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  • Fox: These are the little ones at 2 months old.
  • Fox: These are pictures of the family.
  • Pock: Wow, you have family from all over the Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome.
  • Pock: I didn’t realize the Temperate Deciduous Forest was in so many places.
  • Oscar: These birds come from all different parts of the world.
  • Oscar: But they all live in the Temperate Deciduous forest.
  • Pock: Whoa, there’s a lot of different kinds of birds.
  • Oscar: Indeed, indeed.
  • Pock: Wow, look at those mouths.
  • Oscar: This scrapbook shows animals that live in Temperate Deciduous Forests around the world.
  • Oscar: See. The Temperate Deciduous Forest is in dark green. There are Temperate Deciduous Forests in North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
  • Oscar: These are just some of the animals that live in the north eastern and north western parts of North America.
  • Oscar: These animals can be found in the south western part of South America.
  • Oscar: These animals are just a small selection of the animals that live in the Temperate Deciduous Forests of Europe.
  • Oscar: These animals live in Asia.
  • Oscar: And these animals live in the forests of Australia.
  • Say something happens to all of our skunk friends. They eat bugs. If all the skunks are gone. There would be a lot more bugs than normal. The bugs would do a lot of damage to the plants and trees. This would effect the birds who live there. It would also hurt the other animals that eat the leaves of the plants. If all the skunks were gone, the bears and cougars would go hungry.

Biome Project Still Long Ver Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  
  • 2. The Temperate Deciduous Forest The Temperate Deciduous Forest by Cassidy Rivera
  • 3.  
  • 4. Hi, I’m Pock
  • 5. Who are you?
  • 6.  
  • 7. Welcome to my home. It is part of the Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome.
  • 8. What is a biome you ask?
  • 9. Well, a biome is like a community that is made up of all the plants, animals, birds, insects, and trees.
  • 10. The same biome can be in different places in the world. But they will have the same type of land and weather.
  • 11. Temperate means mild. We are in between the Tundra Biome and the Tropical Biome.
  • 12. That means we don’t get really, really cold or really, really hot.
  • 13. My friend Oscar, told me that deciduous is Latin for “falling down”. That’s what our leaves do.
  • 14. In the Temperate Deciduous Forest, we have four distinct seasons….
  • 15. Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.
  • 16.  
  • 17. As you can see, right now it’s winter.
  • 18. Hey, do you have anything to eat? Trail mix? A sandwich?
  • 19. Things get pretty bare around here. There’s not much food in the winter.
  • 20. Oh, hi Red! It’s nice to see you. It gets real lonely since a bunch of the birds went south for the winter and most of the animals are hibernating.
  • 21. Oh, hi Red! It’s nice to see you. It gets real lonely since a bunch of the birds went south for the winter and most of the animals are hibernating.
  • 22. Oh, hi Red! It’s nice to see you. It gets real lonely since a bunch of the birds went south for the winter and most of the animals are hibernating.
  • 23. Oh, hi Red! It’s nice to see you. It gets real lonely since a bunch of the birds went south for the winter and most of the animals are hibernating.
  • 24. Oh, hi Red! It’s nice to see you. It gets real lonely since a bunch of the birds went south for the winter and most of the animals are hibernating.
  • 25. Oh, hi Red! It’s nice to see you. It gets real lonely since a bunch of the birds went south for the winter and most of the animals are hibernating.
  • 26. Oh, hi Red! It’s nice to see you. It gets real lonely since a bunch of the birds went south for the winter and most of the animals are hibernating.
  • 27. Oh, hi Red! It’s nice to see you. It gets real lonely since a bunch of the birds went south for the winter and most of the animals are hibernating.
  • 28. This is my friend, Red. She is a fox.
  • 29. How are you?
  • 30. Good, good, good. Just trying to find something the little ones would eat.
  • 31. I have a sandwich that my new friend gave me.
  • 32. Would you like half?
  • 33. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I think their going to eat me out of house and home.
  • 34. You’re welcome.
  • 35. The little ones must be getting really big.
  • 36. Sure are. Would you like to see some pictures of them?
  • 37. Love to.
