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  1. 1. executive summaryin every organisation employment & personnel planning as an activity is necessary becausepersonnel planning embrace all future positions in the organizations. human resourceplanning is a vital ingredient for the success of the organisation in the long run. there arecertain ways that are to be followed by every organisation, which ensures that it has rightnumber and kind of people, at the right place and right time, so that organisation canachieveits planned objective.human resource management is a process of acquiring, training,appraising,training, and compensating employees and of attending to their labour relations,health, and safety and fairness concerns. each objective needsspecial attention and properplanning and implementation.e m p l o y e e s s h o u l d b e a v i t a l p a r t o f t h ee f f i c i e n t a n d e f f e c t i v e functioning of your business; therefore the aim ofrecruitment is toe n c o u r a g e a p p l i c a t i o n s f r o m p e o p l e w i t h t h e s k i l l sa n d q u a l i f i c a t i o n s n ec es s ar y t o m e et t h e or ga n is at io ns n ee ds .s h or t a ge of s k i ll s a n d t h e us e of new technology are putting considerable pressureon how employers goabout recruiting and selecting staff. it is recommended to carry outastrategic analysis of recruitment and selection procedure. with reference tothis context, thisproject is been prepared to put a light on recruitment and selection process of tatateleservices.this report includes meaning and definition of recruitment andselection,objectives and need of recruitment, evaluation of recruitment process,sources ofrecruitment through which an organisation gets suitableapplication. job analysis, whichgives an idea about the requirement of the job through which job descriptions & jobspecifications is prepared. next isselection process, which includes steps of selection, typesof test and interviews.RECRUITMENT POLICYTo actualize the organizational vision of providing “Trustedservices to 100 millionhappy customers by 2011”. Acquiring andretaining high quality talent is the key toan oragnization’s success.The recruitment strategy of Tata Teleservices limited(TTSL) adoptedfor the samewill mirror our corporate image and enhance its brandvalue.3.1.2The recruitment process is the most visible and dynamic way ofprojecting an organization’s objectives & image outside.OBJECTIVE
  2. 2. Systematically hire competent human resource inline with HR Strategiesderivedfrom business goals, future growth plans & evolving roles andresponsibilities ofemployees to keep pace with the changing dynamicsof the organization.Hire Human resource with values similar to those advocated by theorganization toensure the right culture fit.Adopt a continuous and conscious practice of exploring newer channelsfor sourcing the besttalent in a cost effective manner.Provide opportunities to employees to apply for vacant positions in thecompany throughinternal job-postings, with a view to enable careergrowth for them.Implement merit based hiring practices that provides equal opportunityto all.Hire “CRISP” talent with requisite competence, skill set, knowledge andattitude to deliver business results today and tomorrow3.3RECRUITMENT STRATEGY3.3.1While hiring a TTSLite, they look for the followingattributes:-C - Customer FocusR - Result OrientationI - Initiative and SpeedS - SelfConfidenceP - Passion for achievement3.3.2Sourcing StrategyThe following sources will be used for identifying the potentialHuman Resourcesfor TTSL:Recruitment consultants, Employee Referrals, Job portals,InternalResume Database, Direct Recruitment-Walk Ins, News Paper Ads,CampusRecruitment, Data bank, Voluntary application, Referralfrom Tata ecosystem,Voluntary referrals from professional Agencies,NGOs facilitation, etc .
