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Nps.Cv 2009

  1. 1. N ASSER P. S ALIK Landline : 0063 (2) 8373290 (Residence) Mobile : 0063 9272414772 Email : CAREER OBJECTIVE Aspiring to be associated with a reputed organization and working in a challenging environment where my qualification, potential and diverse experienced can be utilized to the fullest extent. I am willing to work with great sincerity towards my commitment, dedication and hard work for the benefits of the company in line with its mission, client’s requirements and for personal growth where quality, professionalism and priorities are well defined. Knowledge driven professional with aptitude to execute related construction activities through strategically engineered methodology, technically based decisions and solutions. PROFILE More than twenty (24) four years of diversified and progressive field of work exposure gaining abroad particularly in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and State of Kuwait. Main field of specialization has been in the Construction Management and Supervision. Experienced includes periods with contractors, government departments on multi-disciplinary projects and multi-national teams. The said exposure in various assignments had groomed me to take the responsibilities for any aspect be it project engineering, project management, and project’s quality control. Work history includes three (3) years with KEO International Consultants, two (2) years with ILF Consulting Engineers, two (2) years with Solaiman A. El Khereiji, A&E Consultants, nine (9) years with Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants including two(2) years in association with WS Atkins and Associates in the construction of newly Air Base Facilities of the Royale Saudi Air Force (ABF/RSAF) in northern region of Saudi Arabia. In addition of another eight (8) years plus with known contractors both local and internationally on similar nature of projects including the construction of Mina Abdullah Oil and Gas Refinery Modernization Project in Kuwait. Those experienced gained from both as consultancy roles/client representative and engineering contractor’s firm has given me enough understanding the international rules and regulations governing the construction industry particularly in the contractual interpretation and implementation of FIDIC policy and standard agreement to local authority policies in both ways perspectives. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – May 1984 Technological Institute of the Philippines – TIP, Manila PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP / AFFILIATION American Concrete Institute --------------------------------- ACI – Kuwait Chapter ( American Society of Civil Engineers ----------------------- ASCE-Saudi Arabia Section
  2. 2. Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers ---------------------- PICE, Manila ( CV of Eng’ r. Nasser P. Salik 2 of 7 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE KEO International Consultants PO Box3679, Safat – 13037 State of Kuwait (PM/CM Division) Sept. 05, 2006 – Sept. 15, 2009 Projects Involved As Follows : SAIFC – Marketing Suite Building (Phase-1) – Resident Engineer Fast track project composed of Pre-Engineered Structures, Sandwich Composite Panels, Aluminum Glazed Curtain Wall & Spider System with the total built-up area of 6,000 sq.m. The project located in Kuwait city proper particularly at Sharq adjacent to Kuwait’s Courtyard Marriot. The said project completed within two months from March to May 2008 on lump sum contract of KD171,000.00 (Kuwaiti Dinars One Hundred Seventy One Thousand Only) equivalent to US$589,950.00. The Sultan Centre at Hawally, Kuwait – Sr. Site Civil / Structural Engineer Four (4) storey commercial complex having 16,803 sq.m. footage area design for Retail Shops, Supermarket, Electronics Stations and Sports Facilities. The project’s lump sum contract value of KD6,800,000.00 (Kuwaiti Dinars Six Million Eight Hundred Thousand Only) equivalent to US$23,460,000.00. Al Babtain Cultural Waqf Tower – Asst. Const’n. Mgr. / Project Sup’t. The development of a multi-storied offices tower consists of forty (46) six floors level and five (5) level podium complex located on Jaber Al Mubarak street opposite side of Amiri Hospital in Al Sharq District, Kuwait City. The project’s original budgetary cost of Kuwaiti Dinars Twenty Million (KD20,000,000) equivalent into US$70,000,000. A Car Park of one hundred fifty (150) cars at the basement levels of the podium complex. The total built-up area of the office tower is 230,000sq.m. and the building structural features is enveloped with state of the art curtain wall system and a water wall in the complex mall. Duties and Responsibilities : ► Familiarized the scope of works of the owner’s contract requirements and maintain a detailed history of the construction works and significant happenings on site and prepare / submit regular monthly progress report. ► Responsible for administration of construction contract works with prompt exchange of correspondence, inform the client on matters related to valuation / variations on bill of quantities (BOQ), payments, liability, claims submittals and RFI's to all contractor/s on board. ► Review the contractor’s quality plan and have comments / recommendations as if necessary to the concerned authority including regular checking of health, safety & environment (HSE) on site. ► Organized effective supervision, technical materials inspection and workmanship, initiate recommendation as per site observations and ensure construction implementation adhere to the design requirements and all provision of the contract specifications. ► Respond with appropriate and necessary levels of construction supervision to provide quality assurance in accordance with Contract Documents. ► Review of Inspectors Daily Reports and Preparation of Engineer’s Daily Diary and general oversight of Inspector’s daily activities including works assignments on-site performance and guidance on the supervision of the Contractor’s operations. ► Preside bi-weekly progress meetings with both the client and contractor/s in order to keep update and assess contractor’s construction schedule (CCS) and other related technical / contractual issues in line with the actual progress of work and other potential difficulties encountered on site.
