Create WV Initiative Launch


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Overview presentation of the Create West Virginia initiative of A Vision Shared designed to grow the Creative Class and New Economy in West Virginia

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Create WV Initiative Launch

  1. 1. Creative Communities for the New Economy June 25, 2007
  2. 2. Transitioning Eras
  3. 3. The Conceptual Age Right Brain Left Brain Holistic thought Analytic thought Intuition Logic Creativity Language Art and music Science and math Empathy
  4. 4. The Creative Community Telecommunications Management Architects Research Media Software Development Education Graphic Design Engineering Arts and Cultural
  5. 5. st Century Growth 21 Economic and Tax Policy Talent R&D Centers of Excellence
  6. 6. The Creative Economy in WV % of CC Growth of CC Employment Employment United States 25% 25.70% West Virginia 18% 19.70% Bottom 10 WV Counties Top 10 WV Counties Creative Employed Creative Employed County Growth Growth Creative (share) County Growth Growth Creative (share) Clay County 29.90% 9.30% 12.10% Monongalia County 32.20% 5.30% 27.80% Wyoming County 8.00% -13.90% 12.00% Putnam County 52.00% 23.10% 24.20% Mingo County 4.10% -19.00% 11.90% Kanawha County 8.00% -5.50% 24.00% Hampshire County 33.20% 21.10% 11.50% Jefferson County 53.60% 16.50% 22.90% Grant County 25.10% 5.50% 11.30% Cabell County 9.10% -3.10% 21.70% Ritchie County 13.30% -5.60% 11.10% Ohio County 1.70% -12.90% 21.70% Monroe County 11.20% 2.50% 10.40% Wood County 15.10% -5.10% 19.90% Summers County 5.80% -7.70% 10.30% Marion County 46.00% 0.90% 19.80% McDowell County -28.00% -36.20% 10.30% Harrison County 21.80% -2.10% 19.80% Webster County 16.00% -12.50% 9.40% Raleigh County 24.00% 3.40% 19.20% Source: USDA Employment Research Service 1990-2000
  7. 7. A Creative Future Economy Source: Workforce West Virginia 2007 Data and Projections
  8. 8. Building the Creative Community Talent/Education Tolerance/Diversity Technology Culture, Third Places & Outdoors
  9. 9. Where Do We Stand? 51st 51st Talent/Education Diversity • IT Professionals 41st • High-Tech Jobs 45th • Online Population 47th • E-Government 48th • Broadband 50th Technology Culture, Third Places & Outdoors
  10. 10. Promising Directions ? Talent/Education Diversity Morgantown Berkeley Springs Distinctive Destination by National 100 Best Small Arts Towns Trust for Historic Preservation Best Small Cities Davis Top 10 Coolest Mountain Towns Fayetteville Top 10 Coolest Small Towns Charleston Lewisburg Top 10 Cities for Empty Nesters 1,000 Places to See Before You Die Bluefield/Mercer County Best 75 Small Towns in America Best 100 Places for Science & Technology Culture, Third Places & Outdoors Families with Kids
  11. 11. Meet the West Virginia Creative Community Justin Siebert Jeanne Mozier Direct Online Marketing Star Theatre Wheeling Berkeley Springs Scooter Scudieri Lee Kraus, Ph.D. Shepherdstown 1stInternet Rockstar IRC, Two Brains Jane Peters Fairmont Jefferson County Elizabeth Murray, Ph.D. Glenville Development Authority Marshall University Vandalia Research Larry Baker Fayetteville Glenville State College Huntington South Charleston George Rogers Keith Pauley, Ph.D. IQ Media Hinton Logan MATRIC Princeton Mayor Cleo Matthews Jeff Lusk, Hatfield- City of Hinton McCoy's Trails Spring Turner Chuck Mathena Foundation
  12. 12. How We’ll Get There • Connect the Creative Community • Communicate their existence, impact and enthusiasm for WV • Educate and empower local communities • Prioritize and support creative policies • Tell the rest of the world
  13. 13. Announcing Create WV Mission: To empower West Virginians at a local level to place themselves among the most innovative, dynamic, prosperous, creative communities in the world.
  14. 14. Available Today
  15. 15. Creative Communities Workshops – Summer 2007 • Pilot City Assessments and Workshops – Hinton (July 24), Shepherdstown (July 11) – Parkersburg (July 23) – Charleston (August TBD) • Integrated learning and planning – Leaders from business, government, education, arts/community development – Assessment – Jump-start the planning process – Share progress at the Create WV conference
  16. 16. Create West Virginia Conference Save the date – Oct 24-26 Local leaders should attend together as a team • Government Daniel Pink Jack Schultz James Hunt A Whole New Mind Boomtown Institute Amazing Cities • Economic Development • Business/Chamber • Young Professionals • Arts/Creative Community - Workshops • Community Development - Best practices - Resources & tools • Academic - K12, HED - “Why to” and “How to”
  17. 17. Create West Virginia Goals Short-Term (1 year) • Direct: – Over 200 leaders trained with all 55 counties represented – 25 WV communities with an official, detailed New Economy/Creative Community growth plan by June 2008 – 3-5 large-scale Creative Community initiatives identified and in progress – Dedicated outbound communications plan and campaigns in place to recruit the Creative Community to West Virginia • Indirect: Focused voice in support of related Creative Community initiatives – Broadband coverage, education innovation and standards, scientific R&D, entrepreneurship/TBED, e-government
  18. 18. Create West Virginia Goals Long-Term (5-10 years) • West Virginia in upper ½ of New Economy Index rankings • Recognized nationally as “hot” region for innovation and Creative Community growth – Additional towns/cities in national rankings • Real progress in diversity • Growth in Southern and remote counties • Specific details announced this fall
  19. 19. What Does it Mean for West Virginians? What’s Different?
  20. 20. Call to Action Local Community Leaders Creatives and Citizens • Read the white paper • Join the initiative on • Evaluate the assessment • Share and rate ideas and planning tools • Provide feedback • Raise your voice on new economy/creative • Save the date and tell community issues your local peer leaders • Tell others – Create West Virginia Conference – Oct 24-26 • Attend the Create WV Conference
  21. 21. “Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.” George Lois
  22. 22. The Vision Shared Creative Class Team Grant Bromhal Holly Clark Elizabeth Damewood-Gaucher National Energy Technology CESD/WVU, Vision Shared Terrell Ellis & Associates Laboratory Sarah Halstead Kim Harbour Rebecca Kimmons Katalyst Development Strategies WV Department of Commerce Katalyst Development Strategies Amy King Barbara Kinsey Belle Manjong Spilman, Thomas & Battle AG Edwards Spilman, Thomas & Battle Justin Seibert Rich Shaffer Jeff James Direct Online Marketing West Virginia Credit Union League Microsoft Corporation Thank you!
  23. 23. Special Thanks To: The Clay Center for Arts and Sciences Terrell Ellis & Associates, Inc. Katalyst Development Strategies American Public University System Maple Creative US Fish and Wildlife Service Glenville State College Charles Jupiter Hamilton National Conservation Training Center Spilman Thomas & Battle University of Charleston Summers County Judicial Annex Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation WVNet Our Creative Community guests from A Vision Shared around the state Mike Basile, Kenny Perdue and Leadership Council
  24. 24. Create WV: Building Creative Communities for the New Economy • It’s already happening here • We can build from our trendsetter communities • It’s about local vision, planning and leadership • The resources are available • Create WV will unite, equip and communicate QUESTIONS AND COMMENTS