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Talent acquisition PPT 2015


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Talent acquisition PPT 2015

  1. 1. 2 0 1 5 S T A F F I N G S T R A T E G I E S G O A L S A N D O B J E C T I V E S TALENT ACQUISITION
  2. 2. STRATEGIES FOR TALENT ACQUISITION • Align Talent Acquisition strategy and efforts across the business units- creating Regional Recruiters • Manage system requisitions and rollout- by creating procedures, reporting, training • Time to fill- Average is 55 days in 2015 for 2016 we will reduce this number to under 30 days campus wide. Which in turn will reduce cost to overtime for the sites. Our goal is to average 14 days time to fill hourly roles • Leveraging our social media sites, Linked in… • (CRM)- Candidate relationship management- building upon the candidate experience- they will then recruit for us to work at Westgate
  3. 3. STRATEGIES FOR TALENT ACQUISITION • Hiring Top talent- For Sales Executives wooing them to work for Westgate, selling culture, potential and work life balance • Hiring Managers buy into Talent Acquisition which should include collaboration in hiring decision. • Consensus with HM , Recruiter and assessments. • Training to ensure we hire the right fit for the role. Creating processes that allow us to determine hiring decisions- I will create process by intake sessions with HM, interviewing notes, consensus forms • Manage expectations to new hire to decrease turnover. • Unified recruiting- which brings together people, processes and technology. Training on VE to ensure all HM’s are understanding of ATS system. Take out the work for HM’s replace with Recruiters to do full life cycle recruiting
  4. 4. RECRUITING • Increase recruiter and candidate satisfaction. This will allow recruiters to spend more time focusing on the best available talent. • Enhance the Employer Brand- to ensure job seekers understand, culture and differentiators before the apply. • Metrics to include the following: • Time to fill- 30 days • Candidates per requisition-3- 5 per req. • Time to interview, offer and board- 7-10 days • Weekly Scorecard Reports to include all sites open positions and where they are in process- followed up with a call to GM’s, HR, Sales for collaboration and status of when roles are at and potential fill date, this will build and foster relationships and overall communication.
  5. 5. TALENT ACQUISITION STRUCTURE • Best in class talent acquisition separates the well performing from the best performing companies. Talent Acquisition functions- especially recruiting- Drive Revenue growth and contribute more to ROI • HR at each site will collaborate with the recruitment team to ensure hiring process is executed in a timely manner. • Creating a TA structure, implementing processes to keep us legally compliant, efficient and will increase Hiring, reducing turnover. • 90 focus group meetings with Sales, Resort Operations with new hires to do a pulse check on new hires.
  6. 6. TALENT ACQUISITION RECRUITING STRUCTURE • Take the time Hiring Managers spend recruiting and managing system, uploading notes, setting up interviews and sourcing for candidates, Recruiters will take over that. • Make hiring decisions based on relevant job criteria, not instinct. • Structure interviews for competency based data collection- behavioral based interviewing, i.e. Rooms, Sales and F&B • VJT- virtual job tryout for Sales Executives • Patrol websites such as Glassdoor to learn what candidates and employees are saying about our interview process. • Ensure all procedures are in place when we do have a transfer, termination occur so we are capturing accurate data.
  7. 7. REORGANIZE TALENT ACQUISITION 2015- An average19,722 jobseekers created a profile in VE. Recruiters will reach out to candidates and fit them in roles within 20 days, targeted hard to fill roles Building our pipeline to include: Sourcing- Recruiters can and will source, brand and hire top talent. College Recruiting- Target 15-20 schools globally build the intern program. Reorganize to include recruiters for Resort Operations i.e., East, West, FL F&B Recruiter, Rooms Recruiter. Having Recruiters to target and fill roles will speed to market the hiring while also hiring top talent.
  9. 9. COLLEGE RECRUITING NOVEMBER/DECEMBER • Reporting, Planning, and Preparation -Complete fall interview cycle- Rosen, Cornell, Johnson and Whales, UNLV, Penn State…attending career fairs with Recruiter and HM to hire globally for Westgate. -Make offers to “hot” students from fall career fairs (graduating in the coming fall) -Sign up for spring career fairs -Get headcounts for next year’s summer interns and fall graduates from hiring managers- Send out a needs assessment for interns, check T/O to ensure approximate count is accurate.
  10. 10. MARCH/APRIL • “Seal the Deal” -Make internship offers to summer intern candidates -Participate in campus networking events -Finalize plans for summer internship program -Internship orientation for managers and mentors
  12. 12. RECRUITING STRUCTURE • Building Employer Branding- Building and selling Westgate as top employer to work out, selling culture. • Sourcing where candidates come from by reports and analytics then targeting them, Linked in Facebook, Indeed….mining for top talent. Recruiters will be able to reach out to potential candidates and sell Westgate. • Community Relationships- knowing one size does not fit all. • College networking- create intern program • Reorganize HR to have Regional Recruiters for Resort Operations. • Create quantifiable metrics for Recruiters, i.e. days to fill, Customer Satisfaction Survey after hire sent to Hiring Managers and Candidate about hiring experience, diversity and inclusion, candidates per requisition. Audit and incentivize quarterly.
  13. 13. 13 ESTABLISH YOUR FOOTPRINT ON THE INTERNET Building Employer Branding Enhancing Westgate name CRM- Candidate Relationship Management Community Relations- Foster and develop community relationships Hard to fill roles within our campus- Partner within the community, Veterans, Colleges, Workforce and Goodwill agencies Building our Bench- Succession Planning Training and Development Adding Recruiters- Resort Operations for F&B, Rooms Creating TA policies and procedures- Intake, Interview forms, metrics, reporting