Idea champions brainstorm facilitation testimonials


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Idea champions brainstorm facilitation testimonials

  1. 1. WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAYAbout Our Brainstorm Facilitation © Idea Champions, 2013
  2. 2. "Through your brainstorm facilitation, we gained more than 100 original ideasof high quality. The best of these will guide AT&Ts development for years to come.” – Robert Rubin, Director, CCS Product Development, AT&T
  3. 3. "Several of the ideas we came up within the Idea Champions session are being developed into concrete projects that are looking like very profitable opportunities.” - Rudy Villa, VP, GE/RCA Licensing
  4. 4. "I want to note how impressed we all were with Idea Champions insight and understanding of our business and creative needs,as well as the varied and constructive techniquesyou used to take us through the creative process." - Gabrielle Del Sesto, VP, MTV Networks
  5. 5. "Idea Champions is creative in their approach, experienced, willing to share their expertise .readily, easy to work with, and delivers exactly what they promise.” – Peter Clist, Head of Management Institute, Allianz
  6. 6. "As a result of Idea Champions efforts we have implemented more than 250 value-added Big Idea projects.”- Joe Belinsky, Professional Development Mgr, Goodyear
  7. 7. "Thank you for doing such an outstanding job and encouraging participants to step outsidetheir limiting assumptions. Your session definitely helped us generate lots of great ideas to activate our positioning around the world." - Charlotte Oades, Director, Brand Marketing, The Coca Cola Company
  8. 8. “No organization, especially those in Health Care, can expect to thrivewithout drawing on the collective talent and ideas oftheir workforce. Idea Champions helped us discover and apply those talents and ideas in a highly productive and practical system.” - Don Parker, President, AtlantiCare Health Care Systems
  9. 9. “As a result ofIdea Champions’Conducting Geniustraining, I will beleading the chargeto change the wayour companybrainstorms.”– Meggan Lawler, BSMG
  10. 10. "Extremely engaging and enlightening brainstorming sessions” - Karen Lazan, Marketing Director, Pfizer
  11. 11. "We found Idea Champions in a desperate search for brainstorm facilitation training and havent looked back. During the past few months, theyve helped us harness our naturally innovative spirit and significantly improve the way we execute ourideation process. We now have the tools and process we need to dig deeper into our creativity – adding a lot more value and power to our company culture.” - Jody Johnson, Chief People Officer, M Booth & Associates
  12. 12. "Idea Champions’ Conducting Genius training is a great program for learning the tools and techniquesneeded to run productive brainstorming sessions.” - Mike Donahoe, Innovation Process Mgt, Alliance Data Systems
  13. 13. “Superb! Everyone was impressedwith your ability to spark and harnessthe collective ingenuity of our group.” - Craig Harden, Global Risk Manager, Scotia Capital
  14. 14. “At the Idea Champions session, we generated dozens of new ideas. Of these, we looked at four in depth. All four are being developed into real, marketable products.” - John Dalrymple, AT&T
  15. 15. "Idea Champions helped us generatepowerful new ideas and engage with such energythat, six months later, their impact still hasn’t worn off! As a direct outcome of the Idea Championssession, students and faculty are actively working on several new projects that will make our College even more entrepreneurial! Thank you!” - Candida G. Brush, Chair: Entrepreneurship Division, Babson College
  16. 16. CONDUCTING GENIUS, Idea Champions’ three-day brainstormfacilitation certification training, will provide you and others in your organization with the skills, tools, processes, mindset, and techniques needed to exponentially increase the impact of your ideation sessions.
  17. 17. Take your next step today! Contact Idea Champions: 845.679.1066