Family day letter 2012 final version


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Family day letter 2012 final version

  1. 1. August 18, 2010 Dear Batch 2012 Parents: Good day! We are very glad to inform you that the Family Day, an annual event traditionally hosted by the PSHS-PTA, will be held in the morning of September 4, 2010 (Saturday) at the PSHS school grounds. As in the past celebrations, it will be a time of camaraderie and fun with our children, co-parents, faculty, administrative personnel, and school administrators. There will be a parade and games to be participated in by the students, faculty, and parents. Afterwards, the different batches will proceed to their designated areas to partake of their lunch. Being a time of fellowship and celebration, we cordially invite you to come and join us in the event. The batch with the most number of attendees will receive a special prize from the organizers. However, as per the registration rules, only two companions per student will be accounted for. But, please do not let this be a hindrance for you to bring along your brothers, sisters, lolos, lolas, titas, titos, ninongs, ninangs, among others. For the parade, the presidents of each section, or their designated representatives, shall act as coordinators to ensure that everything goes smoothly. As for the games, our batch will need two (2) female and two (2) male volunteers from our parents to participate in the games, and, also, another four (4) parents to serve as marshals. Kindly contact the Batch 2012 PTA Vice-President Atty. Vic Marquez (09175672336), Batch Adviser Sir Nat Tacuboy, or your respective class presidents/officers if you wish to participate either as players or marshals. Our children will be wearing their newly-designed batch t-shirt, a fund-raising activity of the Batch 2012 Student Council. Please support our children with their fund-raising endeavor by ordering t-shirts for your family and relatives. Included in this letter are the order slip and t-shirt design. The lunch for our batch, on the other hand, shall be in the school canteen from 10 AM – 1 PM. Each section will present special numbers. The cost of the lunch is P150 per head. Your presence in the Batch Luncheon would be highly valued and appreciated. On a final note, card-giving and parent-teacher conferences will follow at 1:00 pm at assigned rooms in the Science and Humanities Building. We hope to see everyone during our Family Day! In the service of Batch 2012, (Sgd) (Sgd) MARIVEE CORONEL FORTUNATO TACUBOY III Batch 2012 PTA President Batch 2012 Adviser Contact No.: 09209523863 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- F A M I L Y D A Y R E P L Y S L I P (Please submit on 23 August 2010 during Homeroom Period) NAME OF STUDENT: __________________________________ SECTION: _____________ Please accomplish this form and indicate the information needed. We are very glad to help with the kids’ fund-raising. We are ordering the following Batch T-shirts: ____ XS ____ S ____ M ____ L ____ XL ____ XXL ____ XXXL Note: The Batch T-shirt costs Php 250 each. [ ] We will be attending the Batch Luncheon. There will be _____ of us attending including our son/daughter. [ ] We would like to request for sponsorship for our son/daughter at the Batch Luncheon. Note: The Batch Luncheon costs Php 150 per person. Attached is Php _____ for the T-shirt/s and Php _____ for the Batch Luncheon. (Payments will be accepted until 31 August 2010)