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Wales (student presentation)
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Wales (student presentation)

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A student presentation introducing Wales, and more specifically Cardiff.

A student presentation introducing Wales, and more specifically Cardiff.

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  • 1. Facts About Wales • The capital of Wales is Cardiff (where we are from). • The population is 341,054 people. • We use the Pound Sterling (£) not the euro! • We have a day dedicated to our Patron Saint, St David, we call this St Davids day  • Our government is separate from the English government system, and our First minister is Carwyn Jones AM
  • 2. • • • • • • Famous People From Wales Anthony Hopkins Tom Jones Shirley Bassey Roald Dahl Capt. Henry Morgan Charles Rolls
  • 3. The Welsh Flag Our national flag - The Red Dragon (or in Welsh Y Ddraig Goch) - was granted official status in 1959, but the dragon itself has been associated with Wales for centuries. Some say it’s the oldest national flag still in use, and that it was used by King Arthur and other ancient Celtic leaders.
  • 4. The Welsh Language • We all speak English in Wales but the Welsh language (Cymraeg) is thriving. It’s spoken fluently by over half a million people in Wales that’s over 20% of the population. • The Celtic language is closely related to Cornish and Breton and is one of Europe’s oldest living languages! The Welsh spoken today is directly descended from the language of the Sixth Century.
  • 5. • The Welsh people are keen to keep the language alive so Welsh is now a compulsory subject for all pupils up to the age of 16 in Wales. Welsh medium schools are also increasingly popular. • We have a Welsh language television channel, S4C, and a Welsh language radio station, BBC Radio Cymru.
  • 6. Castles We've got over 600 castles in Wales. That's more castles per square mile than any other country in the world. We've looked after the remains of our past. All over Wales you can visit ancient castles where famous battles were fought amongst the Celts, the Romans, the Saxons and the Vikings
  • 7. Caerphilly Castle • This is the largest Castle in South Wales and one of the largest castles in Europe. • It has a leaning tower which out leans the Leaning tower of Pisa. • It is the only castle in Wales to still have a moat(how cool is that!!).
  • 8. Cardiff Castle • It’s situated slap bang in the middle of the capital, Cardiff Castle is one of Wales’s biggest tourist attractions • It’s an impressive example of a fortress, first established by the Normans in 1106. • However you do need a Castle Key to enter.
  • 9. Welsh Life • We have an entire museum dedicated to how we used to live in Wales, it’s called St Fagans. • Wales is famously known for it Welsh Cakes, Bara Bryth and Lava Bread. • Our national dress is now only worn by children to celebrate St David's Day.
  • 10. Rugby • Wales is famous for it’s rugby and Welsh people are passionate about their teams! • We have won the Grand Slam 11 times, most recently earlier this year. • Welsh rugby players play for teams all over Europe.
  • 11. Our National Anthem
  • 12. Any Questions?