  3. 3. ► Assist the office design team in assessing design works constructability and address any site or construction constraints that may affect the design parameters. ► Develop system of approving payment certificates ie., milestone & cost to completion of quality testing, project’s substantial completion certificate, close-out of documentations and etc. CV of Eng’r. Nasser P. Salik 3 of 7 ILF Consulting Engineers PO Box 132548, Jeddah – 21382, KSA Senior Project Engineer Sept. 01, 2004 – Sept. 04, 2006 Construction of a Sanitary Sewer Mainlines System in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The said project were executed by way of both the conventional open trench method, tunneling and micro-tunneling. Overall length of pipeline designed as 250 kilometers composed of VCP (Vetrified Clay Pipe) ranging from Ǿ400mm - Ǿ600mm and GRP (Glass fibre Reinforced plastic Pipe) ranging from Ǿ700mm - Ǿ2,500mm respectively. The contract was under the clientele of Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE) in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with a total lump sum amount of SR465,245,548.08 (US$123,407,307.01). Duties and Responsibilities : ► Review/check shop drawings and other documents submittal and recommend approval in compliance with the contract (Tender) design drawing, applicable standard code of practice and related project’s specifications. ► Strictly enforced all provisions of the contract documents from basic excavation, pipe laying, testing, backfilling until reinstatement of disturbed road surfaces. ► Assure that all construction works conforms to the requirements of the contract documents and standard quality of workmanship. ► Attend monthly progress meetings in order to work on potential project’s difficulties and identify apparent variances between contractor’s construction schedule (CCS) and actual progress of works. ► Issued notices to the concerned contractors of site related issues and respond of those technical queries (TQ’s) as necessary and recommend corrective measures. Solaiman A. El Khereiji, A&E Consultants PO Box 2388, Jeddah – 21451, K.S.A. Assistant Resident Engineer January 12, 2002 – August 20, 2004 The project’s scheme comprised of New Al Rawdah International School Building constructed over an area of 55,000 sq.m. approximately. The construction works includes six (6) floors Main Building, Indoor / Outdoor Sports Facilities and other Ancilliary Buildings. Duties and Responsibilities : ► Monitor, inspect, audit and guide construction activities performed by the contractor/s in order to achieve a safe, healthy, environment, friendly, timely and within budget realization of the project. ► Review documents submittals ie., quality plan, shop drawings, material samples and all related tests reports and have comments as if necessary and recommend approval accordingly. ► Strictly enforced all provisions of the contract documents dealing with work method statements, applicable code of practices and highest standard quality of workmanships. ► Respond to technical queries (TQ’s) raised by concerned site personnel and recommend corrective measures. ► To ensure and follow up contractor to submit properly As Built drawings, Project Close – Outs requirements, guarantees / warantees, bonds, services & maintenance contracts as specified in respective sections of specifications. ► Preside monthly progress meeting with both the client and contractor/s in order to keep update between the contractor’s construction schedule and actual progress of work and other potential difficulties encountered on site including safety awareness.
