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Meeting notes mar 2013

  1. 1. Ah Inspiration! Where does it come from and how doesone get it? It can come from anywhere and when youleast expect it. The trick is to be watching for it andbeing open to embrace it. For instance, Christos wantedto bring a tree over for me to help him repot it. Aftermaking some time and I do mean making it, he broughtover a beautiful hornbeam he collected a couple of yearsago and needed repotting. After repotting and lookingat his very, very nice tree I was inspired to get myselfout and repot and wire my hornbeams and maples fromwhat I saw that he did with his hornbeam. And guesswhat, I started "tearing" into my trees because of theenthusiasm I got from Christos. It was great, the moreI worked on the trees the better they looked and the moreinspired I got. I was like a finely tuned Bonsai machine,it was wonderful and I enjoyed every second of it. Thisseems to happen when helping at workshops, givinginfo to people, or just looking at really good Bonsai.Whats the point? Well, Bonsai like anything is a growthprocess with peaks and valleys. You pick up somethingand learn and get a bit more skilled but then you leveloff. The people that really excel are the ones who arealways open to learning experiences and therefore opento being inspired and constantly getting better. It isreally neat to see Mike Ramina, or Arshel, Jim Sullivanor Richard Metzler helping people, or going toworkshops, or just doing something that opens the doorfor more inspiration for them to get even better. Youknow the successful people dont sit around and getbetter just visualizing and waiting for growth to happen,they actively pursue it. Sooooooooo having said this,there are lots of opportunities for you to get inspired andgrow in this wonderful endeavor, so just be ready andopen.President’s MessageThe meeting was called to order and the upcomingevents were covered. For the Spring Show, we:· Need people to man the PBA Help Desk· Need people to help people work on trees· Need people to help with Demos· Need people to work in the Exhibit Area· Need people for setup and to monitor treesThursday & Friday· Flat out need you!The theft of a tree from Mike Ramina’s house wasbrought up and it was decided that the new rosters willfollow the pattern of the last one with no addressesshowing.We are going to have tags for trees with info about thetree. Betty has stepped forward to spearhead this effort.We also heard a proposal to purchase a monitor forstreaming photos and dates at all events which waspassed by the general membership. Barry will workwith John to accomplish this in the best manner withinbudgetary and space requirements. We also discussedwhat has been good and what needs some tweaking forupcoming events. It was agreed that the main effortshould be tags for trees.We then broke for refreshments and the raffle. Bothactivities were great.We then had the privilege of having Jack Sustic speakat our meeting. Being head of the Bonsai exhibits at theU.S. National Arboretum, he has a wealth of knowledgeabout our favorite pastime. He chose to speak on anexcellent subject that seems to never really be coveredin books, insects and disease. Just let it be said that weare better prepared for critters this year. I normally gointo detail about an event such as this but not this time.I would truly be stealing his thunder, knowledge andapproach. Instead, I strongly suggest you try to get Jackat your club. We all learned a lot.Meeting Notes March 2013Baltimore Bonsai ClubBarry FigardJohn GriffinSeen a tree you really admired? Want one similar toit? First take a picture and write down the speciesinformation. Now get the largest stock similar to it inthe largest size you can afford. You are on your way.That neat looking one was once a seedling!Food for Thought
