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04.10.11 - Driving your Business Forward - Exeter


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Workshop to give an overview of programmes available from Enterprise Europe Network, UKTI, Solutions for Business. THese programmes are all supported by UK and European Funding and available to SME's in the South West Region.

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04.10.11 - Driving your Business Forward - Exeter

  1. 1. Driving your Business forwardthrough Innovation, Growth and Internationalisation Exeter Tuesday 4th October 2011
  2. 2. Andy BatesBusiness WestInnovation and Growth Manager Welcome
  3. 3. Agenda09.00am Registration and Coffee9.30am Welcome from Business West Andy Bates, Business West9.45am Setting the Scene Dan Storey, GMYB10.15am Workshop 1 – Finance Mike Stutter, Business West10.45am Refreshment Break11.00am Workshop 2 – UKTI Chris Knight, UKTI11.30am Workshop 3 – EEN Tara Gillam, Business West - EEN12.00pm Workshop 4 – Solutions for Business Neil Higginson, Business West – High Growth12.30pm Workshop 5 – Marketing Dan Storey, GMYB1.00pm Close1.15pm Lunch and Networking
  4. 4. What does Business West do? The Initiative Bristol, Bath, Swindon & Wiltshire Chambers Of Commerce Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire AssociatedAssociated of Commerce Chambers Public Sector Contracts Enterprise Europe Network, UK Trade & Investment, Solutions for Business (Coaching for High Growth, Understanding Finance for Business, Starting a High Growth Business), Improving your Resource Efficiency CommercialLeigh Court Events, Acorn Interactive, Ignite IP, Workspace, Recognising Excellence, UK Professional Services, Mediation in Business, Training, International Trade Services
  5. 5. Aim of the day• Big changes in delivery public funded business support• Information accessed via websites and call centres• Increase in business services delivered by private sector – contribution from company
  6. 6. Aim of the day• Still a fantastic range of business support available• Engage with Business West / Chambers of Commerce• Time precious – Feedback so important
  7. 7. Dan StoreyGuerrilla Marketing your Business Setting the Scene for the Day Mindset of a Business Leader “How to achieve your goals and create winning teams!”
  8. 8. Mindset of a Business Leader How to achieve goals and create winning teams Dan Storey
  9. 9. Over the next 30 minutes…• Examples of great leaders• Results Formula• 3 C’s of Success• Goal setting• Traits of successful people
  10. 10. Who am I?• Marketer & Marketing Trainer• Mindset/NLP Trainer• Sales Trainer• “Athlete” / ”Sportsperson”
  11. 11. Examples of Great Leaders What do these great leaders have in common?
  12. 12. Examples of Great Leaders
  13. 13. Examples of Great Leaders
  14. 14. Examples of Great Leaders
  15. 15. Examples of Great Leaders
  16. 16. Examples of Great Leaders
  17. 17. Examples of Great Leaders
  18. 18. Examples of Great Leaders• All great leaders have a vision• As business leaders, we need to develop our own vision and break that down into goals
  19. 19. Results = Focus + Beliefs + Actions
  20. 20. What do you see?
  21. 21. What do you see?
  22. 22. FocusYou will see different opportunities depending on your mindset and what you chose to focus on. Must learn to control your focus & that of your employees
  23. 23. Focus• Business Plan?• Company Mission Statement?• Incentive/Bonus structure?• Corporate Values?
  24. 24. BeliefsWhat did you see inthe morning?•Crumbs by thefireplace?•Crumbs in yourdad’s beard?
  25. 25. Beliefs• You see the things that fit in with your beliefs• “Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Cant, You Are Right” – Henry Ford• “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark” - Michaelangelo
  26. 26. Beliefs• 2 ways to install new beliefs 1 – Intensity 2 – Repetition
  27. 27. Action• “You can map out a fight plan or a life plan. But when the action starts, you’re down to your reflexes. That’s where your roadwork shows. If you cheated on that in the dark of the morning, you’re getting found out now under the bright lights” - Joe Frazier
  28. 28. Action
  29. 29. 3 C’s of Success• Clarity – Clear image of your goals – Specific on exactly what you want• Commitment – What do you need to start doing? – What do you need to stop doing?• Communication – Who do you need to communicate to?
