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Horizon 2020 ICT and Advanced Materials & Manufacturing


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Horizon 2020 ICT and Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

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Horizon 2020 ICT and Advanced Materials & Manufacturing

  1. 1. Invest NI Horizon 2020: ICT and Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Paul McCormack Innovation Manager Belfast Metropolitan College
  2. 2. BIMcert • The Vision - Why? • The Application - How? • The Reality - What?
  3. 3. Going Green in Seventeen Brokerage Event 19th January 2017 Brussels
  4. 4. Belfast Metropolitan College Delivering Academies, Training and recruitment Programmes. Upskilling existing and new workers. Unique breadth of educational training at every level. Cutting edge business and R&D support in all business areas across NI, (both to SMEs and large enterprises). Develops and delivers accredited bespoke training to develop business skills for the future. One of the largest colleges in the UK. Commit to sustainability, renewable energies, reducing carbon print energy conservation throughout our facilities and code of practice. Partnerships with Universities providing training and delivering courses in BIM & sustainable construction. Contributed in a project to implement green energy & wind turbines across ROI. Largest provider FE further and HE training in NI. Teamed with Environmental charity TIDY NI to tackle climate change. Inclusive, Social, Ethical and Ecological aware. Through our partnerships with industry, we constantly adapt our curriculum to meet the skills demands but always with a social consciousness
  5. 5. Greener Built Environment EE-14-2016-2017 _Construction skills A multidisciplinary skills approach that incorporates entire design chain, material life cycles and energy production and consumption. Pioneering Construction Skills for collaborative efforts towards sustainable energy and efficient near zero carbon Buildings. Transparent Training Model towards a Greener Building Environment Technology & Green Construction Skills Training Module(s) Delivering and Integrating skills, certification & accreditation in BIM sustainable construction.Building towards Green CALL EE-14-2016-2017 CONSTRUCTION SKILLS
  6. 6. Type of partners required Design Teams Architects, Engineers, QS, Surveyors, Designers, etc. Software (& hardware) Providers Supply chain Manufacturers Special interest in prefabrication, concrete and modular buildings. Academic and Construction industry Media publishers Data analysts Software developers, programmers, modellers, animators and multimedia professionals Universities Colleges & Training Centres Including teachers, trainers, students, VET providers. Estates & Facility Managers Housing Associations Politicians, State officials and Institutions Construction employees and employers Renewable energy sector partners Partners to help: Identify Skills and resourse gaps. Help develop training module(s). Test and dessiminate project.
  7. 7. The Application Stage 1 INI Support External Support Dominic McLarnon Additional Support Partnership Building Collaboration Stage II The H2020 Application Continued Support and Collaboration 4 Months of Hard Work Additional Information
  8. 8. INI R&D Support Application GRANT FOR R&D - PROJECT DEFINITION Application Form
  9. 9. Success - The Reality
  10. 10. How does project BIMcert fit in the BIM skills knowlege market? The top 3 results expected from BIMcert: • Engage the entire construction sector supply chain via BIM within new build and retrofit. • Create clear pathways of development for individuals and SMEs to upskill. • BIM skills to manage overall project energy consumption.
  11. 11. How does project BIMcert fit in the BIM skills knowlege market? The top 3 issues/challenges where we would like to learn from others in this workshop: • Accreditation within European Qualifications Framework and awarding body • Industry engagement with the dis-engaged • Sustainability of the project beyond H2020.
  12. 12. BIMcert in a nutshell • Partners:  Belfast Metropolitan College (BMET) (N Ireland)  Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) (Portugal)  IECE (Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia)  EIHP (Croatia)  Future Analytics Consulting (Ireland)  Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) (N Ireland)  Technological Institute Dublin (TU Dublin) (Ireland). • Duration: March 2018 to October 2019 (20 mths).
  13. 13. 3 main project tasks: • Development and accreditation of BIM skills matrix and curriculum content • Aligning development of training to industry need • Improving cross-craft understanding and collaboration. Project long-term mission: establishing a widely recognized scheme of transferrable BIM skills certification & European-wide impact.
  14. 14. BIMcert OVERVIEW - The Project Construction industry one of the biggest contributors for CO2 emissions, resources and energy wastage. All Climate change causes
  15. 15. BIMcert OVERVIEW - The Project Construction industry needs to improve: • Be more efficient • Reduce wastage and CO2 emissions • Be better at trying to achieve zero carbon • Enable/verify energy efficiency.
  16. 16. BIMcert OVERVIEW - The Project More or specific skills required. BIM ( Digital construction) skills required : as enabling tools for change, efficiency in the AEC industry and to tackle climate change.
  17. 17. Operate DesignPlan Build Energy savings targeted during the design phase Energy savings designed utilised to achieve energy optimization Energy savings achieved through the building operation stage Energy savings through in-use building performance management Using BIM to close the Energy Cycle
  18. 18. BIMcert 5 PRINCIPAL OBJECTIVES 1. Improve sustainability of the built environment through training, education, etc. 2. Engage with the entire construction sector supply chain via BIM. 3. Encourage greater workforce mobility, continuous upskilling and better employability for all levels of employee in the construction sector. 4. Create clear pathways of development for individuals and SMEs to upskill. 5. Develop a pan-European framework for recognition and accreditation of BIMCERT “bite-sized” learning modules, which constitute what we call “micro-accreditation” of knowledge.
  19. 19. BIMcert Overview BIMcert Strategic Direction Construction skills Energy efficiency Regulating supply chains Tackling climate change
  20. 20. BIMcert Overview BIMcert Methodology Modules are adaptable to each learner’s needs and career pathways. Leaners can pick the micro accreditations that suit them. Allow learner to gain skills required for their own professional needs, combine them to obtain either pre-established qualification or an unique “BIM Passport” skillset recognised via BIMcert. Several micro accreditations (covering specific knowledge and skills). Flexibility to build your own personalised skillset. Not a linear progression. Bite sized micro accreditation.
  21. 21. BIMcert Overview BIMcert Curriculum
  22. 22. BIMcert - Curriculum benefits International positioning for the college New recognised qualification in National Framework (L3, L4 and L5 Award, certificate and diploma) New teaching materials resources Collaboration with International HE institutions and progression pathways for learners Industry lead and industry relevant content Raising regional, national and international profile of BMC (inc. BMCs lecturing staff and management upskilling and recognition as industry experts) Strategic lead in Ireland in emerging technologies.
  23. 23. Pros: • Learning curve for Belfast Met and Partners • New FCR opportunity • Greater Industry engagement • Enhanced reputation • Internationalisation • New Horizons • Increased opportunities • Skills elevator
  24. 24. Cons: • New territory • Hurdles not obstacles • Prescriptive • Management processes
  25. 25. NEXT PARTICIPATE To avail updates and news on BIMcert, but more importantly to be granted access sample training materials: Please visit: and register. Gain access to Project contents and gives us feedback for us to improve. Contact us to discuss possibilities of possible funded training during development stage BIMcert.