How to Design Services using UML and Enterprise Architect
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How to Design Services using UML and Enterprise Architect






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    How to Design Services using UML and Enterprise Architect How to Design Services using UML and Enterprise Architect Presentation Transcript

    • How to Design Services (R)Using UML and Enterprise Architect
    • Improve or innovate Services Graphical Language UML Tool
    • 4 LinksServiceDesign
    • - Service definitionServiceAny activity or benefit that one party can give toanother, that is essentially intangible and doesnot result in the ownership of anything. Itsproduction may or may not be tied to a physicalproduct.Philip KotlerProfessor of International Marketing
    • - Design definitionDesignA process to create value for people.
    • - Service design definitionService DesignService Design is the application of establisheddesign process and skills to the development ofservices. It is a creative and practical way toimprove existing services and innovate new ones.Stefan Moritz field”from “Service Design – Practical access to an evolving field”
    • e ervicce 1. S r f a Inte2. T imeline 3. UM L Model
    • 1. Service Interface (Concept)
    • - Service Interface #1 Service InterfaceCustomer Service Organization
    • ents M om t h o f Tr uTouchpoints (Concept)
    • Service Interface Service Organization TouchpointsCustomer
    • Service Interface Service Organization Touchpoints Customer JourneyCustomer
    • 2. Customer Journey (Concept)
    • learn check buy travel ticket ticket bord enter arrive plan wait remember
    • 3. Service Blueprint (Concept)
    • actionscustomerphysicalevidence/ objects line of interactioninteractions onstage Line of Visibilitybackstage actions line of internal interactionprocesssupport& IT
    • learn plan buy ticket enter wait actionscustomerphysical different railwayevidence portal services portal station/ objects line of interactioninteractions onstage show compare select schedule etc. alternatives ticket and prices Line of Visibilitybackstage actions query query server server line of internal interactionprocess selectsupport select central central& IT ticket database system
    • 4 LinksUnifiedModelingLanguage
    • GraphicalLanguage
    • - Service design definitionUMLThe vocabulary and rules of a language such asthe UML tell you how to create and read well-formed models,but they dont tell you what models you shouldcreate and when you should create them.Grady Booch Guide“from „The Unified Modeling Language Users Guide“, 1998
    • UML Use Case Diagram
    • UML Use Case Diagram Object Customer Business Use Case Touch Point Onstage System Use CasesBackstage Line of Visibility
    • Business ProcessesSupport Process
    • 4 LinksEnterpriseArchitect
    • UML Tool
    • Thank YouThank YouEdmund Gröpl,
    • Service Design - Linksservice-design-network.orgUnified Modeling Languageuml.orgEnterprise