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Customer jouney canvas


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Customer jouney canvas

  1. 1. Start of the exchange period End of the exchange period Customer Journey Canvas Pre-service period Service period Post-service period Service Journey Orientation week Familiarization events Group works in different courses Travelling Page1 Advertisement/ Public relations Social media Word-to-mouth Communication between different parties related to exchange Past experiences Learning local cultural habits and meeting local students Meeting with students and tutors Weekly happenings Questionnaire regarding the exchange students' satisfaction Meeting with students and tutors Questionnaire regarding the exchange students' satisfaction "After-study" events Leaving conversations (giving feedback to each others) Customer relationship management Social media Word-of-mouth Expectations Experiences Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction Information manipulability Information credibility Good university website Handbook of participation in a student exchange program Video/Live-meeting before the exchange starts (previous year's exchange students participating) Social media group where can be delivered information before the exchange period starts Experiences of previous year's exchange students Communication between university partners and also coordinators of international offices of universities Exchange student's past experiences of similar services (exchange programs) Video/ Live-meeting after the exchange period Later communication in social media group, like Facebook Deliver of experiences of the exchange period