  3. 3. 3.4INITIATIONOFRECRUITMENT3.4.1Manpower BudgetThe organization’s business plans for the fiscal year originates fromthe long term business objectives of TTSL. Each function defines itsmanpowerrequirements based on the strategic objectives set downfor achieving the annualbusiness objectives for the function. Thefinance function analyses the cost incurredin the hiring of manpower. Corporate HR with circle HR discusses themanpowerrequirement with the heads of each function to rationalize themanpower tocontrol additions and cost.Hiring PlanFollowing this, the hiring plan for entire year is charted out. This planlays down theNumber of employees to be hired on a monthly basisat each level, location and function.The manpower budget isreviewed if any revision in business plan takes palace.There is nocarry forward of budgeted manpower from one year to anotheryear.Thus, there may be a change in the manpower needs projectedinitially, and thesame gets changed on changes in business plansduring the course of the year.3.4.2Drivers of RecruitmentIn addition to the budgeted requirement for manpower, there maybe some otherdrivers of recruitment i.e.Reorganization/Restructuring which arises from merger,acquisitionor expansion can stimulate a need for recruitment. 3.4.3Job Descriptions A key input for recruitment is an inventory of all skill sets andcompetency levels forexisting positions in all functions. Theseprerequisites for a position are translated intojob descriptions (forformat see annexure 1).Job Descriptions (JDs) describe thework performed, responsibilitiesinvolved, experience profile, skill. JDs give an
  4. 4. understanding of thetasks performed and the type of qualification required toperformthem them.3.5RECRUITMENT SOURCESOnce the requirement for hiring is justified and manpower requisition isapproved,applications for specific positions are generated throughvarious sources. Followingsources are used for recruitment:3.5.1Internal Sources3.5.1.iInternal Job Postings/External Job Postings (TATA WORLD)This method is used for identifying qualified internal candidates. Ithas theadvantage of redeploying people already acquainted withthe company’s business processes and culture and hence, jobtraining can be reduced. It provides opportunity for promotionand employee development.Thisprocedure applies to all budgeted vacancies as well asvacancies created due toreplacement requirements in levels M4to M8.Input Approved manpowerrequisition/job description(JD)SLAPost the vacancy on the Intranet, within 1 day of receiving a requisition.Receive CVs from internal candidates within 7days of job posting.ActivitiesThe manpower requisition should be signed &forwarded by the function head andmailed tothe GM HR corporate.Check JDs for level & location and post it to theintranet
  5. 5. Collect the applications received from the hiringmanager on the 7thday of job posting.Applicants have been in the current assignmentfor a min. of 6 months period & areconfirmedemployees.If candidate selected make offer.If offer is accepted –update personal file,Update SAP, inform Finance, inform reportingmanager about candidate’s date of joining. Input Approved manpower requisition/Job descriptionIf candidate is not selected;oFile CV and Interview Assessment sheet inrejected candidates folderoBegin sourcing Activity3.5.1.iiCV databankThe internal databank of CVs is an important source of profiles,specifically withregard to local candidates. After the applicationsare received, they are screened and short-listed for furtherprocessing.Inputs CVs received from various sourcesSLA OngoingactivityActivitiesSegregate CVs received through email, post,walk-in candidates, employee referrals
  6. 6. Classify CVs as per function and date of receiptFile CVs in a function–wise manner3.5.1.iiiEmployee Referral Scheme“Bring buddy” Employee referral is an efficient and cost effective way of attracting qualifiedcandidates. Employees not only get thereferral fee but also they play a role in shaping the company’sfuture.Any employee who wants to refer an individual can forward tothe HRfunction either through email or by submitting a hard copy.inputs CVs fromemployeesSLA Ongoing activityActivitiesAll CVs received are to be placed in thedatabankMaintain record of the name of the employeeand date of receipt of CVIf the CV is short-listed, organize interview/if rejected tell refereeInformed the employee about the outcome if refer candidate attends interviewUpdate personal fileUpdate recruitment Tracker3.5.1.iv