  30. 30. Exercise• Write down 3 major goals for either your business or yourself• Decide on 5 actions that you need to help get this goal started• Think of 1 person you need to have on your team who can help make this happen
  31. 31. 5 Traits of Successful People• Mindset• Education/Ideas• Networking• Extra Mile• Action Takers
  32. 32. Enjoy the rest of the event…
  33. 33. Mike StutterBusiness WestHigh Growth Coach – Finance Specialist Introduction to Business Finance
  34. 34. Understanding Finance forBusiness (UFFB)Business Finance Options
  35. 35. Presenter Mike StutterBusiness Finance Coach Business West
  36. 36. Agenda Current Landscape Finance Drivers & Options (Debt) Equity Finance Business Planning Client Engagement
  37. 37. Business Challenges Economic recovery – do we or don‟t we? Business as usual or opportunity = RISK Right people/skills? Available resources/funding? Banks – “Open for Business” ???
  38. 38. GROWTH Entrepreneurial Exploitation Fast Growth Mature DeclineTIME Business Evolution & Funding
  39. 39. Funding Drivers CAPEX – Premises/Equipment/Staff/R&D Working Capital – Internal/External Stock/WIP/Debtors/Creditors Acquisition/Merger
  40. 40. Banks Risk Averse Overdrafts & Loans Ability to Repay = Serviceability Financial Viability (Ratios) Security Track Record
  41. 41. Capital Expenditure Premises (Commercial Mortgage) Equipment or Vehicles Security = Asset BUT HP or Lease
  42. 42. Working Capital Overdraft Factoring OR Confidential Invoice Discounting Stock Finance Trade Finance
  43. 43. Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG) Replaces SFLGS Accredited Lenders Min £1k Max £1m Refinance of existing debt Government Guarantee 75% on debt 2% premium Personal Security
  44. 44. Regional & Other Schemes R&D Grant – TSB EU Grants – EEN SW Loan Fund Enterprise Development Funds
  45. 45. Equity SourcesInvestment for shares in a Limited Company Dragons Den! Flotation/IPO Venture Capital/Private Equity Angel Investors (e.g SWAIN) Crowd Funding Friends, Family, Staff
  46. 46. Equity Statistics Most equity invested in mature larger companies 6% of private equity into start up & early stage companies 5% average success rate with angel investors Expensive money – ROI 35%+ 6 months average lead time
  47. 47. Characteristics of Equity Risk Capital Ownership dilution No interest cost but high returns required No Security No repayment until maturity Potential skills of investor Leverage for debt
  48. 48. Balanced Growth
  49. 49. ERDF High Growth Programme CONTACT 01275 370760
  50. 50. Chris KnightUK Trade & InvestmentInternational Trade Advisor Growth Markets Overseas UK Trade & Investment
  51. 51. EXPORT SUPPORT SERVICES Chris KnightInternational Trade Adviser 51
  52. 52. UKTI SERVICES  Overseas Market Introduction Service  Passport to Export  Gateway to Global Growth  Tradeshow Access Programme  Market Visit Support grants  Export Marketing Research Scheme  Export Communications Review 52
  53. 53. OVERSEAS MARKETINTRODUCTION SERVICE (OMIS) Enables UK companies to buy unique, subsidised services and expertise from UKTI staff in British Embassies & Consulates overseas Services tailored to your specific requirements Eligibility for Market Visit Support grant 53
  54. 54. OVERSEAS MARKETINTRODUCTION SERVICE (OMIS) Identification of potential distributors / agents/ partners Provision of market information against specific client brief Appointment arranging / interpreter / general help in market Use of Embassy / Consular premises for meetings, product launches etc 54
  55. 55. PASSPORT TO EXPORT  12 month Strategic Development programme for Novice Exporters  2 day Developing International Business workshop (compulsory)  Adviser assistance  Other free export training  £1000 matched funding  Access to Market Visit Support grant  £500 enrolment fee (credit against OMIS services) 55
  56. 56. GATEWAY to GLOBALGROWTH (G3)  12 month strategic support programme for SMEs with 2-10 years export experience  £500 training voucher  Adviser support  Access to Market Visit Support grant 56
  57. 57. TRADESHOW ACCESSPROGRAMME (TAP)  Support for exhibitors at key international trade fairs (via Accredited Trade Organisations) and for individual attendance (Solo)  £1000 – 1800 57
  58. 58. MARKET VISIT SUPPORT(MVS)  Travel grant for delegates on regional trade missions, or to support individual trade development visits (Solo)  Grant amount determined by destination (£200 - £800)  Applicants must be on Passport, Gateway, or following up recent OMIS 58