  4. 4. ► Monitor and ensure adherence to the QA/QC system for the construction team, including proper handling and maintaining of QA/QC documentation and coordination of all phases of project development, operations and maintenance. ► Review contractor’s payment requests and issue payment certificates. CV of Eng’r. Nasser P. Salik 4 of 7 Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants PO Box 9486, Riyadh – 11413, K.S.A. Project Engineer (Civil / Structural) February 09, 1992 – October 30, 2001 Projects Involved As Follows : 1. Saudi Officers and Internal Forces Sports Club in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Original Contract Value : SR267,315,150.00 – (US$70,905,875.00). 2. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) Central Headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Original Contract Value : SR735,475,000.00 – (US$195,086,207.00). 3. Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) Eastern Province Headquarter Offices in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Original Contract Value : SR294,537,877.60 – (US$78,126,758.00). 4. Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants in association with UK Based Consulting Firm, WS Atkins Associates in the construction of a New Airbase Facilities (ABF) Project for the Royale Saudi Airforce (RSAF) in Al Jouf, Saudi Arabia. The project’s scheme composed of four Aircraft Fighter Jets Shelters, four Ammunition Building, Energy & Control Building, Explosives Preparation and Inspection Building, Fault Signalling Building, Command / Fire and Rescue Building, Station & Aircraft Ground Equipment Building, Runway Supervisory Building, Water Storage & Supply Building, Aircraft Refuelling Apron, Last Chance Apron, Washing Apron, Sewage Treatment Plant, External Utilities, Taxitract and Service Roads Network. 5. Saudi Aramco’s General Engineering Services (GES) Design Contract as follows; a) Housing Community in Abqaiq for land used master planning. b) Residential Community Support Buildings in Hawtah Oil field Development Project, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (BI-8174). c) Furniture Storage Building (LIP), Udailiyah, (EWO-58994). d) Travelling Crane Support Structures, Utmaniyah, (EWO-58926). e) Health Care Building converted into dental clinic facilities, Ras Tanura, (BI-3314). f) Materials Storage Yard and Fencing Facilities, Dhahran, (ER-3298). g) N.D.E./ Welder Testing Centre and Isotope Storage (LIP), Abqaiq, (JO-6735). h) Mosque and Power Supply (LIP), Abqaiq, (JO-7412). Duties and Responsibilities : ► Review / checked documents submittals and recommend approval i.e. shop drawings, materials sample and related test records of materials / equipment machines calibration including other related work method statements. ► Coordinate all engineering details aspects with other discipline and keep colleagues well aware of interface in services and other technical matters. ► Regularly conducted site visit to make sure that on going activities were properly coordinated and in accordance with approved shop drawings and related contract documents. ► Strictly enforced all provision of the contract documents / specifications dealing with related applicable international codes and practices and standard quality of workmanships. ► Respond to contractor’s raised technical queries (TQ’s) regarding site related issues and recommend corrective measures. ► Oversee the maintenance record of site activities, number of contractor’s personnel on site, equipments Utilization, difficulties encountered on site and violation of safety rules and regulations. ► Attended monthly progress meetings with both the presence of the client and the concerned contractor/s in order to discuss progress of work, work out potential project’s difficulties, identify apparent lapses in
  5. 5. the time schedule and probable completion dates. ► Involved in the evaluation and design conceptualization of Saudi Aramco’s General Engineering Services (GES) contract packages on above mentioned respective projects. CV of Eng’r. Nasser P. Salik 5 of 7 Saudi Binladin Group PO Box 41019, Jeddah – 21521, K.S.A. Civil Engineer February 10, 1990 – January 08, 1991 The project’s scheme mainly for the expansion of the Holy Mosque in Makkah. Royale Families Palaces and Private Citizens exclusive Villas in Jeddah City. Duties and Responsibilities : ► Responsible for project’s execution and delegation of authority to subordinates with their respective skill of specialization. ► Ensure that proper implementation of work were in accordance with the approved shop drawings and project’s specifications. ► Provide and coordinate with necessary information to other concerned parties including sub- contractors for efficient construction and interfacing of services. ► Regularly supervised of actual distribution and proper flow of materials, equipment used and coordination of both activities and crew members involved in the project. Mohammad Binladin Organization (Special Building Division) PO Box 11789, Jeddah – 21463, K.S.A Project Engineer October 17, 1987 – December 08, 1989. Constrcution of a 1.5 Billion Saudi Riyals (US$397,877,984.00) Multi-Palatial Complexes for H.R.H King Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz at Mina, Holy City of Makkah including Heliport, Mosque and Service Roads Network. Duties and Responsibilities : ► Implement approved construction drawings and specifications, prepared method statements and supervised project’s execution. ► Preparation of estimates, material submittals and take-offs, complete preparation of quantity statements, purchase orders, procurement of materials and self checking of all required site material deliverables. ► Issued work time table requirements with subordinates to ensure project’s momentum. ► Supervision and provide day to day work directions as required for the implementation of new or existing facilities ie; Civil, Structural RCC works, all kinds of architectural finishing works, asphalt concrete pavement and road networks. ► Met frequently with other members of trade disciplines to make sure that all activities at site were properly coordinated. ► Perform within the requirements of the consultancy agreement, all other professional services as requested by the client/owner/end user/steering committee. Braun Transworld Corporation (US based Project/Construction Mgt. Firm)