  7. 7. Off- roll employees Hiring an outsourced employee simplifies the induction process asthe employee isacquainted with the job complexities and theorganization culture. The term “off –role employees” refers to theemployees working on the rolls of an agency providing results andservices to TTSL. Theseemployees are on the payroll of anexternal agency.Appointment on TTSL rollsIt is based purely on the availability of a vacancy and suitability of the outsourcedemployee as an applicantCriteriaThe applications are for entry level positions only (M8–M7)The applicant has served for a minimum period of 12 monthscontinuously with an agencyproviding services to TTSL.The application is screened by dept. head3.5.2External sources3.5.2.iRecruitment through ConsultantsRecruitment consultants are used to assist in the hiring of qualifiedcandidates.They help in identifying job seekers and are a goodand efficient source forobtaining pre–
  8. 8. screened candidates. TTSLemploys Recruitment Consultants on a contingency basisimplyingthat they are paid a fee only when a position is closed throughthem.Selection of RCsThe list of consultants along with the applicable terms andconditions is finalized byCorporate HR at the beginning of eachyear. Each RC is required to sign a contract withCorporate HRbefore commencing work with TTSL.Evaluation of RCsThe list of consultants is revised only at the beginning of eachfinancial year, on thebasis of relative performance of theconsultants.Input Recruitment MIS & CVdatabankTimeline In the beginning of financial yearActivitiesQuantitative & qualitative assessmentundertakenEvaluation done by recruitment dept. in eachcirclePrepare list of consultants to be retained forthe year and those that nee to beterminatedHead HR approve the above list3.5.2.iiAdvertisementsPlacing advertisements in the newspaper is a method of recruitingexternalapplicants, to be used inspecific cases such as walk in’s,special positions etc. Since potential candidates are firstintroduced to the companythrough advertisements, this helps inbuilding a positive image. Either TTSL or thevendor can release anadvertisement for vacancies.When TTSL releases the advertisementThis source is used for hiring for M5 & above levels. For this anadvertisementcopy should be prepared jointly and been approvedby both the hiring function andHR. All advertisements to beapproved and ratified by Corporate HR & CorporateMARCOMprior to release.The advertisement should:a.
  9. 9. Meet the criteria set by the company for release in the printmedia.b.Be brief, precise and consistent with job specifications and theselection criteria. Itmust specify the e-mail address/faxnumber/address where applicants can send theirCVs.c.Attract the interest of potential and suitable applicants.d.Have the following details:Summary of TTSL’s businessLevel/Title and location of positionPosition code for each jobJob specifications in terms of skills, experience andqualifications requiredClosing date of applications3.5.3Job PortalsLeading job portals like Naukri, Times job, Monster etc.Should be used to get CV’s for closing positions at the level ofM2 to M8. corp –
  10. 10. TA will maintain an annual matrix of usageof these portals by circle & will also circulateusage on aquarterly basis.3.5.4TTSL WebsiteOpen positions up to M2 level should be put on the TTSLwebsite for seeking profile frominterested applicants fromexternal world.All open positions which are to be put on TTSL website willbe done so on approval ofCorporate–TA head.3.6SELECTION PROCESSHaving received the applications, the next step is to evaluateapplicants experienceand qualifications and make a selection.3.6.1ScreeningIts purpose is to evaluate the application and eliminateapplicants whose profiles do notmatch the job requirements.Short-listing of CVsThe CVs received from various sources are screened bythe HR function within 7 day ofcommencement of sourcing activity.Knowledge & Aptitude Test –for campusIt is conducted for all trainees and laterals recruits in thelevel of M6 & M8through a testing agency of reputedecided and finalized from corporate office. Theresultof test will be criteria for short listing / screeningcandidates for the purpose ofinterview.Psychometric Test
  11. 11. :This test is done to find out the“CRISP” fit.3.6.2InterviewThis is powerful technique used to assess thecapabilities/skills of the candidate andto understand thesofter aspects that a difficult to measure from resumes.Afterfinalizing a date and time, short-listed candidates areinvited for an interview.3.6.3Evaluation of candidateThe candidate interviewed are evaluated against the variousparameters indicated inthe Interview Assessment Sheet(see Annexure 2), which has to be filled-in andsigned by allmembers of the interview panel.3.7SALARY FIXATIONThe selected candidates are required to furnish Documents prior to anoffer beingmade.Salary comparatorAn appropriate salary fitment is generated giving threepossible options, based onqualification, age, experienceand compensation details of the selected person andbasicsalary of existing employees at the same level.Approval & signatureThe authority for finalization of salary for salary for levelsM4 and below (for all circlepositions) shall rest with theHead –HR in each circle. All decisions pertaining to salarydetermination for level M3 &above rest with corporate HR.3.8OFFERAfter selection of the best candidate, email compensation offer ismade to him/her.Only if the candidate accepts this & due verificationof Ref. Check/medically fit
