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Using Service Design Thinking to Make Awesome Products

Presentation slides from Melbourne's Product Camp 2015

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Using Service Design Thinking to Make Awesome Products

  1. 1. Using Service Design Thinking to make Awesome Products Lisa Overton
  2. 2. How are Services Different? Goods Dominant Logic v Service Dominant Logic 20th Century business practices built around Good Dominant Logic will not work in 21st Century service economies. “Services created in silos are experienced in bits” - Polaine, Lovlie & Reason • Specialist silos of activity • Integrated ecosystem • Transactional • Relationship • Focus on extracting value • Focus on exchanging value • Discrete value chain • Value co-creation • Make & distribute units of output • Facilitate the creation of outcomes
  3. 3. Unpacking a Service Experience
  4. 4. So what is Service Design? Service Design CX UX IxD Product Design Marketing Business Management Change Management Service Design makes smart use of networks of technology & people to simplify complex services and make them more powerful. standard of living 1920s Industrial Design quality of life 2000s Service Design - Polaine et al
  5. 5. Service Design Mindset interested inspired informed influential Informed ≠ expert Output focus belies the importance of the journey  Marie-Claire O’Grady 3rdView Consulting Be comfortable with the complexity that comes from working with people. From Market Research Hundreds of users to few key truths To Insights Research Few users to hundreds of insights
  6. 6. Service Design Principles
  7. 7. Design for People, not Statistics Male Born 1948 English Wealthy Twice Married Grown Children Young Grandchildren Live in the countryside Extensively travelled Winter Holidays in the Alps Dog Lovers Ozzy Osbourne HRH Charles, Prince of Wales
  8. 8. Service Design Toolkit • Stakeholder Maps • Shadowing • Customer Journey Maps • Contextual Interviews • A Day in the Life • Expectation Maps • Personas • Design Scenarios • Storyboards • Service Prototypes • Co-Creation • Service Blueprints ….. and many, many more
  9. 9. Personas: Human Face Photo Relevant Attributes Motivation Goals Frustrations Name Quote Short Description Basic Facts Avoid caricatures or identifiable people from fiction or real life Represent a real group of people – be believable
  10. 10. Storyboard: Sequence Events
  11. 11. Storyboard: Sequence Events
  12. 12. Engage your whole Ecosystem Engineers / Dev Team Marketing Team Provisioning Team Care / Support Team Billing Team How much time do you spend with: Know your stakeholders & engage them in Design
  13. 13. Resources “This is Service Design Thinking” by Marc Stickdorn & Jakob Schneider (2012) “Service Design: From Insight to Implementation” by Andy Polaine, Lavrans Lovlie & Ben Reason (2013) “Evolving to a New Service Dominant Logic for Marketing” in Journal of Marketing by Stephen Vargo & Robert Lusch (2004) “Service Dominant Logic: reactions, reflections & refinements” in Marketing Theory 6 by Stephen Vargo & Robert Lusch (2006) POL*2015 | Service Design Thinking | Marc Stickdorn POL*2015 | Service Design Doing | Marc Stickdorn Service Design – Are we still talking about this?
  14. 14. Customer Journey Map