  6. 6. PO Box 25161, Safat – 13112, State of Kuwait Civil / Structural Inspector June 18, 1986 – August 25,1987 CV of Eng’r. Nasser P. Salik 6 of 7 Construction of Mina Abdullah Oil & Gas Refinery Modernization Project owned by Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC). Civil works involved conventional open trench (Cut & Fill) for both the underground buried pipelines and routing of power cables (Low/High Voltage), asphalt paving into required surfaced covered process areas and other access roads network. Structural works comprises of heavy machineries foundations such as; Gas Turbines, Reactors, Towers, Heat Exchangers, Furnaces, Boilers including its internal bricklaying liner, and other structural members required for rigid foundations. Erection of structural steel elements Trains 1,2,3,4 intended for above ground pipe racks, power cabling instrumentation and other related equipments supports such as cooker drum etc. Duties and Responsibilities : ► Inspection of all items both temporary and permanent works and make sure that complies with the requirements of contract documents and approved construction drawings. ► Strictly enforced all provisions of the contract specifications and other related applicable international codes of practices and standard quality of workmanships. ► Maintained and continuous inspection of works at site and issue non-conformance notices (NCN) as if necessary of such work observed incompliance with the specifications and instruct the contractor/s for necessary corrective measures. ► Obtained required certificates or schedules from contractor/s for review, witnessed and approve of all related tests required to be perform and maintain records accordingly. ► Liaised with the lead discipline engineer of all related site activities and keep informed of what was happening on site including safety awareness of respective craft involved. ► Monitor and verify the duties of Independent Testing Laboratory (ITL) in provision of adequate and acceptable testing of materials, calibration of equipments and ensure that in accordance with specific standards documents requirements ie; ASCE, ACI,UBC, AISC, ASTM, BS, AWS, etc. and recommend any required re-testing if noted unsatisfactory results or failed to meet the allowable value as required. DM Consunji Engineers Incorporated 1881 President Quirino Avenue Extension, Pandacan, Manila. Philippines Field / Office Engineer June 28, 1984 – May 10, 1986 Construction of Commercial Building Establishments, Housing / Residential Facilities and other related Infrastructure Projects. Duties and Responsibilities : ► Analized bid documents for both government and private sector entities, establish cost assumptions and financial parameters. ► Review and analized properly the schedule of activities and make sure that site work implementation were adhere with accordingly and within budget constraint. ► Study and review the approved construction drawings and supervised on site execution. ► Coordinate with other engineering discipline to ensure that on going activities on site were carried out accordingly
  7. 7. SEMINARS / CONFERENCE ATTENDED 1. Role of Joints in the Durability of Reinforced Concrete Structures Held on the 29th April 2007, Kuwait Society of Engineer Offices CV of Eng’r. Nasser P. Salik 7 of 7 2. ACI-KC Second International Conference Theme of the conference: “Design & Sustainability of Structural Concrete in the Middle East with Emphasis on High-Rise Buildings”. Held on the 12-14 March 2007, Radison SAS Hotel, Kuwait 3. Primavera Ver. 3.1 migrate into 5.0 Held on the 05th February 2007, Palm Beach Hotel, Kuwait 4. Post Tensioning for Building Applications VSL Middle East ( Sponsored by ACI-KC, held on the 22nd January 2007, Kuwait Society of Engineers Offices, Kuwait 5. Durability of Concrete – Factors and Fundamentals Sponsored by ACI-KC / Al Ghanim Group, held on the 06th December 2006 6. PROLOG Software Seminar (Ultimate Solutions for Project Mgt. & Control) Held on the 18-20 November 2006, Al Babtain Tower Site Offices 7. Liebherr Crane Types and Functional Operation Held on the 15th November 2006, Holiday Inn, Kuwait 8. Hot Weather Concreting Held on the 20th April 1993, ASCE-SAS, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 9. Supervisory Effectiveness Seminar Held on the 16th December 1986, KNPC, Kuwait 10.Problem Solving and Decission Making Held on the 10th November 1986, KNPC, Kuwait INTERPERSONAL SKILLS ► Independent, fast learner, energetic, self starter and motivated, detail oriented with strong organizational and analytical with excellent communication skills. ► Ability to drive decisions and work well under pressure and meet deadlines in a demanding, dynamic, fast paced environment with multiple and changing priorities. ► Strong supervisory and communication skills developed by interfacing with different nationalities, culture and department agencies. ► Team player, leader, full supportive and cooperative with all staff and share information and assist other colleagues. PERSONAL Nationality ------------------------------------------ Filipino Date of Birth ---------------------------------------- September 08, 1962 Permanent Address -------------------------------- Blk126 Lot15 P-6 Sitio Imelda, Upper Bicutan, Taguig City – 1633, Philippines Telephone (Philippines) --------------------------- +632 8373290 / +639084840195 / +639272419524 Passport Number ----------------------------------- SS0691374 Computer Hands-On ------------------------------- MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet, etc.) Credentials, Degree Certificate and References are available upon request.