  12. 12. clearance is obtained, an appointmentletter detailing the terms of employment isgiven to him/her.Annexure indicating the list of documents to be submitted at thetimeof joining is to be given with the appointment letter (Annexure 3).It ismandatory for the selected candidate to sign and return theduplicate copy of theletter.The signing authority for offer letters is indicated below:M1 & above - CHROM2 & M2A - Corp TA Head.M3A & M3 - Corp TA head (for corp. Office)- Regional HR head for region.M4 & below - Corp TA head or representative notbelow M3 level for offers in corp.office. And regional HR head/Circle HR Head ( not below M5 level) for offers in region &circlerespectively.3.9PRE-EMPLOYMENT ACTIVITIESOnce the selected candidate accepts the offer, the recruitment teamcommunicatesthis information to be concerned units within and outsidethe organization. Thereare various pre-employment activities which areas follows: -3.9.1Reference CheckBackground verification is required for appointment.This is done through third party ofrepute. Followingpoints may be considered during reference check:For group transfer it is not requiredVerification on qualification and last 3 employersTermination due to any disciplinary issues3.9.2
  13. 13. Medical Check-upMedical fitness is also required for the eligiblecandidate, if he is found unfit; HRreserves the right towithdraw the offer. Medical bills are alsoreimbursed.(Annexure 4)3.9.3RelocationIf an employee is an outstation candidate, he/she isreimbursed travel expenses forhim/herself. Foroutstation candidate they also provide temporaryaccommodation.3.10JOINING FORMALITIESThe employee is required to fill in his /her personal details in a joiningreport andsubmit supporting documents related to academicqualification, date of birth,relieving letter and salary details of lastemployment along with medical fitnessreports. A welcome note signedby the Circle HR Head is placed in a joiningdocket.The candidate is permitted to join without a relieving letter fromlastemployer provided he/she submits proof of acceptance of resignation.Aftercompletion of joining formalities, at M0 to M2 an organizationannouncement isdisplayed and the same is circulated to all Circles byCorp.HR. At levels M3A-M8,a welcome note is displayed as the same iscirculated to other offices in thecircle.(Joining checklist –Annexure 5)InductionThe new employee then joins the induction program organized by HR.Theinduction Program is normally held in the last week of the month. Itincludes aformal welcome by the Circle COO/Designated representativeof CHRO incorporate and presentations made by different functionrepresentatives on businessoperations of the company. The employeesare also introduced to the basics oftelecom through a separate trainingprogramme.3.11TRAINEE PROGRAMSTTSL has got four broad training schemes for the expertise of itsmanpower, theseare as follows:3.11.1Management Trainee Scheme
  14. 14. The objective of management trainee scheme is torecruit bright and competentyoung professionalsfrom reputed management institutes to assumemanagement rolesafter due training and experience.3.11.2Executive Trainee SchemeManagement professionals from tier –II managementinstitutes are trained under this scheme to assume lotof implementationroles in the company.3.11.3Graduate Engineer Trainee SchemeIn this young and bright professionals of BE/ B.Techfrom premier EngineeringColleges is trained toassume roles in technology, network, IT, operationsetc.3.11.4Diploma Engineer Trainee SchemeBright and young Diploma holders are trained in thisto assume roles in technology,network and operationsupport, etc.3.12INTER CIRCLE HIRINGThrough this process employee may move from one Circle to anotheror from/to corporate. This may be on account of the employee’spersonal request or on account of business reasons.3.13PROCESS REVIEWAll the processes that form part of the recruitment cycle need to bemonitored on aregular basis. Any deviation from the sequence laiddown in this manual should berecorded.A periodic process review is to be undertaken to rationalize processesandto minimize the deviations in actual activities as compared to thenorms.A processreview is undertaken both at the Circle level and thecorporate level.