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Hydroge. What is needed. Anton Martinez _ Enagas

  1. November 2021 Hydrogen What is needed?
  2. 2 Page Enagás Midstream company. Leader in natural gas infrastructure Construction, operation and maintenance Independent TSO in the European Union The main natural gas transport company in Spain Technical Manager of the Spanish Gas System
  3. 3 Page Mexico TLA Altamira plant Soto La Marina Compression Plant Morelos Gas Pipeline Peru Transportadora de Gas del Perú (TgP) Compañía Operadora de Gas del Amazonas (Coga) Chile Quintero LNG Plant Greece, Albania and Italy Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) Spain 11,000 km of pipelines 6 LNG plants (+1 in the works) 3 underground storage facilities Greece DESFA USA Tallgrass Energy Presence in 8 countries Enagás LNG Storage Transport What we do
  4. 4 Page Renewable gases Key energy vectors in the process of energy transition
  5. 5 Page Electricity from renewable sources H2 ▪ Mobility ▪ Power generation ▪ Industry ▪ Tertiary/household use Generated waste Biogas Biomethane Circular economy Upgrading Anaerobic decomposition Injection into pipelines Fuel for vehicles Industry Hydrogen Biomethane The use of existing gas infrastructures is essential to make progress at the lowest cost. For technology neutrality Renewable gases They allow decarbonization of sectors where electrification is not an option.
  6. 6 Page Enagás' commitment towards green hydrogen Due to its geographical location and availability of resources and infrastructure, Spain must become a gateway for green hydrogen to Europe
  7. 7 Page
  8. 8 Page Development of Proprietary technology and R+D+i projects. Development of demonstrative projects on an industrial scale. Development of projects for the decarbonisation of the different economic sectors, especially in those regions where the energy transition may have a greater impact. Adaptation/ development hydrogen transport network both national and towards Europe. Enagas' commitment towards green hydrogen
  9. 9 Page Potential adaptation of gas pipelines for the transport of hydrogen Enagás’ commitment to green hydrogen 2030 2035 2040
  10. 10 Page Publicly announced: Enagás’ commitment to green hydrogen
  11. 11 Page Expectations for hydrogen deployment cover all sectors of society (industry, transport, electricity generation and residential consumption) Towards a green hydrogen economy
  12. 12 Page Sectoral decarbonisation From renewable energies, with zero emissions Just transition Stimulatory agent, allows the creation of industrial fabric Energy storage Surplus power management and grid integration Linking between sectors Infinity of applications (industrial, mobility, residential...) Why? Towards a green hydrogen economy
  13. 13 Page What is needed? Towards a green hydrogen economy We will need to ensure that green hydrogen is cost effective through scaling it up and through administrative simplification, existing regulatory loopholes have to be eliminated. There is no need to over-regulate, but mechanisms must be put in place. On the other hand, we can push forward the development of clean hydrogen through the cooperation and sharing of technologies among different countries and companies. Also through private-public partnerships. Source: Energy Council Cost competitiveness and lack of regulation as main barriers
  14. 14 Page The project includes the development of a green hydrogen production plant from renewable photovoltaic energy. Green hydrogen will have multiple applications on the island, including the fuel supply to a fleet of fuel cell buses and fuel cell vehicles, the generation of heat and power for commercial and public buildings and the creation of a HRS. Socios  50 M€ Scope Mallorca Hub H2O H2 O2 Lloseta Towards a green hydrogen economy What is needed? Case study: Green Hysland project The project includes green hydrogen injection into the island's gas pipeline network, through a Guarantee of Origin System, to decarbonise gas supply
  15. 15 Page • Lloseta Towards a green hydrogen economy What is needed? Case study: Green Hysland project Key ingredients: ✓ Local targets for decarbonization of the economy and national hydrogen roadmap. ✓ Private-public partnership. ✓ Strategic project for the Balearic Government. ✓ First Industrial Deployment to be further scaled up and replicated in other European islands. ✓ FCH-JU and IDAE grants to support competitiveness. What is missing: ✓ Removing regulatory and market design barriers: • eliminate lengthy/complex licensing and permitting processes (e.g. declaration of public utility), • define flexible obligations to qualify the electricity used for hydrogen production as renewable, • provide additional financial/support mechanisms to ensure H2 competitiveness, ✓ Lack of a regulatory/legal framework, standards, regulatory body to qualify H2 as renewable and certification systems to support the development of the market (guarantee of origin system).