Will Agile Change The World ?


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Agile Management Kanban

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Will Agile Change The World ?

  1. 1. Will Agile Change the World ?
  2. 2. Who am I -> My Name: João Cerdeira -> Team Leader -> An Agile enthusiast: Scrum / Kanban / Lean -> A true believer in OpenSource -> Porto Agile MeetUps Co- Organizerhttp://twitter.com/jacerdeira cerdeira@gmail.com
  3. 3. Agile and Books
  4. 4. Self-Organized TeamsTruthOrMyth ?
  5. 5. Maverick
  6. 6. MaverickThere isnt anyorganizationchart – leadershave to emerge
  7. 7. MaverickEveryone shouldaccept a newteam member
  8. 8. MaverickPeople andteams set theirown workinghours
  9. 9. MaverickEmployees set their own salaryNo Security Checks
  10. 10. Agile is just for software DevelopmentTruthOrMyth ?
  11. 11. Management BusinessWe still use Frederick Taylor and Henry Ford management rules
  12. 12. Radical ManagementDelighting Clients-> Delight primary clients by meeting theirunrecognized desires-> Aim for the simplest possible thing that willdelight-> Focus on people, not things-> Give the people doing the work a clear line ofsight to the people for whom the work is beingdone
  13. 13. Radical ManagementSelf-Organizing Teams-> Articulate a compelling purpose in terms ofdelighting clients-> Consistently communicate a passionatebelief in the worth of the purpose-> Transfer the power to the team
  14. 14. Radical ManagementClient-Driven Iterations-> Focus on stakeholders and what is of valuefor them-> Consider how to deliver more value soonerand cheaper-> Decide as late as possible what work is to beincluded in the iteration-> Define the goal of the iterations in the formof user stories
  15. 15. Radical ManagementClient-Driven Iterations-> Treat the user story as the beginning, not theend, of a conversation-> Keep the user stories simple and record theminformally-> Display the user stories in the workplace-> Be ready to discuss the user stories with theclient-> In the user story, include a test to determinewhen the story has been fully executed
  16. 16. Radical ManagementDelivering Value to Clients-> Focus on finish the most important work first-> Have the team itself estimate how much timework will take-> Let the team decide how to do the work in theiteration-> Dont interrupt the team in the course of aniteration-> Measure progress in terms of value deliveredto clients
  17. 17. Radical ManagementRadical Transparency-> Have the team members stay in contact witheach other on a daily basis-> Conduct retrospectives reviews at the end ofeach iteration-> Use informal visual displays of progress-> Establish a clear line of sight from the teamto the client
  18. 18. Discovery !!“Scrum Is A MajorManagementDiscovery”By Steve Denning“If there was a Nobel Prize for management, and ifthere was any justice in the world, I believe that theprize would be awarded, among others, to JeffSutherland, Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn for theircontributions to the invention of Scrum.”
  19. 19. BusinessLean Startup is a newmethodology to build astartupWhat have in commonBuilding a Startupand Agile ?
  20. 20. Lean StartUpby Joshua Kerievsky
  21. 21. Lean StartUpLean Startup makes the bestparts of Agile more lean andcombines them with thebrilliant CustomerDevelopment process.by Joshua Kerievsky
  22. 22. The Power of PullPush – When the Boss pushtasks to the teamPull – The “Boss” have a listof task prioritized and theteam pull the tasksSimilarities with Scrumor/and Kanban
  23. 23. The Power of PullAny Similarities with Scrumand Kanban ?-> Small Batches-> Good Prioritization-> Delivery Value Often-> Avoid Multitasking by pushing more andmore tasks-> Team pull the tasks from the list
  24. 24. Product DevelopmentProduct developmentand AgileKanban, why not ?
  25. 25. Product Development-> Improve economic decisions-> Manage Queues-> Apply WIP constraints-> Accelerate Feedback-> Manage Flows in the Presence ofVariability-> Decentralized Control
  26. 26. Agile in Our Daily LifeI had training in timemanagement – GTDMy way of doing thingsdoesnt match with GTDThen I discoveredPersonal Kanban
  27. 27. Agile in Our Daily LifeKanban rules in the dailytasksValue StreamFill the BacklogLimit WIPPull Work
  28. 28. Agile in Our Daily Life
  29. 29. ConclusionAgile is spreading to all kind of activitiesLets help changing the world spreading theAgile valuesAnd most important “Be Agile” dont “DoAgile”Lets Hope for a better world (with Agile)
  30. 30. Q&A?
  31. 31. Linkshttp://icicp.blogspot.pt/2010/04/healing-earth-with-service.htmlhttp://www.strategy-business.com/article/05408?gko=3291chttp://shortwhitecoats.com/tag/salaryhttp://thecriticalpath.info/2010/09/07/my-personal-kanban-2-0/http://www.personalkanban.com/pk/personal-kanban-101/http://blog.industriallogic.com/agile-vs-lean-startup/