UX - Beyond Design Practice


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User experience practice is beyond the design practice. The objective of this presentation is to create public awareness on User Experience Practice

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UX - Beyond Design Practice

  1. 1. User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond DESIGN<br />Giving a new direction to practice<br />Sunil Kumar Das<br />Sr. User Experience Analyst<br />CHENNAI. INDIA<br />ux defined<br />
  2. 2. Disclaimer<br />This presentation is purely non-commercial use. The objective of this presentation is to create public awareness on User Experience Practice. <br />This presentation is meant to be a volunteer Knowledge Transfer program dedicated to the society by providing adequate evidence on practice methodology in Organizational level. All the images and visuals presented in this presentation are belongs to their original owner. <br />I have emphasized on the practice level by adding the visuals to communicate precisely and sync the public attention. <br />If found illegal or irrelevant please contact me at uxsunil@gmail.comso that I can remove the visuals from the presentation. <br />
  3. 3. Objective<br />VS<br />Healthcare USER<br />USER<br />To understand…<br />Primary Focus<br />1: User Interface – User Focus<br />2: Requirement Analysis<br />3: User Centered Design<br />4: Usability<br />5: Accessibility<br />6: Quality Control<br />1: Introduction – Definition<br />2: Practice Model<br />3: UX Inside – Collective Practice<br />4: Roles & Process - In and out<br />5: Controversies - UX vs UI<br />6: Individual milestones<br />7: Impact on ROI<br />8: UXD vs UID<br />9: Usability<br />10: People – UX practitioner<br />11: Stay Tuned…<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  4. 4. Intro…<br />UX – Definition<br />"User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. <br />The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother. <br />Next comes simplicity and elegance that produce products that are a joy to own, a joy to use. <br />True user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they say they want, or providing checklist features. <br />In order to achieve high-quality user experience in a company's offerings there must be a seamless merging of the services of multiple disciplines, including engineering, marketing, graphical and industrial design, and interface design.<br />Courtesy: Nielsen Norman Group ( NN / g)<br />Analysis | Research | Concept and Visualization | Design | Coordination | Quality | Promotion | Usability | Branding | Leadership<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  5. 5. Intro…<br />UX – The Practice Structure<br />User profiling<br />Data collection<br />Scenario / Storyboard<br />Task analysis<br />Workflow analysis<br />Info Architecture<br />Interaction Design<br />Concepts<br />Wireframe<br />Prototype / POC<br />Accessibility check<br />Acceptance testing<br />Requirement Analysis<br />Release Scope<br />Competitive analysis<br />Geography validation<br />UI / Pixel Design<br />Design Document<br />Design Sign-Off<br />Traceability matrix<br />Product release<br />Dev co-ordination<br />Design implements<br />Usability Testing<br />Pre-sales /<br />Marketing<br />Testing /<br />Implement<br />Development<br />User Centric Design<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  6. 6. Intro…<br />User Experience<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  7. 7. Intro…<br />UX – Team work<br />User Experience | User Interface Design | User | Usability Testing | UI Design | Interaction Design | User Persona | User Research |Prototype | Demo | UCD | Usability Testing | Usability | Wireframe |Concept | UXD | Information Architecture | Data Visualization | User | UI Design | Task Analysis | Presentation | User Observation | Semantic Design | Requirement Analysis | Competitive Analysis | Market Research | Workflow | Storyboard <br />TEAM INTEGRITY<br /><ul><li> Self motivation
  8. 8. Collaborate work
  9. 9. Knowledge share</li></ul>Success : “Together we can”<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  10. 10. UX Role<br />Collective practice<br />UX Practice<br />Marketing and Pre-Sales<br />Design<br />Development<br />Quality Control<br />Deployment / Output<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  11. 11. UX<br />User Interaction<br />Knowledge Base<br />Design Sign Off<br />Interaction Design<br />Info Architecture<br />Data Visualization<br />Internal Review<br />Usability Testing<br />Eye Tracking<br />Internal Review<br />Eye Tracking<br />Standard Operating Procedure SOP<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  12. 