  2. 2. Sensie SamSENSEI LEARNS a NEW WORDThere is a picture of a beautiful weeping cherrytree on the next -to-last page of this month’s NationalGeographic magazine. It is obviously of greatsentimental value to the locals. A teepee shaped veilof wire protects this 40 –foot specimen, supposedlyfrom birds. The viewing, the daytime viewing that is,of this ephemeral display is called hanami; thenighttime viewing – yozakura. I said I had learned anew word, not two. I was already aware of hanami,having seen mention of it in a Washington Post articlea couple of years ago about the cherry trees around theTidal Basin in Washington. Yozakura was new to me,and made obvious the deep reverence many Japanesehave for nature – separate words for the simple act oflooking – at different times of day.I too, and I am sure all bonsai lovers around theworld, await the succession of blooms of our trees andof those in the landscape. I try to take at least one tripa year to the National Arboretum to catch the floweringapricots in bloom. Sometimes, in an especially warmlate winter, they have bloomed so early in Februarythat I arrived to see only their tiny petals on the grassand road. But it is never a wasted trip to the Arboretum;I just gave the bonsai collection another look-see. Afew weeks after the apricots the blooming becomesnon-stop for several weeks. The pears and cherries arealmost simultaneous followed by the redbuds, applesand dogwoods. Some early azaleas open before thedogwoods and some long after. It is all inspirationalto me, but can be a trying event for the bonsai artistwishing to have a prize possession in a show at peakbloom. Our show (the PBA Spring Festival) at theNational Arboretum has, in most years, been on thelast weekend in April or the first weekend in May.Several years ago – I am guessing about 20 – I wasdetermined to put a native redbud – Cercis Canadensis– in the show. I had dug the tree somewhere west ofLeesburg, Virginia on a collecting trip with theNorthern Virginia club. It had an interesting hollowtrunk and appeared quite old. Its’ blooms were its’ bestattribute, stunning against the charcoal grey branchesand almost covering some of them. Its’ peak bloom isabout mid-April here, and all the blossoms are usuallylong gone by show time. What to do? Well, I decidedto hold the blooms back, sort of suspended animation.Or is it suspended vegetation? I removed all the racksfrom an old refrigerator and placed that redbud insidefor two weeks. I checked on it daily - hanami, andnightly - yozakura. It’s blooms survived the show andI had stretched an ephemeral event into a month longdisplay. But like a monk on a mountaintop, I was the onlyone to witness most of it.In going thru some photos these struck my funny bone:I Couldn’t ResistSensei Sam 3/27/13”Are you sure they said we could have this?”“Just where is the tree down there?” John Griffin
  3. 3. The folks who went to the Garden Club Event at theBenjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum had awonderful time. The members were not only knowledgeableabout plant culture but were also were very attentive students.They even gave us food and drink. One of the ladies saidshe has a greenhouse that her husband used but can’tanymore. She misses the fresh bananas. Many of the gardenclub members brought their own raw stock such as two whobrought small Kingsville Boxwoods. It was obvious thatthey really appreciated our coming to their meeting to assistthem in this new challenge arena, bonsai.For any of you who haven’t been at one of these gardenclub events are really missing something. The ladies andgentlemen are knowledgeable garden people who are soexcited to see what they can do in those boring wintermonths. You couldn’t ask for a better audience and thefeeling coming away is heart warming. There are one ortwo such events coming up this month, so don’t miss theopportunity to serve and be thanked. It is FUN!Mid-Atlantic Bonsai SocietiesApril Meeting andOfficers/Directors ElectionsGarden Club EventAt the April 28th Club Meeting at River HillNursery, we will be electing new Officers andDirectors. The positions which are available are:Ÿ PresidentŸ Vice PresidentŸ Educational Vice PresidentŸ SecretaryŸ TreasureŸ 2 DirectorsMembers are encouraged to attend this doublyimportant meeting.Also at this meeting, members are to bring in thetrees they want to exhibit at the Festival for reviewand approval.Don’t miss this important meeting. As always, therewill be wiring instruction in the rear for those thatneed it, a raffle, refreshments and work on trees.This will be our first meeting held at River HillNursery. They have stocked up on pots and suppliesand, at last notice, were waiting anxiously for adelivery from Meehan’s Miniatures. The room isvery accessible and there is even a TV monitor therewe can