  59. 59. EXPORT MARKETINGRESEARCH SCHEME  Purchase of Market Reports (33%)  Undertaking Research Visits (50%) 59
  60. 60. EXPORT MARKETINGRESEARCH SCHEME 2 projects (strategic research visits) per year max Up to £5000 matched funding per in house project (£20k lifetime max) Good way to learn sound market research methodology 60
  61. 61. EXPORT COMMUNICATIONSREVIEW (ECR) Subsidised consultant assessment of International Communication strategy, including Cultural Factors Website Internationalisation advice 61
  62. 62. UKTI TRAINING  Appointment & Management of Agents & Distributors  International Exhibiting Skills  Internet Strategy  International Presentation Skills  Researching Export Markets 62
  63. 63.  UKTI website - excellent source of market & sector information  Register to receive Business Opportunities 63
  64. 64. Tara GillamBusiness West – Enterprise Europe NetworkClient Services Manager Access over 14,000 European Business Opportunities for FREE via Enterprise Europe Network’s Partnership Tool
  65. 65. Title Enterprise Europe Network Sub-title Connecting you to New Business Opportunities in Europe‟ European Commission Enterprise and Industry
  66. 66. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›What we will cover:• Who are Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)• Our Role• Organisation Capability• Services we cover in the South West• European Partnership Service• Case Studies• Activity – creating your own profile• Next Steps• Questions
  67. 67. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Who are Enterprise Europe Network• Established in 2008 through merging the Innovation Relay Centre and European Information Centre, with additional support for R&D including FP7 & Eurostars• Funded in part by the European Commission‟s Competitiveness and Innovation Programme• Global Reach covering 49 Countries  600 offices with approx. 5,000 staff on the ground  Currently 15 people in South West, ensuring regional coverage
  68. 68. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Our RoleTo stimulate business growth through collaboration, innovation andinternationalisation. Our 4 key offerings are:• Identifying new International business opportunities through our Partnership Service• Provide advice on how to trade more effectively in European Markets and Internationally• Guidance on accessing European Funding• A European policy-feedback service, including business consultation
  69. 69. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Organisational capability • Europe‟s largest business support organisation Scotland (3 partner in consortium) • 11 Enterprise Europe Northern Ireland (1) North East of England (2) Networks in the UK North West (4) Yorkshire (4) • Not just EU Countries  Now in 49 Countries Midlands (3) • Local yet Global Wales (2) East of England (1) London (4) South West of England (1) South East (3)
  70. 70. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›49 Countries including:27 Member States + 21 Non-EU Members• Armenia • Montenegro• Bosnia and Herzegovina • Norway• Chile • Russia• China • Serbia• Croatia • South Korea• Egypt • Switzerland• Macedonia • Syria• Iceland • Tunisia• Israel • Turkey• Japan • USA• Mexico
  71. 71. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Services available in the South West Advice on trading in Europe including: • VAT • EU policies & directives • CE marking • legislation • Intellectual Property advice Access to the Networks Partner Search Tool • Commercial • Technology • Research Support to access European R&D funding : • Framework Programme 7 – FP7 • Euro Stars • Assistance with R&D Applications
  72. 72. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›European Partnership Service
  73. 73. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#› European Partnership Service• Over 14,000 Business Opportunities• Currently FREE to use• Commercial, Technical and Research Opportunities• Search by Sector, Country of Origin, Offer or Request and Keyword
  74. 74. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›European Partnership Service• No limit to how many “Expressions of Interest” you make• Add your own profile to the database• Find Partners for Collaborations• Find Agents / Distributors / JV Partners
  75. 75. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›European Partnership Service