12. Pre-Sales / Marketing<br />Requirement Analysis<br />Release Scope<br />Competitive analysis<br />Geography validation<br />Requirement Gathering<br />Dependency<br />Domain Knowledge<br /> Multi-geography <br /> Workflow<br /> User profile<br /> Context understanding<br />Ethnography <Context / Evaluation Questionnaire><br />Personal Interview<br />Contextual Inquiry<br />Surveys<br />Observation and Video Taping<br />Inform and/or Uninformed<br />Healthcare<br />Requirement Analysis<br />Stakeholder Interview<br />Joint Requirements Development (JRD)<br />Brain Storm with associates / stakeholders<br />Competitive Analysis<br />Dependency<br />Data collection<br /> Market Research<br /> Industry knowledge<br /> Knowledge of USP – Form factor<br />Competitive solution analysis<br />Research (Industry / Products / Solutions)<br />Surveys<br />Understanding USP<br />Understanding Demand<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  13. 13. USER<br />User Interaction<br />UCD, REQUIREMENT, SIGN OFF<br />DirectRemote<br />Site visit Video conferencing<br />Face 2 Face Web conference<br />Environment study Limitation<br />Behavioral study Limitation<br />Healthcare<br />Active User Passive User<br />User, not the client SME, SO, Product Owner, Sol Architect<br />Micro requirement High Level requirement<br />Proficiency variants Not Recognized as they are IT Savvy<br />Real time difficulties Offline <Difficulties may not addressed><br />Finding Problems Finding Solutions<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  14. 14. DESIGN<br />Look – N – Feel<br />Desire <br />Anxiety<br />Excitement<br />Look <br />Feel<br />Use<br />How would you experience it all without these form factors…<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  15. 15. DESIGN<br />UCD - User Centered Design<br />Analysis Phase<br />Setting vision<br />Usability goal and objective<br />Conduct field study<br />Competitive analysis<br />User Profile<br />Task Analysis<br />User Scenario<br />Design Phase<br />Screen flow & Navigation model<br />Design concept walkthrough<br />Concept in Paper and Pencil<br />Low-Fidelity prototype<br />Usability Testing on LO-FI<br />Hi-Fidelity detailed design<br />Usability Testing on HI-FI<br />Document Standards & Guideline<br />Implementation<br />Heuristic Evaluations<br />Coordinating Dev Team <br />Usability Testing<br />Deployment<br />User Feedback <br />Field Study<br />Traceability Matrix<br />Key Influencing Factor<br />Design For the User | Be Consistent | Maintain Simplicity | Use Natural Language |<br />Provide Feedback | Easy Navigation | Present Info Clearly | Reduce Error<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  16. 16. User profiling<br />Scenario / Storyboard<br />Task analysis<br />Workflow analysis<br />Info Architecture<br />Interaction Design<br />Design<br />UCD<br />User Research<br />User Profiling <Category, Group><br />Personas <User Task, Competency Level, Proficiency, Disability><br />Scenario and Storyboard<br />Case Study, Preparing Use Case<br />Task Analysis<br />Hierarchical Task Analysis <br />Card sorting / Matrix Evaluation<br />Design for User<br />Consistent<br />Simplicity<br />Natural Language<br />Feedback<br />Navigation<br />Presentation<br />Error free<br />Information Architecture<br />Information Modeling <br />Information flow<br />Structure of system<br />Interaction Design<br />User and User <br />User and System <br />System and System<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  17. 17. Concepts<br />Wireframe<br />Prototype / POC<br />Usability testing<br />Accessibility check<br />Clinical safety - UI<br />Acceptance testing<br />Design<br />UCD<br />Conceptualization<br />Paper Sketch / Sticky’s / Whiteboard<br />Brainstorming with peers<br />Wireframe<br />Skeleton design <br />Tools: PowerPoint, Axure, Visio<br />Prototyping / POC<br />Lo-Fi | Hi-Fi or Functional <br />Tools: Silverlight, Flash, HTML, PPT<br />Design for User<br />Consistent<br />Simplicity<br />Natural Language<br />Feedback<br />Navigation<br />Presentation<br />Error free<br />Review & Feedback<br />Usability Testing<br />Heuristic Evaluation, Eye Tracking etc <br />(Active User –vs- Passive User) Floor –vs- Remote<br />Accessibility Testing<br />Color, Fonts, Animation, Shortcut keys etc <br />(Age / Sex / Disability etc) – Heuristic Evaluation<br />Clinical Safety in UI<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  18. 18. Design<br />UCD<br />UI / Pixel Design<br />Creativity<br />UI / Pixel Design<br />Design Document<br />Design Sign-Off<br />Colors, Skinning and Theme<br />Icons and Controls<br />UI Standards Derivative<br />Corporate Branding<br />Acceptance Test<br />Design for User<br />Consistent<br />Simplicity<br />Natural Language<br />Feedback<br />Navigation<br />Presentation<br />Error free<br />Requirement -vs- Solutions<br />Design Documents<br />UI Detailed Design behavior (Format: MS Word / PowerPoint)<br />Descriptive Control behavior in respective UI<br />UI Design Guideline (Specific Package)<br />Sign-Off<br />UI Screen Handover (Output: XAML File / jpg File)<br />UI Inclusion in FD<br />UI Guideline document handover<br />According to Jef Raskin in his book “The Humane Interface”, there are two laws of user interface design, based on the fictional laws of robotics created by Isaac Asimov:<br />I Law: A computer shall not harm your work or, through inactivity, allow your work to come to harm.