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Presentation by PeaceTrees Vietnam Presentation by CRS


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Landmines Working Group Quarterly Meetings - Presentation by PeaceTrees Vietnam Presentation by CRS at the Mine/UXO Risk Education Materials Meeting on March 03, 2006

Landmines Working Group Quarterly Meetings - Presentation by PeaceTrees Vietnam Presentation by CRS at the Mine/UXO Risk Education Materials Meeting on March 03, 2006

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Project: UXO/LM awareness education for primary school children in Quang Tri province .
  • 2.
    • Location:
    • 9 communes in Trieu Phong district and 4
    • comunes in Gio Linh district
    • Partners:
    • Province and District Education Departments
    • Direct Beneficiaries:
    • 9,500 primary school children and 500 teachers
    • Indirect Beneficiaries:
    • 9,500 parents & community members
  • 3. Objectives:
    • To increase knowledge and awareness on UXO safety among children and teachers in Trieu Phong and Gio Linh district through provision of in-school training on accident prevention and sensitivity toward people with disabilities.
    • To raise awareness on UXO safety for parents, leaders and general public through school-community activities to bring safety message out to the community.
  • 4.
    • Objective 1:
      • Develop 5 student’s textbooks and 5 teacher’s guidebooks on UXO safety to be used in primary schools in all project communes.
  • 5.
    • Objective 1:
      • Train teachers on how to use the textbooks in classroom and Activity-based learning method that help teachers incorporate children with disabilities in to normal classrooms.
  • 6. Objective 1:
    • - In-school training in all project communes
  • 7. Objective 2: - Organize community – school events to bring the safety message out in to the community.
    • .
  • 8. Objective 2: - Develop supplemental materials & activities to reinforce the in-school curriculum and to raise community awareness of the landmines/UXO problem.
    • .
  • 9. Why an in-school curriculum ?
    • Primary-aged children are a vulnerable group for UXO/LM accidents (natural curiosity and lack of warning from parents and adults)
    • Primary schools proven as effective venues for reaching wider community
    • Children educated now will adopt safer behaviors when older
  • 10.
    • - Writers: QTri DOET, MOET, NIESAC
    • Process:
    • + Study visit to Quang Tri & reference of Lao’s in-school curriculum
    • +Materials development using activity-based methodology and field testing in Quang tri primary schools for local feedback.
    • +Refine after testing incorporating local feedback & recommendations (3 cyclical refinements for 3 school years so far)
    How were the materials developed?
  • 11. What MRE messages are presented?
    • UXO/landmines have different shapes and sizes and are very dangerous. Stay away from them.
    • Keep away from any area with a warning sign
    • Report to adults when seeing UXO/LM
    • Don’t build a fire directly on the ground.
    • Don’t dismantle LM/UXO for explosives
    • Don’t watch adults dismantling UXO/LM. Go to tell adult immediately.
  • 12. How are the messages presented to target groups?
    • In-school training
    • + 5 lessons/grade: activity-based; including discussion of implications of having an accident, disability sensitivity and simple first aid techniques.
    • Outreach activities to communities
    • + School-community exchange event
    • + Children’s presentation on UXO safety