use.They are hosting the Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Societies at theGrantville Holiday Inn again this year. It is bound to moveon soon, and then we will have to travel further for this fineopportunity.This year is the 30th anniversary of the Mid-Atlantic BonsaiSociety’s Spring Festival. Their international slate ofspeakersareyoung artistson therisein thebonsaicommunity:Ÿ Minoru Akiyama-from Japan (Mr. Kobayashi’sapprentice)Ÿ Peter Warren-from the UKŸ Ryan Neal-from OregonThe local Ikebana International Harrisburg Chapter #18 willbe putting on a display as well. They are celebrating their55th anniversary of ‘Friendship through Flowers.’The other thing they would love people to know is thatfirst time attendees pay half-price for registration, forprograms Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sundayuntil noon. The show is a good at $150 for those whoattended before -but for those new to this show, $75 is asteal.Roy Nagatoshi is going to have a bonsai workshopat Barry’s house again this year on Saturday, April20th. This is a great opportunity to see a BonsaiMaster in action. Roy will work on trees broughtby registered participants and discuss the designaspects he uses to work on and transform trees. Inaddition to cutting, pinching and bending, Royalways adds humor to the event.Don’t miss this either as a participant or an observer.Roy Nagatoshi Workshop
  4. 4. COMING EVENTSMay 3, 4, & 5Free ActivitiesFree Walk-in Demonstrations· Refinement of Bonsai – Friday, May 3;12:00 pm to 3:00 pm - Jim Sullivan - VisitorCenter Classroom· All About Podocarpus – Friday, May 3; 1:00pm to 4:00 pm - Martha Meehan – VisitorCenter Auditorium· Bonsai Around the World – Saturday, May4; 10:00 – 11:30 am - Solita Rosade – VisitorCenter Auditorium· Field Grown Bonsai – Saturday, May 4;11:30 am – 2:00 pm - Chase Rosade – VisitorCenter Auditorium· Wild-collected Bonsai – Saturday, May 4;2:00 – 4:00 pm – Jim Doyle – Visitor CenterAuditoriumBonsai Vendor Tent - May 3 – 5, 9:00 am to 5:00pm – Across from the National Bonsai and PenjingMuseumChildren’s Activities–May 3–5, 9:00 am-5:00 pm –under canopy near the Vendor’s Tent“Getting Started” with Bonsai–May 3–5, 9:00 am to5:00 pm – PBA members in the Vendor’s TentViewing Stone Display–May 3–5, 9:00 am-5:00 pm– Potomac Viewing Stone Group in Visitor CenterAuditoriumMuseum Tour with “Bonsai Bob”· Saturday, May 4, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm· Sunday, May 5, 1:00 2:30 pmGuided by Robert “Bonsai Bob” Drechsler, meetunder the trellis at the International Pavilion of theMuseumExhibit: Potomac Bonsai Association Members’Trees – May 3 – 5 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – located inthe Chinese Pavilion PBA membersExhibit: Best of the Potomac Bonsai Festival –May 3 – 5, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – located in thespecial Exhibits Wing PBA membersExhibit: National Bonsai &Penjing MuseumPermanent Collections-May 3–5, 9:00 am - 5:00 pmApril 20th, Saturday, 9:00 PM to 4:30 PM @ BarryFigard’s HouseRoy Nagatoshi WorkshopThis will be a great learning experience. Attendee’s will be oftwo types, participants and observers.April 28th, Sunday, 1 PM to 5 PM @ River HillNurseryMonthly MeetingTrees are to be critiqued for the PBA/Arboretum Spring Showand the Election of Officers and Directors will be held.May 2, 3, 4 & 5, Thursday to SundayPBA/National Arboretum Spring Bonsai Show (seearticle to right for more information)2nd is for bringing in trees and helping set up3rd Show Time Friday 10 AM to 6 PM4th Show Time Saturday 10 AM to 9 PM5th Show Time Sunday 10 AM to 6 PMMay 25th, SaturdayAnnual PBA Auction @ Behnkes NurseryMay 26th, Sunday 1 PM to 5 PM, River HillNurseryMonthly MeetingJune 23, Sunday 1 PM to 5 PM, River Hill NurseryMonthly MeetingJuly Jerry Meislik Author of “Ficus - The ExoticBonsai” Date and time TBAJuly 28, Sunday 1 PM to 5 PM, River Hill NurseryMonthly MeetingAugust 26, Sunday 1 PM to 5 PM, River HillNurseryMonthly MeetingAugust 31, Saturday, Colin Lewis, Author of manybooks on Bonsai. Time TBASeptember 22Monthly MeetingClub auction.October 27, SundayMonthly MeetingNovember 24, SundayMonthly MeetingDecember, TBAChristmas Party and Dirty Santa TimePOTOMAC BONSAI FESTIVAL
  5. 5. Pictures From the MeetingThanks to Jane Costanzifor the great Pictures