<br />II Law: A computer shall not waste your time or require you to do more work than is strictly necessary<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  19. 19. Dev<br />UI Development<br />Dev co-ordination<br />Design implements<br />Development<br />UI Development<br />Tools: HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript<br />SilverLight, Expression Blend, XML<br />C#, AJAX, J-Query, FLEX, Adobe Flash<br />UI Framework Development<br />UI Structure Development<br />UI Controls and Artifacts Development<br />Development Co-ordination<br />Design for User<br />Consistent<br />Simplicity<br />Natural Language<br />Feedback<br />Navigation<br />Presentation<br />Error free<br />UI Design clarification<br />Hi-Level design (XAML etc) support<br />Development clarification<br />Concept Design Support<br />User Interface Validation and Support<br />Design Implementation<br />Traceability for design –vs- development<br />Feature Testing<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  20. 20. Traceability matrix<br />Product release<br />Quality<br />QC<br />QC / Traceability Matrix<br />Traceability of Requirements -vs- Product<br />Usability by Heuristic Evaluation<br />Accessibility Checking<br />UI Standards Checking<br />Design for User<br />Consistent<br />Simplicity<br />Natural Language<br />Feedback<br />Navigation<br />Presentation<br />Error free<br />Product Release<br />UX QC Release sign-off<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  21. 21. Outcome<br />UX practice stage<br />Outcome<br />Requirement Gathering<br />Requirement Analysis<br />Competitive Analysis<br />Collecting practically feasible and useful needs <br />Addressing each & every vital requirements<br />Providing the USP value and giving uniqueness to the UI<br />Pre - sales<br />Knowledge Base<br />User Research<br />Scenario and Storyboard<br />Task Analysis<br />Information Architecture<br />Understand different user, practice and category<br />Arriving into workflow structure<br />Deriving Task flow and Interaction model<br />Complete skeletal modeling of UI & information structure<br />Concept & Wireframes<br />Prototype<br />Usability Testing<br />Confirming the concept, Validating concept & solution<br />Confirming design, Navigation and UI (Hi-Fi: Look -N- Feel)<br />Addressing usability issues<br />Design Phase<br />Pixel Design<br />Guideline Documents<br />Look -N- Feel, Actual Skin, Color, Theme etc<br />Controls & Artifacts, Behavior, Screen content display etc.<br />Deployment<br />Development co-ordination<br />Design implementation check<br />Design Support (User Interface)<br />Guideline documents support for development in SDLC<br />Ensuring the UCD driven Design implemented in product<br />Design Support & response to minimize Rework / Backlog<br />Develop<br />Design speaks, Usability experienced<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  22. 22. UX -vs- UI<br />UX<br />UI<br />Controversy<br />UXD <> UID<br />Design standpoint<br />UID deals in Design & Creativity<br />UI a subset of UX<br />UX provide complete experience<br />UX implies PRACTICE<br />UI implies DESIGN & CREATIVITY<br />Requirements validation<br />Interaction Design<br />User Psychology<br />Usability<br />Accessibility<br />Environment<br />ROI Benefits<br />Practice experts<br />Define Concepts<br />Execute and Operate<br />Interface Design<br />Tool Expertise<br />Creativity<br />Look - N – Feel<br />Standards derivative<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  23. 23. UXA -vs- BA<br />Controversy<br />UX Analyst <> Business Analyst<br />Complete presentation<br />User is the key<br />Presentation Tier<br />UI Design Guidelines<br />Concept & Innovation<br />Requirement Analysis<br />Usability, Accessibility, Look-N-Feel<br />Presentation Tier Ownership<br />Functional Design<br />System and integration<br />N-Tier integration<br />Functional Design Docs<br />Features & Use Case<br />Requirement Collection<br />Concern about features<br />Functional Design Ownership<br />Product Owner / SME<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  24. 24. Usability<br />The essence<br />Usability<br />Use standpoint<br />Usability - Functionalities<br />Usability is a parameter of UX<br />Usability - A derivative of design<br />UX resembles complete <br />Usability implies usefulness<br />Ease of use<br />Consistency<br />Understandability<br />Learnability<br />Efficiency <br />Memorability<br />Satisfaction<br />Usability is a qualitative attribute that assesses how easy user interfaces are to use. <br />Usability testing is the measurement of ease of use of a product or piece of software. <br />In contrast, usability engineering (UE) is the research and design process that ensures a product with good usability. <br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  25. 