  76. 76. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Commercial Profile20110608016Spanish company supplier of winesrequests distributors / Commercialagents for its products in Austria,Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland,Netherlands, UK and other countries.• PDF Download• E-Mail details to yourself• Direct Enquiry through the website
  77. 77. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Technology Profile 11 RU 86FG 3LJ9 Energy saving machine drive. The application of the technology reduces energy consumption of machine drives by up to 30-40%. The SME seeks partners for joint further development and adaptation of the technology to specific needs. • PDF Download • E-Mail details to yourself • Direct Enquiry through the website
  78. 78. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Case Study: Hemisphere FreightEngagement to Date:• 47 Expressions of Interest• 2 Partnership Agreements• 1 Profile
  79. 79. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Case Study: IsoperlaEngagement to Date:• 9 Expressions of Interest• 1 Partnership Agreements• 2 Profiles
  80. 80. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Case Study: RokkaplayEngagement to Date:• 41 Expressions of Interest• 2 Partnership Agreements  2 close to agreements• 2 Profiles
  81. 81. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Case Study: McCormick WeeksEngagement to Date:• 2 Expressions of Interest• 1 Partnership Agreements• 1 Profiles
  82. 82. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Next Steps• Webinar “How to get the most from our Partner Search Tool”  Monday 10th October 2011 at 11.00am  Monday 24th October 2011 at 2.00pm
  83. 83. Title of the presentation | Date |‹#›Any Questions?
  84. 84. Tara Gillam – Client Services ManagerEnterprise Europe Network South WestT: 01275 370 867M: 07765 999 296E: or
  85. 85. Neil HigginsonBusiness West – Solutions for BusinessERDF Programme Manager Solutions for Business in the South West Coaching for High Growth, Understanding Finance for Business and Starting a High Growth Business
  86. 86. Business WestStarting a High Growth BusinessCoaching for High GrowthUnderstanding Finance for Business
  87. 87. Neil Higginson Programme Manager – ERDF ProjectsWhat is high growth business coachingWhy now?Top benefitsOur Programmes
  88. 88. What is High Growth Coaching and why now? Focussed on improving business Take the next step Enabling Driving the business forward Why now? Why not?
  89. 89. The Benefits BusinessPersonal DevelopmentSupport & Motivation Work Life Balance
  90. 90. Programme OverviewThere are three projects under the High Growth Programme, all ofwhich provide coaching and two mentoring: Starting a High Growth Business Coaching for High Growth Understanding Finance for Business
  91. 91. The Focus
  92. 92. Eligibility Guidelines - 1Starting a High Growth BusinessPotential to achieve between £500k & £1m turnover or higherwithin 3 years of tradingCoaching for High GrowthAvailable for businesses with turnover of £1m plus [max £50m]Understanding Finance for BusinessAimed at pre-start, start-up or established business showingevidence of growth or growth potential – no financial levels
  93. 93. Eligibility Guidelines - 2To be eligible for support from any of these projects, companies must exhibit at least six of the following 12 characteristics:A high level of aspiration and a positive attitude to business growthA highly capable leadership team (or planned)Commitment – a willingness to invest time and to pay in part for supportAn intention to seek external financeEvidence of a strong order bookSound industry and sector knowledgeFirms already growing who lack structure and processEvidence of willingness and capacity to innovateWillingness to engage in sustainable strategy and practiceUse of emergent technology and new techniquesExport potentialGrowth for a purpose
  94. 94. Delivery AreaThe three projects will be deliveredacross the South West excludingCornwall
  95. 95. What does a business get and we in return The support of a „validated‟ High Growth Coach and/or mentor Minimum of two days support (12 hours) which can include workshop attendance Improved GVA (Gross Value Added) Improved coaching and mentoring standards across the South West
  96. 96. An example of a Coach selectionClient will be assessed for eligibility and support requirementsAn Action Plan will be issued – Brief posted to website – Applications invited from local coaches with relevant skills/specialisms – Client will receive profiles of responders and select from these
  97. 97. What would you prefer?
