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Energy Storage Solutions for an Intelligent Future - Christian Boysen, Cluster Development as a Key Driver for Innovation - The Danish Model

Energy Storage Solutions for an Intelligent Future - Christian Boysen, Cluster Development as a Key Driver for Innovation - The Danish Model






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    Energy Storage Solutions for an Intelligent Future - Christian Boysen, Cluster Development as a Key Driver for Innovation - The Danish Model Energy Storage Solutions for an Intelligent Future - Christian Boysen, Cluster Development as a Key Driver for Innovation - The Danish Model Presentation Transcript

    • Lean Energy Cluster Lean Energy Cluster CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT AS A KEY DRIVER FOR INNOVATION - THE DANISH MODEL Presentation at Energy Storage Solutions for an Intelligent Future Belfast, the 22th November 2013 1
    • The Lean Energy Cluster • A cleantech cluster driven by global societal challanges • Lean Energy Cluster utilizes the green transition to create innovation, economic growth and job creation. • Established in 2006 focusing on HVAC in the Region of Southern Denmark. • In 2010 the technology focus was extended to energy efficiency and intelligent energy systems and the cluster services became nation-wide. • Today the cluster includes more than 250 dedicated members and a project portfolio of over DKK 450 mill (€60 mill). 2
    • Technologies in the field of energy efficiency Buildings HVAC Lighting Houshold appliances Building shell Transportation Electricity Bio energy Energy efficiency Energy systems Electricity Heating Cooling Gas Water Storage Energy production Bio energy Solar Geothermal Fuel cells 3
    • The Lean Energy specialisation Region LQ Lean Energy business in DK Southern Denmark 2.30 48,0 % Central Denmark 1.33 30.3 % Northern Denmark 0.34 6.3 % Capital Area 0.34 11.5 % Zealand 0,32 3,9 % Germany Mittelfranken 2,31 Germany Freiburg 2,14 Reg X 2012 4
    • Services provided by Lean Energy Cluster 1. Delivering a collaborative platform • • Skills development • 1. Collaborative platform Knowledge sharing Branding 2. System export • 3. Innovation projects • Developing export partnerships • 2. System export Market research and understanding Implementing export reference project 3. Innovation projects • • Matching the triple helix stakeholders • 5 Idea and concept development Facilitating the innovation proces
    • …some projects in Lean Energy Clusters • Electrically powered heavy duty vehicles Electrically powered heavy duty vehicles, where accessories are powered by fully electrical systems. DKK 25, 2 mio. • Intelligent control of cooling and freezing in supermarkets Utilisation of thermic capacity in food to adjust the consumption of electricity in cooled and refrigerated supermarket counters. DKK 15, 3 mio. 12 partners, 2010-2012 5 partners, 2010-2013 • Intelligent district heating control Demonstrate, test and adjust a newly developed communication unit to monitor a building's district heating consumption. Control of units using web-based software. 3 partners, 2012-2013 DKK 1,8 mio. 6
    • ! The Lean Energy Cluster innovation platform on Smart Energy Systems 7
    • From Smart Grids to Smart Energy Systems The Danish Framework Challenges • Danish energy consumption has been declining in a period of economical growth. • How to enable the flexibility currently provided by large amounts of stored energy in fossil fuels. • The energy policy objectives strive for independence from fossil fuels in Denmark by 2050. • In scientific communities focus has been on specific areas as electricity, district heating, energy storage etc. • • Development of cleantech is high on the political agenda in order to fulfill the energy ambitions. • • Well-developed infrastructure for energy systems, communication (fiber broadband) and transport. 8 Handling energy supply, distribution and demand as a single system that can be optimized. • Specialized core competences within the cleantech industry. • The solution may be… This is called a Smart Energy System.
    • Smart Energy Systems Aalborg University (2012) 9
    • …collaboration across sectors is needed! • The Smart Energy System consists of a wide range of energy technologies and services to be integrated in order to provide the flexibility needed in the system. • No company or group of companies can develop the Smart Energy System. • Many stakeholders are involved (manufacturing companies, ICT-providers, consulting engineers, universities, municipalities etc.). • Clusters provide a neutral platform in which they develop technologies and services of tomorrow. 10
    • ! Steps towards the Smart Energy System 11
    • CITIES - Centre for IT-Intelligent Energy Systems in Cities Objectives of the project • Budget DKK 73 mill (approx. €10 mill) To harness the latent flexibility of the energy systems through intelligence, integration and planning focussing on city environments • To develop methodologies and ICTsolutions for the analysis, operation and development of fully integrated urban energy systems • Partners To develop decision support tools to improve political framework conditions for the Smart Energy System 12
    • Energy Membrane - Underground Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) • A pantented idea for storing electrical energy based on the well-known pump storage principle. • Countries like Denmark have only few hilly areas suitable or available for PHS systems. • In a membrane water is enclosed i placed underground with 25 meters of soil on top. The overlaying soil gives the necessary pressure to run a compined pump and turbine and store large amount of electrical energy . • A demonstration project (50x50m) has been tested, and planning of pilot plant project (200x200m) is underway. Horizon2020 will be applied. GO Development (2013) 13
    • Thank you for your attention! Christian Boysen Senior Project Manger Email: cb@leanenergy.dk Lean Energy Cluster Web: www.leanenergy.dk Alsion 2, DK-6400 Sønderborg 14