  • 38. Love to.
  • 39. Photo Album by Red Fox
  • 40. The Babies Scramble Age 2 months Flower Age 2 months
  • 41. The Family Points Cousin who lives in Australia Yowler Uncle who lives in China
  • 42. The Family Hunter Brother-in-Law who lives in Vermont Poe Great Aunt who lives in England
  • 43. The Family Kranx 3 rd cousin twice removed who lives in Russia
  • 44.  
  • 45. Wow. They are getting so big.
  • 46. I better get back to the growing ones.
  • 47. Okay. I’ll see you later.
  • 48. Bye, bye, bye!
  • 49.  
  • 50.  
  • 51.  
  • 52.  
  • 53. Well, lets go see if Oscar is still up.
  • 54. Hey, Oscar are ya up?
  • 55. Yes, I’m awake. Is there something you need?
  • 56. No, I just wanted you to meet my new friend.
  • 57. This is Oscar, he’s an owl. Oscar is one of the few birds that doesn’t fly south for the winter.
  • 58. He is also the wisest around.
  • 59. Would the two of you like to come up and get warm?
  • 60. That would be great!
  • 61. Come on!
  • 62.  
  • 63. Do you like my new photo?
  • 64. Oh, yes. Who is that?
  • 65.  
  • 66. Would you like to see more of my pictures?
  • 67. That would be great!
  • 68.  
  • 69.  
  • 70. Come here and you can see photos of the birds that have left for the winter.
  • 71. Scrapbook of Birds by Oscar Owl
  • 72. young Spotted Warbler Finch Metso Bald Eagle
  • 73. Cedar Waxwing Chick-a-dee Northern Cardinal In flight Northern Cardinal
  • 74. Blue Jay Brown Sided Nut Thrasher Downey Woodpecker Pileated Woodpecker
  • 75. Eastern Bluebird King Fisher Crowned Kingfisher Owl
  • 76. Owl Warbler Spotted_Towhee Adult Swallow with young
  • 77. That’s a lot of birds. But why do they fly south for the winter?
  • 78. How easy that is to answer. They fly south because it’s warmer.
  • 79. That’s very clever of them.
  • 80. Indeed.
  • 81. What’s that noise!
  • 82. Oh, my! Oh, my!
  • 83. Someone’s shaking the tree.
  • 84.  
  • 85.  
  • 86. Bobby, what are you doing?
  • 87. Oh, sorry guys. I didn’t know someone was in this tree.
  • 88. Bobby, why aren’t you hibernating?
  • 89. My back was all itchy.
  • 90. Brrrr, it is extremely cold out here.
  • 91. Ahhh, this ain’t so bad.
  • 92. My cousin, Joe, lives in the Tundra. It gets 40 below there.
  • 93. We only get down to 30 degrees here in the Temperate Deciduous Forest.
  • 94. Oooh, I desperately miss those summer days when it gets up to 80 degrees.
  • 95. Hi, Stripe.
  • 96. Hello.
  • 97. Do you know what else I dearly miss?
  • 98. I miss seeing the forest floor covered with soft moss and leaves.
  • 99. I loved the way the ferns and bluebells grew out of the moist, cool ground.
  • 100. The ground here is some of the most fertile there is. That means, lots of stuff can grow here.
  • 101.  
  • 102. Right about here would be the shrub level.
  • 103. It would be a little bit brighter and than the forest floor.
  • 104. This is where all the berries and bushes would be.
  • 105. I remember the mountain laurels, azaleas, and blackberries.
  • 106. Ooohohoh! The blackberries.
  • 107.  
  • 108. This is where the understory would be.
  • 109. Oh how I miss the little saplings. Those darling, little, baby trees with their little green leaves.
  • 110. And all the short, grown up trees, like the Dogwoods and Hawthorns.
  • 111. It was definitely brighter and warmer at this level.
  • 112. Hey, Stripe, where ya going?
  • 113. It is of no use to talk to him when he is like this, Bobby
  • 114. Bye, Stripe
  • 115.  
  • 116. This is my favorite level of the forest!
  • 117. This is the canopy.