  98. 98. CostsCurrently, all coaching and workshop support is fully subsidisedto the client – this may changeUp to 10 days coaching provision at a cost to a/the Programmeof £5,500Change in the funding arena means that we may well move to amatched costs basis as well as charging for workshops – yet tobe decided
  99. 99. SummaryHigh Growth coaching – why nowThe benefitsThe ProgrammesBusiness West‟s joined up approach Don’t leave it too late
  100. 100. Contact Info Office: 01275 370898
  101. 101. Q&A
  102. 102. Dan StoreyGuerrilla Marketing your BusinessHead Guerrilla Innovative Marketing Strategies for small business owners on a limited budget
  103. 103. Understand Innovative Marketing Strategies on how to impact yourprofit/turnover on a limited budget Dan Storey Guerrilla Marketing Your Business
  104. 104. My background• Specialist in marketing training and education• Guerrilla Marketing Master Trainer• Marketer & Marketing Trainer
  105. 105. What is Marketing?• Marketing is an Investment – Need to be able to measure ROI• Art of changing people’s minds• Truth made fascinating• All contact with your business
  106. 106. Marketing Must Haves• Marketing Plan – Demographics, USPs, Niche, Techniques• Budget – Time, Energy, Imagination, Knowledge• Commitment – Develop and follow through
  107. 107. Marketing Psychology• 3000-5000 Marketing messages per day – What makes you stand out?• Clients are confused and unsure – Tell them what to do next• Clients have no time – Make the next step really simple• Clients are skeptical – Need to develop a relationship
  108. 108. Marketing Strategies• Joint Ventures• Identify partner that already has access to your target market• Deal that adds value to their clients, their business, then YOU
  109. 109. Marketing Strategies• Fusion Marketing• Identify partners that offer complimentary services and share marketing investment
  110. 110. Marketing Strategies• Affiliate Marketing• Locate other people who want to sell your products to their contacts• Existing affiliate networks• Referral marketing incentives
  111. 111. Marketing Strategies• Guerrilla Marketing• Conventional business goals using unconventional methods• 22 differences between traditional and Guerrilla marketing• Specifically designed for small businesses with limited marketing budget
  112. 112. Top 5 ways to waste your marketing budget!Please don’t make these mistakes…
  113. 113. Top 5 ways to waste budget• No Targeting• Broadcast marketing with no measurement• No idea of client demographics
  114. 114. Top 5 ways to waste budget• Not building relationships• Like trying to ask someone to marry you when you first meet them• Permission Marketing
  115. 115. Top 5 ways to waste budget• 3 – One Hit Wonder• Not reselling. Existing clients are your best source of new business.• Upsell? Cross-sell? Referral? Affiliates?
  116. 116. Top 5 ways to waste budget• 4 – Wrong Medium• Need to be advertising in areas where your demographic are present.• Combination of marketing techniques
  117. 117. Top 5 ways to waste budget• 5 – Bad Design• Design may be lovely but completely lacking in practical elements• Website designed by an internet marketer
  118. 118. Case Study• Austin Degge – Mortgage Broker• Problem 1 – Only 1 source of leads – Company ‘disappeared shortly before xmas 2010• Goal – Multiple lead generation options
  119. 119. Case Study• Solutions1. Clearly identify niche2. Identify marketing media3. Redesign/tweak ‘new’ website4. Referral scheme
  120. 120. Case Study• Result• Over £1m new borrowing generated in next 5 weeks just through new channels• Equivalent of 3 months business in 5 weeks
  121. 121. Innovative Marketing Workshops• An overview of marketing• Joint venture, affiliate and fusion marketing• Differences between innovative marketing and traditional marketing• The mindset of marketing• 200 strategies/techniques of guerrilla marketing• Social media and internet marketing tactics
  122. 122. Forthcoming Innovative Marketing Workshops• Wednesday 5th October 2011 – The Exchange, Bridgwater• Wednesday 19th October 2011 – Royal Bath Hotel, Bournemouth• Tuesday 25th October 2011 – Bristol Golf Course, Bristol• £39 per person Complete the booking form in your delegate pack and hand to the reception desk
  123. 123. Whats Next! Complete the Feedback Form Book onto a Marketing Event Book onto a Webinar NETWORK OVER LUNCH