25. Usability<br />Essence of product success<br />Usability<br />Usability practitioners work in product development, such as software products, consumer electronics, <br />or in the creation of devices incorporating both hardware and software components. <br />Their chief concern is the usability of that product.<br />The goal of their work is to contribute to the design of a system that provides optimal human performance &<br />ensures the best possible user experience. <br />Usability professionals do not work in isolation – rather, they collaborate with people from many backgrounds.<br />Usability Body Of Knowledge<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  26. 26. Milestone<br />Set up your delivery schedule<br />Discover<br />Design<br />Develop<br />Deliver<br />Technical Input and derivative KNOWLEDGE BASE<br />Feedback<br />Alternate <br />Concept Rev<br />UX Design<br />Kick Start<br />UX Data<br />User Survey<br />Alternate<br />UX Concept<br />Prototype<br />Kick Start<br />Wireframe<br />Mock-Up<br />UCD<br />Process<br />Review<br />Sign Out<br />Review<br />15/03/2010<br />10/03/2010<br />13/02/2010<br />18/02/2010<br />22/02/2010<br />25/02/2010<br />01/03/2010<br />14/02/2010<br />12/02/2010<br />01/02/2010<br />Concept Kick-up<br />Demo<br />Review Feedback<br />Change Requests<br />Review<br />Final<br />Start Date<br />Project Assignment<br />Concept 1,2,3,4<br />Concept 5,6<br />04/02/2010<br />13/02/2010<br />18/02/2010<br />12/02/2010<br />18/02/2010<br />12/02/2010 18/02/2010<br />Framework Level changes<br />Concept 2 / Concept 5 new add<br />Reviewer<br />Reviewer 1<br />Reviewer 2<br />Reviewer 3<br />Reviewer 4<br />Stakeholder 1<br />Stakeholder 2<br />Stakeholder 3<br />Stakeholder 4<br />Stakeholder 5<br />Client 1<br />Client 2<br />Client 3<br />PROTOTYPE<br />SL Code dev 1<br />SL Code dev 2<br />RIA Design 1<br />RIA Design 2<br />UX CONCEPT<br />WIREFRAME<br />UCD / DEMO<br />UX Practitioner<br />FUNCTIONAL<br />SME<br />SO<br />BA<br />Visual DESIGN<br />Designer 1<br />
  27. 27. Benefits<br />Impact on ROI of the Product<br />User Experience – A hidden truth<br />Influencing ROI<br />Sales - USP<br />Marketing - Branding<br />Development - Directive<br />Clients / User – Usability and Accessibility<br /><ul><li>Usability as a USP and Voice in Sales
  28. 28. Accessibility measure as a footage
  29. 29. Branding utilization improve corporate value
  30. 30. Look - N - Feel influence as a form factor
  31. 31. Reduce significant development time
  32. 32. Reduce product development iteration & rework
  33. 33. User’s / Client’s attraction towards usage
  34. 34. Beyond traditional approach which influence product design</li></ul>User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  35. 35. Benefits<br />Eye on Healthcare market<br />Meaningful use - ARRA<br />The meaningful use of EHRs intended by the US government incentives is categorized as follows:<br /><ul><li>Improve care coordination
  36. 36. Reduce healthcare disparities
  37. 37. Engage patients and their families
  38. 38. Improve population and public health
  39. 39. Ensure adequate privacy and security </li></ul>The Obama Administration’s Health IT program intends to use federal investments to stimulate the market of electronic health records:<br /><ul><li>Incentives: to providers who use IT
  40. 40. Strict and open standards: To ensure users and sellers of EHRs work towards the same goal
  41. 41. Certification of software: To provide assurance that the EHRs meet basic quality, safety, and efficiency standards </li></ul>Certify the qualification of Healthcare IT vendors (Usability etc…)<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  42. 42. People<br />UX – Best practice<br />Jacob Nielsen<br />Usability consultant<br />Nielsen Norman Group<br />Don Norman<br />Cognitive Design Practice<br />Nielsen Norman Group<br />Bruce T Tognazzini<br />Design/ Usability Consultant<br />Nielsen Norman Group<br />Jared M. Spool<br />UX Practitioner<br />User Interface Engineering<br />Eric Schaffer<br />CEO / Founder<br />HFI Inc<br />Alan Cooper<br />IXD Architect<br />Cooper<br />Position You Next…<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  43. 43. Companies<br />UX – Best practice<br />Research of the UX environment at the six major analyst firms<br />Courtesy: Rosenfeld Media<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  44. 44. UX Analysis<br />UX – Best practice<br />Courtesy: Usability Professional Association<br />User Experience<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />Beyond design practice…<br />
  45. 45. Passion and commitment drives to do things.<br />Thank you…<br />Discover | Design | Develop | Deliver<br />User Experience<br />Feedback and suggestion to<br />Beyond design practice…<br />uxsunil@gmail.com<br />Sunil Kumar Das<br />Sr. User Experience Analyst<br />