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Nazi Party and the Depression


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Nazi Party and the Depression

  1. 1. The Nazi Party and the Great Depression How was Hitler able to use the Depression to extend his support between 1929 and 1933?
  2. 2. “ We are a Party that shall make a difference to Germany and sort out its massive problems”! Hitler was waiting for something like the depression to push the Nazis forward and claim power. The Nazis made countless PROMISES where everybody would benefit from NAZI rule.
  3. 3. NAZI PROMISES DURING THE DEPRESSION We PROMISE to end the massive unemployment by creating job schemes. We PROMISE to increase the profits for people who have their own business. We PROMISE to make Germany great again. We PROMISE to help Germany’s Farmers and Shopkeepers. We promise something for everyone apart from Jews and Communists
  4. 4. Nazi Organisation: Propaganda The Nazis were extremely well organised. They used many different types of propaganda (ways to try and persuade people to do or think something). Here are examples of Nazi Posters that were used to try and persuade people to vote for Hitler and the Nazi Party.
  5. 5. Hitler and his Propaganda Chief Josef Goebbels made the most of the period during the Depression to make his Nazi promises in Hitler’s many speeches at RALLIES. The Nazis seized the opportunity to put across the Nazi messages as often as possible. The success of these rallies were carried on throughout Hitler’s time as Dictator. Nazi Organisation: Propaganda
  6. 6. Nazi Organisation: The S.A (Storm Troopers) The SA also played an important role. They beat up opponents, especially Communists, and smashed up their election meetings. Hitler’s own private Army gave him strength on the streets of Germany. These would be used to intimidate the party’s enemies and Jews often suffered at the hands of the Storm Troopers. Ernst Roehm was the leader of the SA and later murdered by Hitler
  7. 7. RESULTS Nazi election campaigning and organisational methods proved to be very effective. The problems of the Depression ultimately boosted the Nazi Party’s ability to get democratically elected into Government. But Hitler wanted TOTAL control of Germany. 1928: 12 Seats 1930: 107 Seats 1932: 270 seats The Nazis were now the largest party in the Reichstag. Hitler was now in a position to demand that he should be the Chancellor of Germany.
  8. 8. HITLER BECOMES CHANCELLOR President Hindenburg “ I hate Hitler – I know he has the most popular party but I don’t want him as Chancellor.” President Hindenburg refused to give Hitler the most important job except for his as President. Instead, he gave the job to two other people but this did not sop Hitler from making other arrangements. Hitler arranged fro new elections to take place in March 1933 in order to make the Nazis have a majority in the Reichstag and then they could vote in the change that Hitler wanted. However, the Reichstag building went up in flames.
  9. 9. THE REICHSTAG FIRE & ITS RESULTS A Dutch Communist was arrested for setting the Reichstag Building on fire. Although he confessed, many the Nazi controlled Police could have forced a confession out of him. There was an underground passage that ran from an SA office to the Reichstag. It is possible, although not proven, that the Nazis themselves set fire to the Reichstag. “ I’ll save us from the Commies!” Hitler claimed that this was the signal for a Communist uprising. He persuaded Hindenburg to allow the police to have special powers and, along with the SA, arrested the Communist Leaders. Other opponents also suffered as Hitler was able to act as though he had saved Germany from the Communists.
  10. 10. 1933 ELECTION The Nazis increased their seats in the Reichstag but this was still not enough to gain a majority. However, Hitler got the support of one of the smaller parties in the Reichstag – the Nationalist Party – and this gave him the majority that he needed. Hitler was now in a position where he could move for complete power. “ I now have a majority in the Reichstag thanks to the small party – the Nationalist Party. I’ll be in complete power any time now. I’ve come along way since trying to sell Art in Vienna!”