarfs, and others scientific experiments
    Mothers, children, the old & sick  sent straight to the ‘showers’ which were really the gas chambers. DEATH
    The able bodied were sent to work camp were they were killed through a process known as ‘destruction through work.’
    Attractive females “special” servants of SS officers
  • 65. Scientific Experiments
    Nazis experimented on large numbers of concentration camp prisoners.
    Typically, the experiments resulted in death, disfigurement or permanent disability.
  • 66. Gypsy children at Auschwitz who were part of medical experiments. Most such experiments were "terminal."
  • 67. A victim of a Nazi medical experiment is immersed in icy water at the Dachau concentration camp. SS doctor. Germany, 1942.
  • 68. A prisoner in a compression chamber loses consciousness (and later dies) during an experiment to determine altitudes at which aircraft crews could survive without oxygen. Dachau, Germany, 1942.
  • 69. A victim of Nazi medical experiments
  • 70. A Romani (Gypsy) victim of Nazi medical experiments to make seawater potable. Dachau concentration camp, Germany, 1944.
  • 71. A Soviet prisoner of war, victim of a tuberculosis medical experiment, late 1944.
  • 72. disfiguring scars resulted from incisions made by medical personnel that were purposely infected with bacteria, dirt, and slivers of glass.
  • 73. Mengle used the Ovitz family to lecturing on their inferior genetics. He also created a film for Adolf Hitler’s amusement staring the Ovitz family. The Ovitz family sang German songs when ordered to do so out of terror. Shortly before the request they had witnessed two newcomer dwarfs being killed and boiled so their bones could be exhibited in a Nazi museum.
  • 74. Eva Kor and her Twin Sister
  • 75. Living in the Camps
  • 76.
  • 77.
  • 78.
  • 79. Destruction Through Work
    This photo was taken by the Nazis to show just how you could quite literally work the fat of the Jews by feeding them 200 calories a day
  • 80. Destruction Through Work
    Same group of Jews 6 weeks later
  • 81.
  • 82.
  • 83.
  • 84.
  • 85. Death in the camp…
  • 86. The Killing Process
  • 87. Messages left on Walls.
    What would you write?
  • 88. Notice how the Death camp is set out like a factory complex
    The Nazis used industrial methods to murder the Jews and process their dead bodies
  • 89. Rumors of Gas Chambers1:56:57 – 2:00:00
    The Gas Chambers
    The Nazis would force large groups of prisoners into small cement rooms and drop canisters poison in its crystal form through small holes in the roof.
    These gas chambers were sometimes disguised as showers or bathing houses.
    The SS would try and pack up to 2000 people into this gas chamber
  • 90.
  • 91.
  • 92. The outside of the Gas Chamber
    Notice the Ovens easy located near the Gas Chambers
  • 93. Killing was a business…
  • 94. Dead bodies waiting to be processed
  • 95. The Ovens
  • 96. Processing the bodies
    Specially selected Jews were used to to remove the gold fillings and hair of people who had been gassed.
    These Jews were also forced to feed the dead bodies into the crematorium.
  • 97. Schindler’s List
    Rumors of Gas Chambers1:56:57 – 2:00:00
  • 98. Burning of bodies /destroying evidence2:13:50 – 2:16:20
    Destroying the evidence
  • 99. Erasing the evidence…
  • 100.
  • 101.
  • 102. Creepy Findings
  • 103. Soap made out of humans
    Human skin
  • 104.
    The photograph below is a still shot from the film. It shows preserved pieces of tattooed skin laid out on a table, and a table lamp with a shade allegedly made from human skin.
  • 105. Was the Final Solution successful?
    The Nazis aimed to kill 11 million Jews at the Wannsee Conference in 1941
    The Nazis managed to kill at least 6 million Jews.
    Men like Schindler helped Jews escape the Final Solution.
    Not all Jews went quietly into the gas chambers.
    In 1943, the Warsaw Ghetto, like many others revolted against the Nazis when the Jews realized what was really happening.
  • 106. Auschwitz recap
  • 107. January 27, 1945
    Auschwitz Death Camp Liberated
    According to the evidence, the commission said the Germans had moved out up to 60,000 inmates - those still fit enough to walk - when they retreated. The few thousand who were left behind were freed by the Russians.
    They also found seven tons of women's hair, human teeth, from which gold fillings had been extracted and tens of thousands of children's outfits.
  • 108. What the Soviets found….
  • 109.
  • 110.
  • 111.
  • 112.
  • 113.
  • 114. Liberation did not save everyone
    Thousands would die only weeks after being liberation from malnutrition and disease
    The small percentage of inmates who survived resembled skeletons because of the demands of forced labor and the lack of food, compounded by months and years of maltreatment.