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Overview of sap-sd

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Sap sd ppt

  1. 1. Sap-SD IntroductionCourse curriculumAssignmentQuestion and Answer session.Link and DocumentationMock InterviewSample CV preparationAgenda
  2. 2. Sales & Distribution CycleSalesOrderAvailabilityCheckOutboundDeliveryTransportationPickingGoodsIssueBillingPaymentProcess
  3. 3. Identify the elements of a standard window. Navigate in the system. Use the basic help functions. Make personal system settings.Unit 1: Navigation
  4. 4. Describe sales and distribution structures.. Name the organizational units relevant to sales anddistribution in the SAP ERPCentral Component system. Describe the essential characteristics of these organizationalunits. Explain the most important relationships between theorganizational structures in sales and distribution. Describe the sales and distribution structuresUnit 2: Enterprise Structures in Salesand Distribution
  5. 5. Maintain customer master dataMaintain material master dataMaintain the customer-material info recordMaintain condition master data and explain pricingfunctionsIssue output for sales documentsWork with the incompletion logUnit 3: Master Data in Sales andDistribution
  6. 6. Explain the process chain for sales order processingCreate a sales order with reference to a quotationCreate an outbound delivery with reference to a sales orderPick and post goods issueInvoice a customer for the deliveryEnter an incoming payment in the system.Trigger different sales processes by choosing suitable salesdocument types and end with Invoice.Unit 4: Overview of Sales Processes
  7. 7. Describe the basic principles and function of the availabilitycheckUse the availability check as part of order processingExplain how deliveries are shippedDescribe how shipment costs are billed to the customerExplain how financial information is transferred from thebilling document into the accounting documentUnit 5: Availability Check
  8. 8. Unit 6 :Business ProcessPricingCondition types for pricingCondition exclusion groups for pricingCondition supplementFree goodsHeader conditions in pricingAccount determinationRevenue account determinationRoute determinationPartner determination procedureOutput determinationText determinationCopy control for sales documentsIncompletion logBill of materialsMaterial determination / Product selectionItem proposal / Product proposalMaterial listing and exclusionCross sellingCustomer Material Info RecordCash salesRush orderCustomer complaintsReturnsSubsequent free of charge deliveryFree of charge deliveryInvoice correction requestContracts / Outline agreementsConsignment business processCredit management
  9. 9. Inter company salesThird party sales processMake to OrderVariant ConfigurationConsignment business processRebate processingUnit 7: Special business process
  10. 10. Credit memoDebit memoInvoice correctionFree of charge deliveryFree of charge subsequent deliveryUnit 8 : Customer Complain
  11. 11. AssignmentQuestion and Answer session.Link and DocumentationMock InterviewSample CV preparationUnit 9 : other topic
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. ThankYou
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