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Will Agile Change The World ?
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Will Agile Change The World ?


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Agile Management Kanban

Agile Management Kanban

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Will Agile Change the World ?
  • 2. Who am I -> My Name: João Cerdeira -> Team Leader -> An Agile enthusiast: Scrum / Kanban / Lean -> A true believer in OpenSource -> Porto Agile MeetUps Co- Organizer
  • 3. Agile and Books
  • 4. Self-Organized TeamsTruthOrMyth ?
  • 5. Maverick
  • 6. MaverickThere isnt anyorganizationchart – leadershave to emerge
  • 7. MaverickEveryone shouldaccept a newteam member
  • 8. MaverickPeople andteams set theirown workinghours
  • 9. MaverickEmployees set their own salaryNo Security Checks
  • 10. Agile is just for software DevelopmentTruthOrMyth ?
  • 11. Management BusinessWe still use Frederick Taylor and Henry Ford management rules
  • 12. Radical ManagementDelighting Clients-> Delight primary clients by meeting theirunrecognized desires-> Aim for the simplest possible thing that willdelight-> Focus on people, not things-> Give the people doing the work a clear line ofsight to the people for whom the work is beingdone
  • 13. Radical ManagementSelf-Organizing Teams-> Articulate a compelling purpose in terms ofdelighting clients-> Consistently communicate a passionatebelief in the worth of the purpose-> Transfer the power to the team
  • 14. Radical ManagementClient-Driven Iterations-> Focus on stakeholders and what is of valuefor them-> Consider how to deliver more value soonerand cheaper-> Decide as late as possible what work is to beincluded in the iteration-> Define the goal of the iterations in the formof user stories
  • 15. Radical ManagementClient-Driven Iterations-> Treat the user story as the beginning, not theend, of a conversation-> Keep the user stories simple and record theminformally-> Display the user stories in the workplace-> Be ready to discuss the user stories with theclient-> In the user story, include a test to determinewhen the story has been fully executed
  • 16. Radical ManagementDelivering Value to Clients-> Focus on finish the most important work first-> Have the team itself estimate how much timework will take-> Let the team decide how to do the work in theiteration-> Dont interrupt the team in the course of aniteration-> Measure progress in terms of value deliveredto clients
  • 17. Radical ManagementRadical Transparency-> Have the team members stay in contact witheach other on a daily basis-> Conduct retrospectives reviews at the end ofeach iteration-> Use informal visual displays of progress-> Establish a clear line of sight from the teamto the client
  • 18. Discovery !!“Scrum Is A MajorManagementDiscovery”By Steve Denning“If there was a Nobel Prize for management, and ifthere was any justice in the world, I believe that theprize would be awarded, among others, to JeffSutherland, Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn for theircontributions to the invention of Scrum.”
  • 19. BusinessLean Startup is a newmethodology to build astartupWhat have in commonBuilding a Startupand Agile ?
  • 20. Lean StartUpby Joshua Kerievsky
  • 21. Lean StartUpLean Startup makes the bestparts of Agile more lean andcombines them with thebrilliant CustomerDevelopment Joshua Kerievsky
  • 22. The Power of PullPush – When the Boss pushtasks to the teamPull – The “Boss” have a listof task prioritized and theteam pull the tasksSimilarities with Scrumor/and Kanban
  • 23. The Power of PullAny Similarities with Scrumand Kanban ?-> Small Batches-> Good Prioritization-> Delivery Value Often-> Avoid Multitasking by pushing more andmore tasks-> Team pull the tasks from the list
  • 24. Product DevelopmentProduct developmentand AgileKanban, why not ?
  • 25. Product Development-> Improve economic decisions-> Manage Queues-> Apply WIP constraints-> Accelerate Feedback-> Manage Flows in the Presence ofVariability-> Decentralized Control
  • 26. Agile in Our Daily LifeI had training in timemanagement – GTDMy way of doing thingsdoesnt match with GTDThen I discoveredPersonal Kanban
  • 27. Agile in Our Daily LifeKanban rules in the dailytasksValue StreamFill the BacklogLimit WIPPull Work
  • 28. Agile in Our Daily Life
  • 29. ConclusionAgile is spreading to all kind of activitiesLets help changing the world spreading theAgile valuesAnd most important “Be Agile” dont “DoAgile”Lets Hope for a better world (with Agile)
  • 30. Q&A?
  • 31. Links