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Hitler's background, some hyperlinks might not work

Hitler's background, some hyperlinks might not work



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Hitler Hitler Presentation Transcript

  • Hitler & Nazi Germany
  • Web activities
    • Review of the Weimar Republic
    • Preview information about Hitler
  • ADOLPH Hitler
    • Born in Austria April, 20 1889
    • Failed secondary school & traveled to Vienna to become artist but was rejected
    • Core of Hitler’s ideas
      • Racism (esp. anti-semitism)
      • Extreme nationalist
    • Hitler served on Western Front in WWI (4 yrs)
      • used his frontline service to prove his authenticity and win authority to speak for the German people
    • 1919 joined German Workers Party – change to NSDAP - 1921 Hitler takes control AKA Nazi party
      • within 2 years 55,000 members
      • 15,000 militia AKA Storm troopers
    • Beer Hall Putsch – Munich 1923
      • Hitler’s failed attempt to overthrow gov’t
    • Mein Kampf “My Struggle” written by Hitler in prison
      • Extreme German nationalism, strong anti-Semitism, Anti-communism, Social Darwinism
    • Lebensraum – living space
      • Hitler’s justification for German expansion
    • Rise of Nazism – After prision Nazi party grew to 800,000 members & largest in Reichstag
    • Enabling Act – March 23, 1923
      • Gave govt power to ignore constitution for 4 years to deal w/ country’s problems
      • Made Hitler a dictator
    • Nazi control – all institution
      • Civil service purged of Jews & democrats
      • Concentration camps set up for opposition
      • Trade union dissolved
      • Only Nazi party allowed in govt
        • Happens within 7 months
    • 1934 – Hidenburg died – Hitler is sole ruler
      • Fuhrer – “Leader”
  • Aryan
    • Hitler’s ideal “pure” race (he was not one)
      • Blonde hair, blue eyes, (man) strong, (woman) beautiful
      • Goal – create 3 rd Reich (Empire)
  • Creating totalitarian state
    • Economic policies
    • Mass spectacles
    • Organizations to further Nazi goals
    • Terror
    • Schutzstaffeln “Guard Squadron” SS
      • Orginally personal body guard
      • Led by Heinrich Himmler
        • Terror – secret & criminal police, concentration camps, death squads…
        • Ideology – further Aryan race
  • Economic policies
    • Public works & construction projects to put ppl to work
    • Big rearmament program (key to solving unemployment)
    • Do you think this was built in Germany???
    • Think again!!
    • This is a Navy building in San Diego built in the 60s!!!
    • They are in “talks” to have it remodeled.
  • Infamous quotes
    • "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!" (One people, one empire, one leader!)
    • "A violently active, intrepid, brutal youth - that is what I am after... I will have no intellectual training. Knowledge is ruin for my young men."
    • "Democracy, the deceitful theory that the Jew would insinuate - namely, that theory that all men are created equal." Adolf Hitler "Mein Kampf"
  • Treatment of jews
    • Nuremberg Laws
      • excluded Jews from German citizenship
      • Forbade marriage btw German & Jew
      • Jews required to wear yellow Star of David
    • Kristallnacht – November 9, 1938 – “Night of Shattered Glass”
      • Destruction of Jewish synagogues, businesses, homes, etc
      • 100 Jews killed
      • 30,000 Jewish males sent to concentration camps
    • Jews
      • also barred from public transportation & public buildings (schools, hospitals…)
      • Couldn’t own, manage, work in retail stores
      • Forced to clean up Kristallnacht debris
      • Encourage to leave Germany
  • We will never forget!
    • http:// www.teachertube.com/v.php?viewkey =a336b1fae96066323a6b