  • 118. This is the warmest and driest level because it gets the most sunlight.
  • 119. Only the biggest trees can reach up here.
  • 120. We’re only at the bottom of the canopy. It’s only about 60 feet up. But some of these trees go up to a 100 feet.
  • 121. It’s hard to tell right now. But this is a maple tree.
  • 122. This is also Squint’s home.
  • 123. That one over there is a Beech tree.
  • 124. And that one is an oak. Or is it an ash tree?
  • 125. It’s so hard to tell during the winter.
  • 126. I’m going to see if Squint is here.
  • 127.  
  • 128.  
  • 129. Get up, sleepy head.
  • 130. It’s time to get up?
  • 131. This is Squints. He’s a squirrel. Don’t mind the mess. Squints saves his food since he isn’t one of the hibernating animals.
  • 132. It’s probably time for me to get up.
  • 133. Should’nt that acorn go with the rest of them?
  • 134. This is my favorite.
  • 135. What are you doing here Stripe?
  • 136. Oh, well, I miss the warm days.
  • 137. I miss the leaves and flowers too.
  • 138. You know what I do when I start feeling blue?
  • 139. What is that?
  • 140. Well, I just look at my pictures of the seasons and pretend that I’m in each picture.
  • 141. Here look.
  • 142.  
  • 143. Spring How do you do that?
  • 144. Spring Well, I start with spring and remember how it gets just a little warmer from winter.
  • 145. Spring The snow starts melting and the trees start to wake up, little buds start popping out everywhere and the sap rises in the trees.
  • 146. Spring Oooohh! I can almost smell the flowers. Go on! Go on!
  • 147. Spring Then I move on to summer.
  • 148. Summer Remember how summer is the hottest season and how we splash around in the puddles because it rains so much?
  • 149. Summer Yes, and how the leaves get big and green. And the berries, oh the delicious berries.
  • 150. Summer Boy, you’re going to like the next picture.
  • 151. Summer Wow! Do I ever miss those hawthorn berries.
  • 152. Summer And the blackberries and those raspberries that grew on the shrub level.
  • 153. Summer Yes and then my favorite season, autumn.
  • 154. Autumn When autumn comes the leaves turn red, orange, and yellow. Then the leaves fall off.
  • 155. Autumn I’ve always wondered why the leaves fall off.
  • 156. Autumn That has to do with the temperature change when autumn comes.
  • 157. Autumn Let’s go look at the next photo.
  • 158. Autumn When it gets a little cooler, the leaves then, start losing their green color, letting the reds, yellows, and oranges in them shine through.
  • 159. Autumn This happens because the trees start to cut off the sap that flows to their leaves.
  • 160. Autumn The trees will store the sap and nutrients in their roots, where they will not freeze.
  • 161. Autumn Oh I see.
  • 162. Autumn Which leads us back to winter.
  • 163. Autumn Which leads us back to winter.
  • 164. Winter You’re right Stripe!
  • 165. Winter Winter is where it gets really cold and everything gets hard.
  • 166. Winter Because the ground is frozen, there is less water for the trees. This makes the leaves fall off.
  • 167. Winter Does that make you feel better Stripe?
  • 168. Winter Yes that makes me feel great.
  • 169. Winter Thank you so much Squints.
  • 170. Winter Lets go outside before I fall asleep again.
  • 171. Winter Okay. Lets go.
  • 172.  
  • 173. Hi guys.
  • 174. Hi Stripe. Hi Squints.
  • 175. Where did you go Stripe?
  • 176. Oh, I went to see Squints.
  • 177. Where is Oscar?
  • 178. He went to get something.
  • 179. It was nice talking to you guys but it’s past my bed time.
  • 180. Oh, there he is!
  • 181. I see Stripe is here and Squints is awake.
  • 182. But where is Pock?
  • 183. Oh, um he went to bed.
  • 184. What do you have there, Oscar?
  • 185. Its my scrapbook of animals. Would you all like to see it?
