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How to Scale New Ways of Working


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This keynote outlines the 4 user-centered actions anyone can take to start developing new ways of working in their organization tomorrow.

The disruption impacting every industry is clear, but developing new ways of working to navigate change and create new value in your organization isn't.
As we share our Ignite practice and #workdifferently with customers they ask us, “how do we develop new ways of working in our organization?”
Based on our experience across organizations and collaborating with industry experts we’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t. Changing behaviors is different than learning a technical skill, and requires a user-centered approach.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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How to Scale New Ways of Working

  1. 1. Ignite WORKdifferently Nina Ziebarth-Pavlovich, Director WORKdifferently Ignite WORKdifferently: How to scale new ways of 
 working in your organization Homer Ong, Director Ignite
  2. 2. Thoughts & Observations Jumping off points to get the conversation started Homer Ong Director, Strategic Innovation, Ignite Nina Ziebarth-Pavlovich Director, Ignite WORKdifferently
  3. 3. Ignite WORKdifferently Agenda New ways of working Challenges with traditional approaches 4 pillars for user-centered change Planning your change Understand a user-centered approach to changing 
 working behaviors Practical next steps to experiment in your organization Objectives
  4. 4. Ignite WORKdifferently New ways of working
  5. 5. Ignite WORKdifferently There are many driving forces exerting pressure on companies Market Segments Switching Costs Customer Needs Shifting Customer Behavior Industry Competitors Substitutes New Entrants Value Chain Trends Technology Regulatory Societal Socioeconomic BUSINESS Internal Inventive Global Agile Collaborative
  6. 6. Ignite WORKdifferently BUSINESS As an individual, manager or leader, we all have a need to change the way we work Market Industry Trends Internal
  7. 7. CCI video —- VIDEO: Catalyst Program // Center for Care Innovations
  8. 8. Ignite WORKdifferently What did you notice that is different from “business as usual?”
  9. 9. Ignite WORKdifferently They changed the 
 way they worked Engaged in the work, not managing it Entrepreneurial spirit Experiment and prototype over talking
  10. 10. We all want new ways of working for ourselves and our organizations It’s challenging to do.
  11. 11. Ignite WORKdifferently The mandate
  12. 12. Ignite WORKdifferently The evangelist
  13. 13. Ignite WORKdifferently The secret ops
  14. 14. Ignite WORKdifferently
  15. 15. Ignite WORKdifferently
  16. 16. Ignite WORKdifferently Take a user-centered approach to changing the way you work
  17. 17. Ignite WORKdifferently A new approach to changing work practices
  18. 18. Ignite WORKdifferently 4 pillars for user-centered change Build a movement to pull people in. Meet people where they are, and experiment to understand what works in your organization. Develop your trailblazers Create proof points Assemble basic space and tools Coach leaders
  19. 19. Ignite WORKdifferently What Provide simple tools required to productively collaborate to trailblazers. Goal Create an environment to support and communicate new ways of working without significant investment. Assemble basic tools and space
  20. 20. Ignite WORKdifferently Post-its, sharpies, boards An unused corner Muji caddies for supplies to transport Assemble basic tools and space
  21. 21. Ignite WORKdifferently Buy basic supplies Identify the most flexible spaces Let people get creative Assemble basic tools and space GETTING STARTED
  22. 22. Ignite WORKdifferently Think about a skill you want to develop in your personal life. How would you approach learning?
  23. 23. Ignite WORKdifferently Develop your trailblazers What Develop core skill set and connections among a group of individuals who 
 show propensity for change. Goal Start a peer-led movement of 
 personal behavior change.
  24. 24. Ignite WORKdifferently Make 1 commitment Sticky notes to collaborate Mutual support and accountability Develop your trailblazers
  25. 25. Ignite WORKdifferently Begin with your own behavior Focus on a few simple techniques Build a small cohort Develop your trailblazers GETTING STARTED
  26. 26. Ignite WORKdifferently What Scope and run a meaningful project. Goal A visible demonstration project 
 that umpires and informs 
 practices for your organization. Create a proof point
  27. 27. Ignite WORKdifferently In-patient preparedness Part of work and dedicated time Sharing to many groups Create a proof point
  28. 28. Ignite WORKdifferently Pick a meaningful, doable project Staff it for success Socialize and communicate often Create a proof point GETTING STARTED
  29. 29. Ignite WORKdifferently How do leaders shut down exploration and discussion?
  30. 30. Ignite WORKdifferently What Give leadership the language to engage and articulate new expectations for how work gets done. Goal Enable leaders to communicate 
 and support teams who are working differently. Coach leaders
  31. 31. Ignite WORKdifferently No phones or laptops Making prototypes with simple materials No PowerPoint Coach leaders
  32. 32. Ignite WORKdifferently Find a curious leader Involve them in the journey Frame interactions for success Coach leaders GETTING STARTED
  33. 33. Ignite WORKdifferently AS YOU GET STARTED Engage people by meeting them where they are Identify practical applications Focus on the most accessible techniques Harness entrepreneurial spirt Connect trailblazers across groups and orgs Build peer-to-peer connections Experiment to understand what works in your organization Ask questions in a way that encourages learning Remove roadblocks and sponsor a project Take a user-centered approach Develop your trailblazers Create proof points Assemble basic space and tools Coach leaders
  34. 34. Ignite WORKdifferently WORKdifferently provides the knowledge, skills and structures to work faster, grow your business and create new value 6 principles to work and collaborate differently Downloadable how-to 
 guides, tools and videos Instructional articles and practitioner trainers Behavioral Methodology Tools and Resources Capability Building
  35. 35. Ignite WORKdifferently