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Event “Enhancing the skills of youth with learning disabilities” on 22 June 2018 – Brussels, Belgium - Pathway+ and Speech Pathology


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Event “Enhancing the skills of youth with learning disabilities” on 22 June 2018 – Brussels, Belgium

In the context of the “Intelligent Serious Games for Social and Cognitive Competence” project (ISG), we organised the event “Enhancing the skills of youth with learning disabilities” on 22 June 2018, in Brussels, Belgium.

The event highlighted a whole range of initiatives that have as common goal to enhance skills of youth with (learning) disabilities.

Target audience:
People with disabilities, and their families and friends
Teachers / Trainers / Tutors from inclusive and special education
Youth and disability organisations
Personal caregivers
ICT and AT experts


8.30-9.00: Registration and welcome
OPENING (9.00-9.30)

Opening + introduction to ISG – Karel Van Isacker (CEO, PhoenixKM)

SESSION 1 (9.30-10.30)

Increased independence for youth with learning disabilities
Chair: Jean-Marie Vanhove (inclusion expert)
9.30 – 10.00: More independence for youth with learning disabilities – EU context: Helga Stevens (N-VA), Member of the European Parliament, Vice-Chair ECR, Co-chair Disability Intergroup
10.00 – 10.20: Witness accounts of pilot participants
10.20 – 10.30: Discussion – questions

SESSION 2 (10.30 – 11.30)

Need for skills enhancements: A European perspective
Chair: Shervin Shirmohammadi, Sehir University, Turkey
10.30 – 10.50: EU Disability Policy: Inmaculada Placencia-Porrero (Deputy Head of Unit, for Rights of Persons with Disabilities within the Directorate General for Justice)
10.50 – 11.10: The need for skills training for people with disabilities: Mark Van Assche (TOLBO vzw)
11.10- 11.30: Discussion and questions
Break + exhibition (11.30 – 12.00)

SESSION 3: (12.00- 13.30)

Examples of how skills training is applied in various initiatives towards vulnerable groups
Chair: Petya Grudeva, MCA
12.00 – 12.20: Play2DO – MCA
12.20 – 12.40: Pathway+ and Speech pathology – Karel Van Isacker, PhoenixKM
12.40 – 13.00: Positive Leisure + Access Interact + ST4ALL – NARHU
13.00 – 13.30: Discussion and questions
Closing words by Jan Buysse, Managing Director vleva
Lunch (13.30 – 15.00)

Break and exhibition of wide range of inclusion oriented projects (13.30 – 15.00)

This project (2015-1-TR01-KA201-022247) has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus+ Programme). This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Event “Enhancing the skills of youth with learning disabilities” on 22 June 2018 – Brussels, Belgium - Pathway+ and Speech Pathology

  1. 1.  Start date: 01 September 2017  Duration: 36 months  Funding: Erasmus+ programme, UK NA & BG NA  Strategic Partnerships for school education  Main objective: Development of Innovation 23 June 20182
  2. 2.  To use mobile app to ◦ assess the effectiveness of mobile applications in engaging children with moderate learning needs ◦ based on model created using tracked sensor data (e.g., eye gaze, EEG and thermal measures) and using games (continuous performance tests) followed by analysis of this data for attention and engagement.
  3. 3.  practitioners who need to put “education for all” into practice: these are the teachers and teacher educators of mainstream education, in inclusive settings, as well as teachers in special educational settings.  children/pupils with moderate/mild learning disabilities, and their families, as well as representative NGOs/umbrella organisations.  policy makers from Ministries of Education, pedagogical experts, schools, school authorities and their umbrella structures around Europe;  service providers providing services and / or support to pupils with special educational needs; authorities at all levels, with competences in the field of education;
  4. 4.  O1: Descriptive map of effective pedagogical approaches  O2: 5 mobile games  O3: Mobile pedagogical attention/engagement measurement App  O4: Handbook for teacher educators  O5: Manual for teachers  O6: Impact and best practices report 23 June 20187
  5. 5. 2014-1-BG01-KA202-001529 Articulation Test Age Calculator Flashcards Worksheets Speech and Language Therapy Online Tools
  6. 6.  To increase the educational chance of children with speech and language impairments/problems by creating pre-assessment mechanism to use by teachers at kindergarten and primary schools.  To help children to fully benefit from the education with speech and language pathology online tool (designed as interactive, highly engaging, user friendly and amusing) that will include mobile assessment, practical exercises and gamification aspects.
  7. 7. Direct users:  Kindergarten and pre- primary school teachers  Primary school teachers  Psychological consultants  Speech and language therapists / Logopedists  Special education teachers Beneficiaries:  Children with disabilities  Their parents  NGOs and institutions working about childhood pedagogy  Educational authorities  Community centers  Academicians
  8. 8. The main outputs of the project will be:  IO1: Speech and Language Therapy Childhood Education Report  IO2: Benchmarks for Speech and Language Therapy Education  IO3: Speech and Language Therapy Online Tools  IO4: Resource Pack for Teachers at Initial Education  IO5: Usability Evaluation Report
  9. 9.  Give teachers greater confidence in working with children who have speech and language problems by providing speech and language pathology online/mobile tools.  Provides knowledge and experience to kindergarten and pre-primary school teachers, primary school teachers, psychological consultant of the schools, speech and language therapists / logopedist.  Improved language skills of students from primary and secondary level school age between 4 and 10 years old.
  10. 10.  