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Managing for Innovation
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Managing for Innovation


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Published in: Business

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  • Chart taken from “How GE Teaches teams to lead change” “ Before attending the Leadership, Innovation, and Growth program, the senior managers of a GE business would assess their team’s success in creating a climate supportive of creativity. The chart below compares the average score of the Power Generation team with the average scores of 10 innovative and fi ve stagnant organizations. The team members were pleasantly surprised to fi nd themselves largely aligned with the innovative organizations, but their scores sparked a discussion of whether they took enough risks, spent too much time debating issues, and were too serious.”
  • Transcript

    • 1. MANAGING FOR INNOVATION Creating the right structure, strategy and culture to foster growth through creativity Nathan Sheranian ILRHR 6640 4.29.2010
    • 2. IBM Buzzword Bingo
    • 3. Tackling Innovation
      • Align innovation with business strategy
        • What fosters innovation
          • Goals, leadership, skills, organizational structure, and culture
      • Innovative Companies
        • GE
        • IDEO
        • Netflix
      • Exploration and Exploitation
    • 4. Align with Strategy of Organization
      • Breakthrough innovation
      • Emerging business opportunities (EBO’s)
      • High growth business
      • Incremental innovation
    • 5. Breakthrough Innovation
    • 6. Emerging Business Opportunities (EBO’s)
    • 7. High Growth Business
    • 8. Incremental Innovation
    • 9. GE: Leadership, Innovation and Growth
    • 10. Tough Love at Netflix
      • Flexibility
        • No policy governing time off
        • No dress code
      • Annual 360-degree Reviews
      • Leading market salaries, but no performance bonuses
      • Employees responsible for own development
    • 11. IDEO
      • The three R’s
        • Rough, rapid, right
      • “ Enlightened trial and error”
      • Show and tell
      • Employees design own workspace
      • No hierarchy
    • 12. Explore and Exploit
      • Innovation drives growth, success
      • Execution capitalizes on new ideas
      • In the long run, organizations must both innovate and execute to remain successful
    • 13. Questions
      • Thank you!
    • 14. Resources
      • Applegate, Linda M., and Bruce Harreld. 2009 “Don’t just survive—thrive: Leading Innovation in Good Times and Bad.” Harvard Business Review (working paper).
      • Grossman, Robert J. April 2010. “Tough Love at Netflix.” HR Magazine, Volume 55, Number 4.
      • O’Reilly, Charles A. III, and Michael L. Tushman. 2004 “The Ambidextrous Organization.” Harvard Business Review , 82: 4-81.
      • Prokesch, Steven. January 2009. “How GE Teaches Teams to Lead Change.” Harvard Business Review , 99-106.
      • Thomke ,Stefan and Ashok Nimgade. 2000. “IDEO Product Development.” Harvard Business Case .