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Idealpeople Marketing Stack for recruitment in China.

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IDP Asia Brochure

  1. 1. Balancing Sophisticated with the Agility Western Executive & Professionalism Search and Recruitment that East Asian Outsourcing Methods Business Demands serving the high-tech Your talent is our business industry since 2001
  2. 2. All Ventures in your Portfolio are….. Adventures But what takes an Adventure from good, to great?….. What do you need to Add?
  3. 3. What are the perfect ingredients? That can enable you to reduce your risk? And deliver ROI faster for all investors and stakeholders?
  4. 4. Is it unique intellectual property that makes a high-tech Venture into a great Adventure?
  5. 5. Strong Financial Support…. ?
  6. 6. It might be careful planning that ensures the success of a Venture…? Does having a great strategy always deliver a great Adventure?
  7. 7. The truth is: ALL of them are key Money But an venture will never be an Adventure… Intellectual Property Solid Business Plan and Strategy
  8. 8. ……Without Adventurous People Because People are the most important ingredient in any Venture if it’s to be an Adventure……
  9. 9. “Time spent on hiring, is time well spent” - Robert Half But in the knowledge economy, time is the most precious commodity….
  10. 10. It can be a lonely and scary job hunting for talent in this brave new world… Let Idealpeople take away the fear, and risk of making a bad hire by doing deep due diligence and o ering performance guarantees for people you bring into your ventures.
  11. 11. Let us leverage the ‘wisdom of crowds’ by outsourcing your advertising to bring the talent to the venture Instead of you bringing the venture to the talent.
  12. 12. …..Maximising Attractiveness to target candidates Through deep Then, by applying ‘gap analysis’ we ‘employer branding’ will understand techniques we will your requirements breathe life and colour in great detail. into your vacancies…
  13. 13. Deal Flow, Investment Pipeline, M&A And by outsourcing your portfolio business recruiting to us – you gain competitive advantage by being able to concentrate on your core business.
  14. 14. We Are Experts in Core High-Technology Markets So you can trust us to understand the types of people… ….That you need to help deliver faster ROI from your portfolio.
  15. 15. “They totally stand out from the crowd” Jonathan - Head of Pre-Sales Asia Paci c & Japan, Hewlett Packard “Always An Enjoyable & Productive Experience” Andy – Head of Recruitment, IPEX Capital “It’s no wonder they have such a good network of clients and candidates” Dr Andrew Dai – Autonomy Corp “Always been timely in deliverables & an excellent partner to our hiring needs” Tyler, Senior Sta ng Manager (Global), Qualcomm (& Qualcomm Ventures)
  16. 16. To ensure faster ROI from your portfolio through the acquisition of top talent – contact us today. And turn your ventures into…. ADVENTURES Reach out to us today for a con dential discussion. Beijing o ce contact: Your talent is our business