BRILLiant Concept

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Business/Life idea for me and the bro.

Business/Life idea for me and the bro.

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  • 1. A BRILLiant Concept…
  • 2. New Business Proposal: Create an Urban, Sustainable, Organic MicroFarm/Restaurant. Urban Micro-Farm/Vertical Garden/Restaurant OASIS.
  • 3. What’s the word on the Street? “A blooming trend: Gardens are sprouting up at restaurants across the country.” “Climate Change and Agriculture: Biodiverse Ecological Farming Is the Answer, Not Genetic Engineering.” “Aquaponics Explained: Feeding Your Fish.” “A growing hobby: Community gardens come to life in spring” “The Rise of Urban Farming Grow fruits and vegetables in city towers? Advocates give a green thumbs up.” “Organic food sales have increased by 20% annually since 1990. Consumers trust organic food and are concerned about health risks and environmental impacts of conventional food production methods.” “Fresh and Local: The Farm Movement.”
  • 4. Turn-Table in Helsinki, Sweden is the only place I have found that is doing something semi-similar to what I'm talking about…
  • 5.
  • 6. The Farmery!
  • 7. Things to address: -COST/FUNDING -LOCATION -Marketing -Training on urban gardening/restaurant operations -Main Objective/Goals -Hydroponic and/or Aquaponics System -All Restaurant elements -Type of idea (Building/Resources/Supplies) will play big role in how much of a loan we would need ie: Natural vs Modern -Educational/Collaboration aspect -Alternative/clean energy implementation -Network with local farmers -Getting idea out to Farmers Market -Steph, Mom, Dad or other people to involve -Land/Abandoned lots for OASIS
  • 8. A Vertical Garden/Restaurant Concept
  • 9. Resources/Knowledge: “Urban Farming is a vibrant movement that’s rapidly growing in cities across the country.” New Farmer Training Vertical Farming Open Source Ecology Farmscaping Urban Garden Magazine National Restaurant Association Riverpark Farm Modern Farmer Sustainable Restaurant Association (UK) Future Growing Cultivate Kansas City Greensgrow Farms