  • 186. by Oscar Owl Scrapbook of Temperate Deciduous Forest Animals
  • 187. Biomes of the World
  • 188. North America North American Porcupine Chipmunk Raccoon Opossum
  • 189. South America White Deer Gray Fox Puma Dragonfly
  • 190. Europe young Wild Boar Hedgehog Least Weasel River Otter
  • 191. Asia Muntjac rusa Deer Metso
  • 192. Australia Axis Deer Rusa Deer Platypus
  • 193. Hello, fellow.
  • 194. Hi, Buster.
  • 195. I haven’t seen you in awhile.
  • 196. Ya, probably because I’ve been building my new dam.
  • 197. Oooh a new dam?
  • 198. I’ve been building it over the winter.
  • 199. Must have been hard because its so cold.
  • 200. Kind of was.
  • 201. Have ya heard?
  • 202. Heard of what?
  • 203. All the human homes being built.
  • 204. I have. Half the trees are almost gone. Isn’t the building going on, on the other side of the lake?
  • 205. Ya, and I heard some of the animals and insects have to move.
  • 206. Isn’t that right Bobby?
  • 207. Uh, ya.
  • 208. That’s dreadful.
  • 209. What about the plants?
  • 210. They might be hurt. I don’t know for sure.
  • 211. If the plants are destroyed, what would I eat?
  • 212. I can’t even say what would happen to me. And others too.
  • 213. What do you mean?
  • 214. Well Squints, we are a community. We all depend on each other.
  • 215. What happens to one of us affects all of us.
  • 216. Take a look at this chart.
  • 217.  
  • 218. I’m a little scared.
  • 219. My little friend, I’m sure it won’t go far.
  • 220. I hope you’re right, Oscar.
  • 221. Take a look at this picture of where my great granddad used to live.
  • 222.  
  • 223. That’s atrocious.
  • 224. Look at all the erosion that happened when the trees and plants were cut down.
  • 225. Why would they do that? Don’t the humans know that the forests keep the world clean?
  • 226. Apparently not. All that dirt is going to blow around without the plants to hold it down.
  • 227. When all the plants and trees are destroyed, it causes global warming.
  • 228. All is not lost. The most fascinating thing about the Temperate Deciduous Forest is the way it reacts to temperature change.
  • 229. Huh?
  • 230. You know about the seasons, right?
  • 231. Well, I know that the forest changes as the temperature goes up and down.
  • 232. Indeed. Very good, Bobby. We all know things are getting hotter because of global warming.
  • 233. That tricks the trees and plants into thinking it is summer. Then they keep their leaves longer and make more oxygen.
  • 234. This actually helps fight global warming.
  • 235. We live in the coolest place in the world!!!
  • 236. But, I’m still scared they will cut down our forest.
  • 237. Cheer up Bobby. It’ll be fine.
  • 238. Ya, you guys are right.
  • 239. Want to know how I cheer my self up?
  • 240. How?
  • 241. I think of some interesting things that are in the Temperate Deciduous Forest.
  • 242. Like, how baby fern leaves are called fiddle heads because they look like the curled head of a violin?
  • 243. Exactly! Let’s all try it.
  • 244. Oak trees are usually the tallest trees in the forest but they start as tiny acorns buried under the leaves.
  • 245. Insects, like worms and beetles eat dead matter and turn it into soil.
  • 246. Now it’s you’re turn Bobby?
  • 247. Oh, umm, what about, owls don’t make any noise when they fly because their wings have soft, fluffy feathers on the tips.
  • 248. Hoo, Hoo. Very true.
  • 249. Doesn’t that make you feel better Bobby?
  • 250. Ya, it does! Thanks Buster.
  • 251. Your welcome. Howdy, ho, Buster has to go.
  • 252. I should go to bed too. Hope all of you have a marvelous night.
  • 253. Me too. I’ll see you tomorrow.
  • 254. Good day
  • 255. Bye guys.
  • 256.  
  • 257.
    • Voices …..
    • Bobby……………Mike Riley
    • Buster……………Cassidy Rivera
    • Oscar…………….Mike Riley
    • Pock……………..Jennifer Rivera
    • Red………………Jennifer Rivera
    • Squints…………..Cassidy Rivera
    • Stripe…………….Cassidy Rivera